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Star Trek: The Next Generation - Behind the Scenes
Star Trek TNG Behind The Scenes
This set dedicates cards to many of the main crew personnel from behind the scenes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, describing their jobs on the set of a Star Trek series. Most also give their favourite episode(s). It also gives an insight into some of the tricks of the trade. Released as a sealed plastic box numbered sequentially to 50,000.
Manufacturer Date of release Production run Packs per box Card per pack Card size
Skybox 1993 50,000 N/A 40 2½" x 3½"
yellow   yellow yellow   yellow yellow   yellow
Base Set
BTS01 BTS01 Behind the Scenes BTS15 BTS15 First Assistant Director
Douglas F. Dean
BTS28 BTS28 Executive Producer
Michael Brent Piller
BTS02 BTS02 Key Grip
Robert Sordal
BTS16 BTS16 Set Security Officer
Elaina M. Vescio (Not LIsted on Credits Card)
BTS29 BTS29 Script Coordinator/Pre-Production Associate
Eric A. Stillwell
BTS03 BTS03 Co-Producer
Joe Menosky
BTS17 BTS17 Costume Designer
Robert Blackman
BTS30 BTS30 Chief Lighting Technician
William L. Peets
BTS04 BTS04 Scenic Art Supervisor/Technical Consultant
Michael Okuda
BTS18 BTS18 First Assistant Director
Brad Yacobian
BTS31 BTS31 Key Second Assistant Director
Adele G. Simmons
BTS05 BTS05 Production Sound Mixer
Alan Bernard
BTS19 BTS19 Co-Producer
Ronald D. Moore
BTS32 BTS32 Set Decorator
Jim Mees
BTS06 BTS06 Stunt Coordinator
Dennis Madalone
BTS20 BTS20 Director of Photography
Marvin Rush
BTS33 BTS33 Composer
Jay Chattaway
BTS07 BTS07 Story Editor
Brannon Braga (Not LIsted on Credits Card)
BTS21 BTS21 Producer
David Livingston
BTS34 BTS34 Co-Producer
Peter Lauritson
BTS08 BTS08 Senior Illustrator/Technical Consultant
Rick Sternbach
BTS22 BTS22 Visual Effects Supervisor
Dan Curry
BTS35 BTS35 Associate Producer
Wendy Neuss
BTS09 BTS09 Visual Effects Supervisor
Robert Legato
BTS23 BTS23 Production Designer
Richard D. James
BTS36 BTS36 Make-Up Supervisor and Designer
Michael G. Westmore
BTS10 BTS10 Set Designer
Gary Speckman
BTS24 BTS24 Property Master
Alan James Sims
BTS37 BTS37 Executive Producer
Rick Berman
BTS11 BTS11 Unit Production Manager
Merri Howard
BTS25 BTS25 Composer
Dennis McCarthy
BTS38 BTS38 5th Season Credits
BTS12 BTS12 Prop Master
Joe Longo
BTS26 BTS26 Vendor Miniatures
Gregory B. Jein (Not LIsted on Credits Card)
BTS39 BTS39 Behind the Scenes Collector Cards & Checklist
BTS13  BTS13 Co-Executive Producer
Jeri Taylor
BTS27 BTS27 Script Supervisor
Cosmo Genevese
- BTS40 39 Collector Cards (Cover Card)
BTS14 BTS14 Mechanical Effects Coordinator
Dick Brownfield
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