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Playmates 1997 Star Trek: Strikeforce Playsets and Figures
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Ship Collection Playsets - Asst. No. 16210 - With 2 × 1¼" Figures


Cardassian Warship
With Gul Dukat and Garak

Strikeforce Cardassian Warship


Ferengi Marauder
With DaiMon Bok and Jason Vigo

Strikeforce Ferengi Marauder


U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D
With Captain Picard and Commander Riker

Strikeforce USS ENterprise NCC-1701-D


Maquis Fighter
With Chakotay and Torres in Maquis Outfits

Strikeforce Maquis Fighter


Klingon Bird of Prey
With Valkris and Commander Kruge

Strikeforce Klingon Bird of Prey    
Head Playsets - Asst. No. 16240 - With 4 × 1¼" Figures


Klingon Great Hall
Lt. Worf, K'Mpec, Gowron and Klingon Warrior

Klingon Great Hall


Borg Temple
With Lt. Cmdr. Data, Lore, Hugh Borg and Borg Soldier

Borg Temple
Mini Figure Series - Asst. No. 16270 - With 7 × 1¼" Figures


Klingon Warriors
Lt. Worf in Klingon Attire, Kahless, K'Ehleyr, Kurn, B'Etor, Two Klingon Warriors

Lieutenant Jadzia Dax in Duty Uniform


Borg Assimilation Team
Locutus, Borg Queen, Borg Soldiers from Star Trek: TNG, First Contact and Voyager

Chief Miles O'Brien in Duty Uniform


Starfleet Away Team
Starfleet Security Personnel from Star Trek: TNG, Deep Space Nine and Voyager

Lieutenant Jadzia Dax in Duty Uniform


Ferengi Commerce Team
Grand Nagus Zek, Letek, Rom, Brunt, Nausicaan, Bel, Quark in Klingon Attire

Chief Miles O'Brien in Duty Uniform
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