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Star Trek: Nemesis
Star Trek Nemesis
Marking "The Next Generation's" 15th anniversary as a team, Rittenhouse produced this classic film card series with all the great action, memorable moments, deadly villains and more. There were 2 autograph cards per box making up two distinct sets - 11 based on the movie ( including Michael Dorn's first official card signing) and 14 from earlier Star Trek episodes. Also included are several chase sets; Romulan History (1:3) a 27 card recollection of past Romulan based episodes; Star Trek Technology (1:8) 8 cards depicting technology from the movie; Casting Call cards (1:40) 7 plastic cards showing all the leading Entreprise crew.
Manufacturer Date of release Production run Packs per box Cards per pack Card size
Rittenhouse Archives 20 November 2002 10,000 40 9 2½" x 3½"
yellow   yellow yellow   yellow yellow   yellow
Base Set
1 1 Star Trek Nemesis 16 16 B-4's Betrayal 31 31 Enterprise Attacks
2 2 Two Worlds 17 17 Dinner with Shinzon 32 32 Confident Shinzon
3 3 The Romulan Senate 18 18 The Boy Who Would Be Praetor 33 33 Romulans Join the Fight
4 4 Alaskan Wedding 19 19 Troubling Images 34 34 Troi's Plan
5 5 Data's Wedding Gift 20 20 Mental Assault 35 35 Enterprise Gains an Edge
6 6 Best Man's Toast 21 21 The Viceroy's Touch 36 36 Reman Invaders
7 7 The Positronic Signal 22 22 The Violation 37 37 Sucked into Space
8 8 The Argo 23 23 Incarceration 38 38 Riker vs. Viceroy
9 9 Finding B-4 24 24 Noble Picard Blood 39 39 Shinzon's Weapon
10 10 Alien Pursuit 25 25 Picard's Escape 40 40 Picard's Mission
11 11 Dr. Crusher, Meet B-4 26 26 Scorpion 41 41 One Giant Leap
12 12 Orders from Janeway 27 27 Shinzon's Plight 42 42 The End of Shinzon
13 13 Data's Briefing 28 28 Battle Plans 43 43 Data's Sacrifice
14 14 Memory Download 29 29 Torpedo Blast 44 44 Farewell to Data
15 15 Shadowy Nemesis 30 30 Direct Hit! 45 45 Conversation with B-4
46 46 Base Checklist 47 47 Bonus Checklist      
48 48 Picard 54 54 Worf & Picard 60 60 Data & Picard
49 49 Picard & RIker 55 55 Shinzon 61 61 Picard & Donatra
50 50 Worf 56 56 Shinzon 62 62 Worf
51 51 Picard 57 57 Picard 63 63 Shinzon
52 52 Data & Picard 58 58 Shinzon 64 64 Picard
53 53 Janeway & Picard 59 59 Data & B-4  
65 65 Director Stuart Baird explains an upcoming scene to Patrick Stewart 68 68 Producer Rick Berman and Patrick Stewart during a break in shooting 71 71 Makeup Artist Zoltan Elek offers a quick touch up to Michael Dorn
66 66 Director Stuart Baird shares a light moment with Bryan Singer 69 69 Director Stuart Baird and Michael Dorn filming on the bridge of the Enterprise 72 72 Producer Rick Berman discusses a bridge scene with Patrick Stewart and Bryan Singer
67 67 Director Stuart Baird explains a critical desert scene to Michael Dorn 70 70 Writer John Logan shares a light moment with Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner  
Chase Cards
Romulan History Cards (1:3 packs)
R1 R1 Balance of Terror R10 R10 Redemption R19 R19 Visionary
R2 R2 The Enterprise Incident R11 R11 Unification R20 R20 Improbable Cause
R3 R3 The Neutral Zone R12 R12 The Next Phase R21 R21 The Die Is Cast
R4 R4 Contagion R13 R13 Face of the Enemy R22 R22 In the Pale Moonlight
R5 R5 The Enemy R14 R14 Birthright R23 R23 Image in the Sand
R6 R6 The Defector R15 R15 The Chase R24 R24 Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges
R7 R7 Future Imperfect R16 R16 Gambit R25 R25 Eye of the Needle
R8 R8 Data's Day R17 R17 The Pegasus R26 R26 Message In a Bottle
R9 R9 The Mind's Eye R18 R18 The Search R27 R27 Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
Star Trek Technology Cards (1:8 packs)
T1 T1 U.S.S. Enterprise-E T4 T4 B-4 T7 T7 Romulan Warbird
T2 T2 The Argo T5 T5 Scimitar T8 T8 Scorpion Attack Flier
T3 T3 24th Century 4x4 T6 T6 Cloning  
Casting Call Cel Cards (1:40 packs)
CC1 CC1 Patrick Stewart Patrick Stewart
as Captain Jean-Luc Picard
CC4 CC4 Michael Dorn Michael Dorn
as Lt. Commander Worf
CC6 CC6 LeVar Burton LeVar Burton
as Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge
CC2 CC2 Brent Spiner Brent Spiner
as Lt. Commander Data
CC5 CC5 Jonathan Frakes Jonathan Frakes
as Commander William Riker
CC7 CC7 Gates McFadden Gates McFadden
as Dr. Beverly Crusher
CC3 CC3 Marina Sirtis Marina Sirtis
as Counselor Deanna Troi
Autographed Cards (1:20 Packs)
GOLD = about 125 signed, RED = 500 signed, BLUE = over 500 signed
NA1 NA1 Michael Dorn Michael Dorn
as Worf
NA6 NA6 Brent Spiner as B-4 Brent Spiner
as B-4
NA9 NA9 Jude Ciccolella Jude Ciccolella
as Commander Suran
NA2 NA2 Ron Perlman Ron Perlman
as Viceroy
NA6 NA6 Brent Spiner as Data Brent Spiner
as Data
NA10 NA10 Marina Sirtis Marina Sirtis
as Counselor Deanna Troi
NA3 NA3 Tom Hardy Tom Hardy
as Shinzon
NA7 NA7 Shannon Cochran Shannon Cochran
as Senator Tal'aura
NA4 NA4 Dina Meyer Dina Meyer
as Commander Donatra
NA8 NA8 Alan Dale Alan Dale
as Praetor Hiren
NA12 NA12 Patrick Stewart Patrick Stewart
as Captain Jean-Luc Picard
NA5 NA5 Kate Mulgrew Kate Mulgrew
as Admiral Kathryn Janeway
RA1 RA1 Denise Crosby Denise Crosby
as Sela
in "Unification"
RA6 RA6 Jack Donner Jack Donner
as Subcommander Tal
in "The Enterprise Incident"
RA11 RA11 Robin Curtis Robin Curtis
as Tallera
in "Gambit"
RA2 RA2 Martha Hackett Martha Hackett
as T'Rul
in "The Search"
RA7 RA7 Carolyn Seymour Carolyn Seymour
as Commander Toreth
in "Face of the Enemy"
RA12 RA12 Andreas Katsulas Andreas Katsulas
as Tomalak
in "The Enemy"
RA3 RA3 Malachi Throne Malachi Throne
as Pardek
in "Unification"
RA8 RA8 Scott MacDonald Scott MacDonald
as N'Vek
in "Face of the Enemy"
RA13 RA13 Marc Alaimo Marc Alaimo
as Commander Tebok
in "The Neutral Zone"
RA4 RA4 Lawrence Montaigne Lawrence Montaigne
as Decius
in "Balance of Terror"
(Binder exclusive)
RA9 RA9 Judson Scott Judson Scott
as Rekar
in "Message in a Bottle"
- variation signed without "Jolan Tru!"
RA14 RA14 Joanne Linville Joanne Linville
as Romulan Commander
in "The Enterprise Incident"
RA5 RA5 Alan Scarfe Alan Scarfe
as Tokath
in "Birthright"
RA10 RA10 Vaughn Armstrong Vaughn Armstrong
as Telek R'Mor
in "Eye of the Needle"
CaseToppers, sealed pack of both cards (MP1 numbered to 999)
RC1 RC1 Costume Card "From The Archives" Romulan Costume Card
from "Balance of Terror"
MP1 MP1 Poster Cel A Generation's Final Journey Begins
Movie Poster Cel hand numbered to 999
Card Album
- Star Trek Nemesis Binder   Binder with Promo Card P3 and Autograph Card RA4 Lawrence Montaigne        
Uncut Sheets (Numbered to 15 and signed by Steve Charendoff)
- RC1 Costume Card  RC1 Costume Card Uncut RC1 Relic Card Sheet

Hand numbered to 15 and signed by Steve Charendoff
Archive Box (35 total)
-   Marked on outside of box (20 total)
-   Marked on inside of box (15 total)
Promotional Items
P1 Promo P1 Picard, Data & Worf in Desert Car

General Distribution
P2 Promo P2 Viceroy with knife

Non-Sport Update magazine
P3 Promo P3 Riker and Troi

Binder exclusive
Wallace Theatres Promo Set
PT1 Promo PT1 Captain Jean-Luc Picard PT3 Promo PT3 Counselor Deanna Troi PT5 Promo PT5 Shinzon
PT2 Promo PT2 Lt. Commander Data PT4 Promo PT4 Lt. Commander Worf PT6 Promo PT6 Viceroy


Promo PT1 Sealed Pack  
- sell sell Dealer sell sheet
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