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Playmates Star Trek Playsets
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Star Trek: The Next Generation


USS Enterprise-D Bridge playset
Sound and light features: Viewscreen, phaser, tractor beam, photon torpedo, hailing frequency, computer, warp drive, and red alert sounds, Illuminated viewscreen with phaser hits.

Includes seating for up to six characters (Ops, Conn, Command, and aft stations – Tactical standing), with working tactical console

Playmates TNG 1701-D Bridge Playset


USS Enterprise-D Transporter
Transporter sound and lights

Playmates TNG Transporter


Star Trek Generations Engineering Playset
Includeds a Laser Bypass Probe.
Sound and light features: Power-up, emergency warning, warp core breach, pulsating warp core

Also features a fold-down engineering console

Playmates Generations Engineering Playset


Star Trek: The Next Generation Collectors Case
Hold 12 x 4½" figures without accessories or fewer if accessories included

Playmates TNG Collectors Case
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