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30 Years of Star Trek - Phase Two

This three phase series of cards covered all four live-action series to date as well as being the first to include the Animated Adventures. This second set's base cards cover Aliens, Personnel, and Cosmic Phenomena. The checklist identifies card #200 as the "Title Card". However, there is no card marked "200" and according to SkyBox, the "30 Years of Star Trek Reflections of the Future" card is the one the checklist is referring to. Chase sets include 9 Doppelgangers cards (1:12), 9 Undercover Personnel cards (1:18) and a Skymotion Exchange Card (1:180).
Manufacturer Date of release Production run Packs per box Cards per pack Card size
Skybox 17 April 1996 Not known 36 8 2½" x 3½"
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Base Set


101 11 VULCAN

The Vulcans are a humanoid species, noted for their intelligence. Vulcans were a warlike race until the philosopher, Surak, led them to shed their emotions in favor of a devotion to pure logic. Vulcans have a lower body temperature than Humans, green copper-based blood and limited telepathic abilities. The Vulcan civilization was one of the first to join the United Federation of Planets.

Talosians are the humanoid inhabitants of the planet Talos IV. They have developed an extremely powerful telepathic ability, enabling them to affect minds over great spatial distances. The Talosians were first encountered by a crashed Earth expedition, the U.S.S. COLUMBIA. Years later, the Talosians lured the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE,™ under the command of Captain Pike, to Talos IV in order to gain Human specimens. The purpose of this ruse was the study and possible breeding of stock to serve as restoration labor for the Talosians' lost society.
103 13 ORION

The Orions are a humanoid civilization resembling Humans in most respects save for their distinctively green skin coloring. Orion women were known in the 23rd century for their exotic dancing and were frequently bartered. Orions attacked the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ during the Babel conference to disrupt the admission of Coridan into the federation.
104 14 ROMULAN

The Romulans are an offshoot of the Vulcan race; they separated before the Vulcans purged themselves of all emotion in favor of logic. Romulans retain the warlike nature of their forebears, and they are cunning and intelligent. The Romulan Star Empire is adjacent to both the United Federation of Planets and the Klingen™ Empire.
105 15 GORN

The Gorm are a large, humanoid, reptilian culture encountered by the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ while it was investigating the destruction of a Federation outpost at Cestus III. The Gorn destroyed the outpost as an act of defending their territory. The Gorn have a scaly green skin and have exhibited tremendous physical strength. They vocalize in a raspy, guttural hissing.
106 16 HORTA

The Horta are a race indigenous to the planet Janus VI. They are silicon based, living within the strata of the surface of Janus VI. They secrete a powerful corrosive allowing them to travel through solid rock with ease. Every 50,000 years the Horta die off, leaving one member to care for thousands of eggs which will repopulate the race.

On stardate 3287.2, a space-borne parasite was encountered on the surface of the planet Deneva. These parasites attacked individuals, driving them mad while exerting control over their autonomic nervous systems. The parasites were linked, analogous to individual brain cells in a Human. The U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ was able to neutralize the parasites by use of an orbital network of satellites emitting ultraviolet radiation.
108 18 KLINGON

A warlike humanoid civilization, Klingons are renowned throughout the Alpha Quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy for their fierce loyalty and for their skills in combat. Klingon physiology is well-suited to combat, with a redundant set of vital organs and a well-developed skeletal structure. Klingon culture is very rich and filled with traditional ceremonies, most of which are related to combat.

The humanoid inhabitants of Gamma Trianguli VI, Gamma Triangulans worshipped a large computer system which provided for their every need. Vaal, as this sophisticated device was known, maintained a constantly temperate environment and provided for the needs of the natives. A simple people, the Gamma Triangulans stagnated to the point of existing only to serve their provider. Discovering this, Captain Kirk™ of the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ destroyed Vaal, forcing its people to learn self-reliance.
110 110 TRIBBLE

Tribbles are small, furry creatures, ranging in length from three to fourteen inches. Tribbles are extremely simple creatures, exhibiting a purring when in contact with a sympathetic warm body. The trilling they produce has a calming effect upon the Human nervous system. While Tribbles are not harmful, they do reproduce at an alarming rate. Tribbles have a reciprocal aversion to the Klingon™ race; they react with a loud screeching whenever Klingons are in close proximity.
111 111 MUGATO

The Mugato is a white, long-haired, ape-like carnivore indigenous to Tyree's planet. Mugatos travel in pairs and are fiercely protective of their mates. The bite of a Mugato is deadly; the creature's poisonous fangs inject a neural toxin. The only known antidote for the bite of a Mugato is a Capellan Make root administered by a native [kahn-ut-tu] woman in a ritualistic manner.

The Triskelions are a small, non-humanoid species resembling a disembodied Human brain. Three members of this race were encountered by Captain James T. Kirk™ when he and several of his crew were captured to participate in gladiator-type fighting. After a wager with the Trisketions, Kirk was able to negotiate the freedom of his crew as well as the other races enslaved for gaming entertainment.
113 113 THOLIAN

The Tholians comprise a space faring faction known as the Tholian Assembly. On stardate 5693.2, the Tholians were encountered by the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ during a rescue mission of its sister starship, the U.S.S. DEFIANT. The Tholians, while known for their punctuality, are not members of the United Federation of Planets, and continue to dispute spatial territories.

This non-humanoid civilization was contacted on stardate 4385.3 by the Constitution-class U.S.S. ENTERPRISE.™ The Melkotians first employed a space warning buoy to deter communications. When this failed, the Melkotians used their telepathic abilities to create an Historic Old West scenario, involving members of the ENTERPRISE bridge crew. After surviving the encounter, Captain Kirk™ and his party were able to open diplomatic relations with the Melkotians.

The Excalbians are a highly advanced civilization, capable of matter conversion and transportation over great distances. When first encountered by the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ on stardate 5906.4, the Excalbians staged a drama in order to study the innate difference between the moral values of good and evil. The Excalbians are capable of shape shifting, though they do not appear to have the capability of space travel. They are not members of the United Federation of Planets.
116 116 LT. M'RESS

Lieutenant M'Ress is a member of the race known as the Caitian. M'Ress acted as a bridge officer, filling in at the communications station occasionally for Uhura.™ A biped, M'Ress is light brown in color with a thick orange mane and a long tail. M'Ress speaks in a melodic voice, almost seeming to purr as she enunciates certain words.

The Phylosians are beings of a botanical nature indigenous to the planet Phylos. They have a high intelligence, using nearly 70% of their brains, though they are xenophobic. They communicated with the crew of the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ through the use of translation devices. Prior contact with a humanoid caused a plague which wiped out generations of Phylosians. The Phylosians attempted to use a giant clone of Commander Spock™ as a keeper of peace throughout the galaxy.
118 118 SEHLAT

The sehlat is a large mammal, resembling an Earth bear except that it has six-inch protruding fangs. Sehlats are kept as pets on the planet Vulcan. As a child, Commander Spock™ of the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ had one named I-Chaya, which his mother described as a "large teddy bear." Sehlats are loyal companions and one would assume, logical pets.
119 119 DELTAN

The Deltans are a humanoid culture from the planet Delta IV with a highly advanced sexuality. These members of the United Federation of Planets are characteristically bald, and highly empathic. Prior to her service on the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ as Navigator, the Deltan Lieutemant Ilia had to take an oath of celibacy.
120 120 CETI EEL

Ceti eels are the only known life-form indigenous to the planet Ceti Alpha V, after Ceti Alpha VI exploded and altered its orbit. These small beetle-like creatures implant their young into a host body (when available), where they wrap around the cerebral cortex and render the victim extremely susceptible fo suggestion. This parasite, if not removed cause madness and death in its host.

This species of shape-shifters is capable of specific amorphous change which appears to be limited to humanoid forms. When a Chameloid was encountered by Captain Kirk™ and Doctor McCoy™ on the prison planet of Rura Penthe, it assumed four distinct forms. This species also appears to be asexual in nature, taking either gender form at will.
122 122 Q

The members of the Q continuum are self-proclaimed omnipotent beings. They are able to transcend time and space at will and are apparently self-governing. One representative of this race, known simply as "Q," was encountered by the Galaxy-class starship U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ during its Farpoint mission. The ship was frequently revisited by this entity, who appeared almost proprietary towards Humans.
123 123 BYNAR

The Bynars are a partially cybernetic species from the planet Bynaus employed by Starfleet for computer maintenance. The Bynars work in tandem, quickly exchanging data through the use of a buffer. The Bynars performed a system upgrade on the Galaxy-class starship U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ on stardate 41365.9. During this operation, it was learned that Beta Magellan–the Bymars' star system–had goge nova, severely crippling their planetary computer system.
124 124 BENZITE

Benzites are members of the Federation from the planet Benzar. The first Benzite to be admitted into Starfleet Academy was an individual named Mordock, who gained admission on stardate 42506.5. Later, in a Starfleet Officer Exchange Program, another Benzite named Mendon from the same geostructure served briefly aboard the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE.™
125 125 ARMUS

This malevolent creature was encountered by U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ crewmembers on the planet Vagra II while engaging in the rescue of a crashed shuttlecraft. A self-named "skin of evil," Armus described himself as the evil sloughed off of a race of Titans. This creature showed little regard for Human life, killing ENTERPRISE Security Chief Natasha Yar™ with little provocation.
126 126 MR. HOMN

Mr. Homn is the personal valet for the Betazed Ambassador, Lwaxana Troi. Standing over seven feet tall, Homn displayed an appetite to match his stature; in a matter of seconds he drank an entire bottle offered to him. Mr. Homn apparently shared in the Betazed ability to communicate telepathically, as he spoke only once while on the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ to thank Mr. Data™ for the drink.
127 127 SELAY

One of the two sentient races of the Beta Renna system, the Selay sent ambassadors to the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ to seek admission into the Federation on stardate 41249.3. This species is reptilian and humanoid, with a large cobra-like head. The Selay prefer to eat live food, disdaining that from a replicator, and have been known to prey upon their neighbors, the Anticans.
128 128 ANTICAN

The Anticans, and their neighbors, the reptilian Selay, both sought admission into the federation from the Beta Renna system on stardate 41249.3. The admission was not recommended by Captain Jean-luc Picard™ due to the warring nature of the two species. Apparently, subsequent requests have been more favorably accepted, since several Antican representatives have been seen in attendance at various federation functions.
129 129 ANTIDEAN [sic]

These tall fish-like humanoids are from the planet [Antede III]. The [Antedeans] sought membership in the federation on stardate 42859.2, sending a delegation to the conference on Pacifica. Just prior to the arrival of the [Antedeans] to Pacifica, Ambassador Troi of Betazed determined that the [Antedean] Ambassador was actually an assassin sent to disrupt the conference. [Antedeans] are not well suited to space flight travel, and must enter a catatonic state during passage.
130 130 MINTAKAN

The Mintakans are a civilization that is physiologically similar to the Vulcan race. They live in a primitive state, having advanced to the point of utilizing bows and arrows for hunting. A cloaked observation station was accidentally revealed to the natives of Mintaka III on stardate 43173.5. Following this violation of the Prime Directive the observation post was removed.
131 131 VORGON

Vorgons are a humanoid species capable of time travel. Captain Picard™ of the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ encountered two Vorgon criminals while taking shore leave on the planet Risa. These Vorgons had traveled from The 27th century to retrieve a quantum phase inhibitor, the Tox Uthat. Picard gained possession of the powerful device, and subsequently destroyed it to prevent the Vorgons, Boratus and Ajur, from getting it.
132 132 TAMARIAN

The Tamarians, or "Children of Tama" are a humanoid species which use their rich heritage as a means of communication. The Tamarians speak metaphorically, referring to past events, real or mythological, which are appropriate to the current situation. After several frustrated attempts at communication the Tamarians captured Captain Jean-Luc Picard™ and isolated him with their Captain Dathon. While on the planet El-Adril IV, Picard was able to determine the nature of Tamarian speech, thus establishing communications.
133 133 J'NAII

The J'naii are a humanoid civilization which have consciously removed themselves from sexual differentiation. Members of this species are born without a gender preference, and if one is displayed, treatment is rendered to attain neutrality. Commander William Riker™ of the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ became attracted to a J'naii named Soren during a rescue mission. When reciprocal feelings were displayed by Soren, psychotectic treatment was administered to return "her" to the J'naii norm of androgyny.
134 134 DEVIDIAN

This species is native to the planet Devidia II. A shape-shifting race, the Devidians exist in a different time plane from the United Federation of Planets, out of phase by only seconds. The U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ encountered the Devidians when it was discovered that they were feeding off of the neural energy of Humans from Earth's 19th century.
135 135 AMARIE

While attempting to gather information, Commander Riker™ encountered a pale, four-armed piano player named Amarie. In exchange for information, Riker was able to trade on his knowledge of music history. Amarie, whose race is unknown, admitted to a bad habit of sucking salt sticks.
136 136 FERENGI

The Ferengi are a humanoid culture that is purely motivated by profit. Technologically equal to the federation, the Ferengi are easily recognized by their orange skin and large ears. Ferengi follow a set of 285 guiding principles which form the basis of their business philosophy, The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition. The first Ferengi to enter Starfleet Academy is Nog, son of Rom.
137 137 TRILL

The Trill are a joined species comprised of two distinct life-forms which live in a symbiotic state. There is a humanoid species which serves as a host body, and an androgynous, invertebrate symbiont, which lives interdependently within the host. The symbiont lives much longer than the host body and will normally be transferred to a number of hosts throughout its lifetime, carrying the cumulative experience with it.
138 138 MORN

The humanoid known as Morn is seen frequently on space station DEEP SPACE NINE,™ usually at Quarks. Security Chief Odo™ frequently must remove the sleeping Morn from the benches of the promenade, sending him back to his quarters. In a possible future visited by Jake Sisko,™ Morn had become the proprietor of Quarks, and was quite successful. Morn's species is unknown.
139 139 TOSK

The Tosk are a reptilian race hailing from the Gamma Quadrant who are bred for the express purpose of being hunted. The Tosk are self-sufficient, requiring extremely little sleep and storing nutrients throughout their bodies. Once during a chase, a Tosk was befriended by Chief Miles O'Brien™ on station DEEP SPACE NINE.™ Miles helped repair the Tosk's damaged vessel, allowing him to resume his flight.

The Hunters of the losk are heavily armed, reptilian humanoids who seemingly exist purely for the hunt of the race known as the Tosk. A number of these hunters appeared on station DEEP SPACE NINE™ while in pursuit of the Tosk. These hunters relentlessly pursue the Tosk using any means available, technological or otherwise.

In the Gamma Quadrant live a species of shape-shifters known as Changelings. The Changelings are also referred to as the Founders within the faction known as the Dominion, which they lead. The Changelings live in a great community, which appears to be a lake of these naturally amorphous people. Odo,™ the Chief of Security on station DEEP SPACE NINE™ is a Changeling, although he was estranged from his people and only recently discovered his origin.
142 142 JEM'HADAR

The Jem'Hadar are a warrior race bred as soldiers for the Dominion. These reptilian humanoids are genetically dependent upon a substance known as Ketracel-white, given to them by another Dominion member race, the Vorta. This drug is administered to them through a tube running into their necks. The Jem'Hadar revere the Founders, who have achieved an almost mythical status as the leaders of the Dominion.
143 143 KAZON

In the Delta Quadrant, there is a humanoid civilization known as the Kazon which operates as a military faction. Comprised of several tribal divisions, the Kazon barter amongst themselves and other races for the supplies they need. After revealing herself as a Cardassian™ spy, Seska™ left the U.S.S. VOYAGER™ to join a group called the Kazon-Nistrim.
144 144 BANEAN

The Baneans are a humanoid species living in the Delta Quadrant and are at war with a neighboring culture, the Numiri. The Baneans are distinct in their appearance due to the feathery covering they grow on their heads. Also of note is the Banean technology whereby a crime victim's memory engrams are replayed to reveal the assailant. This technique once (falsely) revealed Tom Paris as a murderer.
145 145 VIDIIAN

The Vidiians are a tragic race, suffering from a debilitating disease known as the Phage. This disease has accelerated the Vidiians' medical skills, which are necessary to maintain their lives through the transplantation of organs and skin tissue. The Vidiians seek a cure for their affliction, and have even manipulated the genetic structure of B'Elanna Torres™ to obtain a pure Klingon™ genome to experiment with.



Captain James Tiberius Kirk was born in lowa, on Earth. Kirk was one of the most highly decorated Starfleet officers, gaining notoriety for his forward thinking and resourcefulness. Kirk's first command was the Constitution-class starship U.S.S. ENTERPRISE.™ where he was capable of instrumental changes in the Federation. Kirk attained the rank of Admiral, but was demoted back to Captain of the ENTERPRISE, his "first, best destiny."

Commander Spock was the half-Vulcan, half-Human science officer regarded as the finest First Officer in the fleet during his tenure on the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE.™ Spock later followed his father's role as a Federation ambassador and was instrumental in the Klingon™ peace talks with Chancellor Gorkon. Spock was last seen on the Romuian™ homeworld, attempting to foster a reunification of the Romulans and the Vulcans.

Doctor Leonard H. McCoy was born on Earth, in Georgia. McCoy was assigned to the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ under the command of Captain Kirk.™ where he served as Chief Medical Officer. Kirk fondly referred to McCoy as "Bones," referring to the days when ancient physicians were called "sawbones." McCoy was part of a classic triumvirate with Kirk and Commander Spock,™ balancing the others with his passionate emotions.

Montgomery Scott took his first assignment as Chief of Engineering on board the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ under the command of Captain James T. Kirk.™ "Scotty," as he was affectionately known, quickly gained a reputation as "miracle worker," saving the ship from the most dire situations with his engineering acumen.

Lieutenant Uhura was the head of communications on the Constitution class U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ under the command of Captain James T. Kirk.™ Uhura's name means "freedom" in Swahili, her native tongue. Uhura often entertained her fellow crewmembers by singing, even composing songs to fit the situation at hand. A versatile crewmember, Uhura would take the helm in an emergency if necessary.

Hikara Sulu was born in San Francisco, an Earth. Sulu was assigned to the physics department on the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE,™ but was quickly transferred to the helm. Sulu displayed numerous personal interests, including botany, fencing and gun collecting and often attempted to introduce these interests to his fellow crew. Sulu eventually attained the rank of Captain and was assigned to the U.S.S. EXCELSIOR.

Pavel A. Chekov was assigned to the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ under Captain James T. Kirk™ as the ship's Navigator. Chekov was always an eager student, and would often fill in at the science station of Commander Spock™ when needed. After the five year mission, Chekov was promoted to the tactical station on the refurbished ENTERPRISE.

Nurse Christine Chapel assisted Doctor McCoy™ on the Constitution-class starship U.S.S. ENTERPRISE.™ Chapel accepted assignment to the ENTERPRISE after her fiancé, Doctor Roger Korby, committed suicide following his physical replacement by an android replica. Chapel continued medical study, attained the rank of Doctor, and was assigned to the refitted ENTERPRISE, under the command of Willard Decker.

Janice Rand was assigned to the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ as the personal Yeoman to Captain James T. Kirk.™ Yeoman Rand often accompanied the captain on planetary landing parties, taking tricorder readings or recording mission logs. Years later, Rand was reassigned to the refurbished ENTERPRISE as the Transporter Chief. When Captain Sulu™ was gIven command of the U.S.S. EXCELSIOR, Rand was reassigned as the communications officer.

During a substantial refurbishing of the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE,™ Captain Kirk™ was promoted to the rank of Admiral and the vessel was assigned to the command of Willard Decker. The son of Commodore Matt Decker, Will was recommended for the assignment by Admiral Kirk himself. Prior to that assignment, Decker was stationed on the planet Delta VI, where he had a relationship with Lieutenant Ilia.

Lieutenant Saavik was the Vulcan officer assigned to the helm of the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ during the training mission commanded by Captain Spock.™ Following the detonation of the Genesis torpedo by Khan, Saavik was assigned to the U.S.S. GRISSOM™ to study the newly formed planet with Dr. David Marcus. When the crew sought exile on Vulcan, Saavik accompanied them, but remained behind when they returned to Earth to face charges.
157 157 HELMSMAN

A protégé of Captain Spock,™ Valeris was a Vulcan lieutenant assigned to the helm of the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE.™ Privately, Spock revealed to Valeris that she was to fill the vacancy left by his absence in the near future. ostensibly commanding the vessel for training missions. During the Khitomer peace talks, it was revealed that Valeris was actually part of a terrorist group attempting to stop Federation-Klingon treaty negotiations.

Jean-Luc Picard was born in Labarre, France, on Earth. Picard served as Captain on the U.S.S. STARGAZER,™ where he became famous as an explorer. After 22 years, the STARGAZER was lost and Picard was assigned to the new Galary-class U.S.S. ENTERPRISE.™ Picard commanded that vessel, the flagship of Starfleet, until its destruction in arbit of the planet Veridian III at the hands of Klingon™ renegades Lursa™ and B'Etor.™

Commander William Thomas Riker served as the Executive Officer on the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Riker was born on Earth, in Valder, Alaska. Riker enjoys playing the trombone, and has a charming, boyish nature. Picard chose him because of his innovations and willingness to take risks. Riker's father is Federation Envoy Kyle Riker.

Lieutenant Commander Data is a sentient android created by the renowned cyberneticist, Docter Noonien Soong. Data was discovered on the Omicron Theta colony by the crew of the U.S.S. TRIPOLI. Data emulated his emancipators and applied to Starfleet Academy. He was assigned to the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard™ until that ship's destruction.

The first son of Mogh was raised by Humans after being orphaned by a Romalan™ attack. The first Klingon™ to serve in Starfleet, Worf was assigned to the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE.™ After the loss of Tasha Yar,™ Captain Picard™ assigned Worf to the position of Security Chief, where he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Following the destruction of the ENTERPRISE, Worf was assigned to station DEEP SPACE NINE.™

Deanna Troi was assigned to the position of Ship's Counselor on the Galaxy-class U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard.™ Troi's Betazoid heritage gives her empathic abilities which, when coupled with her high intelligence, make her especially well suited to the position of Ship's Counselor. During her tenure on the ENTERPRISE, Troi tested for–and was granted–a promotion to the rank of Commander.

Doctor Beverly Crusher joined the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ during the Farpoint mission, shortly after Captain Jean-Luc Picard™ assumed command. Crusher was accompanied on the vessel by her son, Wesley, until he left to attend Statfleet Academy. Crusher loves the theater and dancing and has promoted both interests amongst the starship's crew, both as a teacher and a participant.

Geordi La Forge was assigned to the Galaxy-class starship U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ as the ship's conn, but was rapidly promoted to Chief Engineer. Geordi has a close friendship with Data,™ and often helps him understand Human emotions. Both of La Forge's parents served within Starfleet–his mother was a starship captain, his father, an exobiologist.

Lieutenant Natasha Yar served on the Galaxy-class starship U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ for only a brief time. As the head of security, Yar often had to place herself at great risk. On one such occasion, when confronting the creature known as Armus, she was killed. Tasha Yar made a lasting impression on her fellow shipmates, and is referred to often.
166 166 HOSTESS

The long-lived hostess of the Ten Forward lounge is an El-Aurian named Guinan. During her rescue from the energy phenomenon known as the Nexus, a type of "reflection" of Guinan was deposited within it, allowing her to sense events beyond normal space and time. Guinan shares a close friendship with Captain Jean-Luc Picard.™

Wesiey Crusher accompanied his mother onto the starship U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ when she was assigned as its Chief Medical Officer. Serving on the bridge, Wesley was granted a field promotion to the rank of Ensign and was eventually admitted to Starfleet Academy. Wesley left the Academy when the being known simply as the Traveler helped him discover the incredible untapped potential within himself.

Alyssa Ogawa was assigned to the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ as a nurse on the medical staff. Nurse Ogawa assisted Doctor Crusher™ during the critical diagnosis of the DNA-invasive Tarchannen III strand discovered within Geordi La Forge.™ In an alternate reality visited by lieutenant Wort,™ Alyssa Ogawa was the Chief Medical Officer of the starship ENTERPRISE.

Lieutenant Reginald Barclay was assigned to the engineering section of the starship U.S.S. ENTERPRISE.™ Awkward in social situations, Barclay was nonetheless a gifted engineer, especially where holodeck™ systems were concerned. On stardate 44704.2, Barclay was instrumental in establishing contact with the Cytherians through the enhanced intelligence their probe temporarily granted him.

Ro Laren was assigned to the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ to participate in a covert mission to reveal Bajoran™ terrorist acts, which turned out to be Cardassian™ in nature. After displaying courage and resourcefulness Captain Picard™ requested that Ensign Ro remain as part of his crew. Later, during another covert mission, Ro became involved in the Maquis,™ joining them in their terrorist actions.

During the brief absence of Docter Crusher™ from the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE,™ Doctor Kate Pulaski served as that ship's Chief Medical Officer. Pulaski was noted for her empathy towards her patients, and even participated in a deadly Klingon™ tea ceremony with Lieutenant Wort.™ Pulaski had a prior relationship with Federation Envoy Kyle Riker, the father of Commander Riker,™ but their careers separated them.

Miles O'Brien served as the battle bridge flight controller on the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ during the mission at Farpoint station. After transferring to the position of Transporter Operator, O'Brien married one of the ship's botanists, Keiko Ishikawa. Keiko gave birth to the couple's only child, Molly, before they moved to station DEEP SPACE NINE™ where O'Brien is Chief of Operations.

Following his assignment at Utopia Planitia, Benjamin Sisko accepted transfer to the space station DEEP SPACE NINE™ in orbit of the planet Bajor.™ Sisko was the emissary to the Bajoran™ people as foretold by the prophets, and was instrumental in the discovery of the only known stable wormhole. After a few years on the station, Sisko was promoted to the rank of Captain, and assigned the starship U.S.S. DEFIANT.

Major Kira Nerys serves as the Bajoran™ government's liaison to DEEP SPACE NINE™ and the United Federation of Planets. Kira, a former Bajoran terrorist, protects Bajoran interests on the space station, now a center of commerce due to its proximity to the Bajoran wormhole. Kira is deeply spiritual, as many of her people are, and is honored to be working with her peaple's emissary. Benjamin Sisko.™

The beautiful Jadzia is the host body of the Trill symbiont known as Dax. The Dax symbiont has lived several lifetimes, bringing a wealth of experience to the Trill that is Jadria Dax. Serving as science officer on the station DEEP SPACE NINE,™ Dax recently earned a promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Odo is a Changeling, a race of shape-shifters which are indigenous to the Gamma Quadrant. Estranged since his youth, Odo only recently learned of his people through their participation in a faction known as the Dominion, which they lead. Odo has not perfected his ability to mimic humanoid forms, and so appears to be lacking in facial detail.

The Ferengi™ Quark is the proprietor of Quark's, a bar and holosuite concession. Quark owns the bar, exploiting the labors of his younger brother, Rom. Due to his proximity to the Bajoran™ wormhole, Quark is often called upon to further Ferengi interests in the Gamma Quadrant, on behalf of the Ferengi Grand Nagus. Nog, Quark's nephew, was the first Ferengi admitted to Starfleet Academy, a move Quark deemed unprofitable.

Doctor Julian Bashir graduated with high honors in his medical class and chose his assignment at space station DEEP SPACE NINE.™ What the doctor lacks in experience he makes up for with enthusiasm and intelligence. Bashir enjoys sports as well, defeating Miles O'Brien™ enough in racquetball to prompt Miles' installation of a dart beard in Quark's.
179 179 JAKE SISKO

Jake Sisko is the adolescent son of Captain Benjamin Sisko,™ with whom he lives. Jake shares his father's love of baseball but does not aspire to become a Starfleet officer, preferting to seek a career in writing. Jake accompanied his father on a mission to prove an ancient Bajoran legend about a solar-powered spacecraft used to explore their neighboring sytems.
180 180 ROM

Rom is the younger brother of Quark.™ Where Quark displays the shrewd lobes for business, Rom has proven himself to be an accomplished engineer. Rom works for Quark at the bar, usually repairing the machinery and gaming devices. Rom is extremely proud of his son, Nog, who was recently accepted into Starfleet Academy and is the first Ferengi™ to hold this distinction.
181 181 BOTANIST

Keiko Ishikawa served on the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ as a botanist, where she met her husband, Miles O'Brien.™ A year after their marriage, Keiko gave birth to the couple's daughter, Molly. The O'Briens moved to space station DEEP SPACE NINE™ when Miles was transferred there as Chief of Operations. Keiko acted as a schoolteacher on the station for a short time until terrarists destroyed the classroom.

Following her service as science officer on the AL-BATANI, Kathryn Janeway was assigned [the] command of the Intrepid-class starship U.S.S. VOYAGER.™ Now in the distant Delta Quadrant, Janeway must manage a Starfleet crew and a complement of Maquis™ renegades from the ship she was pursuing. Janeway does enjoy a small indulgence, participating in holonovel simulations on the holodeck.™

Chakotay served as a Starfleet officer before he joined the group known as the Maquis.™ During a flight through the area of space known as the Badlands, Chakotay's vessel was taken to the distant Delta Quadrant by an entity known as the Caretaker. After a similar fate befell the U.S.S. VOYAGER™ the two crews joined together to seek a way home. Chakotay was assigned to the duty of First Officer on the starship VOYAGER.

The head of security on the U.S.S. VOYAGER™ is a Vulcan lieutenant named Tuvok. Tuvao's wisdom and logic are a great comfort to Captain Janeway, who frequently turns to Tuvok for counsel. Because Vulcans have limited telepathic abilities, Tuvok has been a logical choice to assist Kes™ in the discovery and training of her own mental skills.

After losing a career in Starfleet and failing as a Maquis™ rebel, Tom Paris was given a chance at redemption by Captain Kathryn Janeway.™ Assisting on a mission to find a Maquis ship in the Badlands, Paris earned a field promotion to the helm of the U.S.S. VOYAGER™ as a Junior Grade Lieutenant. While on VOYAGER Paris created a holodeck™ simulation of his favorite French pool hall, which has been enjoyed by many of the ships crew.

B'Elanna Torres, the former Maquis rebel, serves as Chief Engineer on the U.S.S. VOYAGER.™ She had a rare opportunity to view herself as two distinct individuals when Vidiians separated her DNA into pure Human and Klingon™ strains. This clearly defined for Torres the strengths her mixed heritage has to offer. Torres and Captain Janenay™ frequently display a similarity of thinking in the scientific diagnosis of a problem.

The Emergency Medical Holographic Program on the U.S.S. VOYAGER™ has had to serve as the ship's Chief Medical Officer and is referred to simply as "the Doctor." The Doctor has taken some unusual steps to attempt to learn what it is his patients experience, even going so far as to program a cold for himself. The Doctor has successfully trained Kes™ into an apt medical assistant.

Ensign Harry Kim serves as the Operations Officer for the U.S.S. VOYAGER.™ So far on the mission, Harry has had many strange experiences, including a trip back to Earth in an alternate reality where he was reunited with his girlfriend, Libby. Harry has become a close friend to Tom Paris™ and often looks to the more experienced officer for advice.
189 189 SHIP'S CHEF

Neelix, a Talaxian, joined the crew of the U.S.S. VOYAGER™ during their encounter with the Caretaker. Neelix acts as the ship's chef, often preparing their favorite dishes with a decidedly unique flavor to them, for better or worse. Neelix has a great knowledge of races in the Delta Quadrant and has also served as a guide for the crew.

The Ocampan Kes joined the crew of the U.S.S. VOYAGER™ with her mate, Neelix,™ after her rescue from the hands of the Kazon™ Ogla. With the help of Tuvok™ Kes has begun to realize some of the mental abilities her people knew of only as legend. Kes has also found she could be of great assistance as a medical technician, studying under the Emergency Medical Holographic Program.

Cosmic Phenomena


On stardate 1312.4, the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ under the command of Captain Kirk™ ventured out to the edge of the galaxy. At the edge, there exists an energy barrier, which a starship can pass through at sub-light speeds safely. If the barrier is penetrated at warp speeds, however, a navigational displacement occurs.

The Guardian of Forever is a powerful time vortex. Describing itself as its own beginning and end, it is not known if the Guardian is a living being or a sophisticated device. The Guardian was discovered when the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ was tracking waves of time distortion to their source.

A giant single-celled organism which invaded our galaxy was encountered by the U.S.S .ENTERPRISE™ on stardate 4307.1. After the Amoeba destroyed the Gamma 7A system and the starship U.S.S. INTREPID, the ENTERPRISE was able to stop it using an antimatter bomb delivered via shuttlecraft.

The Mutara Nebula was an interstellar gaseous dust cloud which served as a battle ground between the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ and the U.S.S. RELIANT™ under the command of Khan Singh. At the climax of their battle, Khan detonated the Genesis torpedo, which caused the nebula, and nearby asteroids, to coalesce into the Genesis planet.

This alien probe of unknown origin entered Earth's orbit seeking contact with an extinct species of whale. The probe continued to increase the carrier wave of its contact signal, wreaking havoc upon the Earth's atmosphere as it was ionized. The probe was only stopped when two whales were brought from Earth's past to return its call.
196 196 SHA KA REE

Sha Ka Ree is the mythical place of the gods according to Vulcan legend. Sybok, a renegade Vulcan, hijacked the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ and sought this place at the center of the galaxy believing he had been drawn there by an omnipotent being. What was discovered was a being of great power which had actually been imprisoned on the planet by a powerful energy field,

From deep space beyond our galaxy, there is a massive ribbon of temporal energy which traverses our galaxy every 39.1 years. Contact with this phenomenon is highly destructive to spacecrafts, although living beings which come into contact with it seem to be drawn into a place which transcends normal space and time.

Checklists & Title Card

198 198 Checklist C

Base set Aliens - 101-127
Base set Cosmic Phenomena - 191-198
Base set Checklists and Title cards 198-200
Doppelgangers - F1-F9
Undercover Personal - L1-L9
Skymotion exchange card
Odo the Changeling
199 199 Checklist D

Base set Personnel - 146-190
Base set Aliens - 128-145
200 Title Card

PHASE ONE: Ships showcases the Famous vessels seen over the last 30 years, including the best of the Federation Fleet, its allles and adversaries. Technology takes an in-depth look at th STAR TREK™ universe's engineering, medicine and weaponry—from the 23rd century on! Released December 13, 1995.
PHASE TWO: Focuses on the inhabitants of the STAR TREK universe. Personnel presents the Famous crews from Captain James Kirk™ to Captain Kathryn Janeway:™ Aliens showcases the imaginative creatures encountered over the last 30 years. Releases April 17, 1996.
PHASE THREE: Completes the set by taking an intense look at the many fantastic Cosmic Phenomena the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ has come across in its years of exploration. STAR TREK
Tribute marvels at the effect STAR TREK has had on pop culture through the years.
Releases September 11, 1996.

This card is listed as #200 on checklist card 199 but has no card number printed on it.

Chase Cards

Doppelgangers (1:12 packs)

in . . . "The Enemy Within"

When the transporter malfunctions due to interference from an unusual ore, Captain Kirk is split into two distinct people-one good, the other evil. The two Kirks find that neither of them are fit to command alone, and they must be reunited in order to survive. The transporter must be risked to attempt a recombination of the two Kirks.
in . . . "All Good Things..."

On stardate 47988, Captain Jean-Luc Picard was sent into three alternate time periods by the entity known as "Q."™ In the possible future that Picard visited, there was a phenomenon stretching back through time which threatened the very existence of Humans. Picard had to convince the future Captain Beverly Picard™ to take him out into Klingon space in order to attempt to stop the energy phenomenon.
in . . . "[Through the] Looking Glass"

In the same parallel universe that Kirk™ and several members of his crew visited before, there exists a dark reflection of Kira Nerys. The Kira of the alternate universe is a leader of the empire formed by the combined Cardassian,™ Bajoran™ and Klingon™ resources.
in . . . "Mirror, Mirror"

During a routine landing party mission, the Captain, Doctor McCoy,™ Scotty,™ and Uhura™ are transposed with their counterparts into a parallel universe. In this alternate reality, Commander Spock is a dark reflection of himself. Cold and calculating, the Spock of this universe uses his Vulcan abilities for personal gain, taking actions like a forced mind meld with McCoy for information gathering.
in . . . "Second Chances"

After evacuating a science team on Nervala IV, Lieutenant Riker was beamed back up to the U.S.S. POTEMKIN.™ Unknown to Riker, an exact duplicate of him was reflected back to the planet's surface, where, blocked by the planet's distortion field, he remained marooned. It was not until the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ visited eight years later that the duplicate was discovered. The rescued Lieutenant Riker chose to use his middle name of Thomas, to differentiate between them.
in . . . "[Through the] Looking Glass"

While Lieutenant Tuvok is on the starship U.S.S. VOYAGER™ in its involuntary exile, his counterpart in a parallel universe is part of an underground movement against the ruling empire. Under the rule of the combined Bajoran,™ Cardassian™ and Klingon™ Empire, there is a growing underground consisting mostly of Humans and Vulcans who strive to break the yoke of slavery. The alternate Tuvok is part of this group, assisting Sisko™ when he is brought over to pose as his dead counterpart.
in . . . "Mirror, Mirror"

In an alternate reality, Lieutenant Sulu is the head of security of the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE.™ In this reality, officers succeed to command through the assassination of their superior officers. The scarred face of Sulu smiles with a malevolent grin while he contemplates the death of Captain Kirk™ and Commander Spock™–an action which would leave him in command of the vessel.
in . . . "Descent"

The renowned cyberneticist Doctor Noonien Soong built two identical positionic androids, Data and lore.™ Soong first built Lore, but when Lore's emotions turmed him in a decidedly evil direction, Soong deactivated him. The next android Soong built was without the capacity to comprehend emotions, Data. Later, Soong built a chip for Data which would allow him to experience emotions, which Data installed with mixed results.
in . . . "Faces"

When the Vidiians sought B'Elanna Torres' genetics as a possible cure to their Phage disease, they separated her DNA into two distinct strands. These were then cultivated to replace the missing halves and two people were created, one Human the other, Klingon.™ The division allowed B'Elanna the opportunity to discover the benefits of both halves before they were rejoined.

Undercover Personnel (1:18 packs) Lenticular cards - hover over to see other images

L1 L1 Captain Kirk
as Romulan

ln an operation to obtain the latest version af the Romulan cloaking device, Captain Kirk and Commander Spock™ devise a complicated plan. After faking his own death at the hands at his first officer, Kirk is returned to the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ where Doctor McCoy™ performs plastic surgery on him. In the guise of a Romulan Centurion, Kirk is able to infiltrate the Romulan engine room and steal the device.
L4 L4 Commander Riker
as Malcorian

As part of a first contact assignment, Commander William Riker was surgically altered to look like a native of Malcoria III. Just prior to the Malcorians' first interstellar flight, Riker went undercover to assess the readiness of the people for a first contact scenario. Unfortunately, Riker was discovered, and panic spread among many, causing the Federation to withdraw its contact plans.
L7 L7 Lt. Commander La Forge
as Tarchannen

When Geordi La Forge was part of an away team sent to the surface of Tarchannen III, he was infected with an alien reproductive DNA strand. This strand laid dormant for years until finally it began to take over Geordi's own DNA. As Geordi underwent the transformation into a Tarchannen alien, he began to lose his ability to reason. Fortunately, Doctor Crusher™ was able to restore Geordi's DNA to normal, saving his life.
L2 L2 Commander Spock
as Iotian

During a mission to repair damage to the planetary culture on Sigma Iotia II, Captain Kirk™ and Commander Spock infiltrated lotian society by disguising themselves as natives-wearing suits similar to those worn by Earth's twentieth century gangsters. The Iotian society was modeled after a book left by a prior starship visit-CHICAGO MOBS OF THE TWENTIES. While adopting the language of the Iotians, Kirk referred to his first officer as "Spocko."
L5 L5 Commander Chakotay
as Vidiian

When the Vidiians captured several crewmembers of the U.S.S. VOVAGER,™ Chakotay devised a plan to rescue them disguised as a Vidiian, Chakotay was able to infiltrate and assist his fallen crew escape, including B'Elanna Torres,™ who had been divided into two beings by the Vidiians, one Klingon.™ the other Human.
L8 L8 Lieutenant Troi
as Romulan

On stardate 455I9.1, Deanna Troi was returning from a conference when she was kidnapped and surgically altered to look like a Romulan officer of the elite Tal Shiar. In a plot to assist a Romulan vice proconsul to defect, Troi had to act as a Romulan operative, Major Rakal, and attempt to surreptitiously gain the assistance of the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE.™
L3 L3 Captain Picard
as Romulan

On stardate 45236.4 Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Lieutenant Commander Data™ traveled to the Romulan homeworld, in search of Ambassador Spock.™ In order to infiltrate Romulus, Picard and Data were disguised as
Romulans. The pair were convincing and able to walk along city streets without drawing attention.
L6 L6 Lieutenant Worf
as Boraalan

Lieutenant Worf's foster brother Nikolai was assigned as a cultural observer on the planet Boraal II. When he became involved with the Boraalan people, he shielded them from the destruction of their planet, in violation of the Prime Directive. When Worf was assigned to confront his brother, he needed to be in disguise to avoid further
Prime Directive violations.
L9 L9 Major Kira
as Cardassian

As as elaborate plot to reveal a Cardassian dissident, Major Kira Kerys is kidnapped and surgically attered into a Cardassian. Told that she is Iliana Ghemor, the daughter of a Cardassian legate, Kira eventually determines that her supposed father, Tekeny Ghemor, is the target of an Obsidian Order investigation, and that she has been used to uncover him.

Small SkyMotion™ Card (2½" x 3½" - 1: 180 packs)

- SkyMotion™ Exchange Card SkyMotion™ Exchange Card
1:180 packs
- Odo SkyMotion Card Odo SkyMotion™ Card
with Paper Sleeve
- Odo SkyMotion Sleeve Odo SkyMotion™ Sleeve

Large SkyMotion™ Card (?" x ?") Available by Mail Order

- Odo SkyMotion Card Odo SkyMotion™ Card
with Paper Sleeve
- Odo Skymotion Sleeve Odo SkyMotion™ Sleeve

Other Inserts (1:18 packs except where noted)

T296 T296 Cinema Collection Offer Card
- Survey Card Survey Card - Reflections of the Future The Official Star Trek Website Advertisement

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- 30 Years Star Trek Reflections of the Future Phase Two Binder   Binder        

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- Promo - Tosk & Kirk Tosk & Kirk 2-card panel
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