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Star Trek
Star Trek - Topps 1976
Released by Topps in 1976, this set covers all three seasons of the Original Series. It was the first US set since the 1967 set and the first all-colour Trek set. The set is composed of 88 cards and 22 stickers. The text on the backs of the cards covers episode synopses, character and actor profiles, information on various pieces of equipment and more. Sulu fans were out of luck with ths set as he is neither pictured nor even mentioned on any card or sticker, not even on the cast listing of card 13!
Manufacturer Date of release Production run Packs per box Card per pack Card size
Topps 1976 Not known 36 5 + 1 sticker 2½" x 3½"
yellow   yellow yellow   yellow yellow   yellow
Base Set
1 01 The U.S.S. Enterprise
"Mirror, Mirror"
In the world of the not-so-distant future, Earth Science combines with human courage and hurks huge, majestic "starships" into space for pusrposes of exploration. The U.S.S. Enterprise, commanded first by Captain Christopher Pike and finally by James T. Kirk, was despatched by the United Federation of Planets to "seek out new life and new civilzations, to boldly go where no man has gone before!"
31 31 My Enemy...My Self!
"The Enemy Within"
The "positive" Captain Kirk must decide what to do about the landing party as the "negative" captain wrecks havocaboard ship. Finally, both are brought together in the transporter room and a great risk is taken. An animal that had duplicated was reunited, and it perished! Kirk's courage and intelligence, however, win out and the Captain finally emerges as one.
60 60 Spock's Wedding
"Amok Time!"
When Mr. Spock starts acting strangely, Kirk begins to suspect that the Vulcan's time of mating has arrived. Every ten years or so, the men of Vulcan must return to their native world and choose a mate in an elaborate ceremony — or they die. Kirk disobeys Starfleet orders to get Mr. Spock there as quickly as possible.
2 02 Captain James T. Kirk
"The Enemy Within"
James Kirk is a man of great responsibiities. As Captain of the starship Enterprise, he must protect his 311 crew members against the unpredictable dangers of deep space travel. he must also act as a diplomat, and establish friendly relations with alien forms. Finally he is a man of action, ready and able to defend the free universe against the aggression of Klingons!
32 32 Monster Android
"What Are Little Girls Made Of?"
Kirk and Nurse Chapel land on a planet run by famous scientist Dr. Korby, who was once engaged to Chapel. No sooner have they and a small landing party set foot into the doctor's cavernous home han two of Kirk's men are brutally murdered by a giant android named Ruk! The mystery deepens when Kirk begins to suspect that Dr. Korby knows more than he's telling.
61 61 Strangled by Mr. Spock
"Amok Time!"
Arriving on Vulcan for the ancient wedding ceremony, Spock is required by custom to fight another man. For Mr. SPock's adversary, his intended chooses . . . Captain Kirk! It is a barbaric battle, and one that Spock seemingly wins. Grieb=ving for the captain he thinks he has killed, the Vulcan later learns that McCoy slipped Kirk a drug that merely simulated his death.
3 03 Dr. "Bones" McCoy
"The Immunity Syndrome"
Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy is senior medical officer aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. Perhaps the Captain's closest friend (at least, he runs a close second to the unearthly Mr. Spock!), McCoy is called on whenever some strange new virus or infection strikes the ship, or when the bold men of the Enterprise encounter any unusual medical phenomena that needs diagnosing!
33 33 Korby's Folly
"What Are Little Girls Made Of?"
Kirk's suspicion about Dt. Korby is well-founded. The doctor, in a misguided attempt to improve the species, hopes to transform human beings into androids. These robots are stronger and more durable than flesh-and-blood beings, but, as Kirk observes, they are also emotionally bankrupt. Korby nevertheless intends to go ahead with his plan — and the captain is his prime subject.
62 62 Grasp of the Gods
"Who Mourns for Adonais?"
Kirk and a landing party on Pollux IV are prisoners of the Greek God Apollo, the last of the Olympians who all died of loneliness. A super-human alien, Apollo is capable of various amazing feats, but is ultimately subdued by the sophisticated weaponry of the Enterprise.
4 04 Science Officer Spock
"This Side of Paradise"
Spock hails from the planet Vulcan, a strange world where feelings and emotions are consideredad taste, and logic is the rule. While his father, Sarek, is a Vulcan in good standing, his mother happens to be an Earth woman. This gives Mr. Spock a submerged human side, a part of himself that occasionally breaks to the surface under conditions of stress . . .
34 34 The Duplicate Man
"What Are Little Girls Made Of?"
Set on a huge circular table, Captain Kirk is sent spinning, as a duplicate of himself takes on detail beside him. Physically, they are identical. When Korby attempts a duplication of minds, Kirk shouts out insults of Mr. Spock, which the duplicate later echoes. Realizing the real captain would never speak to him this way, Spock decides to investigate and Korby is foiled.
63 63 The Monster Called Nomad
"The Changeling"
A cylindrical machiine, originally intended as a space probe, collided with another space device capable of self-maintenance and repair. The result: a destructive device called Nomad, out to exterminate all life forms deemed imperfect. It's up to Kirk to outwit the thing and make it self-destruct. Meantime, Nomad wrecks havoc aboard Enterprise, wiping minds clean and destroying crewmen.
5 05 Engineer Scott
"The Enterprise Incident"
"Scotty" knows every square inch of the starship Enterprise — he's the ship's official engineer and big brother! Whenever she's ailing, and for whatever reason, you can be sure Scott will know how to handle things. On countless occasions it was his split-second adjustments that saved the vessel from certain destruction at the hands of Klingons or other unfriendly alien forces.
35 35 Balance of Terror
"Balance of Terror"
Kirk and the captain of an enemy Romulan vessel engage in a fascinating battle of wills after the Romulans, using a "cloaking" device, destroy a Federation outpost. Though they are at opposite sides of the struggle, both captains are really very much alike. The Romulan ship finally succumbs, and its commander admits that in another reality, Kirk could have been his friend.
64 64 The Companion
Kirk, Spock and Dr. McCoy watch in awe as a stranded space pioneer, Zephram [sic] Cochrane, engages in a strange love-like ritual with "The Companion", a swirling alien life form that has kept Cochrane alive for over 200 years! This strange relationship ends when Companion tries to keep the Enterprise officers on the planet to keep Zephram company. Their refusal causes difficulties - and love in a newer form.
6 06 Lieutenant Uhura
"The Squire of Gothos"
A woman of considerable ability and beauty, Lieutenant Uhura (Swahili for "freedom") is the Communications Officer aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. It is her important task to contact whatever alien life form the ship encounters, and set up "hailing frequencies" so that Captain Kirk can communicate with his neighbors in space.
36 36 Attacked by Spores
"This Side of Paradise"
Enterprise officers beam down to planet Omicron Ceti III to check a colony of Earth people there, and find the settlers living an idyllic existence, free from illness and relieved of work. Before Kirk can figure out what's going on, members of his party are attacked by mysterious spores. They become like the colonists - hooked on paradise!
65 65 Journey to Babel
"Journey to Babel"
When the Enteprise journeys to the planet Babel, she carries within her hull a shipload of strange visitors. Among the 34 Federation delegates from other planets is Mr. Spock's father, Sarek, who hasn't spoken to his son for 18 years since Spock gave up Vulcan science to join Starfleet. Spock's human mother, Amanda, is also along for the trip, which is tainted with suspicion . . . and murder.
7 07 Ensign Chekov
"Who Mourns for Adonais?"
The youngest officer on the bridge, Ensign Chekov is nevertheless a man of amazing courage and dedication. Though he takes his work an duties very seriously, Chekov often flips a joke by Captain Kirk or Mr. Spock, usually in reference to his Russian origin. Like everyone else aboard Enterprise, his commanding officers find Chekov an amiable and good-natured crewman.
37 37 Spock Unwinds!
"This Side of Paradise"
Mr. Spock, another victim of the mysterious spores that hook visitors on tranquility, is at last able to experience happiness. Kirk, however, is not very happy: his entire crew commits mutiny! It's up to the captain to break this deadly spell of apathy by inciting everyone to anger-filled conrfontations, thus excorcising the spore effects!
66 66 Death Ship
"The Tholian Web"
Enterprise officers transport to the wreck of a starship, filled with the bodies of crewmen who seemed to have gone mad before dying. Investigating, Kirk discovers that some of them are dematerializing before his very eyes. The captain orders his party back to Enterprise but before he can join them on the Enterprise, the starship disappears . . . along with Kirk!
8 08 The Phaser - Tomorrow's Weapon
"Wink of An Eye"
The phaser, actually a modified laser beam, is the principle weapon used by Federation officers to ward off unfriendly aliens, bore holes into solid rock, or do anything necessary to aid or protect the user. The weapon has three setting: stun, kill and dematerialize. Generally, the Enterprise officers set theirs to the "stun" position, which renders most adversaries completely helpless.
38 38 Duel at Gothos
"The Squire of Gothos"
Exploring a supposedly empty region of the galaxy, the Enterprise tangles with the single inhabitant of a strange starless planet. His name is Trelane, he dresses in 18th century garb, and he challenges Kirk and his people to several highly dangerous duels. This seemingly omnipotent being is finally revealed as the spoiled offspring of an alien race far more advanced than Earthlings.
67 67 The Tholian Web
"The Tholian Web"
After Kirk vanishes on the phantom starship, the Enterprise is ordered to leave the galaxy by a race of beings called the Tholians. Spock stalls for more time so that he can retrieve the captain, but the Tholians respond by surrounding Enterprise with a gigantic "web". At the last moment, Kirk is rescued and his ship breaks free of its imprisonment by shooting to the othere side of he cosmos.
9 09 The Shuttle Craft
"The Galileo Seven"
The Shuttle Craft is a small space vehicle contained within the starship Enterprise. It is capable of traveling small distances and is generally used to land on planets, which a craft as large as Enterprise cannot do. The Shuttle Craft can carry about ten people and is strong enough to withstand enemy alien attacks either in space or whatever world it lands on.
39 39 Timeship of Lazarus
"The Alternative Factor"
After a weird "winking out" phenomomenon, where the Universe seems to disappear for a moment, the Enterprise picks up a strange being called Lazarus who claims to be hunting a demon creature. This adversary proves to be another Lazarus; both are from parallel universes, one being negative, the other positive. If they should meet, the cosmos will be annihilated! Kirk finally destroys Lazarus' timeship, thus preserving the galaxy.
68 68 The Architects of Pain
"The Empath"
Lal and Thann, two advanced alien experimenters, capture Kirk, SPock and subject them to various tortures. Their goal? To cause an emotional response in Gem, a lovely mute girl who can absorb pain from others. If she is willing to sacrifice herself to save McCoy, the experiment will be proved successful. Kirk reminds the aliens that while their motives are good, they themeselves have lost their emotions!
10 10 Opponents
"Court Martial"
Mr. Spock, the logical scientific mind, and Dr. McCoy, the emotional, bleeding heart idealist, hardlyever see eye to eye on anything, whether it's a view in philosophy ot the way to handle a crisis. But underneath the argumentative surface, there exists a deep, abiding friendship between the two, and they are Captain Kirk's right and left hand men!
40 40 Dagger of the Mind
"Dagger of the Mind"
Inspecting the psychiatric ward of the Tantalus V penal colony, Captain Kirk discovers that its director, Dr. Trisan Adams, has been using a brainwashing machine on patients. Kirk himself is lured into the terribe device when he comes too close to the truth. Luckily, an escaped patient has found his way to the Enterprise, alerting Spock of Kirk's imminent destruction.
69 69 The Mugato
"A Private Little War"
On a planet run by primitive tribes, Captain Kirk must restore the balance of power when evil Klingons provide one tribe with sophsiticated weapons. On his way to visti the defenseless Hill People, the captain is attacked by the monstrous Mugato, a combination bear-gorilla with a poisonous bite. It is Nona of the Hill People who cures Kirk's infected wound, and he survives . . .
11 11 Energize!
"Mirror, Mirror"
A marvelous process by which one can travel great distances in seconds, without even moving, the transporter unscrambles the atoms of a human being and reassembles them somewhere else. Other things can be beamed down to a planet also, like food and supplies. As Enterprise is too large ever to land on a world, the transporter device is a vital function aboard ship!
41 41 The Lawgivers
"The Return of the Archons"
Strange, shrouded figures stalk all visitors to a planet where human beings must either be "absorbed" into a central body - or annihilated. Kirk and his men must uncover the secret of the ghost-like dictator "Landru" who commands all life forms on the planet. Finally, by working with a timid underground, they confromt and destroy Landru - a computer!
70 70 The Deadly Years
"The Deadly Years"
When Spock, Kirk, McCoy and Scotty becone victims of accelerated aging, they are soon too senile to run the ship. Commodroe Stocker, sympathetic to their plight, must assume controland tries to rush the Enterprise through a Romulan zone to reach a medical center. Unaffected by the aging disease, it is Chekov who holds the answer to the officers' survival!
12 12 The Alien Mr. Spock
The only alien being on the starship Enterprise, Mr. Spock, with his devilish ears and pointed eyebrows, is truly a sight to behold. His Satanic look is countered by a gentle personality and soft spoken manner. It's hard to believe this admirable fellow has a misplaced heart in his chest and green blood in his veins!
42 42 Hunting the Tunnel Monster
"The Devil in the Dark"
Kirk and his men are summoned to a mining planet to help destroy a mysterious monster that has been killing human beings by the dozens. Investigating the dark, eerie tunnels spread throughout the underground colony, the Enterprise officers set their phasers to "kill". Spock, however, suspects there may be more to the mystery than meets the eye . . .
71 71 Ancient Rome Revisited
"Bread and Circuses"
Captain Merik, former commander of the starship Beagle, takes control of a planet and develops a modern dictatorship based on ancient Rome. When Captain Kirk refuses to join him, Merik orders the Enterprise officers to enter televised gladiator fights. The corrupt society is finally overthrown by the followers of the "son", to which, we later discover, refers to the son of God, completing the parallel to Roman history on Earth!
13 13 Men of the Enterprise
"Mudd's Women"
The Cast of STAR TREK
William Shatner as Captain Kirk
Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock
DeForest Kelley as Dr. McCoy
Nichelle Nichlos as Lt. Uhura
James Doohan as Engineer Scott
Walter Koneig [sic] as Ensign Chekov
43 43 Battling the Horta
"The Devil in the Dark"
A sudden blast of light alerts Kirk and Mr. Spock that the murderous tunnel monster is nearby. Suddenly it appears . . . ! Built low to the ground and moving remarkably fast for a creature of such tremendous bulk, the thing is mortally wounded by repeated phaser attacks. Spock decides that the only way to understand the monster's motives is to communicate with it . . . !
72 72 The Melkotian
"Spectre of the Gun"
A highly advanced and sophisticated life form, the Melkotian punishes Enterprise officers for invading its territory by plucking a memory from the mind of one of the Earthlings and turning it into a dangerous reality. Kirk and his landing party suddenly find themeselves in a Western setting, facing Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday in a gun duel!
14 14 Story of Voyage One
"The Menagerie"
Is the two-part episode, "The Menagerie", one of your favorites? Did you know that the flashback sequence, featuring Captain Christoher Pike, was actually from the first STAR TREK episode ever made? It was s tory called "The Cage", and actor Jeffrey Hunter was supposed to be the star of STAR TREK! The Tv executives, however, turned it down and asked for different actors. It was then that William Shatner landed the lead!
44 44 Strange Communication
"The Devil in the Dark"
Using the Vulcan mind meld, Spock communicates with the strange rock monster and discovers it is a silicone-based life form which calls itself "Horta". It can move through solid rock as easily as humanbeings move through air! But there is more to the mystery of why why this basically peace-loving being suddenly took to murdering the miners of its subterranean world . . . 
73 73 The Vulcan Mind Meld
"Spectre of the Gun"
The Enterprise landing party faces death in the shootout at the O.K. Corral, an illusion provided by the Melkotians. They will indeed die if their minds cannot accept the affair as unreal. So Spock uses the Vulcan Mind Meld to hypnotise his human companions into accepting the truth without fear. The imaginary bullets pass through their bodies and the illusion ends.
15 15 "Live Long and Prosper"
Actor Leonard Nimoy, the man between the ears as Mr. Spok on STAR TREK, appeared on many TV shows prior to this famous role. Fans of old video programs might remember him from episodes of RAWHIDE, THE VIRGINIAN, DR. KILDARE, THE OUTER LIMITS and THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E., where he played opposite William Shatner (later Captain Kirk!). Spock, of course, is Nimoy's favorite part!
45 45 A Startling Discovery
"The Devil in the Dark"
As Spock continues his strange communication with the Horta, Captain Kirk wanders into what appears to be the creature's egg chamber. The mystery is now solved: the Horta began murdering human beings because they were destroying its eggs! Once the miners understand that these metallic globes are indeed shells, they are able to work with the tunnel creatures in complete harmony!
74 74 Possessed by Zargon [sic]
"Return to Tomorrow"
Three descendents of an ancient civilzation are encased in luminous globes. They ask the Enterprise officers if they might inhabit their bodies long enough to construct three human-like androids to inhabit. Kirk, Spock and a female officer agree to let their bodies become hosts . . .
16 16 View from the Bridge
"This Side of Paradise"
To actor William Shatner, who plays Captain James T. Kirk on STAR TREK, science fiction can be an art form if it's done correctly. "Before I started STAR TREK", he remembers, "I could have made big money doing guest shots on other programs or movies. But I believed in TREK's dramatic possibilities and potential for the series. We had the opportunity to do something truly worthwhile."
46 46 McCoy...Insane!
"The City on the Edge of Forever"
Accidentally injecting himself with a powerful drug, McCoy goes mad and beams down to an unknown planet, ahich seems to be giving off waves of time displacement. Kirk, Spock and a small landing party follow, and encounter an eerie landscape composed of ancient ruins. They are understandable startled then [sic] one of the structures starts a conversation with them!
75 75 Creation of a Humanoid
"Return to Tomorrow"
Inhabited by alien beings, the bodies of Kirk, Spock and female officer Ann Mulhall work to construct androids for the alien minds to inhabit. The trouble starts when the creature inside Spock's body refuses to give it up! The other Enterprise officers must find a way to force the alien out of Spock's form and destroy it without harming the Vulcan. With the help of the sympathetic alien leader, they succeed.
17 17 Toward the Unknown
"Balance of Terror"
William Shatner's opening narration for "STAR TREK" . . .
Space . . . the Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. It's five year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations . . . to boldly go where no man has gone before!
47 47 The Guardian of Forever
"The City on the Edge of Forever"
The strange, glowing ruin calls itself "The Guardian of Forever", a living portal to Earth's past. Before Captain Kirk's awe-struck eyes eons roll by through the Guardian's "door" — just as the deranged Dr. McCoy plunges into it! Lost somewhere in time, he must be rescued and returned to the present or history will be changed . . .
76 76 Captured by Romulans
"The Enterprise Incident"
Kirk disguises himself as a Romulan to learn how the enemy's "cloaking device" works. The device is capable of rendering Romulan vessels invisible, and therefore undetectable. Captain Kikr must take a tremendous risk to learn its secret . . . a risk that ultimately results in his capture!
18 18 Enterprise Orbiting Earth
What will planet Earth be like in years ahead? Gene Roddenberry; who created and produced STAR TREK, envisoned a planet of peace, a world free from war and racial strife. Men of the future will be compassionate and intelligent, and scientifically advanced enough to send great ships to the stars for purposes of exploration and colonization. Is this truly our destiny? It can be, if we're mature enough to make it happen!
48 48 Visit to a Hostile City
"The City on the Edge of Forever"
Kirk and Spock follow Dr. McCoy into NewYork City of the 1930's, where the Captain falls in love with social worker Edith Keeler. He then learns he must prevent McCoy from saving her life to preserve history. Kirk, heartbroken, stands by helplessly as Edith is killed in an auto accident. And when returned to the present, he responds coldly to the Guardian's offer of other journies [sic] in time.
77 77 A War of Worlds
"The Enterprise Incident"
The Enterprise is surrounded surrounded by enemy Romulan vessels! Making matters worse, Captain Kirk, who had disguised himself as a Romulan to learn the secret of the "cloaking device", has been captured and charged with espionage. After miprisoning him, the female Romulan Comnmander tries to convince Mr. Spock to commit mutiny and join forces with her people. Needless to say, the loyal Vulcan refuses!
19 19 The Purple Barrier
"Where No Man Has Gone Before"
On a journey to the edge of the galaxy, Kirk and his crew sight an unidentified object which turns out to be a disaster recorderfrom a destroyed starship. Kirk is curious about the urgent request in the recorder for extra sensory perception data. The mystery deepens as Enterprise itself is nearly destroyed when it passes through a weird force field that strikes out at two crew members . . .
49 49 Mystery at Star Base 6
"The Menagerie"
Responding to an urgent message to report to Star Base 6, Captain Kirk is baffled when Mr. Spock, who forged the message, steals the Enterprise and sets a course for a forbidden planet after kidnapping his original captain, the now disabled Christopher Pike. Following in a shuttlecraft, Kirk and Commodore Mendez close in on Enterprise and prepare to arrest the Vulcan . . .
78 78 Space Brains
"The Gamesters of Triskelion"
The Providers are alien minds that abduct Kirk, Chekov and Uhura for amusement. Enslaving the Enterprise officers with painful "collars of obedience", the brains (using humanoid bodies) attempt to train Kirk and his people to fight as gladiators. The aliens feed on strong wills, and the stronger the opposition from their slaves, the more their control becomes!
20 20 Outwitting a God
"Where No Man Has Gone Before"
Senior Helmsman Gary Mitchell absorbed almost the full force of the Purple Barrier discharge, and is now mutating into a superior being. Kirk and Mr. Spock watch his accelerated reading powers from the bridge and soon decide that the only way to protect Enterprise from the all-powerful Mitchell is to marron him on a deserted planet. But forcing this super-human off Kirk's ship will not be easy . . .
50 50 Fate of Captain Pike
"The Menagerie"
Kirk and Mendez begin Court Martial proceedings against Mr. Spock. Also present is Capt. Christopher Pike, first skipper of the U.S.S. Enterprise whom Spock served under. For his defense, the Vulcan presents images from the planet Enterprise is heading toward . . . Talos V, that mysterious, forbidden world visited only once by an Earthman . . . Captain Pike!
79 79 I, Yarneg! [sic]
"The Savage Curtain"
Under the observation of a strange alien creature named Yarneg [sic], Captain Kirk joins Abraham Lincoln in a struggle aainst Surak, Colonel Green, Genghis Kahn and Kahless . . . four of history's most diabolical killers. This strange confrontation takes place on a planet composed of molten lava.
21 21 Planet Delta Vega
"Where No Man Has Gone Before"
Kirk and Spock succeed in drugging Gary Mitchell and beam him down to the surface of Delta Vega, a deserted mining colony. There. the incredible mutant escapes from confinement and it is up to the Captain to destroy the monster that was once his friend. After a terrific battle, Kirk outmaneuvers his superhuman adversary and, using a high-powerd phaser rifle, brings a mountain down on him.
51 51 The Talosians
"The Menagerie"
The Talosians are a race of advanced aliens who capture creatures from all over the galaxy and probe their minds. Captain Pike had been one of their zoo specimens, but he resisted their painful probing and tried to outwit his unearthly antagonists by using the Earth female they had given him, Vina, to thwart their experiment.
80 80 Death in a Single Cell
"The Immunity Syndrome"
All life in an entire solar systemhas been annihilated. Who - or what - is responsible? A thing called The Destroyer, actually a gigantic single-celled amoeba-like organism that absorbs anything in its path. The Enterprise offiv=cers must find a way to reach its nucleus in order to obliterate the thing, and Mr. Spock ventures out in the shuttlecraft to oversee Kirk's plan.
22 22 Charlie's Law
"Charlie X"
Charlie is just like any other love-struck adolescent . . . except that he possesses alien powers that can wipe out entire starships. Raised to young adulthood on a seemingly deserted planet, Charlie was taken aboard Enterprise, but his uncanny abilities soon proved a danger to everyone on ship. Finally, a member of the weird race that raised him appeared and reclaimed the ill-fated Earth boy.
52 52 Ordeal on Rigel Seven
"The Menagerie"
The Talosians have the power to place terrifying images into the minds of their specimens. When Captain Pike resisted their experiments, they forced him to relive a frightening ordeal on planet Rigel VII, where he battled a powerful warrior creature. Although the illusion was painful, it helped Pike figure out a chink in the Talosian's seemingly invincible mental armor.
81 81 The Uninvited
"The Day of the Dove"
A luminous, swirling alien life form that thrives on hatred creates ill feelings among crewmen and also inspires a tension-filled conflict between Klingons and Enterprise officers. After the ship has changed hands several times, the opposing forces finally realize that an outside intelligence is governing their actions. United, Kirk and the Klingon Captain laugh the uninvited hate-mongering alien off the Enterprise.
23 23 Mysterious Cube
"The Corbomite Maneuver"
With Captain Kirk taking a routine physical in the sick bay, Spock has assumed temporary control of the Enterprise. Suddenly, a strange, intensely radiactive cube appears in space. When the starship attempts to move out of its path, the cube closes in. Kirk, once again in the Captain's chair, makes an important decision: He uses phaser power to obliterate the celestial block!
53 53 Capturing the Keeper
"The Menagerie"
Primitive emotions like hate are too strong for the Talosians to maipulate. the aliens, however, are grateful to Captain Pike for proving so substantial. Now they have invited him back to their world, where he can live a fantasy life unfetteres by his disfigured and crippled body. The charges against Mr. Apock, who masterminded Pike's journey to Talos V, are dropped.
82 82 The Lights of Zetar
"The Lights of Zetar"
A strange, blinding cluster of light appears before the Enterprise. It is an alien life form composed of various brains that are seeking bodies to inhabit, preferably human ones. Scotty, meanwhile, has fallen in love with a young woman whose fate is strangely linked to the weird celestial phenomenon taking place outside.
24 24 Dwarfed by the Enemy
"The Corbomite Maneuver"
After Captain Kirk destroys the mysterious space cube that was blocking the Enterprise, the object's owner, an alien named Balok, arrives on the scene in his own super-space vehicle. It is so huge that Kirk's ship appears t lkike a toy before it! Balok refuses to listen to the Captain's explanation of why the dangerous cube had to be blown up: he simply informs Kirk to prepare for death!
54 54 Blasted by the Enemy
An Earth base has been destroyed by some unknown enemy. Before Kirk and his landing party can beam back to Enterprise, the attacking aliens fire deadly charges in their direction. Finally the Captain and his men return to their vessel and begin tracking the enemy ship. But the chase is interruptd by an advanced being called a Metron, who has his own ideas about how to settle their dispute . . .
83 83 Invaded by Alien Energy
"The Lights of Zetar"
Lt. Mira Romaine, Scotty's girl friend, is possessed by the space minds who have been seraching for a place to live ever since their planet died years ago. In order to rid her body of the invading creatures, Mira is placed in a high pressure chamber which forces out the strange cluster of intelligences. Though they have a right to survive, Kirk observes, they should not do so by stealing the lives of others.
25 25 Balok's Alter - Ego
"The Corbomite Maneuver"
Using a clever tactical device known as the "Corbomite Maneuver", which suggests that whatever forve is used against Enterprise automatically backfires on the attacker, Kirk saves his ship from destruction at the hands of the alien Balok. Finally, the Enterprise officers beam aboard their enemy's ship, and discover that the frightful monster presented to them as Balok is actually just a scarecrow: Balok is pint-sized, friendly, and eager for company!
55 55 Trapped by the Lizard Creature
The Metron forces a battle between Captain Kirk and the commander of the enemy spaceship, the loser forfeiting the lives of everyone aboard his vessel. Kirk's adversary: a creature called a Gorn. It is large, man-sized and reptillian, yet cunning and incredibly strong. Kirk becomes trapped in a net set for him by the monster, as the Enterprise crew watches in horror . . .
84 84 Kirk's Deadliest Foe
"Whom Gods Destroy"
At an intergalactic insane asylum, Kirk is captured by a ruthless criminal named Garth. With a special explosive capable of mass destruction, Garth intends to take over the galaxy and become the greatest dictator in history. He also has another unique power: Garth can make himself look like anyone else . . . a power he uses to appear like Kirk!
26 26 Last of its Kind
"The Man Trap"
When Kirk and his party beam down for a routine checkup of two archeologists, they little realize that one, Nancy Crater, is actually a sphisticated salt-devouring alien creature that, like a chimeleon, can change its appearance. For years it has been posing as Prof. Crater's wife. Now, loose aboard the Enterprise, the ever-changing monster meets its end.
56 56 The Gorn Strikes!
Captain Kirk is nearly killed when he becomes entangled in the trap set for him by his alien nemesis, The Gorn. By sheer luck, Kirk escapes. Then he begins a plan of attacke that will hopefully end the terrible battle. Diamonds, probablt the hardest element in the universe, dot the planet's prinitive landscape. Kirk decides to use them as weapons . . .
85 85 The Trouble with Tribbles
"The Trouble With Tribbles"
The trouble begins when the Enterprise tries to transport a rare wheat grain to another Federation planet, and the Klingons interfere. Compounding Kirk's problems are tribbles, pint-sized balls of fluff that multiply like crazy! Soon the Enterprise is swamped with tribbles . . . but the Captain isn't angry. For when the creatures perish after devouring the rare wheat, Kirk realizes an evil spy had poisoned it!
27 27 Frozen World
"The Naked Time"
Spock and a crewman land on a frozen planet whose inhabitants died mysteriously, overcome by some kind of space madness. As Spock prepares to beam up to Enterprise, the crewman, in a moment of carelessness, exposes his hand to the environment and becomes afflicted with a strange virus. It not only effects [sic] him, but threatens the entire crew as well!
57 57 Earthman's Triumph
By constructing a primitive cannon and using diamond crystals as "bullets", Captain Kirk manages to subdue his alien opponent. But instead of murdering the Gorn, he spares its life and tells the Metron to get his sadistic pleasure in some other way. The Metron is proud of Kirk's compassion, tells him the human race is a promising species, and then returns him to his vessel!
86 86 The Nazi Planet
"Patterns of Force"
A space sociologist unwittingly recreates one of the bloodiest moments in Earth's history when he uses Fascism to help develop a floundering planet. The experiment, however, gets out of hand, and Kirk must somehow correct the sociologist's terrible mistake and set the world on a peaceful course. But stopping Nazi stormtroopers is no easy task!
28 28 Spock Loses Control
"The Naked Time"
The mysterious virus contracted on the frozen planet acts like alcohol, disrupting the centers of judgement and self-control in crewmen. For the half-human, half-alien Mr. Spock, its effects are especialy disturbing. The Vulcan has always submerged his emotional human side. Now, all his guilt and pent-up frustrations break to the surface as the overwhelmed science officer loses control . . .
58 58 Specimen: Unknown
"Operation: Annihilate!"
The specimen is a strange organism that mutiplies with astounding rapidity, and strikes out at human victims, driving them mad with pain. The horror occurs at planet Deneva, where Kirk's brother is one of several casualties. Soon Spock is attacked by the deadly parasite, and the Vulcan must summon tremendous willpower to drive the creature from his system . . .
87 87 The Starship Eater
"The Doomsday Machine"
With Kirk in the shuttlecraft, Commodore Decker takes control of Enterprise and uses the ship to destrot the Doomsday Machine, a mammoth device sweeping through space and devouring everything - even entire starships and planets - in its deadly path. His own ship destroyed by the mechanical monster, Decker is now consumed with vengeance and this nearly destroys the Enterprise as well!
29 29 The Naked Time
"The Naked Time"
Many of her crewmen infected with the weird virus, Enterprise spirals downward toward the unstable planetl . . . and doom. Kirk, holding on to his sanity, decides to risk an implosion of engines to hurl his vessel clear of danger as Dr. McCoy searches for the virus' cure. After a teriffic moment of truth, the crisis passes and the ship and its exhausted crew return to normal.
59 59 Mirror, Mirror
"Mirror, Mirror"
Kirk, Scotty, McCoy and Uhura are swept into a weird parallel universe where their duplicates, now in our universe, are despotic savages. Mr. SPock has little difficulty seeing through their Captain Kirk, who is promptly placed in the brig. The Vulcan then works against time to return the opposite landing parties to their respective universes.
88 88 Star Trek Lives!
"The Man Trap"
Although the series has been off the network for several years, STAR TREK LIVES . . . as reruns! Fans of the show gather at conventions, exchange newsletters, even dress up as their favorite TREK character at masquerade parties! Recently, Gene Roddenberry, the man who created and produced this classic science finction series, delighted fans the world over when he announced his plans to make a full-length movie based on STAR TREK!
30 30 The Demon Within
"The Enemy Within"
A transporter malfunction transforms Captain Kirk into two separate individuals - one meek, the other a raving, power-hungry madman. While the "good" half possesses intelligence and kindness, it is Kirk's evil side that retains his power of command. Now a major problem has arisen: the landing party will duplicate if they beam up, and if they don't they'll freeze!
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3 Sticker 3 Spock of Vulcan 11 Sticker 11 Highly Illogical! 18 Sticker 18 Alien Possession!
4 Sticker 4 Dr. "Bones" McCoy 12 Sticker 12 The Keeper 19 Sticker 19 Spock Lives!
5 Sticker 5 Engineer Scott 13 Sticker 13 Commander Balok 20 Sticker 20 Evil Klingon Kang
6 Sticker 6 Lieutenant Uhura 14 Sticker 14 The Mugato 21 Sticker 21 Spock Forever!
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