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Star Trek Stickers
Star Trek - Morris Stickers  
This sticker set was produced and released in Canada in 1975. The set comprises 33 stickers of varying sizes found on sheets of 3 or 4 stickers. There are 30 different sheets with various combinations of the 33 stickers. Numbers 1 and 24 (both large Kirk stickers) appear on only one of the sheets, while the remainder appear several times in different combinations. There are also 30 different puzzle pieces that make up a picture of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Each ’pack’ is actually one puzzle piece and one sheet of stickers stuck together by their edges with several spots of glue. It is virtually impossible to separate these packs without leaving small tears on either or both parts. The image made by the puzzle also appears on a mail-away poster and page 4 of the album. There was an album which contains one of four different posters as the centre page (Kirk, Kirk and Gorn, Spock, and a Robot. The album and stickers create a story called "The Siege".
Manufacturer Date of release Production run Packs per box Card per pack Sheet size
Morris National Sales 1975 Not known 96 1 3 1/4" x 4 3/8" ish
yellow   yellow yellow   yellow yellow   yellow
Sticker Set - (images shown to scale)
1 Sticker 1 James T. Kirk 12 Sticker 12 Kirk enmeshed by the Gorn 23 Sticker 23 Robot
2 Sticker 2 Mr. Spock 13 Sticker 13 Kirk fighting the Gorn 24 Sticker 24 James T. Kirk
3 Sticker 3 Montgomery Scott 14 Sticker 14 Spock and Kirk captured 25 Sticker 25 Kirk in command chair
4 Sticker 4 Dr. "Bones" McCoy 15 Sticker 15 Mr. Spock & Scotty 26 Sticker 26 Engineering scene
5 Sticker 5 U.S.S. Enterprise 16 Sticker 16 Mr. Spock 27 Sticker 27 U.S.S. Enterprise
6 Sticker 6 McCoy, Chekov, Spock and Kirk 17 Sticker 17 McCoy, Spock and Scotty on bridge 28 Sticker 28 "Ensign Martin…[Sulu?] …before viewscreen"
7 Sticker 7 Ensign Chekov with tricorder 18 Sticker 18 Spock materializing 29 Sticker 29 "Ghostly face"
[Balok's puppet]
8 Sticker 8 McCoy, Kirk and Chekov on planet surface 19 Sticker 19 Spock and T'Pau on Vulcan 30 Sticker 30 Spock with phaser raised
9 Sticker 9 Kirk with phaser rifle 20 Sticker 20 "Hostile early off-shoot of Klingon civilzation…" 31 Sticker 31 Phaser Cannon
10 Sticker 10 Kirk firing at "…would be Galactic Conqueror"
[Gary Mitchell]
21 Sticker 21 Alien humanoid 32 Sticker 32 Kirk, McCoy and Spock
11 Sticker 11 Gorn 22 Sticker 22 Alien aquatic humanoid 33 Sticker 33 Sickbay scene
Sticker Sheet samples
Sticker Sheet Sample 1   Sticker Sheet Sample 2   Sticker Sheet Sample 3   Sticker Sheet Sample 4
Sticker Sheet Sample 5   Sticker Sheet Sample 6   Sticker Sheet Sample 7   Sticker Sheet Sample 8
30 Puzzle Pieces - make up the image shown below
Puzle Piece Montage Image
Album - 9" x 63/8"
- Morris Sticker AlbumMorris Sticker Album Sticker Album front and back covers - Four different pull-out posters
Kirk, Kirk & Gorn, Spock, and Robot

161 x 225 mm
6.35" x 8.85"
Morris Kirk PosterMorris Arena PosterMorris Spock PosterMorris Kirk Robot
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- Morris Pack (front)Morris Pack (back) Pack front and back      
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