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Personality Comics Cards, 1991-1992

Star Trek Personality Comics
These cards were found in a series of biographical comics based on Star Trek actors. There were two Original Crew sets (I and II) and Two New Crew sets (I and II) available separately. Some of these sets were issued as a limited edition, numbered to xxx/750 and signed by the artist. The TOS set has a promo card of Sulu and TNG has one of O’Brien. The images on these cards are very loose sketches and the cutting is not very accurate.
Manufacturer Date of release Production run Packs per box Cards per pack Card size
Personality Comics 1992-1993 Not known N/A N/A 2½" x 3½"
yellow   yellow yellow   yellow yellow   yellow

Original Crew Series One

- Original Crew Series 1 - Title Card Checklist   Original Crew Series 1 - Signed Title Card Artist signed checklist card from a limited edition of 750 - George Takei Promo George Takei promo

1 Original Crew Series 1 - 01 Bill Shatner

The man whom Leonard
Nimoy describes as "a bundle of energy, a blur of motion," Bill Shatner is never idle. He has always been adamant about not using stunt doubles, and this has earned him more than one serious injury, including a broken leg. He is also an accomplished horseman, and owns several champions.
2 Original Crew Series 1 - 02 "That's Director Spock to You, Pal!"

Leonard Nimoy is becoming as big a star behind the camera lens as he is in front of it. Aside from his direction of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, arguably the best of the Star Trek films, he also lensed the smash hit Three Men and a Baby, and the substantially less successful but critically acclaimed The Good Mother.
3 Original Crew Series 1 - 03 Gullet for Hire

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country was directed by Nicholas Meyer, and for the right price, it seems, he could get Bill Shatner to do anything. For one important scene, Nicholas had to convince the actors to eat a dish of squid dyed blue. Nick promised twenty bucks for every gobful, and Big Bad Bill started shovel-ing. Nick got his shot, and Bill got a belly full of blue squid and an eighty dollar bankroll.
4 Original Crew Series 1 - 04 Captain Comic Book

On August 15, 1992, William
Shatner made an appearance at the San Diego Comic Book Convention to promote his new Marvel Comics serial adaptation of his TekWorld project. Written by Ron Goulart and Lee Sullivan, the series is based directly on Shatner's novels. Each novel will be adapted in a five-issue mini-series, with new stories bridging the gaps between novels.
5 Original Crew Series 1 - 05 Who's Bruce Hyde?

He's a bit-part actor from the series, that's who. Yes, Bruce Hyde only appeared in about ten minutes of footage in the original Star Trek, and yet the fans still can't get enough of this guy. The warm reception Bruce receives from fans at conventions around the country is only proof that Star Trek fans never forget.
6 Original Crew Series 1 - 06 Wally Koenig

Walter Koenig was born in Chicago, Illinois, on September 4, 1936. While Walter was still quite young, his family moved to New York City, where Walter grew up in the Inwood section of Manhattan. Walter was first bitten by the acting bug at the Fieldston High School of the Ethical Culture System, where he appeared in stage productions of Peer Gynt and The Devil's [Disciple].
7 Original Crew Series 1 - 07 George Takei

Perhaps the most versatile talent from the cast of Star Trek, George Takei always has his hands in many projects beyond the sci-fi vehicle that made him a star. He has also stood as a role model to Asian-American children, showing them that they can overcome prejudice and succeed in whatever they choose to do. George himself came from a childhood spent in internment camps to eventually become a huge celebrity.
8 Original Crew Series 1 - 08 Mark Lenard, Superstar

If anyone thinks that Mark Lenard's only fame comes from his portrayal of Mr. Spock's logic-spewing papa for Star Trek, they don't know what time it is. Mark has also played General Urko, the big gorilla with a bad attitude, on the Planet of the Apes TV series, and has appeared in bit parts in scores of shows.
9 Original Crew Series 1 - 09 Scotty Doohan

This Canadian-born celt with the authentic sounding Scottish brogue was the heart and soul of the Enterprise on her five year mission. The actor has enjoyed being Scotty for the last 25 years, but has, not surprisingly, grown tired of people everywhere constantly asking him to "beam me up," whenever he goes out in public.
10 Original Crew Series 1 - 10 "I am not Spock"

Leonard Nimoy has spent the last twenty-five years living in the shadow of a legend. The star has even received hundreds of letters from people asking him to use his fantastic Vulcan powers to cure them of illness. "That shook me up," the actor has said. "That gets into the nasty stuff, extreme cultism." It is no wonder, then, that Leonard has tried to distance himself from the character that once made him a star.
11 Original Crew Series 1 - 11 In Search of…Spock?

No, in search of the mysterious powers of Stonehenge and the yeti. For two seasons, fans of mysterious monsters and flying saucers could catch Mr. Spock, sans ears, snooping around creepy Loch Ness or eerie Easter Island for evidence of those things "that science just cannot explain."
12 Original Crew Series 1 - 12 Never forget

Leonard Nimoy's parents, Ukranian Jews, came to this country in 1931 to escape the rising tide of anti-Semitism in Europe. Thus his role in the film Never Forget had special meaning for the star. In the film, Leonard portrays a Jewish man fighting against those who would have us believe that the Holocaust did not happen.
13 Original Crew Series 1 - 13 "Alas, Poor Yorick….."

William Shatner's rugged good looks and his work in the Stratford Shakespeare Festival's 1956 Broadway production of Marlowe's Tamburlaine brought him a lucrative contract offer from Twentieth Century Fox, which the struggling actor surprisingly declined. He wanted to be free to select his own roles, and wasn't ready to become just another studio pretty boy at the beck and call of others.
14 Original Crew Series 1 - 14 Enlightened Despot

Bill Shatner brought years of training as an actor to the character of Captain Kirk, King of the Enterprise, and he was allowed wide reign in developing the personality of the ship's commanding officer. Shatner's opinions on how Kirk should behave in a given situation were given good weight, and if he objected to certain situations in the script, revisions were usually made.
15 Original Crew Series 1 - 15 There Is Life After Star Trek

Like the other actors from the Star Trek series, William Shatner had difficulty moving on to other roles once the show was cancelled. Though all of his work in films after the show went off received critical acclaim, it wasn't until 1975 that Bill landed another network series role. ABC's The Barbary Coast, which lasted but one season, had him playing an undercover operative in Gold Rush San Francisco.
16 Original Crew Series 1 - 16 Star Trek V: The Flop

William Shatner's baby all the way, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, was a failure both critically and financially. Bill's chance to direct Star Trek for the bigscreen, STV:TFF was a poor film, and the only one of the series that failed to make a profit. But all of the blame for this turkey cannot be placed on Shatner; budgetary problems forced him to change the film's ending, sapping strength from the storyline.
17 Original Crew Series 1 - 17 A Five Year Mission to Get Punks Off the Streets

T.J. Hooker was to law enforcement in the eighties what James T. Kirk was to sci-fi in the sixties. Though the show derived most of its entertainment value from the amusing situation of Captain Kirk running around in a cop uniform talking tough rather than its crime drama, T.J.
succeeded because it had the same inter-character chemistry that was so [remarkable] in Star Trek. Shatner and Zmed—WOW!
18 Original Crew Series 1 - 18 Jimmy Doohan

James Doohan fell into acting after he left the service following World War Two. He simply decided that it was something he could do, and gave it a shot. He became a big star in Canada, but was not to receive the recognition he deserved until he came to America. Here he appeared in hundreds of TV spots, including Bill Shatner's old stomping ground, Rod Serling's Twilight Zone.
19 Original Crew Series 1 - 19 Welcome Back, Grace Lee

After Grace Lee Whitney's character, Yeoman Janice Rand, was dropped from the Star Trek series after only eleven episodes, the actress began a slow and painful descent into alcoholism and drug abuse. But Grace Lee has cleaned herself up, and for eleven years has been drug- and alcohol-free. Today she spends her time helping women recently released from prison with an organization called Project New Start.
20 Original Crew Series 1 - 20 Femme Fatale

Grace Lee Whitney built the foundations of her career in television portraying wily seductive maneaters. Her ability to shine in these roles earned her a spot in 1966 on Police Story, a new cop show from a television producer named Gene Roddenberry. Also included in the cast of Police Story was an up-and-coming southerner named DeForest Kelley.
21 Original Crew Series 1 - 21 A True Woman Of Space

While Nichelle Nichols may be best known for her portrayal of Lieutenant Uhura on Star Trek, she has come much closer to space in her life outside the show, having done extensive work for NASA. Nichelle is under contract by NASA to help them recruit minorities and women for the space program. This woman who was a symbol for these groups in the sixties worked in the seventies and eighties to see what she stood for on Star Trek become a reality.
22 Original Crew Series 1 - 22 Music of the Spheres

Nichelle Nichols is no stranger to the recording studio. She has recorded at least three albums: Uhura Sings, Future Trekking, and Nichelle: Songs From The Galaxy. Why it is that so many actors involved with Star Trek feel the need to record records is a mystery. This never happened with Gilligan's Island or The Munsters. Whatever the reason, critics seem to agree that Nichelle has the best voice of the lot.
23 Original Crew Series 1 - 23 Terran Businesswoman

When Star Trek went off the air, Majel and Gene began a company they called Lincoln Enterprises. Run by Majel, Lincoln's purpose was (and still is) to serve as a clearing house for Star Trek-related merchandise and collectibles. With all the work that Lincoln gave her, Majel gave up acting almost entirely to run the business.
24 Original Crew Series 1 - 24 Majel Leigh Hudek

No, that isn't the name of a vulcan princess, but the name of "Number One," Nurse Chapel, and the future wife of Gene Roddenberry, Majel [Barrett]. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Majel began acting when she was ten. After college, she began to pursue a law degree, but an "F" in contract law sent her packing to New York on a quest to become the next Katherine Hepburn.
25 Original Crew Series 1 - 25 Third Time's the Charm

The first man to portray the ship's surgeon on the Enterprise was John Hoyt, who played Dr. Phillip "Bones" Boyce in the series' pilot, "The Cage." No good. Paul Fix was next to try the role out, and he lasted for one episode, "Where No Man Has Gone Before." Finally, and luckily, a Southerner named DeForest Kelley was tried in the spot, and the character of Dr. Leonard McCoy was born.
26 Original Crew Series 1 - 26 DRAW!

DeForest Kelley, himself a lover of westerns, certainly got his fill of them as a young actor in Hollywood. DeForest specialized in playing black-hatted gunslingers and cold-blooded desperadoes. Of all these roles playing the "heavy," DeForest has said, "I enioyed them and they were a lot of fun to play."
27 Original Crew Series 1 - 27 DeForest Kelley

All the fancy medical instruments used by the good Dr. McCoy on Star Trek were actually very commonplace items. And no, they weren't architectural tools. They were the fanciest salt shakers that Gene Roddenberry's flunkies could find in all the swankiest shops in Los Angeles. Originally looking for futuristic salt shakers for the Enterprise's galley, the shakers were instead put in Bones' capable hands.
28 Original Crew Series 1 - 28 "Paris the Great"

After limping through its third season with some really horrible shows ("Spock's Brain" is an example of just how bad Star Trek could be), Leonard Nimoy sought to parlay his new fame into some new roles. He signed onto the cast of Mission: Impossible for two seasons as Paris the Great, master of disguises. Unfortunately, though the show was entertaining, Paris too often came off as an earthbound Spock.
29 Original Crew Series 1 - 29 Traffic Activist

Of all the issues to take to heart in this great land of ours, George Takei has selected Los Angeles' traffic problems as his own. Working to overcome the congested roads of Southern California, George served for over a decade with the Southern California Rapid Transit District and the American Public Transit Association.
30 Original Crew Series 1 - 30 The Twilight Zone

Bill Shatner used the many anthology shows which rode the airways in the 50s and 60s to break into television. One show with which he was particularly lucky was The Twilight Zone. Bill was lucky enough to get parts on two of TZ's better offerings. In one, he portrayed an airline passenger terrorized by a gremlin. For the other, Bill's character became obsessed with a fortune-telling machine.
31 Original Crew Series 1 - 31 A Retired Country Doctor

DeForest Kelley has had a long and distinguished acting career, and has recently decided to retire from the craft and relax with his wife of 47 years, Carolyn. They live in a comfortable home in Sherman Oaks, California, where DeForest spends his time gardening, reading, swimming, and listening to music.
32 Original Crew Series 1 - 32 Rescue: 911

William Shatner has had perhaps the most successful career after Star Trek of any of the program's alumni. Today, couch potatoes can catch Bill each week hosting the real-life drama program Rescue: 911. Each week, Bill's camera crews ride with emergency personnel, and capture on film the triumphs and tragedies that these people face every day.
33 Original Crew Series 1 - 33 The Way I Feel

In the early |970s, Leonard Nimoy decided to try his hand at a more engaging form of entertainment than acting. He recorded two maddeningly odd albums: Mr. Spock's Music From Outer Space and The Way I Feel. The first featured Leonard's constipated rendering of the Credence Clearwater Revival hit "Proud Mary," while the second sported Leonard's take on "If I Had a Hammer."
34 Original Crew Series 1 - 34 Proud Canadian

When asked where his acting ability comes from, William Shatner puts a strong emphasis on his Canadian heritage. Bill's theory is that Canada's unique position squarely between the United States and Great Britain provides its thespians with the vitality of Americans and the quest for perfection that so characterizes the British stage.
35 Original Crew Series 1 - 35 TekWorld

Having thrown his hat into the arenas of acting and music, William Shatner felt that the next logical step in his artistic development was in literature. He and collaborator Roon Goulart have written three TekWorld novels: Tekwar, Teklords, and Teklab. All three novels have been best-sellers, and the TekWorld concept has recently been adapted for comic books by Marvel.
36 Original Crew Series 1 - 36 Door Opener

Nichelle Nichol's presence on the bridge as an officer of the Enterprise was a powerful statement against the racial prejudice that was so explosive during the 1960s. When, after the first year of the series, Nichelle wanted to leave the show to pursue other projects, Martin Luther King, Jr. called on her to tell her how meaningful her role on Star Trek was to the nation's disadvantaged. Needless to say, she changed her mind.

Original Crew Series Two

- Original Crew Series 2 - Title Card Title Card

Card # 1-35
art by Steven Platz
Card #36
art by Jerome Moore
1 Original Crew Series 2 - 01 Morgan Woodward

Morgan Woodward is remembered for his one appearance on Star Trek as the associate director of the rehab colony on Tantalus V. In that episode, "Dagger of the Mind," Dr. Simon Van Gelder (Morgan Woodward) is the first person on whom we see Spock using the Vulcan mind meld to obtain information.
2 Original Crew Series 2 - 02 DeForest Kelly

If you needed an example of a dream come true, you could point to the life of DeForest [Kelley]. DeForest wanted to be a cowboy when he was little, and later a doctor. DeForest's parents couldn't afford to send him to medical school, so, after graduating high school, DeForest went to stay with his uncle in California for a few weeks.
Continued on card 20
3 Original Crew Series 2 - 04 Arnold Moss

The Star Trek episode "Conscience of the King" was an outer space version of Hamlet and MacBeth. William Shatner, had had dramatic training in a Shakespearean theater. Gene Roddenberry, to offset Shatner's performance, had another actor with a strong sense of drama to play [Karidian]. This actor was Arnold Moss. This episode is a fan favorite because of these stellar performances and the fact that it marked the last appearance for two important characters: Lt. Kevin Thomas Riley, played by Bruce Hyde, and Yeoman Janice Rand, played by Grace Lee Whitney.
4 Original Crew Series 2 - 04 Robert Walker, Jr.

Robert Walker Jr. made only one appearance on Star Trek, but his performance was powerful and fascinating. Robert played Charlie Evans, a powerful kid who had never had contact with humans. Charlie was raised by energy beings called Thasians and thus didn't know how to act around real people. This was further complicated by the fact that Charlie was coming of age and was smitten with Yeoman Janice Rand (Grace Lee Whitney).
5 Original Crew Series 2 - 05 Leonard Nimoy

A humorous event involving
Leonard Nimoy occurred during his first season as Spock. Leonard had a severe toothache and needed to see a dentist immediately. During a break in the shooting, Leonard, sporting a Federation uniform, green skin, and pointed ears, trotted off to the dentist. Upon his arrival, the dentist fixed the afflicted tooth without mention of the strange garb or make-up. Leonard assumed that, living in California during the Sixties, his appearance must have seemed normal to them.
Continued on card 34
6 Original Crew Series 2 - 06 Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy's theatrical productions include Fiddler on the Roof, Oliver, Full Circle, My Fair Lady, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Not resting on his accomplishments, Leonard also has recorded several albums, one of which is Leonard Nimoy Presents: Mr. Spock's Music from Outer Space. Other albums include The Way I Feel. The Touch of Leonard Nimoy, Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy, and The New World of Leonard Nimoy. He actually had a single that did very well, entitled "Visit to a Sad Planet."
Continued on card 5
7 Original Crew Series 2 - 07 Ricardo Montalban

Many words come to mind with which to describe Ricardo Montalban, but the best would have to be dignified and passionate. Ricardo has brought these qualities to every facet of his life. Ricardo Montalban is famous for playing many roles. His most memorable portrayal, for Star Trek fans, is a character he has only played twice in over fifteen years. That character is the genetically engineered superior human known as Khan Noonian Singh.

Continued on card 19
8 Original Crew Series 2 - 08 Walter Koenig

The roles that Walter has played just touch the surface of this multi-talented actor. Koenig has played an Arabian rock singer, a Swedish businessman, an Armenian grape-picker, a French resistance fighter, and a Russian ensign aboard a starship. Eventually after Star Trek was cancelled, Koenig played an alien in two episodes of a Canadian television series, Starlost. Add that to his role as a Welsh psychopath in the play Night Must Fall. And add that to his incredible portrayal of a Jewish refugee, a Nazi Sergeant, and a Catholic Monkall in the same play, The Deputy.
Continued on card 29
9 Original Crew Series 2 - 09 Jeffrey Hunter

Although Jeffrey Hunter didn't continue the series, his name lives on in the 24th century. One of the shuttles on the Next Generation is named after him: The Pike. Jeffrey Hunter's name may not be mentioned often when you're talking about Star Trek, but he was the first "to boldly go where no man has gone before."
10 Original Crew Series 2 - 10 George Takei

George Takei yelling behind the sets during his practice piqued the curiosity of his colleagues. Many crew members were surprised to look around the corner only to see the covered tip of a rapier coming at them. This scene prompted many a story of George attacking the crew with his sword, forcing them to take it from him as if he were a small child. George, on his behalf, maintains that he was just trying to practice.
11 Original Crew Series 2 - 11 William Shatner

Rescue: 911 is a show that is dear to William Shatner because of the difference it has made in people's lives. The show is credited with saving over one hundred lives to date by demonstrating indispensible life-saving techniques to the public.
Shatner has also become an admired science fiction author with his series of TekWorld novels. A comic book has been published based on Shatner's novels, and there is a television series planned for the future.
12 Original Crew Series 2 - 12 Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy's first film was the anthology Queen for a Day, released in 1951. He also appeared in The Rhubarb, a film about a cat that inherits a baseball team. Leonard's versatility as an actor has never failed to impress. His list of television credits includes Sea Hunt, Dragnet, Gunsmoke, The Man from U.N.C.LE., Bonanza, The Virginian, Dr. Kildare, Get Smart! and In Search Of…
Continued on card 6
13 Original Crew Series 2 - 13 James Doohan

James Doohan is credited with much of the development of his character's background. One occasion called for James to appear in dress uniform, which he said should be a traditional kilt. The producers sent Doohan to get a rare Scottish Tartan, which they dutifully duplicated. Doohan has said, "Scotty is 99% me and 1% accent." This is partly borne out by the fact that both James and Scotty have a passion for reading technical journals.
Contined on card 35
14 Original Crew Series 2 - 14 Grace Lee Witney

It seems that most of the original crew acted together prior to Star Trek in some fashion. This holds true for Janice, who performed in the series Police Story with her future doctor, DeForest (Bones) [Kelley]. DeForest played lab chief Greene in that episode. Gene once referred to Star Trek as a kind of "Wagon Train" in space. The buxom "Miss Kitty" he envisioned for this particular wagon train was to be played by Grace Lee Whitney.
15 Original Crew Series 2 - 15 George Takei

George Takei, being the consummate actor, wanted his swordsmanship to be as authentic as possible. He spent many hours practicing. The stage lot did not provide many areas for practice between his takes, so George would go behind some stage sets and practice out of view. During his practice George would make loud, gutteral noises as he lunged and parried with his sword. These hours of practice surely enhanced his later on-screen duels.
Continued on card 10
16 Original Crew Series 2 - 16 Nichelle Nichols

Over the years, Nichelle Nichols would meet various women whom she and Uhura had inspired. One woman in particular drew strength from the thought of finding a "sister" in the future. It helped her find the courage to rise above drugs and life on the streets. The woman's name was Whoopi Goldberg, and this academy-award-winning actress later took a role on Star Trek: The Next Generation as a tribute to Nichelle Nichols and Gene Roddenberry.
Continued on card 22
17 Original Crew Series 2 - 17 James Doohan

James Doohan was signed to do five of the first thirteen episodes, which didn't exactly give him a sense of job security. Oddly enough, James had turned down the part of playing chief engineer on Irwin Allen's Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea in order to do the Star Trek series. An interesting origin: Doohan's character name is comprised of Montgomery, after his grandfather on his mother's side and Scott, which is his middle name.
Continued on card 13
18 Original Crew Series 2 - 18 William Shatner

William Shatner, it seems, was already destined to be the captain of the Enterprise early on in his career. He had two roles that reflect his style. There was the frightened passenger in the classic Twilight Zone episode "Nightmare at 20,000 feet" where he had to deal with a somewhat maniacal gremlin. And, of course, there was the series The Outer Limits where Shatner appeared in an episode entitled Project Vulcan.
Continued on card 32
19 Original Crew Series 2 - 19 Ricardo Montalban

In "Space Seed," Ricardo Montalban played Khan, a megalomaniacal tyrant who set out to take over the Enterprise. Unfortunately for Khan, William Shatner and his first officer Spock had other plans. Ricardo again had the chance to play Khan in 1983 and match wits with Captain Kirk in The Wrath of Khan. Other roles Ricardo is famous for are "Mr. Roarke" of Fantasy Island and his commercial plugging of the Chrysler Cordoba where he coined the phrase "fine Corinthian leather."
20 Original Crew Series 2 - 20 DeForest Kelly

DeForest ended up staying in California for close to a year. Upon his return to Atlanta, Georgia, he was ready for a career in show business. Atlanta was far from a show business capital, so DeForest decided to head back to California. He got his first real break when a Paramount talent scout spotted him in an army training film.
Continued on card 28
21 Original Crew Series 2 - 21 Jeffrey Hunter

Jeffrey Hunter was seen in the pilot for a series that went on to have a cult following unparalleled by any other series to hit television. The date was September 8th, 1964, when Jeffrey Hunter would first be called Robert T. April (later Winter and finally Christopher Pike). Hunter's performance alongside what affectionate fans alternately call the "butt-head" or "heiney-head" aliens was one of the best in sci-fi television history.
Continued on card 9
22 Original Crew Series 2 - 22 Nichelle Nichols

Nichelle Nichols gave a stellar performance on every episode of Star Trek — of this there is no doubt. However, what is most significant about Ms. Nichols is that she portrayed an African-American woman in a position of power — Lt. Uhura — in a future when, presumably, racism has disappeared. Though predictably relegated to the traditionally female task of switchboard operator, Ms. Nichols did pave the way for other significant roles for African-Americans in the future.
Continued on card 23
23 Original Crew Series 2 - 23 Nichelle Nichols

Nichelle Nichols has sent photos of herself to many admiring fans. Knowing that most of the photos she sent to military personnel would be put up in their locker, she tried to make them a little more entertaining. There are a lot of ways to describe Nichelle Nichols, but the best seems to be by her starship name Uhura, which in Swahili means Freedom — being free.
24 Original Crew Series 2 - 24 Majel [Barrett] Roddenberry

Long before the Next Generation had a Number One, Majel [Barrett] had played that part in the Star Trek pilot "The Cage." Majel also has the distinction of being probably the only person to play in all three versions of the Star Trek shows as well as all the Star Trek movies. Majel has always been a part of Star Trek. Even when she wasn't seen on the ship, she could be heard: Majel's voice provided life to the starship's loquacious computer.
25 Original Crew Series 2 - 25 Grace Lee Witney

Grace Lee is known for playing the beautiful Yeoman Janice Rand of Star Trek. Another role that Janice has played and is just as famous for, can probably be found in your home today. Janice landed the part of Svetlana the Mermaid, in the commercials for Chicken of the Sea tuna fish. That's Grace Lee's shapely form you still see adorning cans of the tasty tuna today.
Continued on card 14
26 Original Crew Series 2 - 26 DeForest [Kelley]

A strange twist in his career is the casting of [Kelley] as a WWII psychiatrist in a proposed series, The Enterprise. DeForest also was to play out his childhood dream on Bonanza as a doctor in the episode "The Decision." Once cast for the Star Trek series DeForest once again relived his childhood dream. But this time he played both roles.
Continued on card 36
27 Original Crew Series 2 - 27 James Doohan

James Doohan is known for being the engineering miracle worker of the starship Enterprise but what a lot of people don't know is that in real life James is just as versatile with his voice as with his hands. During his audition for Star Trek, James read a one page script for Gene Roddenberry and a few executives. James spent nearly two hours entertaining them with Russian, Irish, British, German and, finally, Scottish accents.
Continued on card 17
28 Original Crew Series 2 - 28 DeForest Kelly

DeForest did a screen test and was offered a contract. The first part of his childhood dream came true when he became the heavy in a series of Westerns such as Tension at Table Rock, The Law and Jake Wade, and probably his most famous Western, Gun Fight at the O.K. Corral, in which he played a good guy, Morgan Earp.
Continued on card 26
29 Original Crew Series 2 - 29 Walter Koenig

In 1967 the Soviet newspaper Pravda observed that the show didn't have a Russian aboard the starship. Many other nationalities and races — as well as both sexes and various lifeforms — were represented by the crew of the Enterprise. Gene Roddenberry apparently thought the criticism was reasonable [and] added the character of Pavel Chekov, a Russian. This would be a fascinating anecdote if Koenig himself hadn't revealed that the Pravda story was a mere publicity stunt.
30 Original Crew Series 2 - 30 George Takei

Pursuing an acting career, George received a call from his agent to audition for the part of Hikaru Sulu. The first part called for Sulu to be an Astrophysicist, but this changed to Helmsman when Gene Roddenberry shifted the show's emphasis to the bridge crew. A interesting story got out concerning Takei's character's use of a sword.
Continued on card 15
31 Original Crew Series 2 - 31 William Shatner

Every now and then Shatner would appear in an episode a little overweight. This would even be brought out in his physicals with Doctor McCoy. Before the end of the season Shatner would have Captain Kirk back to his fit and trim self. After the series ended, Shatner went on to do shows such as T.J. Hooker and the ever popular Rescue: 911.
Continued on card 11
32 Original Crew Series 2 - 32 William Shatner

Shatner was approached to do Star Trek after the first pilot episode was finished and had been rejected. All of the original actors in the first episode were replaced except for Leonard Nimoy as "Spock". Shatner put all his energy into making Captain Kirk the type of person he felt would appeal to the audience; this included watching his weight.
Continued on card 31
33 Original Crew Series 2 - 33 Nichelle Nichols

Nichelle Nichols almost didn't come back after the first season. She had planned to follow other career opportunities. Gene Roddenberry tried but couldn't change Nichelle's mind about leaving, however, a call from Martin Luther King, Jr. did. With his words and with great pride, she returned to the show for the remaining two seasons.
Continued on card 16
34 Original Crew Series 2 - 34 Leonard Nimoy

One interesting Trek tidbit concerns how the Vulcan hand sign was born. During a taping, Spock was to meet the highest of all revered Vulcans, the Matriarch T'Pau. Leonard reasoned that for "Spock" to just wave at T'Pau would be unimaginable and illogical. Later, during his worship at a synagogue, Leonard noticed during the Rabbi's blessing the unusual way he held his hands as he gestured. The Rabbi held his hands in the fashion that is universally known now as meaning "Live long and prosper."
35 Original Crew Series 2 - 35 James Doohan

Scotty's favorite drink is Scotch. James prefers "]Bell's]" Scotch and probably never has to buy it, since at almost every convention someone gives him a bottle of [it] as a gift. James once said that he could probably start his own line of Scotch with what he has be given over the years. James will always be remembered by a famous line that was actually never spoken on the original series, "BEAM ME UP SCOTTY!" The line was was said on the cartoon series years later, however.
36 Original Crew Series 2 - 36 DeForest Kelley

If DeForest Kelley's childhood dream was in fact to become a doctor, he has come about as close to realizing this as one could imagine, without actually earning a M.D. And although he may never have rescued anyone outside of Star Trek from the clutches of death, the multitudes of people worldwide whom he has inspired to pursue medicine have probably saved more lives than he could have dreamt of saving in a lifetime, even with the aid of the medicine of the future.

New Crew Series One

- New Crew Series 1 - Checklist Checklist   TNG Crew Series 1 - Signed Title Card Artist signed checklist card from a limited edition of 750 - Colm Meaney Promo Colm Meaney promo
1 New Crew Series 1 - 01 Brent Spiner

Brent's acting career arose from humble beginnings. The 1970s were in full swing when Brent attended high school. While the rest of the country was lining up on "odd" and "even" days to buy gasoline, Brent was hitting on girls and studying for exams. And it was in high school that Brent first got a taste of acting; once he drank the water from the thespian spring there was no turning back.
2 New Crew Series 1 - 02 "Leave Me Alone"

When he's not filming an episode of the show, android-imitator Brent Spiner is a hard man to find. He does not like to be photographed out of his Data duds, and rarely gives interviews. When Brent does give an interview or make a rare appearance at a convention, he creates a real stir, as he may be the most popular member of the new crew.
3 New Crew Series 1 - 03 Beauty And The Hunk

Super space-hunk Jonathan
Frakes and the lovely Marina Sirtis certainly would make a swell couple. Unfortunately for Greek dynamo Sirtis, Frakes is quite content with the life of a happily married man. He and wife Genie Francis met on the daytime soap The Doctors.
4 New Crew Series 1 - 04 What Have You Done For Me Lately?

After the huge surge in his career that followed his work in Roots, Levar Burton suddenly found his job offers plummeting, a fact he attributes to the lack of leading roles for black actors in Hollywood. There was one job offer that Levar took to get his career back on track, and he still treasures his work on the project. The offer was to host PBS's highly acclaimed Reading Rainbow.
5 New Crew Series 1 - 05 Gates McFadden

Like many actors and actresses who eventually make it in television, Gates McFadden paid her dues under the hot stage lights of Broadway. For many, appearing in a Broadway show is the first step on the road to a long and storied career. Gates' credits on the Great White Way include To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday, How to Say Goodbye, Cloud Nine, and Emerald City.
6 New Crew Series 1 - 06 Wil Wheaton

Child star-turned-teen-age-heartthrob Wil Wheaton already has an impressive list of credits to his name in Tinseltown. Wil started in commercials, and quickly moved up to the Big Screen. He has appeared in the films The Buddy System, Stand By Me, and Toy Soldiers, as well as the made-for-TV flick A Long Way Home.
7 New Crew Series 1 - 07 Monster Of The Midway

Jonathan Frakes may be built like a football player, but playing ball was not how he developed his rippling he-man physique. He did that the old fashioned way, by working his tail off for a moving company as he was studying to be an actor.
8 New Crew Series 1 - 08 That's Dedication

While preparing one fall for his yuletide one-man Dickens-fest A Christmas Carol, veteran thespian Patrick Stewart found himself faced with a grave dilemma. He needed to learn a page of the script every day if he was to be ready by showtime, but he also had to drive the 400-mile stretch of tarmac between Santa Cruz and Los Angeles. Patrick did both, driving the highway as he studied the script taped to his steering wheel.
9 New Crew Series 1 - 09 It Takes a Lot To Make a Klingon

To change mild-mannered actor Michael Dorn into the mighty Klingon warrior Worf takes about two hours and about two pounds of make-up. A set of false teeth completes the job. Although all that make-up has made it very difficult for fans to recognize Michael when he is not in costume, those who have been privileged to meet him agree that he is a swell guy.
10 New Crew Series 1 - 10 Good Company

During his time with the Royal Shakespeare Company, Patrick had the opportunity to work with some of the greatest actors of our time. Richard Burton, Vivien Leigh, and Lawrence Olivier all participated in productions of the RSC. One of Stewart's mostmemorable roles with the RSC was Shylock, from The Merchant of Venice.
11 New Crew Series 1 - 11 From Shakespeare to Star Trek

Why did Patrick Stewart, a highly-respected Shakespearean actor, take the risk of joining the cast of a science fiction program, especially when the science fiction genre is not taken seriously by a large part of society? In his own words: "We have a massive canvas to work on. We can do anything, be anything, and go anywhere. So the situations we can undertake are limitless, which is a real joy for an actor."
12 New Crew Series 1 - 12 He's No William Shatner

No one was harder hit by the wave of scrutiny that swept over the cast of the new Star Trek series when it first appeared than Patrick Stewart. Comparisons between Stewart's Picard and Shatner's Kirk were unavoidable, and many fans were at first turned off by Picard's calm diplomacy as it compared to Kirk's more active role. However, after they gave him a chance Trekkies grew to love the new commander as they had loved the old.
13 New Crew Series 1 - 13 Actor, Educator

Since the early 1970s, Patrick Stewart has spent much time teaching, writing, and lecturing on Shakespearean drama. Some of his scholarly writings include a piece on Titus Andronicus in Prefaces to Shakespeare, and an essay,"Shylock in the Merchant of Venice," which appeared in Players of Shakespeare: Essays in Shakespearean Performances, a highly respected drama text.
14 New Crew Series 1 - 14 Whoopi

A huge fan of both the original and new Star Trek series, Whoopi approached the producers of the show and asked if they couldn't find some way to let her be a part of the Star Trek legend. Not only could they, did they, and for several seasons now Whoopi has been turning up in NextGen episodes as Guinan the bartender and confessor.
15 New Crew Series 1 - 15 One Big Happy

The chemistry that fans can see on the show carries over behind the scenes as well. The cast of The Next Generation gets along fantastically. Many of them travel to conventions together, and some even try to put together other projects beyond the pale of Star Trek that the members of NextGen's cast can participate in.
16 New Crew Series 1 - 16 Twin Towers

Jonathan Frakes and Michael
Dorn seem like they would be the most fun of all the guys on the new crew to hang out with.
While Michael is soaring around in his plane or Jonathan is blasting on his trumpet, what are the other guys from the show doing?
Patrick Stewart is off giving a lecture on Shakespearean drama, and Levar and Brent are hiding out in their houses.
17 New Crew Series 1 - 17 Roots

During his sophomore year at the University of Southern California, Levar Burton landed a role that changed the rest of his life. Levar was to play a young African prince who was sold into slavery in the ABC miniseries Roots. For eight nights in January of 1977, nearly half the population of the nation tuned in every night to follow the saga of Kunte Kinte, and Roots went on to be one of the most-watched television events in history.
18 New Crew Series 1 - 18 LeVar Burton

Though Levar's character,
Chief Engineer Geordi LaForge, is a favorite among the fans, Levar does not go out on the convention circuit. It is not that he does not appreciate the Trekkies that have made him a star again, it is simply that he values his privacy and his personal life. He spends his time off relaxing at home and concentrates more on building his inner self more than enjoying the limelight of fame.
19 New Crew Series 1 - 19 Eagle Nation

In an effort to help other minority actors avoid the situation that he encountered after the fanfare from Roots died down and he was struggling to find work, Levar Burton started Eagle Nation. Eagle Nation is a production company that focuses its efforts on increasing opportunities for minorities in an industry that, despite great progress, still does not provide them with as many opportunities as their white counterparts.
20 New Crew Series 1 - 20 Denise Crosby

Denise Crosby, granddaughter to the great Bing Crosby, never once met her famous ancestor. When her mother took Bing's son Dennis to court when little Denise was three to sue him for child support, it was the last contact the little girl would have with her famous relatives. Bing, a multi-millionaire, really has to be commended for letting his son neglect to support a three-year-old granddaughter, and not lifting a finger to help.
21 New Crew Series 1 - 21 Michael Dorn

The pilot for Star Trek: The Next Generation was a week into production when Michael joined the cast, but he took to the role of Worf like a fish to water, and the character, which was intended to be a minor one, became a regular presence on the Enterprise's bridge. A science fiction fanatic, Michael loves being a player in the Star Trek mythos.
22 New Crew Series 1 - 22 Flyboy

When Michael Dorn isn't working on the show, he can [often] be found soaring high above California in his twin-engine Cessna 340.
Michael enjoys the thrill of flying, but is never reckless.
His hero is the legendary test pilot Chuck Yeager, the first man to break the sound barrier.
23 New Crew Series 1 - 23 Marina Sirtis

Marina Sirtis, the lovely Deanna Troi on the new Star Trek, was, like Patrick Stewart, a big star in her native United Kingdom before she was known in the States. British showbiz is puny and droll in comparison to its counterpart across "the big pond," and although Marina was quite successful in London, she longed for the type of stardom that can only be had in the United States.
24 New Crew Series 1 - 24 Night Court

Before Brent Spiner was that space-age Tin Man in search of a heart, Data, his biggest claim to fame was his recurring guest role as the head of the Hard Luck Clan on pixie-ish man-child Harry Anderson's fan-favorite sit-com Night Court. Brent and his kin were always down on their luck and in trouble with the law. Brent appeared on six different episodes of the show before The Next Generation came along.
25 New Crew Series 1 - 25 Brent Spiner

Brent has appeared in a number of made-for-television movies. One, perhaps his best, Manhunt for Claude Dallas, had the lucky Brent sharing the bill with the bumbling but lovable Claude Akins and ridiculously named actor Rip Torn. Based on John Gay's book Outlaw, the movie told the story of a crazy hillbilly who runs afoul of the law by slaughtering a bunch of people.
26 New Crew Series 1 - 26 Gates McFadden

While working on the new show, Gates McFadden has simultaneously worked on a television series for the BBC. The program, called Beyond the Groove, is written by David Rappaport and produced by Eurythmics pseudo-musician Dave Stewart. Her performances on this show were universally hailed by critics as, in a word, amazing.
27 New Crew Series 1 - 27 Gates McFadden

Like Patrick Stewart, Gates McFadden is an educator as well as an actor. She has taught theater at New York University, Brandeis University, and the University of Pittsburgh. She has also managed theatrical productions of such landmark plays as Bertolt Brecht's Mann ist Mann and David Mamet's Glengarry Glen Ross.
28 New Crew Series 1 - 28 Jonathan Frakes

When Jonathan Frakes went off to college at Pennsylvania State, he decided to put his acting ambitions on the back burner, and concentrated instead on a degree in psychology. Upon graduating, however, he went back to his old ways, signing up as a journeyman actor with a local theater group.
29 New Crew Series 1 - 29 A Frakes Freak

You can find them in droves at any Star Trek convention. They love this guy, and he loves them. He says that his fans "…are a special breed. They are a more thoughtful and committed group of fans…" And Jonathan is more than generous with his time in attending conventions to spend time with them. "I find the conventions fascinating," he says, "and l enjoy going to them."
30 New Crew Series 1 - 30 Frakes, Jonathan

What makes a man decide to cast aside the more substantial aspirations of youth, and decide to pursue a life on the stage and screen? Some go for the money and the fame. Others, for the babes. For Jonathan, the reason was somehow less base and crude. After seeing the movie M*A*S*H, Jonathan thought that acting would bring him a lifetime of good clean fun.
31 New Crew Series 1 - 31 Soap Opera Stud

Like many others, Jonathan Frakes got his start in television on a daytime soap. On The Doctors, he played a menacing Vietnam veteran who had left about half of his deck in Indo-China. His violence brought him to the attention of the doctors of the title, and he was eventually cured, and then summarily written out of the script.
32 New Crew Series 1 - 32 Security Chief, Deanna Troi?

After a guest appearance in the hit seriers Hunter, Marina auditioned for a part in poducer Gene Roddenberry's latest project, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Marina read for the part of Tasha Yar, the Enterprise's security chief. She was called back twice before she was rejected for the part. The producers were impressed with Marina's work, however, and hired her to play the part of ship's counsellor Deanna Troi.
33 New Crew Series 1 - 33 Serendipity!

Patrick Stewart came to be the new head honcho aboard the Enterprise in a rather interesting way. He was giving a lecture at UC Santa Barbara, where he is an Associate Director of the Alliance for Creative Theater, Education and Research, and there was a Paramount executive sitting in the audience. When Patrick read a passage aloud to help a professor illustrate a point, the exec turned to his wife and said, "I think we've found our captain."
34 New Crew Series 1 - 34 They Call Him…Enobarbus

Patrick Stewart, a brilliant actor, has won many acollades for his work on the stage, both in the United Kingdom and the United States. In 1979, he won the Society of West End Theatre Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance as Enobarbus in a London production of Antony and Cleopatra.
35 New Crew Series 1 - 35 Gene Roddenberry

Though Gene Roddenberry is no longer with us, his vision of a future where all men cooperate with each other in the conquering of "the final frontier" will always be kept alive. The new Star Trek series is always bringing new fans into the fold, and there are too many Trekkies out there who will simply not let the dream die.
36 New Crew Series 1 - 36 The Great Bird Of The Galaxy

A man of astute vision and vast imagination, Gene Roddenberry was the heart and soul of Star Trek. With his passing last year, Trekkies around the world lost a great friend, and the world lost a great mind. Gene saw his dream through from an idea for a "Wagon Train in space" to six blockbuster films and the new TV series.

New Crew Series Two

- New Crew Series 2 - Title Card Title card

Card # 1-36
art by Steven Platz
1 New Crew Series 2 - 01 Patrick Stewart

You wouldn't belleve for an Instant that this distinguished gentleman used to sell furniture! Known the world over as Captain Jean-Luc Picard on the hit television show Star Trek: The Next Generation, this fine actor admits that he was originally compelled towards his craft "as the result of an argument." As a former Journalist, Stewart's longing for the stage often interfered with his work and when push came to shove, that deeper artistic longing finally won out.
2 New Crew Series 2 - 02 Patrick Stewart

Originally an energetic amateur actor, Stewart enrolled in the prestigious drama school at the Bristol Old Vic where he honed his raw, diamond-in-the-rough talents to crystal clarity. In his native Great Britain, Stewart's plethora of roles has kept him solidly in the public eye. Between the BBC In London and various public broadcast channels in the States, Stewart can be seen in such spectacular productions as "Tinker, Tallor, Soldier, Spy," "Smiley's People." and "I, Claudius," where he makes for a superbly villainous centurion.
3 New Crew Series 2 - 03 Patrick Stewart

Not a stranger to science-fiction or fantasy, Patrick Stewart's role of a lIfetime as Captain Jean-Luc Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation was presaged by a varlety of roles Including Oberon from Shakespeare's "A [Midsummer Night's] Dream" and the intriguingly weird Dr. Armstrong In the SF flIm Lifeforce. As Gumey Halek in David Lynch's wandering adaptation of Dune, Stewart outshines most of the all-star cast with his personal grandeur and resolve much the same as he did in Boorman's Excalibur where he portraus the knight Leondegrance. Of course, what else would one expect from the supreme commander of America's favorite starship?
4 New Crew Series 2 - 04 Jonathan Frakes

It takes an Impressive Individual to be second in command of a hit television series. This Harvard graduate and former soap opera star fought long and hard for his role as Commander William Riker through six weeks of grueling auditions. Frakes says that ultimately, it was Gene Roddenberry himself who gave him the insight he needed to capture the role. But clearly, there was more to it than a little nudge in the right direction. Frakes's career includes such television dramas as Falcon Crest, The Nutcracker, Dream West and North & South.
5 New Crew Series 2 - 05 Jonathan Frakes

As a performer, Frakes Is familiar with dramatic rank, honor and heroism. Long before The Next Generation, Frakes portrayed the Marvel Comics superhero Captain America In various public appearances. Of course, while he may have gone down slightly in rank, Frakes has certainly ascended in both stature and exposure. Born in Pennsylvanla, this charming actor bounced around the East Coast before settling in Los Angeles at the suggestion of his agent. Years later, Frakes has reaped the benefits of his talent, luck, and perseverence with his strong performance as Commander William Riker.
6 New Crew Series 2 - 06 Jonathan Frakes

From off-Broadway to off the shores of Risa, there's something special about Jonathan Frakes that makes him a fan favorite among even die hard fans of the original Trek. Jonathan describes Riker as a "strong, centered, and somewhat driven Individual. Because of this, he seems to maintain a more military bearing than the other characters on the show." In a recent episode, Frakes got to enjoy a weird bit of drama—though not all that weird by Trekstandards—when he got to play his own duplicate. Like any good actor, Frakes selzed the opportunity to flesh out the stalwart executive officer in bold new directions.
7 New Crew Series 2 - 07 Michael Dorn

It's no real surprise that when it came time to Introduce a more beneficent Klingon Into the Next Gen universe, the role had to go to Michael Dom. This dyed-In-the-wool Trekkle Is not only an actor, but a rock musician and director as well. Dorn got his start as far away from the hallowed halls of Trekdom as passible, first appearing on the Mary Tyler Moore Show In its last two seasons. Before portraying the stoic but sensitive Lt. Worf. Dorn made the soap opera circult, questing on such daytime hits as Days of Our Lives and Capitol. He can also be seen with Julle Christie In the scl-fi horror film Demon Seed.
8 New Crew Series 2 - 08 Denise Crosby

With a host of flim credits, a world famous grandfather and not one but two roles on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Denise Crosby certainly has a lot on her mind. In a hip and rebellious move that mirrors both her Tasha Yar character and her Romulan counterpart, Denise spent some time doing her "European runway model thing" — a move that left her In the brave new world of London where she stayed for quite some time before coming back to the States to pursue an acting career. Her starkest and most commanding role. besides Next Gen, of course, is in the cult classic apocalypse epic Miracle Mile where she plays a survivalist hi-tech executive.
9 New Crew Series 2 - 09 Denise Crosby

When it comes to a recognizable face, Denise Crosby Is always In the picture. From appearances on L.A. Law and The Flash to the hit Eddie Murphy film 48 Hours, Denise has maintaned a striking presence in the entertainment Industry for some time. With powerful features and a retiring smile. Denise shined as security chief Tasha Yar, even to the point that when her character was killed, popular outcry demanded her retum. Combining that tough-gal mystique with warm sensitivity. Denise Crosby seems to have captured some of the Star Trek magic by makIng a home for herself in the hearts of millions.
10 New Crew Series 2 - 10 Marina Sirtis

As Ship's Counselor Deanna Trol, vivacious British actress Marina Sirtis seems finally to have come Into her own. After working in British television for years, Sirtis landed the role of Trol after only six months in the United States. In fact, she got the part of Trol only hours before she was to have left to retum across the Atlantic to merry ol' England. Strangely enough, however, Marina had originally tried out for the part of Security Chief Tasha Yar. Sirtis says, "After my third audition for Tasha, I was literally walking out the door when they called me back…" And lucky for The Next Generation's fandom, the rest was history.
11 New Crew Series 2 - 11 Marina Sirtis

She never mentions omens in her Intervlews, but you'd think she might! Interested in both astronomy and space exploration at an early age, Marina's Interests collided one night in the small English seaside town of Worthing where she'd been working with a repertory theater group. After a performance, Marina says, "I was walking down the street. Isaw a huge orange thing In the sky. At first I thought it must be the moon, but it was very off-colour. It was very close but too high to be a balloon. Apparently, a lot of other people saw it, too." What was that thing? Marina still doesn't know, but It seems to have been the herald of wonderful things for this exotic beauty whose sharp wit and good humor is legendary among Trek fandom.
12 New Crew Series 2 - 12 Gates McFadden

To play on an old adage, you can take the Trek out of Gates McFadden but you can't take the Gates McFadden out of the Trek. A trained dancer and director of choreography/ puppet movement for the late Jim Henson, actress Gates McFadden could certainly find other things to keep her busy besides Star Trek: The Next Generation. And she had to when she was oddly dropped from the cast in the second season of the hit television program. During her hiatus from the show, Gates took a small role in the Tom Clancy Inspired flim The Hunt for Red October. Then, surprisingly, Gates returned to the ship's sick bay to continue that role to which she brings such energy and lIfe, ship's Chief Medical Officer Beverly Crusher.
13 New Crew Series 2 - 13 Gates McFadden

While she describes herself as an "oddball" of sorts, there's certainly nothing odd about the vast accomplishments of this stunning woman. From her youth In Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, to her chosen roles today, Gates McFadden [demonstrates] undeniable versatility, resolve and vision—the same talents she needs as Dr. Beverly Crusher, the only cast member on board who has to carry the extra burden of a serious personal relationship to one of the other characters on the ship! To give verisimilitude to her role as mother of Wesley Crusher, Gates draws on a wealth of experience and creativIty . . . two attributes that can certainly take her where no one has gone before.
14 New Crew Series 2 - 14 Wil Wheaton

Whether it's playing the role of Star Trek: The Next Generation's Wesley Crusher or the Stephen King Inspired writer Gordie LaChance In Rob Reiner's Stand by Me, WII Wheaton always stands out from the crowd. With a perpetually boyish grin that survives even now, WIl Is definitely a favorite among the younger members of the Trek audience who identify with the genius of Wil's accessible and honest alter-ego. As the young hero series creator Gene Roddenberry always wanted to be, Wheaton carrles a lot of weight on his young shoulders but seems to handle it with a grace and maturity that would make Gene proud.
15 New Crew Series 2 - 15 Wil Wheaton

For every positive, there is also a negative and, unfortunately, that truism works for Star Trek as well. Guided by Roddenberry's hand, Wil's character initially became trapped in a formulalc pattern of rescuing the ship over and over again, which caused some fans to turn mistakenly against WIl. Luckily, the fandorn backlash didn't last too long and, in time, WIl began to exert more control over his character, eventually dellvering well focused performances In both "The Dauphin" and "Samaritan Snare," two Trek: Next Gen episodes that focus more on Wesley's character than his Intellect and precocious behavior.
16 New Crew Series 2 - 16 Colm Meaney

As Miles [O'brien], actor Colm Meaney has a lot to live up to. The first actor to make the jump from Next Generation to the Trek expansion serles Deep Space Nine, he carries with him the good will of many fans who tuned in week after week to catch a glimpse of the transporter chief who seems to promise so much more. Called the "sleeper of the cast" by writer Michael Jan Friedman, the character of Miles [O'brien] resembles other characters from Meaney's career. Including the Elvis-worshipping father in Alan Parker's The Commitments, in that you never really notice him until he opens his mouth. Always a surprising character with a lot of shine and substance.
17 New Crew Series 2 - 17 Colm Meaney

Taking on a role handled by Levar Burton on Next Gen and by James Doohan on the original show, Colm Meaney now has a chance to strut his stuff in the role of Chief Engineer on Deep Space Nine. Not a bad move considering that In every occasion, it Is the engineer of the ship who appears most comfortably human, natural and fallible. Always a sure-fire audience draw.
18 New Crew Series 2 - 18 Whoopi Goldberg

Certainly the most overtly political of the new cast, Whoopi spends her spare time -- between Comic Rellef concerts, benefits shows and Hollywood films -- portraying the mysterlous Guinan, an allen bartender on Star Trek: The Next Generation. No stranger to the wide screen, Whoopi can be seen In such films as The Color Purple. Jumpin' Jack Flash, Clara's Heart and the rib-tickling Soapdish. While Goldberg describes her character as "a cross between Yoda and Willam F. Buckley," there's clearly something about Guinan that's pure Star Trek.
19 New Crew Series 2 - 19 Whoopi Goldberg

Alright, so she's got a weird name. Bear in mind, however, that with a name like Whoopi, landing a role on the hit television show Star Trek: The Next Generation somehow seems just a little more likely. Whoopi's various jobs, including a stint at a funeral parlor prepared her for many later roles as an actress, including her award winning performance as Oda Mae in the hit Patrick Swayze/ Demi Moore film Ghost. Given the vast amounts of exposure this fine performer has gained, it's no surprise that her success continues to skyrocket right out of this world!
20 New Crew Series 2 - 20 Majel [Barrett]

To many fans of the old Star Trek, Majel Barret will strike a distinct chord of memory. She is the actress most Involved in Star Trek, from her original role as Number One In an episode entitled "The Cage." Majel soon returned to Star Trek to portay Nurse Christine Chapel, a blond bombshell light-years ahead of her time. Majel also provided volces for the animated Trek cartoon series. She eventually married serles creator Gene Roddenberry. She can be found on the Next Generation in the role of visiting telepath Lwaxana Trol, Deanna's sometimes annoying mother.
21 New Crew Series 2 - 21 Majel [Barrett]

Born in Columbus, Ohlo, Majel [Barrett] was born Majel Leigh Hudec, changing her name when she came to Hollywood. After marrying Gene Roddenberry, she became a regular in his other, less well known productions such as "Beyond Westworld" and "The Next Step Beyond." Of course, with three seasons of the original show and seven seasons of the Next Genera-tion, Majel certainly has established herself as the premier woman of the Star Trek universe.
22 New Crew Series 2 - 22 John De Lancie

Actor John de Lancie takes his role as the mischievous Q very seriously. He's even gone so far as to write a Q episode for the Next Generation comic books. A veteran actor with many minor villainous roles, it seems that as the monstrously powerful Q, de Lancie has finally found a role that lives up to his mammoth talents.
23 New Crew Series 2 - 23 John De Lancie

In a role similar to that of William Campbell's Squire of Gothos, John de Lancie plays the all-powerful, manipulative being from the Q-Continuum. Truly a villain that you love to hate, de Lancie Is one of the reasons that fans keep coming back for more of the hit television show. As a matter of fact, he's such a natural at the part, you begin to wonder what preparation he actually had for the role. Then again, some things are better left undiscovered.
24 New Crew Series 2 - 24 Brent Spiner

This fantastic character actor has an otherworldly sense of humor. Concurrent with his role on Star Trek as the [loveable] positronic androld Data, Spiner also guest-starred on the comedy Night Court as a backwoods foreigner from New Jersey. This Houston-born actor Is also a voracious movie addict who confesses that between the ages of eleven and fifteen, he watched at least three movies a day. Every day! [That's] the kind of stunt you'd expect from Lt. Data, not Spiner. You can also catch him on such reruns as HIll Street Blues. Cheers and the New Twilight Zone.
25 New Crew Series 2 - 25 LeVar Burton

Yet another Next Generation cast member with an interest In the original show. LeVar says that he "appreciated Roddenberry's approach to science-fiction because it always included minoritles—not just blacks, but Asians and Hispanics as well." This Intellectual young man had an Interest In the Catholic seminary which became tempered by an interest in Existenstiallsm and the readIngs of Lao-Tzu, Kierkegaard and Nietzche. Burton certainly has an altered perspective on the world and It's that perspective that he brings to his role as Lt. J.G. Geordi La Forge, chief engineer of the starship Enterprise. LeVar says, "As a priest, you live beyond the boundarles of normal existence. It's lIke jolning an elite club. Sounds a bit like Star Fleet, doesn't It?
26 New Crew Series 2 - 26 Gene Roddenberry

Although he died of a heart attack In October, 1991, Gene Roddenberry has accomplished more than most can Imagine. This ex-WWII pliot and policeman touched the world through the magic of television with his hit serles Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation. Between the two Treks, Roddenberry produced several other sci-fi shows Including "Genesis II' (1973) and "The Questor Tapes" (1974). Roddenberry got his start on "Have Gun, WIll Travel" and "Highway Patrol," contributing scripts before he got his frst shot In production. Still, his legacy of hope lives on In our hearts and in our stars.
27 New Crew Series 2 - 27 Jeremy Kemp

Kemp had a chance to provide a perfect counterpoint to Patrick Stewart when he portrayed the brother of Jean-Luc Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Fans hope to see more of his character who sheds a different light on the captain of television's newest Enterprise.
28 New Crew Series 2 - 28 Dwight Schultz

You may remember him beside George Peppard, Mr. T and others on the hit action serles the A-Team. Now, he is a frequent guest star on board the Enterprise as Lt. Barclay, a programming wizard whose charisma and charm make him very likeable with the fans. In one appearance, he plays a burning crush on Marina Sirtis' Deanna Troi to the hilt, providing an entertaining and humorous counterpoint to her empathic, nurturing performance.
29 New Crew Series 2 - 29 Diana Muldaur

If it's playing doctor you've got in mind, actress Diana Muldaur is the woman to call. In her association with Star Trek, she has played three separate doctors in the show's [various] incarnations. Of course, Dlana Is best known as the second season replacement for Gates McFadden In her role as the taciturn Dr. Katherine Pulaski. Another red head, Diana has an extensive film career and a recurring role on L.A. Law as well.
30 New Crew Series 2 - 30 Diana Muldaur

Also a veteran of series television, Diana was a series regular on "The Survivors" (1969-70) and "McCloud" (1970-77). She was also Dr. Ann Mulhall in the original seres episode of Star Trek entitled "Retum to Tomorrow" and Dr. Miranda Jones In "Is There In Truth No Beauty?" While fans of the new show seemed split on her character, as Pulaski, she seemed to harken back to the days of DeForest Kelly's Dr. МсСоy.
31 New Crew Series 2 - 31 Rosiland Chao

Rosalind Chao's role as Chief Engineer O'brien's wife Keiko provides her with a new level of exposure to fans of Trek, having made the jump with actor Colm Meaney to the new Deep Space Nine show. A refreshing face and new talent, Ms. Chao adds an extra, more human dimension to both shows with a amiable and sensitive performances. Hopefully, as Deep Space Nine grows into its own distinct series, Chao will find herself with a much larger, important role.
32 New Crew Series 2 - 32 Michelle Forbes

Michelle Forbes passed up the opportunity of a lifetime when she backed out of the role of Ensign Ro Laren, a role which was supposed to graduate to DS9. Still, although her stay on the show was brief, she made an impression among the fans with her beauty and professional style.
33 New Crew Series 2 - 33 Michelle Forbes

Scheduled to pay the Baloran second in command on DS9, Michelle has yet to appear in any major films. Can fans hope that we'll see the wonderful actress return to the set of either Next Generation or Deep Space Nine for a new role. perhaps? Only time will tell. Until then, catch her on reruns and dream of the ensign that might have been.
34 New Crew Series 2 - 34 Michelle Scarabelli

In an episode enitilted "Data's Girlfriend." this actress warmed the hearts of cast and fans alike playing opposite Brent Spiner's Lt. Commander Data. Hopes are high that she will return to the show for another episode or two. A wonderful foil for Spiner and the others, Michelle's fresh face and style make her a memorable character indeed.
35 New Crew Series 2 - 35 Mark Lenard

While he originally portrayed a Romulan commander on the show, Marc's best known in his role of Sarek, father of the original Trek's Mister Spock as portrayed by Leonard Nimoy. He's also appeared in Here Come the Brides (1968-70) and Planet of the Apes (1974). He's a favorite quest star on the Next Generation, reprising that role for which he is most famous.
36 New Crew Series 2 - 36 Susan Gibney

As Dr. Leah Brahms, Susan Gilbey had the unique opportunity to portray her character in two distinct ways. First as a holodeck simulation for whom LeVar Burton's Geordi could fall and then, as the reality check version of that character free from LaForge's rose-colored vision. A stand out perforrance in each, she pulled off a certain chemistry that made the fans actually want her to end up with Geordi. This talent alone makes her a commendable addition to the Trek universe.
37 New Crew Series 2 - 37 Patrick Stewart

He was born in a small town of Mirfield, England. A noted member of the Royal Shakespeare Company. Stewart has performed in the roles of Shylock, King John and Henry IV. He is a winner of the London Fringe Best Actor Award. He gained the role of Captain John [sic] Luc Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation after he was spotted on stage performing at University of California at Los Angeles.

Miscellaneous Cards

-   William Shatner Ltd. Ed. bound in card     Jun-91      
-   James Doohan Ltd. Ed. 4 bound in trading cards     Dec-91      
-   James Doohan single card #18 with blank back     Dec-91      
-   Walter Koenig Ltd. Ed.4 bound in B/W trading cards     Jan-92      
-   George Takei Ltd. Ed. 4 bound in B/W trading cards     Feb-92      
-   Nichelle Nichols Ltd. Ed. bound in B/W trading cards     Mar-92      
-   Majel Barrett Ltd. Ed. bound in B/W trading cards     Apr-92      
-   Mark Lenard Ltd. Ed. 4 bound in trading cards     Jul-92      
-   Grace Lee Whitney Ltd. Ed.4 bound in B/W trading cards     Aug-92      

Personality Comics: The Original Crew #7 Limited Edition - March 1992

- Nicholls 1 Nichelle Nichols

Lt. Uhura was perhaps the most underutilised crew member aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, but not so underutilised as many assume. While it is true that far too many segments provided her with only one oft-repeated line, Nichelle Nichols was a featured player in such episodes as "The Gamesters of Triskelion," "Plato's Stepchildren," and "Charlie X."

Hailing Frequencies Open, Sir

Personality Comics: The Original Crew #7 Limited Edition - April 1992

- Barrett 1 Majel Barret

Nurse Chapel may have harboured a secret love for Mr. Spock, but the actress who played her preferred to secure bigger game: The Great Bird of the Galaxy himself. Majel [Barrett] was producer Gene Roddenberry's wife and soulmate, and when it came time to launch the U.S.S. Enterprise, well, naturally, she had a first-class part.

Gene's Wife

Personality Comics: The Original Crew #11 Limited Edition - September 1992

- Hyde 1 Bruce Hyde

Musical numbers constituted an all-too-often overlooked aspect of Star Trek. Remember Spock's funky harp solo in "The Way To Eden?" Or Uhura's many dreamy recreation deck jamborees? Well, Bruce Hyde started it all! His off-key wig-out on the Celtic stan-dard "I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen" set a standard for musical tomfoolery the programme was hard-pressed to duplicate. Not even Leonard Nimoy's laughable third-season show-stopper "Bitter Dregs" could match it for sheer ghastliness.

Bruce Hyde
- Hyde 2 Bruce Hyde (pic shows Gene Roddenberry)

Before landing his breakthrough role on Star Trek, Bruce Hyde had to slough through the usual round of auditions, "cattle calls," and interviews. The life of an actor is a demanding one. Often a performer must work at night in order to have his days free for casting appointments. Hyde was no exception. For years he busied himself with "odd" jobs so he could pursue his dreams of performance. All the hard work paid off when Gene Roddenberry called with the role that made him a star.

Bruce Hyde

Personality Comics: The Original Crew #12 Limited Edition- October 1992

-   Ricardo Montalban            

Personality Comics: Original Crew Annual Deluxe Edition - November 1992

- Shatner 1 Original Crew Annual

William Shatner bounced back from the disappointment of Star Trek V with considerable good grace and aplomb. He embarked on a new "mission" as host of the "reality-based" television programme Rescue 911. He also threw himself whole-heartedly into his Tekworld project, a series of well-received sci-fi novels that is currently being adapted by Marvel Comics.

    November 1992      
-   Patrick Stewart Ltd. Ed.TC Ed. four color bound in cards     Jul-91      
-   LeVar Burton Ltd. Ed. 4 bound in trading cards     Jan-92      
-   Denise Crosby Ltd. Ed. 4 bound in trading cards     Feb-92      
-   Michael Dorn Ltd. Ed. 4 bound in B/W trading cards     Mar-92      
-   Michael Dorn Ltd. Ed. Drop Your Weapons Yellow-backed     Mar-92      
-   Marina Sertis [sic] Ltd. Ed. 4 bound in B/W trading cards     Apr-92      
-   Marina Sirtis Ltd. Ed. single loose card yellow back     Apr-92      
-   Gates McFadden Ltd. Ed. 4 bound in B/W trading cards     Jul-92      
-   Whoopi Goldberg Ltd. Ed. 4 bound in B/W trading cards     Aug-92      

Personality Comics: The New Crew #10 Limited Edition - September 1992

- Meany 2 Colm [Meaney]

Many people have compared
Colm [Meaney] to other figures in the Star Trek universe. The obvious comparison is to Scotty, another engaging transporter operator of Gaelic extraction. But Colm [Meaney] also shares a lot of similarities with Bruce "Lt. Riley" Hyde. Again, both have Irish roots. And both men used obscure, underwritten parts to their advantage, infusing sketchy characters with a quivering vibrancy that made fans clamour for more. More than just cult figures, Hyde and [Meaney] are integral—if small--parts of the Star Trek mythos.

[Colm Meaney]
- Meany 1 Colm [Meaney]

"Ireland," wrote Joyce, "is an old sow that eats her farrow." The great author of Finnegans Wake never had a kind word to say about his homeland, which for centuries has been wracked by internal strife and religious conflict. Dublin in particular has been a city where fighting has been rife and squalor the norm. Perhaps sensing there was no future for him in this, "the Harlem of Ireland," Colm [Meaney] fled his birthplace at the age of 17 to join a government fishing programme in Ulster.

[Colm Meany]

Personality Comics: The New Crew #11 Limited Edition - October 1992

- Wheaton 1 Wil Wheaton

"Why couldn't they have turned Wesley into the Borg! Then they could have blasted him to pieces at the end and no one would have minded." This real-life fan's lament echoes the sentiments of many Star Trek watchers, who found Wheaton's Wesley an American counterpart to Dr. Who's annoying Adric. Of all the new crew characters, Wesley was the one most patently a creature of demographics: he existed only to sucker in teenage girls. That this grating ensign wasn't sucked into a slime bog like Denise Crosby's Tasha Yar remains one of the programme's unfulfilled promises.

Bring Me The Head of Wesley Crusher
- Wheaton 2 Wil Wheaton

Richard William Wheaton III did not wake up one morning wearing a spandex uniform with a phaser in his hand. To earn the role of Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Wil had to gnash his artistic chops in a slew of cheaply made television adverts. Before he guided the Enterprise into space dock, he was guiding his Big Wheel through a mud puddle and then watching some miracle detergent get the stain out. Commercials are the first step toward instant facial recognition for an actor, however, and Wil has no regrets about the experience.

Cutting His Teeth

Personality Comics: New Crew Annual Deluxe Edition - December 1992

- Frakes Jonathan Frakes

Actor Johnathan Fakes may be firmly entrenched in the hearts of Star Trek fans the world over, but his resume extends far beyond the reaches of the Trek mythos. He won the admiration of teen-age girls and lonely housewives across the nation for his work in the daytime soap opera The Doctors, and reached mainstream audiences with his work in numerous TV mini-series.

- Picard Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart believed Star Trek: The Next Generation would not last, simply because of the angry mail he got before the show was even filmed. So, he literally never unpacked his suitcase and lived out of it for the first half of the first season.

- Picard Patrick Stewart

From his humble beginning as a lad in Mirfield, to his triumphs with the Royal Shakespeare Company, to his magnificent screen roles, and, finally, to conquering the stars for the United Federation of Planets, Patrick Stewart has given much to the world of acting and entertainment.

1 New Crew Series 1 - 01 Brent Spiner

Same card as TNG Crew Series 1 - #1

Celebrity Comics: William Shatner #?? Limited Edition - ?? 199?

cc-ws Kirk William Shatner

Kirk wasn't the only one receiving flattering attentions. As a star, Shatner found himself pampered and fussed over in a way he'd never experienced before. Somewhat to his bewilderment, he soon had gofers fetching his coffee and press agents arranging his interviews.

cc-ws Kirk William Shatner

Stardom from Star Trek was intoxicating to Shatner. 'I've gotten a great insight into the omnipotence of the series' lead. Everybody does his best not to upset the star. It's like absolute power,' he said. Although some found his attitude over-confident and somewhat egotistical, Bill tried not to abuse his star power.

30 New Crew Series 1 - 30 Frakes, Jonathan

Same card as TNG Crew Series 1 - #30

Celebrity Comics: Leonard Nimoy #?? Limited Edition - ?? 199?

- Nimoy Leonard Nimoy

Though it has been difficult to distance himself from his role as the world's most popular alien on Star Trek, Leonard Nimoy has proven that there is life after Spock. He has directed several major films, including the smash hit Three Men and a Baby, with Tom Selleck, Ted Danson and Jeff Gutenberg, and has written several books and recorded several albums.
- Nimoy Leonard Nimoy

Known the world over for his extraordinary performance as Mr. Spock on the timeless TV classic Star Trek, Leonard Nimoy has left an indelible mark on the souls of millions. Recently, fans have been reminded of his dazzling personality by a wonderfully unexpected barrage of In Search Of reruns.
16 Original Crew Series 1 - 16 Star Trek V: The Flop

Same card as TOS Crew Series 1 - #16
18 Original Crew Series 1 - 18 Jimmy Doohan

Same card as TOS Crew Series 1 - #16

Celebrity Comics: DeForest Kelley #?? Limited Edition - ?? 199?

- Kelley DeForest Kelley

Maybe he should be famous for saying "dammit" more than any actor on American television. Always lightning quick with a prognosis, actor DeForest [Kelley] typified the spirit of Gene Rodenberry's Star Trek with his portrayal of Dr. McCoy on the original television series.
- Kelley DeForest Kelley

Dammit! He's an actor, not a doctor! A veteran actor who's appeared in such Westerns as Apache Uprising and Gunfight at Commanche Creek, DeForest [Kelley] is known the world over for his role as the irascible Dr. Leonard McCoy of the original Star Trek.
27 Original Crew Series 1 - 27 DeForest Kelley

Same card as TOS Crew Series 1 - #27

Celebrity Comics: Patrick Stewart #?? Limited Edition - ?? 199?

- Stewart Patrick Stewart

From his humble beginning as a lad in Mirfield, to his triumphs with the Royal Shakespeare Company, to his magnificent screen roles, and, finally, to conquering the stars for the United Federation of Planets, Patrick Stewart has given much to the world of acting and entertainment.

- Stewart Patrick Stewart

From his humble beginning as a lad in Mirfield, to his triumphs with the Royal Shakespeare Company, to his magnificent screen roles, and, finally, to conquering the stars for the United Federation of Planets, Patrick Stewart has given much to the world of acting and entertainment.

- Stewart Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart believed Star Trek:The Next Generation would not last, simply because of the angry mail he got before the show was even filmed. So, he literally never unpacked his suitcase and lived out of it for the first half of the first season.

- Stewart Patrick Stewart

During his time with the Royal Shakespeare Company, Patrick had the opportunity to work with some of the greatest actors of our time. Richard Burton, Vivien Leigh, and Lawrence Olivier all participated in productions of the RSC. One of Stewart's most memorable roles with the RSC was Shylock, from The Merchant of Venice.


Celebrity Comics: Jonathan Frakes #?? Limited Edition - ?? 199?

- Frakes Jonathan Frakes

Jonathan Frakes loves working on Star Trek: The Next Generation. "I spend the day acting with Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner, who may just be the best actors on television," a happy Frakes warbles. "And I get paid for doing it. It's just beyond me that the things in my life have fallen into place so well."
- Frakes Jonathan Frakes

Jonathan Frakes was no stranger to the boob-toob when he signed on to the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Jonathan had broken into television in New York, working on the hit daytime soap The Doctors. After he was dropped from that show, he moved on to Cali and landed numerous roles in made-for-TV movies and mini-series.
29 New Crew Series 1 - 29 A Frakes Freak

Same card as TNG Crew Series 1 - #29
33 New Crew Series 1 - 33 Serendipity!

Same card as TNG Crew Series 1 - #33

Celebrity Comics: Brent Spiner #?? Limited Edition - ?? 199?

- Spiner Brent Spiner

This versatile actor has appeared on such television comedies as Cheers and Night Court. He is best known, however, as the amicable android Lt. Commander Data on the hit series Star Trek: The Next Generation. As a child, his favorite television show wasn't Trek, however. It was Rod Serling's Twilight Zone!
- Spiner Brent Spiner

Originally a distant star lost amidst the lights of Broadway, it was on television that actor Brent Spiner would eventually shine as Lt. Data, the cybernetic tin woodsman of Star Trek: Next Generation. Did you know that Spiner was originally slated to play a Vulcan on the show?
2 New Crew Series 1 - 02 "Leave Me Alone"

Same card as TNG Crew Series 1 - #2
24 New Crew Series 2 - 24 Brent Spiner

Same card as TNG Crew Series 2 - #24
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