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Star Trek Mini-Cards - Hostess/Frito-Lay

Hostess Frito-Lay
These mini-cards (1¼" x 1¾") were manufactured by SkyBox for Canadian company Hostess/ Frito-Lay, who inserted them into packs of a range of their savoury snacks. The snack included Cheetos, Doritos, Hostess, and Ruffles. Each card or mini-poster was sealed in a cellophane wrapper.

There were 60 cards and mini-posters to collect; 38 TNG cards, 10 DS9 cards, 2 Checklist cards, and 10 mini-posters. All of these have text on the backs in both English and French. The mini-posters folded out flat to 16 times the height of a regular card, around 21 inches, and had a series of images from their respective episodes.

Randomly included with the cards, inserted at around 1 in 19 packs, were redemption cards for a range of prizes which included the following as shown on the back of each snack pack:

10 Star Trek® Classic Series Video Library 1 in 440,000 $1,100.00
150 Star Trek® I to V Movie Sets 1 in 29,533 $125.00
100 Limited Edition Star Trek® Plaques 1 in 44,000 $85.00
600 - 360 Card Boxes of Star Trek®: The Next
Generation Full Size Trading Cards
1 in 7,333 $75.00
2,000 Star Trek® Timex® Digital Watches 1 in 2,200 $40.00
2,000 Star Trek® VI Videos 1 in 2,200 $30.00
10.000 Limited Edition Star Trek® Posters 1 in 440 $30.00
5,000 Star Trek® Fan Club Memberships 1 in 880 $23.00
8.000 KFC Snack Packs 1 in 550 $3.29
50,000 Buy One KFC Chicken Sandwich Get
One Free Coupons
1 in 88 $2.69
150,000 Free 500ml Mountain Dew 1 in 30 $0.79

The above table indicates that there were 70,000+ so sets of these cards and mini-posters available, assuming an equal amount of each were inserted.
Manufacturer Date of release Production run Packs per box Cards per pack Card size
Skybox & Hostess/Frito-Lay 1993 Not Known N/A 1 1¼" ×1¾"
yellow   yellow yellow   yellow yellow   yellow

Base Set


1 Hostess Card 1 Picard Captain Jean-Luc Picard 2 Hostess Card 2 Riker Cmdr. William T. Riker 3 Hostess Card 3 Data Lt. Cmdr. Data
4 Hostess Card  Worf Lt. Worf Rozhenko 5 Hostess Card 5 Geordi La Forge Lt. Cmdr. Geordi Laforge 6 Hostess Card 6 Deanna Troi Counselor Deanna Troi
7 Hostess Card 7 Dr. Crusher Dr. Beverly Crusher 8 Hostess Card 8 Guinan Guinan 9 Hostess Card 9 Wesley Crusher Wesley Crusher
10 Hostess Card 10 The Traveler The Traveller 11 Hostess Card 11 The Q The Q 12 Hostess Card Sela Sela
13 Hostess Card 13 Locutus Locutus 14 Hostess Card 14 The Ferengi The Ferengi 15 Hostess Card 15 Klingon Bird-of-Prey Klingon Bird-of-Prey
16 Hostess Card 16 Klingon Battlecruiser Klingon Battlecruiser 17 Hostess Card 17 Klingon Attack Cruiser Klingon Attack Cruiser 18 Hostess Card 18 Romulan Warbird Romulan Warbird
19 Hostess Card 19 Romulan Scoutship Romulan Scoutship 20 Hostess Card 20 Ferengi Marauder Ferengi Marauder 21 Hostess Card 21 Borg Ship Borg Ship
22 Hostess Card 22 Cardassian Warship Cardassian Warship 23 Hostess Card 23 UFP Ambassador Class UFP Ambassador Class 24 Hostess Card 24 UFP Excelsior Class UFP Excelsior Class
25 Hostess Card 35 UFP Miranda Class UFP Miranda Class 26 Hostess Card 26 UFP Constellation Class UFP Constellation Class 27 Hostess Card 27 U.S.S. Enterprise U.S.S. Enterprise
28 Hostess Card 28 Main Bridge Main Bridge 29 Hostess Card 29 Ten Forward Ten-Forward 30 Hostess Card 30 The Transporter Room The Transporter Room
31 Hostess Card 31 Communicator Communicator 32 Hostess Card 32 Phaser (Type 1) Phaser (Type 1) 33 Hostess Card 33 Phaser (Type 2) Phaser (Type 2)
34 Hostess Card 34 Phaser Rifle (Type 3) Phaser Rifle (Type 3) 35 Hostess Card 35 Standard Tricorder Standard Tricorder 36 Hostess Card 36 Medical Tricorder Medical Tricorder
37 Hostess Card 37 Hypospray Hypospray 38 Hostess Card 38 P.A.D.D. P.A.D.D. - Hostess TNG Checklist Card Star Trek: The Next Generation Checklist


D01 Hostess Card D1 DS9 Cast Star Trek Deep Space Nine Cast D02 Hostess Card D2 Benjamin Sisko Commander Benjamin Sisko D03 Hostess Card D3 Miles O'Brien Lieutenant Miles O'Brien
D04 Hostess Card D4 Kira Nerys Major Kira Nerys D05 Hostess Card D5 Odo Security Officer Odo D06 Hostess Card D6 Jadzia Dax Lieutenant Jadzia Dax
D07 Hostess Card D7 Dr. Julian Bashir Doctor Julian Bashir D08 Hostess Card D8 Jake Sisko Jake Sisko D09 Hostess Card D9 Quark Quark
D10 Hostess Card Crew of DS9 The Crew of Star Trek Deep Space Nine - Hostess Card DS9 Checklist Star Trek Deep Space Nine Checklist  


- Hostess Mini-Poster Encounter at Farpoint Encounter at Farpoint - Hostess Mini-Poster The Last Outpost The Last Outpost - Hostess Mini-Poster WNMHGB Where No One Has Gone Before
- Hostess Mini-Poster Hide & Q Hide and Q - Hostess Mini-Poster 11001001 1001001 - Hostess Mini-Poster The Best of Both Worlds The Best of Both Worlds
- Hostess Mini-Poster Redemption Redemption - Hostess Mini-Poster Unification Unification - Hostess Mini-Poster I, Borg I, Borg


Prize Cards

- Hostess Prize Card Mountain Dew Mountain Dew -   Autographed cast plaques -   SkyBox trading card sets
-   Video -   Fan club membership -   Kentucky Fried Chicken
-   Poster -   Watch  


- Card Display Folder

Sample Packets

- Hostess/Frito-Lay Sample Packets Sample Packets

Sample Mini-poster Card Fronts

  Hostess Foldout Encounter at Farpoint

  Hostess Foldout 11001001

  Hostess Foldout Emissary

Advertising Display

- Advertising Display Backer Advertising Display
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