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Playmates Star Trek 5" Action Figures
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A small assortment of four 5-inch figures, each of which comes with a CD-ROM containing "Mini-Omnipedia Starfleet Academy Files!".

1996 Starfleet Academy - Asst. No. 16000 - With CD ROM Disk

Cadet Jean-Luc Picard
In Standard Starfleet Issue Flight Training Suit

with Starfleet Phaser, Subspace Beacon, Protective Flight Vest,
Eye Visor, PADD, Starfleet Action Base
Cadet Jean-Luc Picard 16004

Cadet Geordi LaForge
In Starfleet Radiation Protection Repair Suit

with Isolinear Chips, Carrying Case, Chest Protector, Diagnostic Tool, Starfleet Action Base
Cadet Geordi LaForge
Back of 16001 Cadet Jean-Luc Picard Cadet Jean-Luc Picard Back of 16004 Cadet Geordi LaForge Cadet Geordi LaForge

Cadet William Riker
In Starfleet Geo-Hazard Suit

with UV Light Source, Starfleet Phaser, Temperature Regulator, Survival Pack, Eye Visor, Starfleet Action Base
Cadet William Riker 16005

Cadet Worf
In Starfleet Night Reconnaisance Suit

with Starfleet Phaser, Survival Knife, Chest Protector, Tricorder, Searchlight, Starfleet Action Base
Cadet Worf
Back of 16002 Cadet William Riker Cadet William Riker Back of 16005 Cadet Worf Cadet Worf
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