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Fanhome was launched on 1 June 2021 under the umbrella of De Agostini. In January 2023 they took over the Build The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D partwork from Eaglemoss who went out of business the previous year. The collection was finally re-started with shipments commencing in July 2023. Subscribers to the previous Eaglemoss project were able to set up new subscriptions with Fanhome to commence from the point at which they left off. New subscribers were also able to start from the beginning of the build.

In August 2023 De Agostini confirmed that they had won the licence for a new Star Trek model and magazine partwork which is slated to start in mid-2024. The newly formed Master Replicas, who bought the majority of Eaglemoss' liquidated stock for resale, were unsuccessful in their bid for the licence.
On 12 December 2023 Bac Compton of Fanhome confirmed that the new "Star Trek Die Cast Collection" willl commence in the third quarter of 2024 and enabled potential customers to request notifictaion emails via their website.

"A brand new collection of never-before-seen die-cast model Star Trek Starships" is their promise which indicates that the collection will truly be a continuation of what Eaglemoss produced up until mid-2022 and not rehashing the previously made models. Although they may revisit some of the previously released Eaglemoss ship but not for some time.

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