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Kevin Francis Toby Jugs


UK based Kevin Francis Ceramics produced a range of licencsed Toby Jugs based on Star Trek characters in the mid-1990s. These are individually numbered limited editions of up to 750 and were modelled by Andy Moss.

Only four designs made it into full production, those being the Ferengi (350 produced); Kirk (750); Worf (400); Borg (350). At least seven others failed to made it through the prototype stage.

The image beloow is of a lot of eleven artist proofs sold at auction on 3 October 2015.

Applause Kirk Character Mug

Captain Picard was never released into production as Patrick Stewart did not approve the hole in the top of the head (an essential requirement for it to be a Toby Jug rather then a figurine).

More images and detail will be added here soon.

Toby Jugs

Kirk Kevin Francis Kirk Toby Jug 1    
Worf Kevin Francis Worf Toby Jug 1    
Borg Kevin Francis Borg Toby Jug 1    
Ferengi Kevin Francis Ferengi Toby Jug 1    

Prototypes that never made it into production

Cardassian Kevin Francis Cardassian Toby Jug 1    
Deanna Troi Kevin Francis Deanna Troi Toby Jug 1    
Data Kevin Francis Data Toby Jug 1    
Jean-Luc Picard Kevin Francis Picard Toby Jug 1    
Geordi La Forge Kevin Francis Geordi La Forge Toby Jug 1    
Spock Kevin Francis Spock Toby Jug 1    
Dr. McCoy Kevin Francis Dr McCoy Toby Jug 1    
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