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Star Trek: The Original Series Art & Images
Art & Images of Star Trek
Believe it or not, this is the first set to encompass all 79 episodes of the classic Star Trek in a single card series. There is imagery from all 79 episodes printed on foil-stamped canvas effect stock. Each images has been "artified" to give it a unique look that complements the stock it is printed on. There are 2 signed cards per box, in the same design of The Complete Star Trek: Animated Adventures Trading Cards, with many key actors signing cards: Leonard Nimoy (Mirror Spock), Joan Collins (Edith Keeler), Kathy Hays (Gem), Yvonne Craig (Marta), Walter Koenig (Chekov), Grace Lee Whitney (Rand) and many others. None of the images on the autograph cards appeared on the Animated television Series but are drawn by John Czop in the same style. Also included in this set is a unique series of 29 hand-drawn sketch cards featuring imagery from each of the show's 29 first-season episodes. These very limited sketch cards will be inserted at an average rate of one in every 2 boxes. Artist for this series include: John Czop, Warren Martineck, Joe Corroney, Steven Miller, Scott Rosema, Patrick Hamill, Sean Pence, Cris Bolson, and Michael Kraiger. Rounding out the chase cards are several bonus sets including: 61 The Comic Book Art of STAR TREK (6 Per Box) - Remastered artwork from all 61 original Gold Key comic books which began its run in 1967; 39 Star Trek: The Animated Series Expanded Universe Cards (3 Per Box) - artist/illustrator John Czop has created more than 3 dozen original renderings of characters in the style of the 1973-74 Star Trek animated series. All of these renderings are interpretations of characters, including Ensign Chekov, Yeoman Rand, Khan, Edith Keeler, The Gorn and many more, made famous in the classic live-action version of the show but who never appeared in the actual animated series; 9 Original Series ArtiFex Cards by John Czop (1 Per Box). For every two cases purchased of Art & Images of Star Trek: The Original Series Trading Cards an exclusive hand-drawn and colored sketchaFEX™ of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 drawn by Warren Martineck was added. Charles Napier signed all of his A42 cards below the allotted signature area!
Manufacturer Date of release Production run Packs per box Cards per pack Card size
Rittenhouse Archives 16 November 2005 7,000 24 5 2½" x 3½"
yellow yellow yellow yellow yellow yellow yellow yellow yellow
Base Set
1 1 The Cage 28 28 The City on the Edge of Forever 55 55 Assignment: Earth
2 2 Where No Man Has Gone Before 29 29 Operation: Annihilate! 56 56 Spectre of the Gun
3 3 The Corbomite Maneuver 30 30 Catspaw 57 57 Elaan of Troyius
4 4 Mudd's Women 31 31 Metamorphosis 58 58 The Paradise Syndrome
5 5 The Enemy Within 32 32 Friday's Child 59 59 The Enterprise Incident
6 6 The Man Trap 33 33 Who Mourns for Adonais? 60 60 And the Children Shall Lead
7 7 The Naked Time 34 34 Amok Time 61 61 Spock's Brain
8 8 Charlie X 35 35 The Doomsday Machine 62 62 Is There in Truth No Beauty?
9 9 Balance of Terror 36 36 Wolf in the Fold 63 63 The Empath
10 10 What Are Little Girls Made Of? 37 37 The Changeling 64 64 The Tholian Web
11 11 Dagger of the Mind 38 38 The Apple 65 65 For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky
12 12 Miri 39 39 Mirror, Mirror 66 66 Day of the Dove
13 13 The Conscience of the King 40 40 The Deadly Years 67 67 Plato's Stepchildren
14 14 The Galileo Seven 41 41 I, Mudd 68 68 Wink of an Eye
15 15 Court Martial 42 42 The Trouble with Tribbles 69 69 That Which Survives
16 16 The Menagerie 43 43 Bread and Circuses 70 70 Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
17 17 Shore Leave 44 44 Journey to Babel 71 71 Whom Gods Destroy
18 18 The Squire of Gothos 45 45 A Private Little War 72 72 The Mark of Gideon
19 19 Arena 46 46 The Gamesters of Triskelion 73 73 The Lights of Zetar
20 20 The Alternative Factor 47 47 Obsession 74 74 The Cloud Minders
21 21 Tomorrow Is Yesterday 48 48 The Immunity Syndrome 75 75 The Way to Eden
22 22 The Return of the Archons 49 49 A Piece of the Action 76 76 Requiem for Methuselah
23 23 A Taste of Armageddon 50 50 By Any Other Name 77 77 The Savage Curtain
24 24 Space Seed 51 51 Return to Tomorrow 78 78 All Our Yesterdays
25 25 This Side of Paradise 52 52 Patterns of Force 79 79 Turnabout Intruder
26 26 The Devil in the Dark 53 53 The Ultimate Computer 80 80 Checklist (Base, GK1-61, AS1-39)
27 27 Errand of Mercy 54 54 The Omega Glory 81 81 Checklist (CZ1-9, Sketches, Autos)
Detail Detail    
Chase Cards
Gold Key Comic Book Art Cards (1:4 packs)
GK1 GK01 K-G, Planet of Death!
July 1967
GK22 GK22 Siege in Superspace
January 1974
GK42 GK42 Age Reversal
January 1977
GK2 GK02 Planet of the Condemned
March 1968
GK23 GK23 Child's Play
March 1974
GK43 GK43 Hostile Mutants
February 1977
GK3 GK03 Automated Destroyers
December 1968
GK24 GK24 The Trial of Captain Kirk
May 1974
GK44 GK44 Red Raven's Revolt
May 1977
GK4 GK04 Strange Invader
June 1969
GK25 GK25 The Shrinking Society
July 1974
GK45 GK45 Voodoo Magic (reprint of #7)
July 1977
GK5 GK05 Numero Uno
September 1969
GK26 GK26 Starship of Clones
September 1974
GK46 GK46 Spock to the Rescue
August 1977
GK6 GK06 Galactic Disaster
December 1969
GK27 GK27 Ice Journey
November 1974
GK47 GK47 The Tree of Life
September 1977
GK7 GK07 Voodoo Magic
March 1970
GK28 GK28 Parasitic Life Form
January 1975
GK48 GK48 Murder Aboard the Enterprise!
October 1977
GK8 GK08 Doomed to Infancy
September 1970
GK29 GK29 K-G, Planet of Death! (reprint of #1)
March 1975
GK49 GK49 The Return of the Companion
November 1977
GK9 GK09 Heroes of the Past
February 1971
GK30 GK30 A Star's Last Gasp
May 1975
GK50 GK50 Inoduku's Return
January 1978
GK10 GK10 Science vs. Sorcery
May 1971
GK31 GK31 The Eye of Life
July 1975
GK51 GK51 False God
March 1978
GK11 GK11 Vulcan Furies
August 1971
GK32 GK32 The Animal People
August 1975
GK52 GK52 Child Hero
May 1978
GK12 GK12 Space Pirates
November 1971
GK33 GK33 Kirk vs. Kirk
September 1975
GK53 GK53 Odyssey of Peril
July 1978
GK13 GK13 Battle for Paradise
February 1972
GK34 GK34 PsychoCrystals
October 1975
GK54 GK54 The Killer Birds
August 1978
GK14 GK14 Unfit for Command?
May 1972
GK35 GK35 Strange Invader (reprint of #4)
November 1975
GK55 GK55 A World Against Itself
September 1978
GK15 GK15 The Land of Limbo
August 1972
GK36 GK36 Doomsday Bomb
March 1976
GK56 GK56 Back to the Guardian of Forever
October 1978
GK16 GK16 Planet of the Dark Ages
November 1972
GK37 GK37 Numero Uno (reprint of #5)
May 1976
GK57 GK57 The Great Vrunon
November 1978
GK17 GK17 Unlikely Idol
February 1973
GK38 GK38 One of Our Captains Is Missing
July a976
GK58 GK58 Brain-Damaged Planetoid
December 1978
GK18 GK18 Project Atlas
May 1973
GK39 GK39 The Peace Activist
August 1976
GK59 GK59 To Err Is Vulcan
January 1979
GK19 GK19 Haunted Asteroid
July 1973
GK40 GK40 Triangle of Peril
September 1976
GK60 GK60 Cyborg Savior
February 1979
GK20 GK20 World Gone Mad
September 1973
GK41 GK41 The Evictors
November 1976
GK61 GK61 Operation Con Game
March 1979
GK21 GK21 Mummy Attack
November 1973
Animated Series Expanded Universe (1:8 packs)
AS1 AS01 Adam
The Way to Eden
AS14 AS14 Gary Mitchell
Where No Man Has Gone Before
AS27 AS27 Natira
For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky
AS2 AS02 Akuta
The Apple
AS15 AS15 Gem
The Empath
AS28 AS28 Ruk
What Are Little Girls Made Of?
AS3 AS03 Andrea
What Are Little Girls Made Of?
AS16 AS16 Kang
Day of the Dove
AS29 AS29 Shahna
The Gamesters of Triskelion
AS4 AS04 Apollo
Who Mourns for Adonais?
AS17 AS17 Khan
Space Seed
AS30 AS30 Subcommander Tal
The Enterprise Incident
AS5 AS05 Balok's Puppet
The Corbomite Maneuver
AS18 AS18 Lal
The Empath
AS31 AS31 Sylvia
AS6 AS06 Captain Pike
The Cage
AS19 AS19 Lazarus
The Alternative Factor
AS32 AS32 The Gorn
AS7 AS07 Captain Pike (crippled)
The Menagerie
AS20 AS20 Losira
That Which Survives
AS33 AS33 The Keeper
The Cage
AS8 AS08 Charlie Evans
Charlie X
AS21 AS21 Maab
Friday's Child
AS34 AS34 The Mugato
A Private Little War
AS9 AS09 Chekov
(Not indicated)
AS22 AS22 Marta
Whom Gods Destroy
AS35 AS35 T'Pring
Amok Time
AS10 AS10 Commissioner Bele
Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
AS23 AS23 Mirror Kirk
Mirror, Mirror
AS36 AS36 Trelane
The Squire of Gothos
AS11 AS11 Edith Keeler
The City on the Edge of Forever
AS24 AS24 Mirror Marlena
Mirror, Mirror
AS37 AS37 Vina
The Cage
AS12 AS12 Elaan of Troyius
Elaan of Troyius
AS25 AS25 Mirror Spock
Mirror, Mirror
AS38 AS38 Yeoman Colt
The Cage
AS13 AS13 Galt
The Gamesters of Triskelion
AS26 AS26 Mirror Sulu
Mirror, Mirror
AS39 AS39 Yeoman Rand
(Not indicated)
Original Series ArtiFex Cards (art by John Czop, 1:24 packs)
CZ1 CZ1 Mirror, Mirror CZ4 CZ4 The Trouble With Tribbles CZ7 CZ7 What Are Little Girls Made Of?
CZ2 CZ2 The City on the Edge of Forever CZ5 CZ5 The Squire of Gothos CZ8 CZ8 The Enterprise Incident
CZ3 CZ3 Amok Time CZ6 CZ6 Arena CZ9 CZ9 Journey To Babel
Autograph Cards (1:12 packs) - A40 not produced
GOLD = 200-300 signed, RED = 300-500 signed, BLUE = over 500 signed
A11 A11 Walter Koenig Walter Koenig
as Chekov (© 2004)
A22 A22 Sherry Jackson Sherry Jackson
as Andrea
A32 A32 Majel Barrett Majel Barrett
as Number One
A12 A12 Grace Lee Whitney Grace Lee Whitney
as Yeoman Rand (© 2004)
A23 A23 William Windom William Windom
as Commodore Decker
A33 A33 Antoinette Bower Antoinette Bower
as Sylvia
A13 A13 Bobby Clark Bobby Clark
as The Gorn
A24 A24 Joseph Ruskin Joseph Ruskin
as Galt
A34 A34 Joanne Linville Joanne Linville
as Romulan Commander
A14 A14 Joan Collins Joan Collins
as Edith Keeler
A25 A25 Jack Donner Jack Donner
as Subcommander Tal
A35 A25 Lois Jewell Lois Jewell
as Drusilla
A15 A15 Arlene Martel Arlene Martel
as T'Pring
A26 A26 Michael Ansara Michael Ansara
as Kang
A36 A36 Kathryn Hays Kathryn Hays
as Gem
A16 A16 Ricardo Montalban Ricardo Montalban
as Khan
A27 A27 Lee Meriwether Lee Meriwether
as Losira
A37 A37 Kate Woodville Kate Woodville
as Natira
A17 A17 Leonard Nimoy Leonard Nimoy
as Mirror Universe Spock
A28 A28 William O'Connell William O'Connell
as Thelev
A38 A38 Michael Dante Michael Dante
as Maab
A18 A18 George Takei George Takei
as Mirror Universe Sulu
A29 A29 Michael Forest Michael Forest
as Apollo
A39 A39 Yvonne Craig Yvonne Craig
as Marta
A19 A19 Barbara Luna Barbara Luna
as Marlena Moreau
A30 A30 Laurel Goodwin Laurel Goodwin
as Yeoman Colt
A41 A41 Robert Brown Robert Brown
as Lazarus
A20 A20 William Campbell William Campbell
as Trelane
A31 A31 Sean Kenney Sean Kenney
as Captain Pike
A42 A42 Charles Napier Charles Napier
as Adam
A21 A21 Garl Lockwood Gary Lockwood
as Gary Mitchell
SketchaFex Cards (1:48 packs, approx. 125 each) All drawn in pencil
Patrick Hamill
- Sketch - The Cage The Cage - Sketch - Where No Man Has Gone Before Where No Man Has Gone Before - Sketch - The Corbomite Maneuver The Corbomite Maneuver
- Sketch - The Naked Time The Naked Time  
Cris Bolson
- Sketch - Mudd's Women Mudd's Women - Sketch - Balance of Terror Balance of Terror - Sketch - What Are Little Girls Made Of? What Are Little Girls Made Of?
Michael Kraiger
- Sketch - The Enemy Within The Enemy Within - Sketch - The Return of the Archons The Return of the Archons - Sketch - Operation Annihilate! Operation - Annihilate!
Sean Pence
- Sketch - The Man Trap The Man Trap - Sketch - The Menagerie The Menagerie - Sketch - Shore Leave Shore Leave
John Czop
- Sketch - Charlie X Charlie X - Sketch - The Squire of Gothos The Squire of Gothos  
Joe Corroney
- Sketch - Dagger of the Mind Dagger of the Mind - Sketch - The Conscience of the King The Conscience of the King - Sketch - Court Martial Court Martial
- Sketch - The Alternative Factor The Alternative Factor - Sketch - The Devil in the Dark The Devil in the Dark  
Warren Martineck
- Sketch - Miri Miri - Sketch - Space Seed Space Seed  
Scott Rosema
- Sketch - The Galileo Seven The Galileo Seven - Sketch - A Taste of Armageddon A Taste of Armageddon - Sketch - This Side of Paradise This Side of Paradise
- Sketch - Errand of Mercy Errand of Mercy  
Steven Miller
- Sketch - Arena Arena - Sketch - Tomorrow is Yesterday Tomorrow is Yesterday - Setch - The City on the Edge of Forever The City on the Edge of Forever
- Back of Sketch Card Back of Sketch Card  
Case Topper SketchaFEX Cards (1 of 3 randomly inserted in each case)
Steven Miller
- Case Topper Sketch - Communicator Communicator - Case Topper Sketch - Tricorder Tricorder - Case Topper Sketch - Phaser Phaser
Multi-Case Incentive Cards
Some of the following two cards were inserted into boxes after the multi-case orders were allocated
- Enterprise Colour Sketch 2 Case Incentive Coloured SketchaFEX Card
U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701
Drawn by Warren Martineck. About 300 sketches drawn, all with different backgrounds
LA3 LA3 William Shatner 6 Case Incentive
Autograph Card
Legends of Star Trek
William Shatner
Card Album
- Art & Images Star Trek The Original Series Binder   Binder with 12 nine-pocket pages, A15 Autograph Card, and P3 Promo        
Uncut Sheet (signed by Steve Charendoff, numbered to 25)
-   79 base cards
Promotional Items
P1 Promo P1 Kirk

General distribution
P2 Promo P2 Spock and Kirk

Non Sport Update Magazine (Vol. 16 No. 5)
P3 Promo P3 Talosian

Binder exclusive
UK Promo UK Spock

UK exclusive
CE2005 Promo CE2005 Uhura and Kirk

Canadian National Expo
CP2005 Promo CP2005 Gorn

General conventions
- Sell Sheet Sell Sheet Dealer sell sheet
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