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Playmates Star Trek: The Next Generation 7" Action Figures
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A short lived collection of four figures with electronic character voice clips audible at the push of a button.
There are two distinct variants of each of these figures, one of each character with either a white "Space Talk Adventure Booklet" and another rarer version with a blue booklet. There is also a difference between the backers with the white booklet versions havin the "TRY ME!" yellow arrow printed on the front under the blister, while the blue booklet version has a "TRY ME!" sticker applied to the blister. The backs of each version appear to be identical.

1995 Space Talk Series 7" Figures - Asst. No. 6080

Captain Jean-Luc Picard
with Federation Type I Phaser, PADD

Three Talking Phrases:
"Captain's log supplemental..."
"Damage report"
Captain Jean-Luc Picard 6085

with Borg Scanner, 2 x Borg Collective Connector Tubes

Three Talking Phrases:
"We are the Borg"
"Freedom is irrelevant"
"You must comply"

Commander William Riker
with Federation Type II Phaser, Tricorder

Three Talking Phrases:
"Shields Up!"
"Red Alert!"
Commander William Riker 6086

with Ceremonial Gaver [sic], Q Continuum Scepter

Three Talking Phrases:
"What a pity"
"Bonjour mon Capitan"
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