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IDW - Star Trek: Archives

Volumes in the archive series collect classic stories from the Star Trek Universe, each focusing on specific themes. A wide variety of talented writers and artists have crafted these stories, creating some exceptionally memorable tales. The 'Best of…' collections to date include: …Peter David (Vol. 1), …The Borg (Vol. 2), …The Gary Seven Collection (Vol. 3), and …Deep Space 9 (Vol. 4), …Captain Kirk (Vol. 5), and …Alternate Universes (Vol. 6). Further editions were planned but cancelled.

Volume 1 - Best of Peter David Volume 2 - Best of The Borg
First in a new series that collects the very best Star Trek comics from the past three decades. Star Trek Archives: Vol. 1. Best of Peter David collects five Star Trek: The Original Series stories written by fan-favorite writer Peter David (Star Trek: New Frontier). Bill Mumy (Lost in Space) co-writes three issues, and one issue is illustrated by legendary comic artist Curt Swan. The stories in this volume focus on the first crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise Captain Kirk, Spock, Dr. McCoy, Scotty, and Mr. Chekov. "We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships…" Ever since those chilling words reverberated throughout the bridge of the Enterprise, the Borg have been the most dangerous and relentless adversary of the entire Star Trek universe. Now, collected for the first time, their most fearsome adventures on the comics page! Reprinted from both the Marvel and DC Star Trek runs, these stories are must-reads for any fans of the Collective!

DC TOS Series 1 #13-15 and 19
DC TOS Series 1 Annual #3

Writers: Peter David, Bill Mumy
Artists: Gordon Purcell, Curt Swan
Cover Artists: Gordon Purcell, Curt Swan
Cover Price: $19.99
Issue Date: 24 September 2008
ISBN 978-1600102425

IDW Archives - Peter David DC TNG #47-50
Marvel Special "Operation: Assimilation"

Michael Jan Friedman, Paul Jenkins
Artists: Peter Krause, Steve Erwin
Cover Artist: ?
Cover Price: $19.99
Issue Date: 19 November 2008
ISBN 978-1600102653
IDW Archives - The Borg
Volume 3 - Best of The Gary Seven Collection Volume 4 - Best of Deep Space Nine
Collecting four issues of the fan-favorite Star Trek comic books released by DC Comics in the 1990s, written by Howard Weinstein and Michael Jan Friedman, IDW's Star Trek Archives, Vol. 3: The Best of Gary Seven explores the continued adventures of alien-agent-on-Earth Gary Seven. First seen crossing paths with the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise in the 1968 Star Trek second season episode "Assignment: Earth", Seven is stationed on Earth by his otherworldly overseers to prevent nuclear war. And he's not alone. Along with his secretary Roberta, his "cat" Isis, the Beta 5 computer and his multi-function Servo, Seven must protect the Earth to insure the creation of the United Federation of Planets. Find out the whole story in this exciting collection! Relive events and missions from the first four seasons of television's Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in this collection of five full-length comic stories! Join up with the crew of DS9 as a mysterious toxic mold runs rampant on the station. Where did it come from? And that's not all! Star Trek Archives, Vol. 4: Deep Space Nine also includes the special 8-page preview 'ashcan' story, "Hostage Situation".

DC TOS Series 2 #49, 50
DC TOS Series 2 Annual #6
DC TNG Annual #6

Howard Weinstein, Michael Jan Friedman
Artist: Rod Whigham, Ken Save, Sam de la Rosa
Cover Artist: Jason Palmer
Cover Price: $19.99
Issue Date: 28 January 2009
ISBN 978-1600102783

IDW Archives - Gary Seven Ashcan Preview "Hostage Situation"
Malibu DS9 Monthly #1-5

Writers: Mike W. Barr
Artist: Gordon Purcell
Cover Artists: Jerome Moore, Richard Ory
Cover Price: $19.99
Issue Date: 11 March 2009
ISBN 978-1600102905
IDW Archives - Deep Space Nine
Volume 5 - Best of Captain Kirk Volume 6 - Best of Alternate Universes
This six-issue collection includes the fan-favorite “The Trial of James T. Kirk” written by New York Times best-selling author Peter David. As the Klingons and Nasguls pursue their vendetta against the captain, a deadly bounty hunter is eyeing the price they've placed on his head. But if Kirk is fortunate enough to survive the encounter, will he survive the attentions of his own Federation, eagerly looking for a scapegoat to preserve universal peace? The treacherous but intriguing tales of Star Trek’s Mirror Universe are presented in this collection of the 8-part Mirror Universe Saga! Witness the deception and desperation that unfolds as the Empire sets out to conquer another universe. It will take all the guile and cunning that Kirk, Spock and the crew of the Enterprise can muster if they hope to ward off the coming Empire invasion, and save themselves in the process!

DC TOS Series 2 #7-12

Writer: Peter David
Artists: James W. Fry, Gordon Purcell
Cover Artist: The Sharp Brothers
Cover Price: $19.99
Issue Date: 29 July 2009
ISBN 978-1600105715

IDW Archives - Captain Kirk DC TOS Series 1 #9-16

Mike Barr
Artist: Tom Sutton
Cover Artist: The Sharp Brothers
Cover Price: $24.99
Issue Date: 2 September 2009
ISBN: 978-1600105227
IDW Archives - Alternate Universes
The following volumes were planned but cancelled
Volume 7 - Best of Klingons Volume 8 - Best of Spock
In stories like "The Wormhole Connection," "The Only Good Klingon…," "Errand of War," "Deadly Allies," "Maggie's World," and "Judgment Day," get a close look at the relationship between the Federation and Klingon Empire. These fierce, warring people present unique challenges to the Federation, and in these classic stories give a glimpse of what the future holds for Federation-Klingon relations.  

DC TOS Vol 1 Nos.1-4, 31,32

Mike W. Barr, Tony Isabella, Len Wein
Artist: Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran
Cover Artist: Joe Corroney
Cover Price: $??.99
Issue Date: N/A
ISBN 978-1600105531

IDW Archives - Klingons DC TOS Vol ? Nos. ?

Artist: ?
Cover Artist: ?
Cover Price: $??.99
Issue Date: N/A
ISBN 978-1600105913
IDW Archives - Mr. Spock
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