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Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season Four


This is the fourth of an episode specific series for each of the seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Each set was to have its own color scheme coordinated through the cards, wrappers, boxes and binders. The color scheme for this set is purple. The chase sets for season four included; three foil Klingon cards, three foil embossed supporting Character cards and two Hologram Character cards.
Manufacturer Date of release Production run Packs per box Card per pack Card size
Skybox February 1996 Not known 36 8 2½" x 3½"
yellow   yellow yellow   yellow yellow   yellow

Base Set

Mission Chronology

313 313 Mission Chronology 314 314 Mission Chronology 315 315 Mission Chronology
316 316 Mission Chronology 317 317 Mission Chronology 318 318 Mission Chronology
319 319 Mission Chronology 320 320 Mission Chronology 321 321 Mission Chronology


322 322 Best of Both Worlds, Part II

Captain's log, stardate 44001.4. William T. Riker now in command. The Borg have assimilated Captain Picard and, naming him Locutus, used his knowledge to defeat us. The Borg ship has resumed its course to Earth, where Locutus will speak for the Borg in their ultimatum for unconditional surrender. We are unable to pursue, pending repairs. An armada of 40 starships awaits the Borg at Wolf 359. Even if we're a little late. the U.S.S. Enterprise will be there to join them.
323 323 Best of Both Worlds, Part II

Captain's log, supplemental. The Starfleet armada was destroyed by the Borg, resulting in the loss of 39 ships and 11,000 lives. Realizing that Locutus had all of Picard's knowledge, I used an unorthodox strategy to recover him from the Borg ship. Lieutenant Commander Data discovered subspace signals still linking Locutus to the Borg collective network. I've ordered Data to take Locutus to his lab in the hope that this links can be used to stop the Borg from reaching Earth.
324 324 Best of Both Worlds, Part II

Captain's log, supplemental. Captain Picard's consciousness broke through the Borg control of his mind. He told Data to execute a "Sleep" command. This succeeded in shutting down the Borg just short of Earth. The shutdown caused a malfunction and triggered a self-destruct sequence, destroying the Borg ship. Captain Picard is ready to resume command, and we are underway to Earth Station McKinley for extensive repairs.
325 325 Suddenly Human

Captain's log, stardate 44143.7 We have moved into Sector 21947 in response to a distress call from a Talarian observation craft. The alien vessel appears adrift, and our initial scans have detected a life-threatening radiation leak within its propulsion system. The Talarian warship Q'Maire is also responding, but is hours away at maximum warp. Commander Riker will lead an Away Team in rescue operations.
326 326 Suddenly Human

Captain's log, supplemental. Five teen male survivors were found aboard the Talarian craft, which is a training ship. One of the survivors is Human. They call him Jono, but DNA analysis shows that he is Jeremiah Rossa. His parents were killed ten years ago in a Talarian attack, and Jeremiah was taken by the Talarian Captain Endar, who led the raid. He raised the boy as his own, but Doctor Crusher is concerned that several old internal injuries may be evidence of abuse.
327 327 Suddenly Human

Captain's log, supplemental. After we introduced Jeremiah to the Human life he'd missed, he seemed happy and perhaps willing to return to his grandmother, Admiral Rossa. But last night, he tried to kill me. He thought he'd betrayed his foster father and all that had been part of his life. I realized that what is best for Jeremiah — Jono — is to return him to the only home he knows, and to the father he loves.
328 328 Brothers

Captain's log, stardate 44085.7. Due to a medical emergency, we have been forced to cut short a two-day liberty on Ogus II and set course for Starbase 416. It seems a young man's practical joke has come dangerously close to a lethal conclusion. Jake Potts faked a laser game injury, causing his younger brother Willie to run off. Willie ingested the fruit of a poisonous cove palm while hiding in a forest.
329 329 Brothers

Captain's log, supplemental. Lieutenant Commander Data has seriously malfunctioned. Afer causing a false life- support failure on the Bridge, Data took control of the ship and set it on a course of 341 Mark 221 at Warp 9.3. He blocked subspace communications, and command input has been restricted to only him on the Bridge. We don't even know what star system we're in; the only way to know we'd dropped out of warp would be to look out a window.
330 330 Brothers

Captain's log, stardate 44091.1.We have been at Starbase 416 for three days. Young Willie Potts is responding well to treatment Lieutenant Commander Data has returned to duty. Doctor Noonien Soong, Data's creator, had activated a homing device that caused Data's behavior. But the device also recalled Lore, Data's twisted predecessor. Lore took an emotion chip intended for Data and beamed out. His whereabouts are unknown. In accordance with his wishes we left doctor Soong to die in peace.
331 331 Family

Captain's log, stardate 44012.3. The U.S.S. Enterprise remains docked at McKinley Station, undergoing a major overhaul and re-fit following the Borg incident. I'm confident that the ship and her crew will soon be ready to return to service. In the meantime, I am taking a brief shore leave to my home village of LaBarre, France, where I will stay with my brother Robert and his family.
332 332 Family

Captain's personal log, supplemental. My old friend Louis has arranged for me to meet the Board of Governors for the Altantis Proiect, which plans to create a new subcontinent by raising the ocean floor. They want me for director of the project. To my surprise, I find myself considering the offer — and walking away from my career in Starfieet.
333 333 Family

Captain's personal log, supplemental. Thanks to my brother Robert, I've come to the realization that the Borg incident affected me more deeply than I was willing to admit to myself. Despite his disdain for Starfleet, he helped me realize that my proper place is with the U.S.S. Enterprise. My ship is ready to leave orbit — and I belong aboard. If I should ever doubt that again I know where to come.
334 334 Remember Me

Chief medical officer's log, stardate 44161.2. We docked at Starbase 133 for scheduled crew rotation. I welcomed aboard my mentor and dear friend, Doctor Dalen Quaice, who is traveling with us to his home planet. Kenda II. He chose to retire after the death of his wife, which reminded me of my own sense of loss after the death of my husband Jack. Now Dalen is missing, and there is no record of his having come aboard.
335 335 Remember Me

Chief medical officer's lag, supplemental. My son Wesley created a static warp bubble experiment in Engineering. I witnessed the flash it caused. Dalen disappeared after the accident, and there is no record of his ever being aboard. One by one, all the crew have disappeared. Wesley had sent for the Traveler, an alien who can combine space, time and thought, but the computer reports that his home planet Tau Alpha C no longer exists. Twice, I've nearly been drawn into a vortex that's appeared on the ship; it may be linked to this phenomenon.
336 336 Remember Me

Captain's log, stardate 44162.8. The Traveler, a mysterious visitor from our past, reappeared to help us retrieve the missing Docfor Crusher. He explained that Ensign Wesley Crusher's warp bubble experiment created for the doctor an alternate reality based on her thoughts at the time. With his help, a vortex gateway was created to returm her to our reality. The Traveler also revealed that Wesley has within him the same power to combine space, time, and thought and may one day master this ability.
337 337 Legacy

Captain's log, stardate 44215.2. The U.S.S. Enterprise bypassed its archaeological survey of Camus II to respond to a distress call from the Federation Freighter U.S.S. Arcos, which assumed an emergency orbit around Turkana IV, birthplace of our late Comrade Tasha Yar. The freighter exploded, but we've traced an ion trail from its escape pod to the colony. The last starship to visit the colony was warned that anyone who made contact would he killed. Commander Riker is leading an armed rescue party.
338 338 Legacy

Captain's log, supplemental. Commander Riker's Away Team found the colony divided into two cadres, the Alliance and the Coalition. The Alliance found the pod and took the two officers hostage. Kayne, the coalition leader, offered to help us out of mutual interest. He sent us Ishara Yar, Lieutenant Tasha Yar's sister as liaison. Ishara will direct us to the pod from which we can track the bioelectric signatures of the missing officers.
339 339 Legacy

Captain's log, supplemental. Ishara Yar's help was a ruse. The Coalition used us to gain access to deep within Alliance territory so Ishara could disable their fusion generator and bring down their defenses to launch an attack. Rather than bringing charges, I decided to return Ishara to the Coalition. The fault, in part, lies within ourselves, for we all hoped to find some part of Tasha Yar within Ishara.
340 340 Reunion

Captain's log, stardate 44246.3. A Klingon attack cruiser has decloaked. On board are Supreme Commander K'mpec and Ambassador K'Ehleyr. K'mpec is slowly dying of poisoning and wants me to arbitrate between the challengers, Gowron and Duras, to succeed him. Duras forced Lieutenant Worf into discommendation and tried to kill me. K'mpec believes that a Klingon who kills without showing his face is without honor, and would be capable of starting a war against the Federation.
341 341 Reunion

Captain's log, supplemental. During the Sonchi ceremony to confirm K'mpec's death, a bomb exploded. To gain time for an investigation, K'Ehleyr advised me to use the ja'chug, an old process in which the challengers list their battles and prizes won. Duras is not to be trusted — he previously brought dishonor to Lieutenant Worf's family by unjustly implicating Worf's father of treason in the Khitomer massacre. I believe Duras is capable of starting a war against the Federation.
342 342 Reunion

Captain's log, supplemental. After K'Ehleyr discovered why Worf was dishonored, Duras murdered her. Lieutenant Worf, as is his right under Klingon law, challenged Duras to battle and slew him in a bat'leth duel. Gowron will now assume leadership of the Klingon High Council without challenge. As for Mister Worf, a reprimand will appear on his record. K'Ehleyr left behind their son, Alexander, whom Worf will have to raise alone.
343 343 Future Imperfect

Captain's log, stardate 44286.5. The U.S.S. Enterprise is conducting a security survey of the Onias sector near the Neutral Zone. Despite our proximity to Romulan territory, the mission has been quiet and uneventful. But our sensors have just detected a probe from Alpha Onias III, which is listed as uninhabited. Maybe the rumors of a Romulan base in this sector are true. I've assigned Commander Riker to lead an Away Team to investigate.
344 344 Future Imperfect

Captain's log, supplemental. William T. Riker recording. I've awakened to find myself 16 years in the future, with no memory of those years. Doctor Crusher said that I contracted Altarian encephalitis while on Alpha Onias III. This couldn't have happened at a worse time; Admiral Picard and Ambassador Tomalak have arrived to seal a peace treaty which is to take place on Outpost 23, formerly our secret defense base.
345 345 Future Imperfect

First officer's log, supplemental. My illness and loss of memory were an illusion. At first. I thought it was created by the Romulans, but that turned out to be an illusion, too, created by a young alien named Barash. He'd been hidden in the caverns all these years by his mother, who left behind neural scanners to protect him. Barash used the scanners to create an alternate reality where I could be a surrogate father. I've brought Barash back to the U.S.S. Enterprise where we will find a home for him.
346 346 Final Mission

Captain's log, stardate 44307.3. I'm preparing to leave by shuttlecraft for Pentarus V, where I've been asked to mediate a dispute among the salenite miners, a contentious group unfortunately prone to violence. But first I must deal with a situation of a far more personal nature — informing Ensign Wesley Crusher of his acceptance to Starfleet Academy. He will accompany me to study the effects of oulpost judiciary decisions on Federation law.
347 347 Final Mission

First officer's log, supplemental. We received a distress signal from Gamelan V, just as Captain Picard and Ensign Crusher were about to depart. A ship entered orbit around their planet, giving off dangerous levels of radiation. We responded to help, so the Captain and Wesley left on a shuttle sent by the miners. Their shultle is overdue, but this emergency must take precedence. We will guide this derelict waste barge into the Gamelan sun, then begin the search.
348 348 Final Mission

Ensign Wesley Crusher, personal log. Final Entry. Dirgo's shuttle lost control and crashed on a moon orbiting Pentarus III. We hiked into the mountains where we found a water fountain guarded by an energy sentry. It killed Dirgo, and Captain Picard was badly injured by a cave-in. I found a way to disable the sentry, and I kept the Captain alive until help arrived. I'm departing for Starfleet Academy, where I hope I can fulfill the confidence that the Captain and my mother have in me.
349 349 The Loss

Captain's log, stardate 44356.9. While en route to T'Ili Beta, the U.S.S. Enterprise encountered an aggregate field of plain polarized objects that appeared and disappeared. Sensor diagnostics indicated that all systems were normal. When we tried to resume course at warp speed, the ship lurched as if trapped. We are being pulled on a heading of 025 Mark 273, at .1 impulse. The anomaly may also be responsible for our Counselor Troi losing her empalhic abilities.
350 350 The Loss

Captain's log, stardate 44359.5. A probe showed that we're caught in the wake of two-dimensional particles. The cluster is being pulled towards a cosmic string fragment — no wider than a proton, but with a gravitational field as powerful as a black hole. While we address this problem, Counselor Troi has submilted her resignation. She believes that without her empathic powers she is disabled and cannot perform her duties.
351 351 The Loss

Captain's log, supplemental. Counselor Troi theorized that the cluster was moving instinctively towards the cosmic string. We projected a ghost image of the string's subspace frequency, which temporarily slowed the cluster and disrupted their graviton field. That gave us our chance to escape. Troi's empathic powers returned, and she has returned to duty. We have resumed course for T'lli Beta.
352 352 Data's Day

Second officer's personal log, stardate 44390.1. Record entry for Transmission to Commander Bruce Maddox, Cybernetics Division, Daystrom Institute. In reference to your most recent letter, I agree that your study lacks sufficient primary source information on my programming and operation. Therefore, this correspondence will include a complete record of my activities during a normal day, with particular emphasis on my perceptions of friendship.
353 353 Data's Day

Second officer's personal log, supplemental. Vulcan Ambassador T'Pel has directed Captain Picard to set course for the Neutral Zone. My analysis of Romulan strategy behind the deployment of their ships suggests a policy of confrontation. There is no indication of a more conciliatory attitude. It is fortunate that I am able to perform my duties without emotional distraction.
354 354 Data's Day

Second officer's personal log, supplemental. We discovered that T'Pel is Selok, a Romulan spy. She faked a transporter accident and escaped to a Romulan Warbird, the Devoras. I have often wished for the sense that Humans call intuition, or instinct. Perhaps I should have been more suspicious of her motives. There are still many Human emotions I do not fully comprehend, but I am not mystified by the desire to be loved or the need for friendship. These are things I do understand.
355 355 The Wounded

Captain's log, stardate 44429.6. We're on a mapping survey near the Cardassian sector. It has been nearly a year since a peace treaty ended the long conflict between the Federation and Cardassia. But that peace may have been broken: a Cardassian warship has fired on us and accused the Federation of breaking the treaty. Gul Macet claims that a Starfleet ship destroyed a Cardassian space station two days ago. I've requested one hour to consult with my superiors and find out what is behind this.
356 356 The Wounded

Captain's log, supplemental. Starfleet Command confirms that Captain Benjamin Maxwell of the U.S.S. Phoenix has gone on silent running and doesn't respond to hails. The Federalion is not prepared for a new sustained conflict, and my orders are to investigate and preserve the peace no matter what the cost. We've taken aboard Gul Macet and two aides as observers. Transporter Chief O'Brien once served with Maxwell, and I'm relying on his knowledge of the man for insight into Maxwell's motivations.
357 357 The Wounded

Captain's log, supplemental. We established contact with Maxwell in Sector 21505, after the U.S.S. Phoenix destroyed two more ships. Maxwell claimed that Cardassia was arming again, although he could provide no solid proof. Maxwell went off in pursuit of a shielded supply ship that our sensors couldn't penetrate. Maxwell has been apprehended, but I've warned Gul Macet that we will be watching Cardassian movements for further evidence.
358 358 Devil's Due

Captain's log, stardate 44474.5. We received an emergency transmission from a science station on Ventax II. It was under attack by a mob convinced that their world is coming to an end. According to Doctor Clark, they believe that they've sold their souls to the devil, Ardra. Acost Jared, their leader, claims that ancient prophecies of Ardra's return have come true. In exchange for 1,000 years of peace and prosperity, the Ventaxians agreed by contract to enslavement by Ardra.
359 359 Devil's Due

Captain's log, supplemental. A woman claiming to be Ardra has appeared. She is demanding to take control of the planet, in accordance with the ancient contract. While Jared is willing to accede to her demands, I'm not so easily convinced, her powers could be achieved with transporters and tractor beams. She also claims right to my ship, which only inspires me all the more to expose her for the fraud she is. I believe she is a con artist, and it's our job to con the con artist.
360 360 Devil's Due

Captain's log, supplemental. Using an obscure legal precedent, I persuaded Ardra to agree to binding arbilration. She chose Mister Data as arbiter, as he is incapable of bias. While Ardra performed her magic tricks, Lieutenant Commander La Forge tracked z-particle emissions to her cloaked ship in orbit, and my crew look over her ship. I then duplicated for the court Ardra's illusions. The Ventaxians took her into custody, and dissolved the "contract."
361 361 Clues

Captain's log, stardate 44502. The U.S.S. Enterprise encountered a small, unstable wormhole near a T-tauri type star in the Ngame Nebula. All aboard were knocked unconscious for about 30 seconds, except for Lieutenant Commander Data, whose positronic system is immune to the effect. Because the single planet orbiting the star is class-M, we're required to investigate. At Data's suggestion, we've launched a probe rather than return to the planet.
362 362 Clues

Captain's log, supplemental. Several clues suggest that we were unconscious for much longer than 30 seconds. Doctor Crusher's Diomedian scarlet moss showed one day's growth. Lieutenant Worf's wrist was broken. And the ship's computer chronometer has been tampered with. Only Data and Lieutenant Commander La Forge have security access to that program. I confronted Data with the evidence, but he refuses to explain the discrepancies. We have no choice but to return to the Ngame Nebula.
363 363 Clues

Second officer's personal log. Encrypted Entry. Lieutenant Commander Data recording. Captain Picard ordered the U.S.S. Enterprise to return to the T-tauri star system. The Paxans, the xenophobic race who live there, threatened to destroy the ship because their first attempt failed to wipe our memories of their existence. I explained to the Captain that he had ordered me not to reveal the first contact. The Captain convinced the Paxans to let us try again. No accessible recording of this contact will be kept.
364 364 First Contact

Captain's log, supplemental. Commander Riter has been lost while on a surface reconnaissance mission in the capital city of Malcor III. This culture is about to achieve warp travel, and we were evaluating how to handle a first contact. I have accelerated that process and contacted Space Administrator Mirasta Yale, the head of the warp project and a leader in the scientific community. She is willing to help us find Riker.
365 365 First Contact

Captain's log, supplemental. Minister Yale introduced me to Chancellor Avel Durken, the leader of Malcor III. I brought him aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise and gave him a goodwill tour. Although I assured him of our good intentions, his planet's history teaches him to be wary of those proclaiming to be friends. His trust in me has been damaged by Riker's discovery. For the time being, he won't release Riker to me.
366 366 First Contact

Captain's log, supplemental. Riker attempted to escape but was attacked by a Malcorian mob. Security Minister Krola interrogated Riker, driven by his belief that he posed a threat to his world. Unable to prove it, Krola tried to make it look like Riker attempted to kill him. Fortunately, we intervened in time and Doctor Crusher healed Krola's self-inflicted wound and revived Riker. In accordance with Durken's wishes, I have ordered no further Federation contact with Malcor III until his people are ready. Yale has decided to leave Malcor with the U.S.S. Enterprise.
367 367 Galaxy's Child

Captain's log, stardate 44614.6. We are approaching Starbase 313, where we will pick up a shipment of scientific equipment for transport to a Federation outpost in the Guernica system. During the journey, we will be hosting a special guest. Doctor Leah Brahms, Senior Design Engineer of the theoretical propulsion group, will study Lieutenant Commander La Forge's engine modifications. Our Chief Engineer seems unusually happy about this news.
368 368 Galaxy's Child

Captain's log, supplemental. We detected a spacefaring life-form near Alpha Omicron VII, in an uncharted system. The creature probed us and without warning unleashed an energy damping field. Its radiation levels were about to approach lethal levels, and we were unable to move. I ordered phasers fired at minimum intensity, but it killed the creature. How do I reconcile my actions with our mission, to make peaceful contact with new life?
369 369 Galaxy's Child

Captain's log, supplemental. We discovered that the life-form was pregnant. Using our phasers, we cut a slit that helped the infant to escape the womb. The child imprinted on the U.S.S. Enterprise as its mother, and began suckling on the ship's energy. We took it to an asteroid belt where we found others of its kind. Lieutenant Commander La Forge and Doctor Brahms suggested we "sour the milk" — lower the ship's power frequency — so the newborn would lose interest, "weaning" it off the Enterprise.
370 370 Night Terrors

Captain's log, stardate 44631.2. We have proceeded through the rim of an uncharted binary star system to locate the U.S.S. Brattain. The missing scientific vessel failed to arrive at its destination and had not been heard from since a distress call 29 days ago. An Away Team found the entire crew murdered — excent for one. Andrus Hagen, a Betazoid scientific advisor, is in a profound catatonic state. Counselor Troi says that Hagen did not murder his crewmates; if not, who did?
371 371 Night Terrors

Captain's log, stardate 44639.9. Whatever happened to the U.S.S. Brattain is happening to the U.S.S. Enterprise. Thirty-four crewmembers killed each other on the Brattain, and now our people are showing increasing signs of irritation. I decided that we should return to Starbase 220, and that we should take the Brattain in tow. When we attempted to fire the engines, they went dead just like the Brattain. The Enterprise has now been adrift for ten days.
372 372 Night Terrors

Acting captain's log, supplemental. Lieutenannt Commander Data recording. The ship was caught in a Tyken's Rift, a massive rupture which absorbs all energy. The entire crew has been affected by a lack of REM sleep, caused by telepathic messages sent by an alien ship also caught in the rift. Only Counselor Troi could understand that they needed us to release hydrogen into the rift to trigger an explosion, thereby releasing both ships. This maneuver accomplished, I have ordered the crew to bed until they recover.
373 373 Identity Crisis

Captain's log, stardate 44664.5. Five years ago, an Away Team from the U.S.S. Victory, which included Geordi La Forge, investigated the disappearance of 49 people on Tarchannen III. Now the Away Team members are themselves disappearing. We've set a course to intercept one of them, a Lieutenant Hickman, who has stolen a shuttlecraft. Hopefully, he will lead us to the others. Lieutenant Commander Susanna Leijten, who led the Victory Away Team, has come aboard to assist.
374 374 Identity Crisis

Captain's log, supplemental. Lieutenant Hickman's shuftlecraft burned up in Tarchannen's atmosphere. We've located two other shuttles, belonging to Mendez and Brevelle. Our Away Team found their torn uniforms covered with alien skin cells. Lieutenant Commander Leijten has begun to transform into another species, and has a compulsive drive to return to the surface. Mister La Forge recreated the U.S.S. Victory's logs in the holodeck, racing against time to solve this mystery.
375 375 Identity Crisis

Captain's log, stardate 44668.1. Doctor Crusher discovered a parasite in Leijten's thymus that uses the immune system to spread genetic information. Mister La Forge transformed and beamed down to the surface before we were aware of his infection. The chameleon-like metamorphosis left the victims undetectable to visible light, so an ultraviolet light was used to find him. Although Leijten and La Forge have been cured, it is too late for the others.
376 376 Nth Degree

Captain's log, stardate 44704.2. We have arrived at the Argus Array, a remote subspace telescope at the very edge of Federation space. The unmanned structure mysteriously stopped relaying its data nearly two months ago. We found a probe 1.8 kilometers from the Array, I sent a shuttle with two officers to investigate. An intense energy surge from the probe disabled the shultle: La Forge and Barclay have been taken to Sickbay for observation.
377 377 Nth Degree

Captain's log, stardate 44705.3. The U.S.S. Enterprise destroyed the alien probe, after its field intensity reached dangerous levels and it began trailing our ship. Now we are left with the difficult task of repairing the Argus telescope. Complicating matters is a change in Lieutenant Barclay. His intellect has increased exponentially, with an IQ between 1200 and 1450. He may be the most intellectually advanced human being who has ever lived.
378 378 Nth Degree

Captain's log, stardate 44721.9. Barclay integrated himself into the ship's computer. Altering subspace, he took the U.S.S. Enterprise 30,000 light-years to the center of the galaxy. There we met the Cytherians, who sent the probe. They used it to program Barclay so he could bring us to visit. After 10 days in their company, the Enterprise has been safely returned. Barclay is apparently no worse for his experience.
379 379 QPid

Captain's log, stardate 44741.9. We have arrived at Tagus III where the U.S.S. Enterarise is to serve as host for the Federation Archaeological Council's annual symposium. I look forward to giving the keynote address with great anticipation. But two complications have arisen. Vash, a rogue archaeologist I met during holiday on Risa, is attending the conference. And my old nemesis Q has returned; he wants to do something nice for me, to repay a debt he thinks he owes me.
380 380 QPid

Captain's personal log, no stardate given. Q swept my crew and me to his recreation of Sherwood Forest, placing me in the role of Robin Hood. His intent: to prove to me that my personal feelings for Vash are a vulnerability. I have until noon tomorrow to rescue "Maid Marian" — Vash — from Nottingham Castle or Sir Guy of Gisbourne will execute her. Q has given this recreation a life of its own, and has no idea what will happen.
381 381 QPid

Captain's personal log, no stardate given. Unwilling to risk the lives of my comrades, I tried to rescue Vash on my own but was captured. My fellow officers raided Nottingham Castle at the moment of execution, and I was able to save Vash. Q declared his debt repaid, believing he had taught me a lesson. To my surprise, Q found a certain attraction in Vash's duplicitous nature, and the two of them have departed together to explore the galaxy.
382 382 Drumhead

Captain's log, stardate 44769.2. For some weeks we have had a Klingon exobiologist on board as part of a scientific exchange program. Unfortunately, we suspect he was involved in a security breach and in the possible sabotage of our warp drive. J'Ddan accessed our propuision files on Stardate 44758; one week later schematics of our dilithium chamber fell into Romulan hands. An explosion disabled our warp drive at about the same time.
383 383 Drumhead

Captain's log, supplemental. Retired Admiral Norah Satie whose investigation exposed the alien conspiracy against Starfleet Command three years ago, has arrived to assist in our inquiry. Lieutenant Worf discovered that a hypo used by J'Ddan actually encoded data into amino acids, which could be injected into an unsuspecting host. But J'Ddan continues to deny involvement with the explosion. The Admiral believes I may have a more widespread problem than first suspected.
384 384 Drumhead

Captain's log, supplemental. More extensive analysis of the warp core showed an undetectable defect in the hatch casing. Admiral Satie nevertheless continued to pursue her conspiracy theory. Discovering that a med tech in Sickbay had a Romulan grandfather, she transformed the hearing into a witch hunt. She even accused me of being a conspirator. Admiral Thomas Henry put an end to the hearings, as Satie had lost all credibility.
385 385 Half A Life

Captain's log, stardate 44805.7. For generations, the people of Kaelon II have been working to revitalize their dying sun. The Federation has offered to assist in testing what may be a solution to this problem — launching prototype torpedoes into a test star. Doctor Timicin, a member of this reclusive race, has dedicated his life to this goal. A slight distraction may be the arrival of Lwaxana Troi, who has attached herself to the scientist.
386 386 Half A Life

Captain's log, stardate 44812.6. The U.S.S. Enterprise arrived at the Praxillus System where we conducted Doctor Timicin's helium ignition test. A stable core temperature was achieved for a short time, but the star went nova. If we can isolate the problem, another test may be successful. We have returned to Kaelon II and established contact with Science Minister B'Tardat. He refuses our help and, strangely, insists on Timicin's immediate return.
387 387 Half A Life

Captain's log, supplemental. Ambassador Troi informed me that Timicin is expected to return home to participate in "The Resolution," a ritual suicide. His people take their own lives at age 60 so as not to be a burden on their families. The loss of Timicin could significantly delay their research, but the Science Minister refuses to make an exception. Timicin has gone to the surface in Ambassador Troi's company, where she will join him in his final moments.
388 388 The Host

Captain's log, stardate 44821.3. We are en route to the planet Pellar Zel where we will deliver Ambassador Odan from Trill, who will mediate a dispute. Governor Leka Trion has come aboard to explain the situation. The inhabitants of the moons Alpha and Beta are squabbling over Alpha's tapping into the homeworid's magnetic field for energy. It's causing environmental damage on Beta. Both sides are arming for war.
389 389 The Host

Captain's personal log, supplemental. A craft of unknown origin attacked the shuttle carrying Odan and Commander Riker to the negotiations. The Trill are a joined species, and the host was fatally injured. Doctor Crusher placed the symbiont Odan in stasis, but it will survive only another hour or two. A new host will arrive in 40 hours; until then, Riker has volunteered to act as an interim host and continue the negotiations.
390 390 The Host

Captain's log, supplemental. As both sides massed their troops for combat, Trion and the two moon representatives accepted Riker as Odan's host. Riker's body rejected the symbiont as a parasite, so Doctor Crusher gave him immunosuppressants. The negotiations were successful; Alpha and Beta moons will not go to war. The new Trill host, a female, has arrived and Odan has successfully been implanted.
391 391 The Mind's Eye

Captain's log, stardate 44891.6. While Chief Engineer La Forge is on assignment at Risa, the U.S.S. Enterprise has been ordered to accompany special emissary Kell from the Klingon High Council to the Kriosian system, where one of their colonies is fighting for independence. Vagh, the Klingon Governor of Krios, has charged that the Federation is secretly aiding the rebels. Kell is going there to evaluate the evidence.
392 392 The Mind's Eye

Captain's log, stardate 44896.9. We are orbiting Krios, where we have just met with the Klingon Governor Vagh. He repeated his accusations of Federation aid to the rebels. As evidence, he presented a phaser rifle he confiscated, and said he had hundreds more. Mister La Forge has rejoined the U.S.S. Enterprise from Risa, and we will need his help in analyzing this weapon. Meanwhile, we are detecting sporadic energy fluctuations in the E-band.
393 393 The Mind's Eye

Captain's log, supplemental. We have uncovered a Romulan plot to assassinate Governor Vagh and dissolve the Federation/Klingon alliance. The phaser rifles were replicated by the Romulans. Mister La Forge was abducted during his Risa trip and programmed to kill Vagh. The E-band transmissions were sent by Kell, a Romulan accomplice, to control La Forge. Kell has been turned over to the Klingons for disposition.
394 394 In Theory

Captain's log, stardate 44932.3. The U.S.S. Enterprise is preparing to enter the Mar Oscura, an unexplored dark malter nebula. Lieutenant Commander Data is modifying several of our photon torpedoes for an experiment designed to elicit more information about this unusual phenomenon. It's possible that life may have formed here in ways that have never before been observed.
395 395 In Theory

Second officer's personal log, stardate 44935.6. After conferring with my colleagues regarding the nature of romantic love in general, and my own situation in particular, I have reached a decision I will create a program for a romantic relationship with Ensign Jenna D'Sora. I will bring her an assortment of crystilia native to Telemarius III; Commander Riker suggested this particular flower, saying it had worked for him in the past.
396 396 In Theory

Second officer's personal log, supplemental. A series of unexplained events aboard ship resulted in the death of a crewman. I determined that the unusual preponderance of dark matter in the nebula caused small gaps in the fabric of normal space. Captain Picard used a shuttlecraft to guide the ship around these deformations. I also wish to log Ensign D'Sora has terminated our romance, therefore I am deleting my program for that purpose.
397 397 Redemption

Captain's log, stardate 44995.3. We're en route to the Klingon Homeworld, where I will participate in the installation ceremony of Gowron, the next designated leader of the High Council. This visit should also provide an opportunity for Lieutenant Worf to correct a grave injustice. His discommendation is a facade to protect less honorable men. It is time to challenge this lie.
398 398 Redemption

Captain's log, supplemental. Gowron's attack cruiser intercepted the U.S.S. Enterprise en route to the Homeworld. He informed me that the sisters of Duras, Lursa and B'Etor, were moving to prevent his installation. At the ceremony, they appeared with a youth named Toral. Genetic scans proved he is the illegitimate son of Duras. As arbiter, I ruled that Toral had no legal claim. This split the Council, and several have turned against Gowron.
399 399 Redemption

Captain's log, supplemental. The Klingon Empire is on the brink of civil war. Gowron was installed as Supreme Commander, but several fleet commanders have chosen to follow Lursa and B'Etor. Lieutenant Worf and his brother Kurn have pulled together their own fleet to back Gowron, in exchange for clearing their father's name. As this is an internal matter. the U.S.S. Enterprise will withdraw. Worf has chosen to resign his commission and serve Gowron, rather than refurn to duty.

Checklists and Production Credits

400 400 Checklist A 401 401 Checklist B 402 402 Cast and Production Credits


403 403 Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge

Lieutenant Commander Junior Grade Geordi La Forge joins the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D at Farpoint Station, where he is assigned as the starship's conn officer. Blind since birth, Geordi wears a "VISOR" which helps him to see much of the electromagnetic spectrum. He tells Doctor Beverly Crusher that the VISOR gives him recurring headaches. She suggests either painkillers or exploratory surgery. Geordi rejects both options; either could affect how the VISOR works.
404 404 Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge

When the mutated Psi-2000 virus attacked the U.S.S. Enterprise crew, freeing repressed longings. Geordi's Desire to rid himsef of the painful VISOR led him to remove it temporarliy.
He would continue to long for life without it, even visualizing himself without the prosthesis while using a virtual reality suit. Captain Picard experienced a possible future where medical science had advanced enough to grant Geordi normal vision.
405 405 Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge

Geordi La Forge agrees to play Watson to Lieutenant Commander Data's Sherlock Holmes in a holodeck recreation. Geordi bets Doctor Pulaski that Data can solve a mystery without using his knowledge of the Doyle stories, and orders the computer to create a new mystery capable of defeating Dala. Taking Geordi literally, the computer conjures up Holmes' enemy Moriarty and gives him self-awareness. Moriarty takes control of the U.S.S. Enterprise until Captain Picard convinces him that he can't survive outside the holodeck.
406 406 Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge

Geordi works with Lieutenant Commander Hester Dealt to safely transport highly dangerous plasma plaque specimens the ship's cargo bay. A sudden emission of eichner radiation causes one of the specimens to start growing at a phenomenal rate. which will result in it breaking out of its containment seal. The radiation's source is discovered to be a noncorporeal life-form "born" to Deanna Troi? The alien leaves to save the ship from contamination.
407 407 Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge

Born: - 2335
Place of Birth: - African Confederation, Earth
Father: - Doctor Edward M. La Forge
Mother: - Captain Silva La Forge [deceased]
Graduated Starfleet Academy: 2357
Current Rank: - Lieutemant Commander
Current Assignment: - Chief Engineer

Geordi La Forge first met Jean-Luc Picard when he piloted a shuttle for the captain on an inspection tour. Picard was so impressed by Geordi's diligence that he asked for La Forge to be assigned to the U.S.S. Enterprise when he took command in 2364. Geordi's first assignment was conn officer, but after a year he was promoted and made chief engineer, an assigmment in which he continues to excel.
408 408 Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge

A disquieting discovery has been made underneath Francisco — the disconnected head of Lieutenant Commander Data left there almost 500 years ago. Data is drawn by a time vortex back to 1893, where Devidians are preying on cholera victims. Geordi and the other senior officers pass through the vortex to save Data and stop the Devidians. But history fulfills itself, and Data's head is severed. Geordi reattaches the component left 500 years ago to reactivate the android.
409 409 Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge

In 2362 Geordi La Forge was one of five U.S.S. Victory crewmembers to explore the disappearance of 49 people on Tarchannen III. Five years later, all five are compelled to return to the planet. Geordi begins to undergo a transformation into a chameleon-like creature, which eventually renders him invisible. He can only be seen in ultraviolet light. Doctor Crusher finds the cause, a parasite in the thymus, and cures him.
410 410 Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge

The U.S.S. Raman is trapped low in the atmosphere of Marijne VII. It's too dangerous to send in an Away Team, so Geordi will explore the ship using a probe transmitting to an experimental virtual reality suit he will wear. The illusion is all too real — a fire flash on the Raman leaves him with hand burns caused by the probe's input. Geordi also encounters his
"mother" Silva, but it's actually a fire-based life-form who wants him to take the ship lower into the atmosphere.
411 411 Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge

Captain Jean-Luc Picard finds himself traveling to three different periods of his life including one 25 years in the future. Geordi La Forge has retired from Starfleet and he and his wife Leah have several children. Picard tells Geordi that something is wrong in the Neutral Zone; although Geordi doesn't believe him, they seek out Lieutenant Commander Data at Cambridge. Together they join Captain Beverly Picard on the U.S.S. Pasteur. They head for the Neutral Zone to investigate.
412 412 Ensign Wesley Crusher

Young Wesley Crusher joins his mother Doctor Beverly Crusher, who's just been assigned as Chief Medical Officer aboard the newly commissioned U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D. Wesley finds the holodeck, which is among the most advanced in Starfleet. Exploring a forest created by Lieutenant Commander Data, Wesley slips on a loose rock and tumbles into a stream. The android swiftly picks out the boy and holds him aloft. Amazed by Data's strength, all Wesley can say is. "Wow!"
413 413 Ensign Wesley Crusher

In his first Away Team mission, Wesley Crusher mistakenly tumbles into a punishment zone on the surface of Rubicun III. His sentence is death. Captain Jean-Luc Picard must balance the Prime Directive against this injustice. A vast machine being, a protector of the Edos that is orbiting the planet appears before the U.S.S. Enterprise. Picard argues to the being that absolute laws cannot deliver true justice. The machine allows Picard to take Wesley home, but the chance is lost to establish formal relations.
414 414 Ensign Wesley Crusher

During an experiment to increase warp drive capability, Welsey [sic] comes in contact with The Traveler for the first time. The Traveler seems surprised by Wesley's intellectual potential and mentions to Captain Picard that Wesley is a very special young man.
415 415 Ensign Wesley Crusher

Wesley experiences his first romance when a young woman named Salia boards the U.S.S. Enterprise for escort to her homeworid, Daled IV. Sheltered her entire life from the civil war raging on the planet, Salia is fascinated by the young ensign. Their relationship cannot be, for she is destined to unite and rule her people. Wesley is shocked to learn that Salia is a shape-shifting allasomorph, but as she departs Wesiey realizes that there is more to a relationship than just appearances.
416 416 Ensign Wesley Crusher

Born: - 2349
Father: - Lieutenant Commander Jack Crusher [deceased]
Mother: - Doctor Beverly Crusher
Field Commission: - Acting Ensign [2366]
Entered Starfleet Academy:
- 2367
Resigned from Academy: - 2370
Last Known Whereabouts: - Dorvan V [Cardassian Space]

Wesley Crusher is the prodigy offspring of two career Starfleet officers. His late father Jack died while serving under Jean-Luc Picard on the U.S.S. Stargazer. Wesley is extemely skilled with concepts of mathematics and engineering. An alien from Tau Alpha C known as The Traveler revealed that Wesley had abilities to manipulate space-time beyond those of normal humans.
417 417 Ensign Wesley Crusher

In the alternate timeline created by the U.S.S. Enterprise-C's failure to defend the Narendra III outpost from Romulan attack. Wesley Crusher is a full Starfleet officer and not merely an acting ensign. Lt. Crusher is killed during a Klingon attack, but when the temporal anomaly is righted the crew returns to normal with no memory of the incident.
418 418 Ensign Wesley Crusher

Wesley on vacation leave, returns to the U.S.S. Enterprise. He's puzzled that crewmembers are absorbed in playing a game that projects an image directy into the brain. Working with Ensign Robin Lefier, Wesley discovers that it's actually a device controlling their minds. Forced to play the game by the crew, Wesley is rescued by Lieutenant Commander Data, who finds a cure. The game was being used by the Ktarians to attempt a takeover of Starfieet.
419 419 Ensign Wesley Crusher

Cadet Wesley Crusher faces a review board when his squadron is involved in a fatal accident near Saturn. Squadron leader Nicholas Locarno convinces Wesley and the others to hide the truth — the team had performed an illegal Holvoord Starburst, leading to a collision and the death of Joshua Albert. Captain Jean-Luc Picard reminds Wesley of his duty, and the young cadet reveals the truth. Wesley is allowed to remain in Starfieet Academy, but is set back a year as punishment.
420 420 Ensign Wesley Crusher

On leave from Starfleet Academy, Wesley Crusher returns to the U.S.S. Enterprise, which is involved in protecting a former Federation colony now in Cardassian territory. The colonists, descendants of Earth's American Indians refuse to leave but the Cardassians want them gone. Unhappy with his career, Wesley resigns from Starfieet and sides with the Indians. As war breaks out, Wesley stops time! The Traveler reveals himself and will guide Wesley to find his own calling.

Chase Cards

Klingon Cards (1:24 packs)

S19 S19 Klingon Communicator

labmeH 'evnagh Se' lo' tlhIngan Qumwl. janmey ngo' lulo'lu'Dl' plj jabbl'ID nlSpu' woj.

A Klingon communicator sends a signal through subspace radio. Older models were susceptible to radiation.
S20 S20 Klingon Sash

qorDu'Daj tuq 'oS Ha'quje'e' tuQbogh wo'rtv. tuQtaHvlS Hem. ghaHvaD quHDaj gawmoH.

The sash that Worf wears is a symbol of his family's house. He wears it proudly as a reminder of his heritage.
S21 S21 Klingon Food

ylntaHbogh tlhIngan Soj tlhol jablu'Dl' tlvqu'lu'. gagh. ro'qegh'lwachab, targh tlq Sop 'e' lungll Humanpu' puS.

Klingon food is best when served fresh and live. Few humans dare to eat gagh, rokeg blood pie, or heart of targ.

Foil Embossed Cards (1:24 packs)

S22 S22 Soong

Doctor Noonien Soong was a controversial cyberneticist whose research into the possibility of buiding a positronic brain led to several failures, including Lore. His next android, Data, was his greatest success. After Omicron Theta was destroyed by the Crystalline Entity, Soong built a new lab in a secret location and in 2367 devised an emotion chip for Data. Soong died shorty after Lore stole the chip.
S23 S23 Keiko O'Brien

Keiko Ishikawa was a Starfleet botanist assigned to the U.S.S. Enterprise when she married Miles O'Brien in 2367. Their wedding was a mixture of Japanese and lrish tratition. One year later, she gave birth to their daughter Molly during a ship disaster. In 2369 Miles was transferred to Deep Space Nine. Keiko and Molly went with him. Their marriage has been a struggle to balance their disparate cultures and interests.
S24 S24 Shelby

Lieutenant Commander Shelby was assigned by Starfleet Command to head Borg defense research. Her work was cut short by the unexpectedly premature arrival of the Borg. When Captaih Picard was abducted by the Borg, acting Captain Riker appointed her first officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise. After the Borg's defeat, Starfleet placed her in charge of rebuilding the fleet decimated by the attack at Wolf 359.

Holograms (1:180 packs)

HG7 HG7 Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge

Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge is the son of Starfleet officers Edward and Silva La Forge. His mother was captain of the U.S.S. Hera and was apparently lost in the line of duty. Born blind at birth, Geordi received a VISOR at age five which helps him see the entire spectrum of light. La Forge was first assigned to the U.S.S. Enterprise as conn officer, and eventually was promoted to Chief Engineer. He now holds the rank of Lieutenant Commander.
HG8 HG8 Ensign Wesley Crusher

Ensign Wesley Crusher is the son of Doctor Beverly Crusher and her late hushand Jack. A child prodigy, he was intimately familiar with the workings of a starship. Wesley entered Starfleet Academy, but after three years found he was unhappy. During a visit to the U.S.S. Enterprise, Wesley chose to leave the Academy and join American Indians who settled on Dorvan V, a planet in Cardassian territory. His ability to mold space, time and thought is being nurtured by the entity known as the Traveler.

Other inserts (approx. 1.5 per box)

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E496 E496 Survey Card E496
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- Star Trek TNG Season 4 Binder   Binder with nine-pocket pages        

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