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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Season Three

Title Prod # Stardate Original US Airdate

The Search, Part I

447 48213.1 26 September 1994
Sisko is assigned the mission of taking the Defiant into the Gamma Quadrant to make peaceful contact with the founders of the Dominion. However, the Defiant is soon ambushed by Jem'Hadar fighters. The crew is captured, but Odo and Kira manage to escape in a shuttle.      

The Search, Part II

448 48213.1 03 October 1994
Odo and Kira arrive at the Founder's homeplanet, but Odo's people consider him contaminated by humans. When Sisko and Bashir are rescued and return to DS9, things are not what they seem: Starfleet has started negotiations with the Dominion, but are ignoring the Romulans from the peace-talks.      

The House of Quark

449 Unknown 10 October 1994
A drunken Klingon tries to kill Quark in a dispute over his bar bill, and winds up falling on his own knife by accident. When a stream of Klingons arrive on the station, Quark releases he has gotten himself into a dangerous situation which takes him to the Klingon homeworld.      


450 Unknown 17 October 1994
Dax goes into shock when the computer aboard the Defiant displays a picture of the Trill composer of a song that has been on her mind. Sisko tries to seek out the mysterious link with the long-dead musician and Dax only to have all the official channels closed in their faces.      

Second Skin

451 Unknown 24 October 1994
Kira is captured and transported to Cardassia Prime, where she wakes up in the guise of a Cardassian woman. She is told that she is, in fact, a Cardassian by birth whose deep cover spying assignment necessitated her cosmetic alteration to look like a Bajoran rebel.      

The Abandoned

452 Unknown 31 October 1994
Quark discovers a rapidly evolving infant Jem'Hadar. A chance encounter with Odo reveals that the boy is genetically programmed to respect changelings. Odo tries to show him that he does not have to follow in the violent footsteps of his fellow warriors.      

Civil Defense

453 Unknown 07 November 1994
O'Brien accidentally triggers an automatic security program designed to halt any Bajoran uprising. When various obstacles are thwarted by the crew, the station's self destruct sequence suddenly activates. Dax discovers that only Gul Dukat himself can abort this program.      


454 48423.2 14 November 1994
The Defiant witnesses an entire planet appear from nowhere. They discover that its inhabitants spend 60 years in non-corporeal form, and emerge into solidity for only a few days at a time. During the visit, Dax falls in love with Daral, but is forced into a difficult decision.      


455 48467.3 21 November 1994
Thomas Riker arrives at DS9 and hijacks the Defiant with Kira as his prisoner. Thomas is a member of the Maquis on the run from Starfleet. His target is a secret Cardassian installation which, as Gul Dukat and Sisko find, is apparently an operation of the Obsidian Order, Cardassia's widely-feared secret police.      


456 Unknown 28 November 1994
Odo is filled with utter dread when Lwaxana Troi boards the station. Thanks to a slight telepathic ailment being suffered by Troi, her feelings for Odo are projected onto others, amplifying some subconscious attractions.      

Past Tense, Part I

457 48481.2 02 January 1995
A strange phenomenon sends Sisko, Dax and Bashir into the early 21st century. Sisko and Bashir are picked up and sent to a large high-security ghetto and find they are days away from a historical event known as the Bell Riots, sparked when a violent uprising in the San Francisco sanctuary district was quashed by the National Guard.      

Past Tense, Part II

458 48481.2 09 January 1995
Sisko takes charge of a hostage situation, insisting that the sanctuary's residents be treated like normal civilians. In the sanctuary, tensions rise between the hostages and their captors, and Sisko and Bashir have to keep both parties in check.      

Life Support

459 48498.4 30 January 1995
Vedek Bareil is severely injured in an accident. Bashir is able to keep his brain alive, but the prospects of keeping Bareil alive without putting him in stasis are not hopeful. As Cardassian peace talks reach a critical stage, the only option left is to allow Bareil to die on his feet.      

Heart of Stone

460 48521.5 06 February 1995
While hunting a Maquis rebel on a planet in the Badlands, Kira's foot is caught in a strange crystal which seems to be spreading. Despite making every effort with the equipment at his disposal, Odo is unable to free Kira from the crystal, which eventually traps Kira's entire body.      


461 48543.2 13 February 1995
Three Cardassian scientists arrive on DS9 to help with a communication array. A Vedek informs Sisko that prophecy predicts the Cardassians' presence will result in calamity, not the least of which will be the closure of the wormhole.      

Prophet Motive

462 Unknown 20 February 1995
Grand Nagus Zek arrives on the station with a new version of the Rules of Acquisition promoting giving and generosity. Quark refuses to accept the sweeping change proposed by the Nagus, discovering that Zek visited the wormhole, making contact with the prophets.      


463 Unknown 27 February 1995
O'Brien begins experiencing a series of apparent trips into the not too distant future. When he experiences such events as the sight of his own death and the evacuation and destruction of DS9, the whole crew soon takes notice.      

Distant Voices

464 Unknown 10 April 1995
Bashir is viciously attacked by a Lethean raiding his supplies. When Bashir comes to, everything seems amiss - the station is abandoned and wrecked, what few members of the crew can be found are acting wildly out of character, and Bashir's age is increasing rapidly.      

Through the Looking Glass

466 Unknown 17 April 1995
Sisko is kidnapped by O'Brien's counterpart from the mirror universe, and is cornered into assuming the role of his violent alter-ego and contact scientist Jennifer Sisko before she can develop a new sensor array that will mean the end of the rebellion.      

Improbable Cause

465 Unknown 24 April 1995
An explosion in Garak's clothing store leads Odo and Garak to set out to find ex-Obsidian Order mastermind Enabran Tain on Garak's hunch that Tain may also be an assassin's target, but they are intercepted en route by a Romulan ship carrying Tain as a passenger.      

The Die Is Cast

467 Unknown 01 May 1995
Starfleet orders Sisko to keep the Defiant at the ready in the event of Dominion retaliation against the Cardassian/Romulan offensive. Sisko decides to leave DS9 ahead of schedule and retrieve Odo. What he does not know is that the Dominion has planned for the Cardassian-Romulan assault for a long time...      


468 Unknown 08 May 1995
Sisko recovers records of a Bajoran sailship which somehow traveled to Cardassia in ancient times. He enlists Jake's help in his quest to construct a working replica of the sailship from old Bajoran blueprints and recreate the journey.      

Family Business

469 Unknown 15 May 1995
Quark is charged with negligence in taking care of his mother. As it happens, she has made profit on the Ferengi homeworld, a capital crime in the male-dominated society, so Quark and Rom head home to deal with the problem.      


470 Unknown 22 May 1995
One of Winn's first acts as head of the provisional government is to ask Kira to retrieve soil reclamators from a Bajoran farm. Kira will have to deal with Shakaar, the former leader of her resistance cell during the occupation, who is unwilling to surrender the equipment.      


471 48959.1 12 June 1995
Jadzia undergoes a ritual in which the memories of each of Dax's past hosts is telepathically transferred to another person so she can come to understand them better. Problems are anticipated when it comes to encountering Joran, the mentally unstable host preceding Curzon.      

The Adversary

472 48962.5 19 June 1995
En route to the Tzenkethi homeworld, O'Brien finds that the Defiant has been sabotaged, and someone has pointed the ship toward an attack on the Tzenkethi. The crew learn that their saboteur is a changeling on a mission to spark a war between the Federation and the Tzenkethi.      
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