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Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home - FTCC, 1986
This was FTCC's third and final Star Trek set was based on Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. There are 60 base cards and no subset this time. The back of the cards featured a rather poor design with brief text relating to the front images.
Manufacturer Date of release Production run Packs per box Cards per pack Card size
FTCC 1987 c 350 boxes 48 5 2½" x 3½"
yellow   yellow yellow   yellow yellow   yellow
Base Set
- FTCC ST:IV #1 Checklist 21 FTCC ST:IV #21 Captain Spock, with his katra restored, prepares to leave for Earth. 41 FTCC ST:IV #41 Watching spellbound as the Bounty's crew efficiently does its job.
2 FTCC ST:IV #2 Adm James T. Kirk played by William Shatner. 22 FTCC ST:IV #22 A mysterious alien probe orbits Earth. Its powerful signal disrupts communications for parsecs. 42 FTCC ST:IV #42 Free in the sun, oblivious to the imminent danger.
3 FTCC ST:IV #3 Capt. Spock in Vulcan robes played by Leonard Nimoy. 23 FTCC ST:IV #23 Earth broadcasts a warning for all starships to stay clear of Earth. 43 FTCC ST:IV #43 Scaring the pants off the whales' would-be executioners.
4 FTCC ST:IV #4 Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy played by DeForest Kelley. 24 FTCC ST:IV #24 Matching whale songs with the emanations from the probe. 44 FTCC ST:IV #44 Seeing the Whales in their spacebound aquarium, Gillian tells Mr. Scott he's performed a miracle.
5 FTCC ST:IV #5 Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott played by James Doohan. 25 FTCC ST:IV #25 Kirk discusses the possibility of bringing home humpback whales from the past to save Earth. 45 FTCC ST:IV #45 Scotty, amazed at the sight of the whales, tells Kirk that they're safely aboard.
6 FTCC ST:IV #6 Commander Chekov played by Walter Koenig. 26 FTCC ST:IV #26 Bones tries to talk Kirk out of his mad scheme to bring whales from the past. 46 FTCC ST:IV #46 Kirk tells Gillian that mankind was destroying its own future by killing the whales.
7 FTCC ST:IV #7 Klingon Ambassador played by John Schuck. 27 FTCC ST:IV #27 Warping towards a time jump. 47 FTCC ST:IV #47 After re-entry in time, the Bounty is rocked by probe-generated turbulence.
8 FTCC ST:IV #8 Amanda, wife of Sarek and mother of Spock, played by Jane Wyatt. 28 FTCC ST:IV #28 During time travel, Kirk experiences a series of hypnotic dream sequences. 48 FTCC ST:IV #48 Abandoning ship.
9 FTCC ST:IV #9 Federation Headquarters. 29 FTCC ST:IV #29 Disembarking at night in Golden Gate Park. 49 FTCC ST:IV #49 The whales are set free in the 23rd century.
10 FTCC ST:IV #10 Alien visitor to Starfleet. 30 FTCC ST:IV #30 Scotty explains that the dilithium crystals are de-crystallizing. 50 FTCC ST:IV #50 Making sure everyone is safely out.
11 FTCC ST:IV #11 The KLINGON AMBASSADOR presents information on the Genesis torpedo to a gallery of representatives in Federation Council Chambers. 31 FTCC ST:IV #31 Experiencing 20th Century San Fransisco first hand. 51 FTCC ST:IV #51 The whales sing their song. The rain stops, and the probe departs as it came.
12 FTCC ST:IV #12 Extraterrestrials witness the impressive spectacle of Genesis. 32 FTCC ST:IV #32 Kirk tells the crew that he'll have to find money to use while in the 20th Century. 52 FTCC ST:IV #52 The Enterprise crew on trial in Federation Council Chambers.
13 FTCC ST:IV #13 The Klingon Ambassador demands the extradition of Admiral Kirk. 33 FTCC ST:IV #33 An antique store provides a place for Kirk to hock his 18th Century spectacles for $200. 53 FTCC ST:IV #53 Kirk is demoted from Admiral back to Captain and is given command of a new Starship.
14 FTCC ST:IV #14 Sarek, Spock's father, and Commander Chapel walk toward Council Chambers. 34 FTCC ST:IV #34 Gillian and Kirk drop Spock off at the park before they go out for pizza. 54 FTCC ST:IV #54 Gillian and Kirk say their farewells - each heading for their respective Starship.
15 FTCC ST:IV #15 Alien Representatives listen to Sarek defending Kirk. 35 FTCC ST:IV #35 Now what do I do? 55 FTCC ST:IV #55 The Enterprise crew shuttling to its new commission, speculating that it will probably be a freighter.
16 FTCC ST:IV #16 Spock tests his memory using Vulcan computers. 36 FTCC ST:IV #36 Gilliam discovers Kirk's invisible spaceship. 56 FTCC ST:IV #56 Coming home to the new "USS Enterprise, NCC 1701-A".
17 FTCC ST:IV #17 Adm Kirk verifies his ship's status shortly before his departure from Vulcan. 37 FTCC ST:IV #37 A call for help gets Gillian "beamed up". 57 FTCC ST:IV #57 Bridge control panel on the new Enterprise.
18 FTCC ST:IV #18 Bridge equipment on the Bird of Prey, "H.M.S. Bounty." 38 FTCC ST:IV #38 Uhura and Chekov waiting for their photon collector to do its job. 58 FTCC ST:IV #58 Sulu contemplating going boldly where no man has gone before...
19 FTCC ST:IV #19 Scotty, with his usual efficiency, gets the Bounty ship-shape. 39 FTCC ST:IV #39 Bones and Kirk asks Gillian to help them rescue Chekov. 59 FTCC ST:IV #59 Uhura ready at her new communications console.
20 FTCC ST:IV #20 Leaving Vulcan; heading for Earth. 40 FTCC ST:IV #40 Chekov's rescue from 20th century medicine allows the Bounty to resume its mission. 60 FTCC ST:IV #60 Kirk and crew ready for the unknown.
Promotional Items
-   Uncut Sheet
-   Test set with blank backs
Other Items
- FTCC ST:IV - Wrapper Wrapper
-   Box
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