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Eaglemoss/Hero Collector Models

Eaglemoss Star Trek Starships Collection  

A series of scale replica models of starships issued each fortnight made from hand-painted ABS and die-cast metal. A huge variety of ships continue to be produced with many never having been made before by any other manufacturer.

After an initial test run of five issues starting in the West Country in May 2012 this collection was re-started in August 2013. The delay was largely due to problems with, and closure of, the original production factory. The series was originally planned to run for 70 issues, one every two weeks. Several extensions to the length of the series have since been announced as follows: 2nd Aug 2014 - 90 issues, 11th December 2015 - 110 issues, 4th September 2016 - 130 issues, 22nd September 2017 - 150 issues, 25th December 2017 - 160 issues, and the latest on 3rd August 2019 - 180 issues. My guess is that 180 will see the end of the regular run. And so it came to pass that at DST 2019, Ben Robinson announced that the regular collection will probably end at issue 180. Any further on-screen ships from the first five live action series that are made after this point will be produced as bonus issues.

The models are made of ABS (polymer) and Zamac (metal alloy) in varying ratios and are "hand painted". Each issue is accompanied by a 20-page magazine measuring 220 x 285 mm.

The models are generally scaled to fit standard packaging measuring 168 x 127 x 51 mm. There are a few exceptions with several models packed in smaller boxes measuring 123 x 101 x 80 mm (Issues 10, 58, 94, 96, 109, 127, 146 & 180) and two larger boxes 176 x 176 x 80 mm (Bajoran Solar Sailor) and 164 x 138 x 86 mm (Xindi-Insectoid).

Eaglemoss Star Trek Starships Special Issue 1 Box

The regular collection is supplemented by a range of bonus, special editions, XL issues, dedication plaques, and reference books.

In January 2018 a brand new collection dedicated to the new "Star Trek: Discovery" TV series was released. This includes a range of larger ships, comparable in size to the XL and oversized specials from the STSS collection. This is not part of the regular collection because it required a separate licence.

In October 2018 the new Star Trek: The Official Busts Collection started and it has subsequently been revealed that this collection will soon end at issue 12. The Graphic Novel collection was also announced to be ending at issue 100 but has susbsequently been extended to at least 120.

In April 2021 the new Star Trek Universe Collection commenced.

Star Trek Starships Collection

STSS Regular Issues 1-30 STSS Regular Issues 31-60
STSS Regular Issues 61-90 STSS Regular Issues 91-120
STSS Regular Issues 121-150 STSS Regular Issues 151-180
STSS Special Issues STSS Bonus Issues
STSS Shuttlecraft Sets STSS Boxed Sets
STSS XL Special Issues Starship Plaques
STSS Gifts and Binders STSS Books

Star Trek: Discovery Starships Collection

ST:Discovery Regular Issues 1-33 ST:Discovery Specials and Gifts

Star Trek Online Collection

Star Trek Universe Collection

Eaglemoss Star Trek Online Starships Collection Star Trek  Universe Coollection

Star Trek: Lower Decks

Star Trek: Lower Decks

Star Trek: The Official Busts Collection

Star Trek Pin Badges

Eaglemoss Star Trek Busts Collection Eaglemoss Star Trek Pin Badges

Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection

Graphic Novel Collection

Build the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D

Build the NCC-1701-D

Star Trek 3D Chess Collection

3D Chess Collection

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Star Trek Starships Collections Scale Charts
New editions March 2021 - 11.1 Mb, 11.0 Mb, 9.6 Mb, 9.3 Mb

Star Trek Starships Collections Federation Scale Chart
Star Trek Starships Collections Alien Scale Chart
Star Trek Starships Collections Small Ships Scale Chart
Star Trek Starships Collections Large Ships Scale Chart

John Eaves, Rick Sternbach, Star Trek Discovery, Star Trek Enterprise, Star Trek TOS Scale Charts
First editions April/May 2021 - 10 Mb, 8.1 Mb, 11.5 Mb, 5.5 Mb, 4 Mb

Star Trek Starships Collections John Eaves Scale Chart
Star Trek Starships Collections Rick Sternbach Scale Chart
Star Trek Starships Collections Discovery Scale Chart
Star Trek Starships Collections Star Trek ENT Scale Chart
Star Trek Starships Collections Star Trek TOS Scale Chart

Star Trek TNG, Star Trek DS9, Star Trek Voyager, and Star Trek Movies 1-10 Scale Charts
First editions May 2021 - 5.3 Mb, 4.6 Mb, 5.5 Mb, 5.9 Mb

Star Trek Starships Collections Star Trek TNG Scale Chart
Star Trek Starships Collections DS9 Scale Chart
Star Trek Starships Collections VOY Scale Chart
Star Trek Starships Collections Star Trek MOV Scale Chart

Star Trek Starships Collections Ships and Plaques at comparative model size
New edition 12 April 2021 - 12.2 Mb

Star Trek Starships Collections Ships and Plaques at comparative model size

Star Trek Starships Collections Data Cards
These are optimised for printing onto A4 paper or card with each data card measuring 2.5 x 3.5 inches
Updated April 2021

Regular Issues 1-9
Eaglemoss Regular Issues 1-9 Data Cards

Regular Issues 10-18
Eaglemoss Regular Issues 10-18 Data Cards

Regular Issues 19-27
Eaglemoss Regular Issues 19-27 Data Cards

Regular Issues 28-36
Eaglemoss Regular Issues 28-36 Data Cards

Regular Issues 37-45
Eaglemoss Regular Issues 37-45 Data Cards

Regular Issues 46-54
Eaglemoss Regular Issues 46-54 Data Cards

Regular Issues 55-63
Eaglemoss Regular Issues 55-63 Data Cards

Regular Issues 64-72
Eaglemoss Regular Issues 64-72 Data Cards

Regular Issues 73-81Eaglemoss Regular Issues 73-81 Data Cards

Regular Issues 82-90
Eaglemoss Regular Issues 82-90 Data Cards

Regular Issues 91-99
Eaglemoss Regular Issues 91-99 Data Cards

Regular Issues 100-108
Eaglemoss Regular Issues 100-108 Data Cards

Regular Issues 109-117 Eaglemoss Regular Issues 109-117 Data Cards

Regular Issues 118-126
Eaglemoss Regular Issues 118-126 Data Cards

Regular Issues 127-135
Eaglemoss Regular Issues 127-135 Data Cards

Regular Issues 136-144
Eaglemoss Regular Issues 136-144 Data Cards

Regular Issues 145-153 Eaglemoss Regular Issues 145-53 Data Cards

Regular Issues 154-162
Eaglemoss Regular Issues 154-162 Data Cards

Regular Issues 163-171
Eaglemoss Regular Issues 163-171 Data Cards

Regular Issues 172-180
Eaglemoss Regular Issues 172-180 Data Cards

Gifts and Bonus Issues 1
Eaglemoss Gifts and Bonus Issues 1 Data Cards

Gifts and Bonus Issues 2
Eaglemoss Gifts and Bonus Issues 2 Data Cards

Gifts and Bonus Issues 3
Eaglemoss Gifts and Bonus Issues 3 Data Cards

Gifts and Bonus Issues 4
Eaglemoss Gifts and Bonus Issues 4 Data Cards

Special Issues 1-9
Eaglemoss Special Issues 01-09 Data Cards

Special Issues 10-18
Eaglemoss Special Issues 10-18 Data Cards

Special Issues 19-25
Eaglemoss Special Issues 19-27 Data Cards

XL Specials 1-9
Eaglemoss XL Special Issues 1-9 Data Cards

XL Specials 10-18
Eaglemoss XL Special Issues 1-9 Data Cards

XL Specials 19-24
Eaglemoss XL Special Issues 19-27 Data Cards

Plaques 1-8
Eaglemoss Plaques Issues Data Cards

Shuttles 1-8
Eaglemoss Shuttlecraft Issues 1-8 Data Cards

Shuttles 9-16
Eaglemoss Shuttlecraft Issues 9-16 Data Cards

Shuttles 17-24
Eaglemoss Shuttlecraft Issues 17-24 Data Cards

Shuttles 25-28
Eaglemoss Shuttlecraft Issues 25-32 Data Cards

Discovery Issues 1-9
Eaglemoss Discovery Issues 1-9 Data Cards

Discovery Issues 10-18
Eaglemoss Discovery Issues 10-18 Data Cards

Discovery Issues 19-27
Eaglemoss Discovery Issues 19-27 Data Cards

Discovery Issues 28-33
Eaglemoss Discovery Issues 28-33 Data Cards

Discovery Other
Eaglemoss Discovery Other Issues Data Cards

Star Trek Online Issues 1-9
Eaglemoss Star Trek Online Issues 1-9 Data Cards

Star Trek Online Issues 10-18
Eaglemoss Regular Issues 10-18 Data Cards

Box Labels designed by Michael Curran
These are optimised for printing onto Avery labels J8160 - 21 per sheet with labels sized 63.5 x 38.1 mm

Regular Issues 1-21
Eaglemoss Regular Issues 1-21 Labels
Regular Issues 22-42
Eaglemoss Regular Issues 22-42 Labels
Regular Issues 43-63
Eaglemoss Regular Issues 43-63 Labels
Regular Issues 64-84
Eaglemoss Regular Issues 64-84 Labels
Regular Issues 85-105
Eaglemoss Regular Issues 95-105 Labels
Regular Issues 106-126
Eaglemoss Regular Issues 106-126 Labels
Regular Issues 127-147
Eaglemoss Regular Issues 127-147 Labels
Regular Issues 148-167
Eaglemoss Regular Issues 148-167 Labels
Regular Issues 168-180
Eaglemoss Regular Issues 168-180 Labels
Bonus and Gift Issues 1
Eaglemoss Bonus and Gift Issue Labels 1
Bonus and Gift Issues 2
Eaglemoss Bonus and Gift Issue Labels 2
Shuttle Sets 1-5
Eaglemoss Shuttle Issue Labels
Shuttle Set 6
Eaglemoss Shuttle Issue Labels
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