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Star Trek - A&BC
This set is based solely on the episode "What are little girls made of?" and is the first full-colour printed Star Trek trading card set. There are some notable errors in the storyline text on the back of the cards; Kirk's first name is given as "Roger" on the first card (the author may have been confused with "Dr. Roger Corby" who is never given his first name in the text); Spock is described as part "Martian"! on card #2; and the Android is named "Rock" instead of "Ruk" consistently throughout the set. Some of the backs also have "Space Facts" beneath the storyline. A couple of these have amusing errors. Due to the cards being packed in wax wrappers with sticks of gum, stains may be evident on some cards. Produced in the UK.
Manufacturer Date of release Production run Packs per box Card per pack Card size
A & BC 1969 Not known 48 1 ? 2 3/16" x 3 3/16"
yellow   yellow yellow   yellow yellow   yellow
Base Set
1 A&BC 01 Captain Kirk
Roger Kirk, Captain of Star Cruiser, United Space Enterprises. Out on a 5-year mission in space to complete research, explore and enforce space law. Each journey brings new challenges and danger for Kirk and his experienced crew.
20 A&BC 20 Heart of Metal
Captain Kirk seems unconvinced of both the capabilities of the Androids and the good intentions of Dr. Corby. Corby suggests a demonstration and he commands one of the Androids, Andrea, to kiss Captain Kirk and then to strike him. This she does without any sign of feeling.
38 A&BC 38 Android Kirk Arrives
Mr. Spock unsuspectingly welcomes the Android "Kirk" into Star Ship. As "Kirk" gives his instructions, Mr. Spock begins to have some concern, and when "Kirk" shouts down Spock's suggestions, he is sure that all is not well.
2 A&BC 02 Mr. Spock
Mr. Spock, Second in Command, is a cross between an Earthman and a Martian. This mission, he explains, leads them to a deserted planet, EXO III, where scientist Dr. Corby and his team have been stranded for 5-years.
SPACE FACT—First man in space—Yuriy Gagarin—April 1961.
21 A&BC 21 Corby's Demands
Corby insists that he must be allowed to continue his experiments either on EXO III or another planet. "If you will not agree, I will produce my own solution" Corby cries. At this point the Android, Rock, seizes Kirk and awaits his instructions from Corby.
SPACE FACT—Col. F. Borman and Capt. J. Lovell orbitted [sic] the Earth 206 times (5,129,000 miles)—December 1965.
39 A&BC 39 Return of the Android
With his mission completed and the Star Ship ready with new routing instructions, the Android "Kirk" returns to EXO III and reports to Dr. Corby. Corby is pleased that his plan is progressing and that his work will be continued.
SPACE FACT—First artificial satellite launched—Sputnik I (U.S.S.R.) October 1957.
3 A&BC 03 Dr Corby's Fiancee
On board Star Cruiser is Christine, a biochemist, who was engaged to Dr. Corby and hopes that he will still be alive after 5-years. While the ship orbits round EXO III, radio messages are sent down to try to make contact with Dr. Corby.
22 A&BC 22 Android Manufacture
In order that Captain Kirk should be convinced, and also to further his own ends, Corby decides to make an Android copy of the Space Captain. At his master's command, Rock gathers together the equipment for Android manufacture.
40 A&BC 40 Kirk in Captivity
While he is imprisoned, Andrea brings Captain Kirk some food. Kirk decides that he must devise some scheme of escape and feels that through Andrea, he can overcome Corby's plans. He tells her that Corby is evil and that she must help him.
4 A&BC 04 Contact with EXO III
After many anxious minutes there is a crackling voice over the radio . . . " This is Dr. Corby, come in Enterprise". Christine breathes a sigh of relief. Captain Kirk tells Dr. Corby that they will be down to pick up both him and his team.
SPACE FACT—U.S. Space Centre—Cape Kennedy, Florida, originally named Cape Canaveral.
23 A&BC 23 Operation Duplicate
Kirk and the Android mould are strapped to the revolving machine, that through its mechanism, can transfer all the faculties in duplicate from the human Kirk to the Android Kirk. The Space Captain, already thinking ahead, plants clues in the Android's mind that may bring help later.
41 A&BC 41 Face to Face
Kirk tries to leave the cell with Andrea but Rock is on guard outside. Kirk tries to explain to Rock that he means the Androids no harm, but that Dr. Corby will exploit them. Rock listen carefully but his programmed mind finds it diffcult to understand.
SPACE FACT—Smallest planet in Universe—Mercury—diameter 2,900 miles.
5 A&BC 05 Beaming Down
Dr. Corby requests that only Captain Kirk and Christine should beam down 'till he has explained a few things to Captain Kirk. Kirk agrees, and Christine and he prepare to beam down to EXO III alone, as Corby requested.
24 A&BC 24 Switch On
Further evidence of the absolute control of the Android mind by Corby is given when both Rock and Andrea stand by the master controls of the machine. The command of "Switch On" is awaited and then the revolving machine is thrown into action.
SPACE FACT—First dog in space—Laika—U.S.S.R. Sputnik II—November 1957.
42 A&BC 42 Rock Takes Action
As Kirk continues to try to talk Rock into co-operating with him, the programmed mind of the Android rejects any criticism of Dr. Corby. In a split-second Rock lunges forward and grips Captain Kirk in a near-death lock.
6 A&BC 06 Deserted Planet
Captain Kirk and Christine arrive on EXO III but there is no-one to meet them at the cave entrance. Kirk radios this to Mr. Spock and says that he will report in later if there is anything wrong.
SPACE FACT—A year on Mercury is 87.9 days.
25 A&BC 25 Which is Which
As the machine revolves time after time, the mould that was placed beside Captain Kirk begins to take the shape of the Space Captain. In a few minutes it is impossible to tell them apart. To what use will Corby put this new Android "Kirk"?
43 A&BC 43 Counter Attack
Almost as Captain Kirk is taking his last breath, Dr. Corby and Christine enter the cell. Seeing Rock in this frenzy Corby decides that the Android has got out of control and, fearing that he will turn on him, kills the massive Rock with a ray gun.
SPACE FACT—A day on Jupiter is 9 hours 50 minutes.
7 A&BC 07 Mysterious Follower
As they wander through the maze of caves they are conscious that they are being followed. Unknown to them, it is a being who they will later know as Rock. Soon they are met by Dr. Corby who leads them in to an inner chamber.
26 A&BC 26 Christine Puzzled
The operation is completed—the unsuspecting Christine tackles Captain Kirk and asks that some contact be made with Enterprise. She is concerned at what she sees. Suddenly she realises that she has been talking to the Android "Kirk"—how is she to act in this situation?
SPACE FACT—Largest planet in the Universe—Jupiter, diameter 88,700 miles.
44 A&BC 44 Kirk Retaliates
Seizing his opportunity while Dr. Corby is thrown by Rock's actions, Captain Kirk attacks the scientist. He knows that this may be his last chance to escape, taking Christine with him back to Star Ship Enterprise.
8 A&BC 08 Dr. Corby I presume
Dr. Corby introduces himself to Captain Kirk, but he needs no introduction to Christine. Dr. Corby apologises that he was not at the entrance to meet them, because he was busy finishing off one of his experiments.
SPACE FACT—Longest recorded Space Walk—Lt Col Eugene Cernan U.S.A., 2 hrs. 7 mins.
27 A&BC 27 Kirk and Kirk
Corby again demonstrates his intentions. Android "Kirk" asks the Captain to allow Corby access to Star Ship. He demands that Corby's plan is followed and that Kirk should co-operate. Clearly Dr. Corby has been successful in producing a perfect programmed Android copy of Captain Kirk.
45 A&BC 45 Shocking Discovery
In the struggle, Corby's hand is caught in the door of the cell. An ugly wound appears that discloses a fantastic situation. Corby is an Android . . . no blood comes from the wound . . . only the intricate wirings of an Android are exposed.
9 A&BC 09 Andrea and Dr. Brown
Dr. Corby introduces Dr. Brown and Andrea, his assistants, to Captain Kirk and Christine, and explains that since the planet exploded he has lost many of his team. However, they were able to move underground before the explosion.
28 A&BC 28 Corby Pleads for Time
Dr. Corby pleads with Captain Kirk to allow him to continue his experiments. "Take me and my equipment to an uninhabited planet and let me produce more perfect Androids who can be used for good on Earth as workers", says Corby.
SPACE FACT—First space walk—Lt. Col. Leonov. U.S.S.R.
46 A&BC 46 Corby Explains
With the exposure of Corby as an Android, everyone is thrown into confusion. The Android Doctor explains that the real Doctor had caught an incurable disease and the only way that the amazing experiments of EXO III could continue was if the Doctor became an Android.
SPACE FACT—Coldest planet—Pluto, with surface temperature of minus 380 F.
10 A&BC 10 No Radio Contact
Captain Kirk decides to report to Mr. Spock that they have made contact with Dr. Corby and to start making preparations to beam up his equipment, but before he has time, Dr. Corby asks him not to as he wants to explain certain things to him first.
SPACE FACT—Most prominent planet viewed from Earth Venus.
29 A&BC 29 Speedy Attack
Captain Kirk is unimpressed by Doctor Corby's claims to be working for the good of mankind. Judging his timing carefully he pounces and quickly has the unsuspecting Corby in his grasp. Applying a death hold on Corby's throat, Kirk warns Rock to stand back.
47 A&BC 47 Androids Are Called
Corby realises that all is almost lost. With the destroying of Rock, his main support is gone. In a panic he calls Andrea on the radio system to come to the cell. Andrea is still puzzled because of Kirk's talk to her in the cell.
11 A&BC 11 Brown Draws His Gun
Captain Kirk tells Dr. Corby that he has to make a report to the ship, and starts to go ahead with the message. Then Dr. Brown draws his ray gun and orders Kirk to stop the message. Corby orders Andrea to take Captain Kirk's gun, and apologises to Kirk explaining that he must do this.
30 A&BC 30 Escape and Hope
With Doctor Corby still in his hold, Captain Kirk moves out of the cavern chamber into a passage using Corby as a shield between himself and the Android Rock. Corby, unable to speak, signals to Rock to stay away.
SPACE FACT—Largest meteorite to land on Earth—30 tons—South Africa.
48 A&BC 48 Fateful Meeting
On her way to the cell, Andrea meets the Android "Kirk" but she thinks that he is the real Captain. She asks him to explain further about Dr. Corby but the Android "Kirk" pushes her away. Her puzzlement now becomes confusion . . . why has Kirk changed?
12 A&BC 12 Kirk Moves Quickly
Andrea walks over to Captain Kirk to take his radio and ray gun but Kirk grabs her and, in a flash, has himself covered by Andrea, with his ray gun in his hand. He orders Brown to drop his gun, but Brown remains immobile.
31 A&BC 31 Kirk Escapes
Once his exit has been achieved, Kirk throws Doctor Corby back into the room towards Rock. Corby is so weak from the strangle-hold that he takes several seconds to regain his voice. Meanwhile Rock awaits to Corby's instructions.
49 A&BC 49 Another Killing
In her confusion, Andrea's mind is unable to deal with the many problems that seem important to her. The programme that Corby manufactured for her mind did not expect to have to deal with this. As a result, Andrea shoots in panic and another Android is dead.
13 A&BC 13 Kirk Shoots
Kirk throws Andrea aside and dives for cover behind a table. He orders Dr. Brown to drop the gun, but Brown refuses to submit. Kirk has no alternative but to shoot Brown with his deadly ray gun.
SPACE FACT—First Earth object to reach another planet landed Venus March 1966.
32 A&BC 32 Which Way to Go
Released from the grips of Corby and Rock, Captain Kirk runs along the cavernous passages. He quickly finds that there is no simple route as he tries to make his way back to the entrance where he and Christine had landed.
SPACE FACT—Most remote object visible to naked eye—Great Galaxy in Andromeda. (13 million-million-million miles).
50 A&BC 50 Andrea Reports
With the killing of the Android "Kirk" in her mind, Andrea finds Corby and reports to him what she has done. Captain Kirk and Christine watch as Corby reacts to Andrea's information. As she speaks he appears to weaken and lose some of his power. SPACE FACT—Mean distance of the Sun from the Earth—93 million miles.
14 A&BC 14 Shattered by Rays
The furious rays of Kirk's gun hit Dr. Brown in the stomach. He keels over backwards and is killed instantly. The first power struggle on EXO III has taken place—what was behind it all and who would be successful?
33 A&BC 33 Rock in Pursuit
Corby instructs Rock to search out and find Captain Kirk—he must not be allowed to escape, and above all the news of Corby's experiments must not get back to the waiting Star Ship Enterprise.
51 A&BC 51 Corby Fears the End
The Android Dr. Corby, sees his years of experiments falling in ruins about his feet. Plans of developing a master Android race on a new planet are now lost. The systems he has devised would not be continued. He would not dominate the space world.
15 A&BC 15 Pinned to the Wall
Before Kirk has had time to recover from this episode, into the room thunders Rock, who grabs Captain Kirk, picks him up and pins him against the wall. Helplessly Kirk looks over at Dr. Brown and is horrified by what he sees.
SPACE FACT—Largest known Star—Red Giant diameter 2,500 million miles.
34 A&BC 34 Kirk in Hiding
With Rock close on his heels Captain Kirk realises that with his knowledge of the passages, it is only a matter of time before he is recaptured. He tackles Rock, who, because of his immense strength, soon overpowers Kirk.
52 A&BC 52 And Now Only Two
Corby's disappointment is obvious. His fellow Android, Andrea, shares his feelings. She moves forward to comfort him and, as she does so, the ray pistol in her hand fires. The impact of the shot is too much and too close for either Android to survive.
SPACE FACT—Mean distance of the Moon from the Earth—238,866 miles.
16 A&BC 16 Transistorised Stomach
As the smoke clears from Dr. Brown's corpse, a mysterious sight is revealed. From where the rays struck Brown—instead of a ghastly fatal wound apearing—a complex of twisted wires and valves is revealed. What is this strange creature?
35 A&BC 35 Rock in Control
During the struggle, Rock throws Captain Kirk into a deep hole in the cave. Doctor Corby has told Rock to bring Kirk back alive if possible, but the Android wonders if Kirk would be better dead as he fears that Kirk will destroy the Androids.
SPACE FACT—American Moon Probe mission is called Apollo.
53 A&BC 53 Spock Rescues
Corby and Andrea meet their death as Spock and the men of Enterprise arrive to investigate the disapperance of Kirk and Christine. Spock had followed his suspicions about the visit of the Android "Kirk" and had decided to see for himself the problems of EXO III.
17 A&BC 17 Perfect Robots
Corby explains that he has been able to create perfect robots, which he has named Androids. The original inhabitants of the lanet had begun the work. Corby had discovered the secret and developed the technique achieving a perfect result.
SPACE FACT—Valentina Tereshkova—first woman astronaut June 1963.
36 A&BC 36 Kirk's Life Spared
Rock decides that he must obey Corby's orders. He reaches down to Captain Kirk in the hole and lifts him out with almost no effort. With Kirk recaptured, Rock leads him through the passages to Corby's laboratory where Kirk is locked away.
54 A&BC 54 Back on Course
One of the victims of the mission has been Christine who came in search of her lost fiancee. Having witnessed the terrible scenes on EXO III she pleads with Kirk to allow her to remain a member of his crew to investigate new missions.
SPACE FACT—Brightest star visible from the Earth—Sirius.
18 A&BC 18 Rock Imitates Kirk
"Kirk calling Enterprise", says Rock, imitating Captain Kirk perfectly. He tells Mr. Spock that everything is under control and he will be up shortly with Dr. Corby and his assistants. Androids can be programmed to change their voices.
37 A&BC 37 Spock Awaits Kirk
While Captain Kirk is being hunted by Rock through the caves, Corby decides that he must use the Android "Kirk" to return to the Star Ship and arrange for the evacuation of Corby's equipment to a new planet.
SPACE FACT—First space link-up—March 1966—Gemini VIII. U.S.A.
55 A&BC 55 Star ship Enterprise
The Star Ship Enterprise, flagship of the space fleet of United Space Enterprises, wends its way across the skies. Captain Kirk and able Mr. Spock remain satisfied with another mission completed, and in the knowledge that the next will hold as much excitement in store.
19 A&BC 19 Experiments Unfolded
The Androids are the nearest thing ever to human robots. They are perfectly controllable, and can be programmed to accomplish any task that man requires, explains Corby. "These creatures can be of great help to all of us" he claims.
SPACE FACT—Planet with a surface temperature closest to Earth—Mars.
12 R A&BC 12 Back Back of card 12 15 R A&BC 15 Back Back of card 15
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