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Star Trek XI: Movie Trading Cards

Star Trek XI
Rittenhouse Archives presents STAR TREK Movie Trading Cards, based on the new feature film in theatres May 8th 2009. Each box includes 2 Autograph Cards and/or Costume Cards! 15 autograph cards include all the main crew along with the Director J.J. Abrams. 11 different costume cards will feature film-worn materials worn by most of the main cast members. For every 3 cases purchased there was a Film-used, (numbered to 250) Secure Order Attaché Relic card. For every 6 cases purchased either a film-used, (numbered to 65) Starfleet Cadet Badge or a Starfleet Badge (numbered to 40). Every case has one of two folded posters of either Kirk or Spock. There is a custom designed collector's album which contains an exclusive promo card. No sell sheet was produced for this set. Archive boxes contain all cards except the 4 promos and the 3- and 6-case incentive cards.
Manufacturer Date of release Production run Packs per box Cards per pack Card size
Rittenhouse Archives 06 May 2009 7,500 24 5 (3 with costume card) 2½" x 3½"
yellow   yellow yellow   yellow yellow   yellow

Base Set - images with * not in theatrical release

01 1 Crew publicity shot
(l-r)Simon Pegg as Scotty, Karl Urban as Bones, Zoe Saldana as Uhura, Chris Pine as Kirk, Zachary Quinto as Spock, John Cho as Sulu, Anton Yelchin as Chekov
28 28 Cadets Kirk and Bones at Starfleet Academy
Cadets Kirk and Bones become fast friends at Starfleet Academy.
55 55 Disabling the drill
After having defeated the Romulan guards, Kirk and Sulu work to destroy the Romulan drilling station.
02 2 U.S.S. Kelvin NCC-0514
The U.S.S. Kelvin NCC-0514, makes its way through space on a seemingly routine mission.
29 29 Bones on the Kobayashi Maru test
Kirk leads a team of cadets, including Bones, through a training exercise.
56 56 Chekov at the transporter control
Chekov feverishly works to lock onto Kirk and Sulu, to beam them back aboard the Enterprise.
03 3 Alnschloss K'Bentayr
Alnschloss K'Bentayr, an alien life form aboard the U.S.S. Kelvin, navigates the ship through space.
30 30 Spock challenging Kirk
Spock accuses cadet Kirk of cheating on the Kobayashi Maru simulator test.
57 57 Kirk and Sulu beamed up
An instant before falling to their deaths, Kirk and Sulu are transported back the the Enterprise.
04 4 Captain Robau
Captain Robau reacts to the hostile maneuvers of a mysterious Romulan ship.
31 31 Admiral James Komack
Admiral James Komack presides over Kirk's hearing in which Spock has accused the cadet of cheating on an exam.
58 58 Kirk and Sulu beamed in
After destroying the Romulan drilling platform, Kirk and Sulu cheat death and beam back to the Enterprise.
05 5 George Kirk
First Officer George Kirk, soon to be father of James T. Kirk, takes command of the U.S.S. Kelvin.
32 32 Kirk answering a charge
Kirk must defend himself of charges that he cheated on the Kobayashi Maru simulator test.
59 59 Spock beams to Vulcan
Spock beams down to the surface of Vulcan, to save his parents and the Vulcan High Council.
06 6 Captain Robau
The time-travelling Romulan, Nero demands a meeting with U.S.S. Kelvin Captain Robau.
33 33

Cadet Uhura
As a crisis unfolds in space, Uhura and the other Starfleet cadets embark on their first mission.

60 60 Spock arrives on Vulcan
As his home planet is about to be destroyed, Spock attempts a daring rescue mission.
07 7 Nero on the Narada
Nero leads a mission back in time in an attempt to destroy the Federation.
34 34 Gaila, Orion woman
Starfleet Academy boasts a diverse class of cadets, including this green-skinned Orion woman.
61 61 Destruction of Vulcan
The planet Vulcan, home to Spock, implodes at the hands of Nero and the Romulans.
08 8 Captain Robau on the Narada
U.S.S. Kelvin Captain Robau boards the Romulan ship and meets the mysterious Nero.
35 35 Kirk and Bones
After being suspended from duty, Kirk bids an Enterprise-bound Bones farewell.
62 62 Kirk arrives on Delta Vega
Banished from the Enterprise, Kirk lands on Delta Vega, an icy planet near the Vulcan star system.
09 9 U.S.S. Kelvin under attack
When the Romulans attack, the crew of the U.S.S. Kelvin is evacuated from the ship.
36 36 Bones and Kirk boarding a shuttle
Bones finds a loophole in Starfleet regulations to allow Kirk to join him on their first mission.
63 63 Delta Vegan beast bears down on Kirk
Stranded on Delta Vega, Kirk faces an unlikely but nevertheless deadly menace.
10 10 George Kirk in command
First Officer George Kirk remains aboard the U.S.S. Kelvin as the Romulans attack.
37 37 Starfleet shuttles preparing for take-off
Responding to a distress call from Vulcan, Starfleet prepares its cadets for their first mission.
64 64 A Hengrauggi takes out the other beast
The icy exterior of Delta Vega is not the only problem facing Kirk.
11 11 Winona and newborn James T. Kirk
During the evacuation of the U.S.S. Kelvin, Winona Kirk gives birth to James T. Kirk.
38 38 Shuttlecraft heading for the Enterprise
A shuttlecraft transports Kirk, Bones, Uhura and other cadets aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise.
65 65 Kirk meets Spock Prime
Kirk escapes the ferocious Hengrauggi, with the help of a new (and old) friend.
12 12 Young Kirk on the run
An underage James T. Kirk tries to outrun the law while driving his step-father's vintage car.
39 39 U.S.S. Enterprise bridge
The bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise prepares to leave spacedock and head to Vulcan.
66 66 Spock prepares to mind-meld with Kirk
Kirk meets Spock, who wishes to perform a mid-meld with his young friend.
13 13 *? Two Federaion officers
Two Federation officers take a break from duty at a local watering hole in Iowa.
40 40 Captain Christopher Pike
Captain Christopher Pike in command of the Enterprise on her maiden voyage.
67 67 Scotty in his Delta Vega lab
A youthful Scotty meets Kirk and Spock first [sic] the first time.
14 14 Kirk chatting up Uhura
A youthful and wayward Kirk spends some spare time at a local pub in Iowa.
41 41 Enterprise goes to warp
With Sulu and Chekov at the helm, the U.S.S. Enterprise warps from Earth to Vulcan.
68 68 Keenser, Scotty's companion
Scotty's sole companion on the otherwise deserted outpost is his mysterious alien friend, Keenser.
15 15 Uhura being chatted up by Kirk
Starfleet cadet Uhura finds herself on the receiving end of Kirk's play for her affections.
42 42

Captain Pike and Kirk
Captain Pike confronts cadet Kirk, who had not been assigned to the Enterprise.

69 69 Spock helps Scotty
Spock gives Scotty the formula for successful transport between two ships in warp drive.
16 16 Uhura and Kirk impressing each other
Kirk impresses Uhura with his knowledge of linguistics.
43 43 Kirk, Pike and Spock
Kirk warns Captain Pike of a Romulan ambush as they prepare to enter Vulcan space.
70 70 Kirk beams back aboard
With the help of Spock and Scotty, Kirk beams back to the Enterprise.
17 17 Kirk on his bike
Trying to find his way in the world, Kirk contemplates enlisting in Starfleet.
44 44 Uhura, Pike and Spock
Uhura consults with Kirk, Captain Pike and Spock as they assess the possibility of a Romulan ambush.
71 71 Kirk and Scotty with Spock
Kirk introduces Scotty to Spock, who commands the Enterprise in Captain Pike's absence.
18 18 Kirk approaching the Enterprise shipyard
Kirk mulls the opportunity to follow in his father's footsteps and join Starfleet.
45 45 Kirk, Sulu and Spock
As Captain Pike prepares to meet Nero, Kirk and Sulu get ready for a covert mission.
72 72 Scotty, excited
After a lengthy stretch without human companionship, Scotty finds the Enterprise exciting.
19 19 * Sarek and Amanda
Sarek and Amanda name their newborn son, Spock.
46 46 Kirk, Sulu and Lt. Olsen preparing to space-dive
Kirk and Sulu head up a mission to destroy a Romulan drilling platform that threatens Vulcan.
73 73 Kirk and Spock
Kirk and Spock, once adversaries, join forces in an attempt to rescue Captain Pike.
20 20 * Newborn Spock
Newborn baby Spock enters life as the product of a Vulcan father and Terran mother.
47 47 Space-dive
Kirk and his team space-dive from low orbit through the Vulcan atmosphere.
74 74 Kirk and Spock aboard the Narada
Aboard the Narada, Kirk and Spock carry out their mission.
21 21 Young Spock with a cut lip
As a young teenager, Spock embraces both his Vulcan and Terran heritage.
48 48 Kirk heading for the drilling platform
Kirk deploys his parachute as he completes his space-dive onto the Romulan drilling platform.
75 75 Kirk aims his phaser
In an attempt to save Captain Pike, Kirk prepares to use deadly force.
22 22 Sarek and young Spock
Sarek counsels his son on controlling his emotions after a fight at school.
49 49 Sulu heading for the drilling platform
Sulu nearly misses the mark as he navigates his way onto the Romulan drilling platform.
76 76 Nero watches
Nero surveys his ship, while Kirk and Spock battle the Romulans.
23 23 Young Spock in a learning pit
Young Spock emerges as an outstanding student and cnadidate for the Vulcan Science Academy.
50 50 Sulu prepares to fight
Aboard the Romulan drilling platform, Sulu prepares for hand-to-hand combat.
77 77 "Red Matter" chamber
Nero and his fellow Romulans prepare to launch a deadly attack on Earth.
24 24 Sarek
Spock's father, Sarek, ranks among the most respected and trusted men of Vulcan.
51 51 Kirk and Sulu fight the Romulans
Kirk and Sulu battle to the death against fearsome Romulan guards.
78 78 Earth under attack
After destroying the Vulcan homeworld, the Romulans prepare a similar attack on Earth.
25 25 Vulcan science councillor
The Vulcan Science Council prepares to offer Spock admission to the Vulcan Science Academy.
52 52 Kirk engages a Romulan
Using every advantage possible, Kirk battles his much larger Romulan enemy.
79 79 Kirk in command
Kirk takes command of the Enterprise.
26 26 The Vulcan capitol
The Vulcan capitol offers a stark contrast to the planet's otherwise rocky and deserted terrain.
53 53 Kirk hanging on
Kirk clings to the edge of the Romulan drilling platform in a battle to the death with the Romulans.
80 80 Spock meets Spock Prime
Spock mistakes his elderly counterpart for his own father, Sarek.
27 27 23rd century San Francisco
23rd century San Francisco is home to Starfleet Academy.
54 54 Sulu pulls Kirk to safety
With Kirk hanging on for dear life, Sulu lends a helping hand and saves his future captain.
81 81 Spock Prime salutes Spock
Spock delivers the iconic Vulcan salute.

Chase Card

Star Trek Movie Stars (1:6 packs)

S01 S01 Chris Pine as Kirk S04 S04 Simon Pegg as Scotty S07 S07 Anton Yelchin as Chekov
S02 S02 Zachary Quinto as Spock S05 S05 John Cho as Sulu S08 S08 Bruce Greenwood as Captain Pike
S03 S03 Karl Urban as Bones S06 S06 Zoë Saldana as Uhura S09 S09 Eric Bana as Nero

Star Trek Movie Stars (Rewards Exclusive)

S10 S10 Leonard Nimoy as Original Spock  

Behind-The-Scenes With J.J. Abrams (1:9 packs)

B1 B1 On the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise B3 B3 On the bridge of the U.S.S. Kelvin B5 B5 With Chris Pine
B2 B2 With Anton Yelchin B4 B4 On the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise B6 B6 With Zachary Quinto

U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 (1:9 packs)

E1 E1 U.S.S. Enterprise Name /
Under Construction
E3 E3 Firing Torpedoes /
Firing Phasers and Torpedoes
E5 E5 Orbiting Saturn /
Full Frontal View
E2 E2 Bridge View /
Full Frontal
E4 E4 Aft View /
Warp Effect
E6 E6 Navigating Debris /
Approaching the Narada

Costume or Autograph Card inserted 1:12 packs

Screen Worn Costume Cards

CC1 Costume Card - CC1 Kirk
Black Starfleet Undershirt
CC5 Costume Card - CC5 Chekov
Yellow Starfleet Uniform Top
CC9 Costume Card - CC9 Nero
Black Coat
CC2 Costume Card - CC2 Spock
Blue Starfleet Uniform Top
Variant with silver strip
CC6 Costume Card - CC6 Spock Prime
"Jellyfish" Outfit
CC10 Costume Card - CC10 Male Cadet
Red Starfleet Cadet Uniform
Variant with red stitching
CC3 Costume Card - CC3 Uhura
Red Starfleet Uniform Top
CC7 Costume Card - CC7 Bones
Blue Starfleet Uniform Top
Variant with silver strip
CC11 Costume Card - CC11 Female Cadet
Red Starfleet Cadet Uniform
Variant with red stitching
CC4 Costume Card - CC4 Sulu
Yellow Starfleet Uniform Top
Variant with silver strip
CC8 Costume Card - CC8 Captain Pike
Black Starfleet Pants ?
Costume Card - CC1 Back Back of
Black Starfleet Undershirt

Autographed Cards
GOLD = 200-300 signed, RED = 300-500 signed, BLUE = over 500 signed

- Autograph - Chris Pine Chris Pine
as Kirk
- Autograph - Zachary Quinto Short Signature Zachary Quinto
as Spock
Variant with short signature
- Autograph - Zachary Quinto Full Signature Zachary Quinto
as Spock
Very rare variant with full signature
- Autograph - Anton Yelchin Anton Yelchin
as Chekov
- Autograph - Karl Urban Karl Urban
as Bones
- Autograph - Bruce Greenwood Bruce Greenwood
as Captain Pike
- Autograph - Zoë Saldana Zoë Saldana
as Uhura
- Autograph - John Cho John Cho
as Sulu
- Autograph - Simon Pegg Simon Pegg
as Scotty
- Autograph - Eric Bana Eric Bana
as Nero
Variant with extra signature on reverse
- Autograph - Faran Tahir Faran Tahir
as Captain Robau
- Autograph - Chris Hemsworth Chris Hemsworth
as George Kirk
- Autograph - J.J. Abrams J.J. Abrams
- Autograph - Roberto Orci Robert Orci
- Autograph - Alex Kurtzman Alex Kurtzman
- Autograph - Jacob Kogan Jacob Kogan
as Young Spock
- Autograph - Chris Pine Back Back of
Chris Pine
as Kirk

Case Topper Posters - 1 of 2 versions per case - folded (approx. 66 x 101 cm; 26 x 40 in)

- 2009 Star Trek Movie Poster - Kirk 2009 Star Trek Movie Poster - Spock Kirk and Spock Posters  

Card Album

- 2009 Star Trek Movie Binder   Binder with Promo Card and one 9-pocket page        

Multi-Case Incentive Relic Cards
Either an RC2 or RC3 Relic Card was given with every 6 cases of cards purchased

3 Case Incentive with a piece of a screen used Secure Order Attaché - Hand Numbered to 250

RC1 RC1 - Secure Attaché Relic 3 Case Incentive
Secure Order Attaché
hand numbered to 250
RC1 - Secure Attaché Relic Card Back Back of RC1  

6 Case Incentives Cadet Pin - Hand Numbered to 65

RC2 RC2 Starfleet Cadet Badge 6 Case Incentive
Starfleet Cadet Pin
hand numbered to 65
All the same type of badge
RC2 Starfleet Cadet Badge Card Back Back of RC2  

6 Case Incentives Starfleet Badge - Screen Worn Starfleet Badges
40 in total with 4 VARIATIONS - 15 x Medical, 10 x Command, 10 x Sciences, 5 x Engineering - Hand numbered to 40

RC3 Starfleet Medical Badge
Medical Version
Limited to 15 and hand numbered up to 40
RC3 Starfleet Science Badge
Sciences Version
Limited to 10 and hand numbered up to 40
RC3 Starfleet Command Badge Command Version
Limited to 10 and hand numbered up to 40


RC3 Starfleet Engineering Badge Engineering Version
Limited to 5 and hand numbered up to 40
RC3 Starfleet Engineering Badge Card Back Back of RC3      

Archive Box (?? total) 1 for every 15 cases ordered and some inserted randomly in cases

-   Marked on outside of box (?? total)
-   Marked on inside of box (?? total)

Promotional Items

P1 Promo - P1 General Distribution P2 Promo - P2 Non Sport Update Magazine (Vol. 20 No. 2) P3 Promo - P3 Album Exclusive
CP1 Promo - CP1 Spring 2009 Philly Non Sport Show  

Promo Set PP1-PP20 - Raffled Off at the 2009 Philly Non Sport Card Show
Cards PP1-PP16, PP18 & PP19 limited to just 2000 sets - PP17 (USB Drive) limited to just 100
PP17 is smaller and measures 85 x 54mm (3.35 x 2.13 inches) compared to the regular card size of 89 x 64mm (3.5 x 2.5 inches)

PP1 Promo - PP1 Enterprise Firing Phasers
The agile Enterprise, fit for war in the stars.
PP8 Promo - PP8 Nero on the Narada
Nero, once a heroic Romulan, now seeks vengeance.
PP15 Promo - PP15 The Vulcan capitol (as 26)
Vulcan towers against a blue sky.
PP2 Promo - PP2 Gaila
Try to guess James T. Kirk's favorite color.
PP9 Promo - PP9 Spock piloting "The Jellyfish"
Young Spock pilots a stolen ship.
PP16 Promo - PP16 Sarek and Amanda (as 19)
Amanda and Sarek, a "logical" marriage.
PP3 Promo - PP3 Bones on the Kobayashi Maru Test (as 29)
McCoy, uncomfortable on any ship, even a simulator.
PP10 Promo - PP10 Spock and Kirk on the bridge - (Promo shot)
Opposites finally united in action and spirit.
PP17 Promo - PP17 Newborn Spock
Spock's first day, his ears have already piqued.
"USB" Drive, only 100 made
PP4 Promo - PP4 Kirk answering a charge (as 32)
Jim Kirk meets his accuser, Mr. Spock.
PP11 Promo - PP11 Uhura at the communications station
Uhura must choose sides on a divided ship.
PP18 Promo - PP18 Spock Prime's ship "The Jellyfish"
A ship known by some as "The Jellyfish."
PP5 Promo - PP5 U.S.S. Enterprise Name (as E1 front)
Same ship, different day.
PP12 Promo - PP12 Spock saluting Spock Prime
Spock advises his younger self against pure logic.
PP19 Promo - PP19 Sulu at the helm
Sulu, one of the best helmsmen in Starfleet.
PP6 Promo - PP6 Captain Christopher Pike
Pike, the original Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise.
PP13 Promo - PP13 Enterprise at Warp
Warp speed, the illusion of movement.
PP20 Promo - PP20 Starfleet Academy
San Francisco Bay, home of Starfleet Academy.
PP7 Promo - PP7 Keenser, Scotty's companion
An alien walks into a bar….
PP14 Promo - PP14 Chekov on the Bridge
A young prodigy named Chekov.
Promo - PP1 Back Back of PP1 PP17
Promo - PP17 Back Back of PP17  
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