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The Women of Star Trek 2010

Women of Star Trek 2009  
The beautiful and alluring women of Star Trek return in an all-new trading card set, Women of Star Trek, in early 2010. This 81-card set will feature the powerful and memorable women from all five Star Trek TV series! Each box of this set will feature 3 Autograph Cards and 2 Relic Cards Per Box! Rounding out the chase cards are several exciting sets including: 10 Women of Star Trek ArtiFEX (1:8) which replace the previously announced 9 Portrait Gallery (transparent plastic) cards, 9 Leading Ladies (1:24), 9 Romantic Relationships (1:24). 14 Very Limited and 5 Limited autograph inserts makes this a tough set to complete.

For every 15 cases purchased an Archive Box was given which contains complete sets of all pack-inserted bonus cards, including all autograph cards and costume cards, plus the case topper autograph card and both multi-case incentive autograph cards. Due to space limitations there was no base set included.

A note was added on 17 March 2010 to the RA website as follows:
"FYI: A limited number of previously unannounced base cards numbered 82-90 were inserted into the packs. These cards are intended to be released in next product (The Quotable Star Trek Movies). These cards may be rare now, but when we issue that next product, they won't be so tough to find."
Manufacturer Date of release Production run Packs per box Cards per pack Card size
Rittenhouse Archives 10 March 2010 7,500 24 5 2½" x 3½"
yellow   yellow yellow   yellow yellow   yellow

Base Set

Star Trek

1 1 Lt. Uhura 10 10 T'Pau
"Amok Time"
19 19 Amanda
"Journey to Babel"
2 2 Nurse Chapel 11 11 Lt. Palamas
"Who Mourns for Adonais?"
20 20 Gem
"The Empath"
3 3 Yeoman Rand 12 12 Mirmanee
"The Paradise Syndrome"
21 21 Nancy Crater
"The Man Trap"
4 4 Vina
"The Cage"
13 13 Romulan Commander
"The Enterprise Incident"
22 22 Elaan
"Elaan of Troyius"
5 5 Number One
"The Cage"
14 14 Dr. Janice Lester
"Turnabout Intruder"
23 23 Shahna
"The Gamesters of Triskelion"
6 6 Dr. Elizabeth Dehner
"Where No Man Has Gone Before"
15 15 Dr. Helen Noel
"Dagger of the Mind"
24 24 Eleen
"Friday's Child"
7 7 Sister Edith Keeler
"The City on the Edge of Forever"
16 16 Yeoman Tonia Barrows
"Shore Leave"
25 25 Leila Kalomi
"This Side of Paradise"
8 8 Andrea
"What are Little Girls Made of?"
17 17 Droxine
"The Cloud Minders"
26 26 Natira
"For The World is Hollow and I Have Touched The Sky"
9 9 T'Pring
"Amok Time"
18 18 Zarabeth
"All Our Yesterdays"
27 27 Eve McHuron
"Mudd's Women"

Star Trek: The Next Generation

28 28 Counselor Deanna Troi 37 37 K'Ehleyr
46 46 Ishara Yar
29 29 Dr. Beverly Crusher 38 38 Dr. Leah Brahms
"Galaxy's Child" & "Booby Trap"
47 47 Ardra
"Devil's Due"
30 30 Guinan 39 39 Lal
"The Offspring"
48 48 Kamala
"The Perfect Mate"
31 31 Ensign Ro Laren 40 40 Lt. Commander Shelby
"The Best of Both Worlds"
49 49 Madeline
"Clues", "Manhunt" & "The Big Goodbye"
32 32 Dr. Kate Pulaski 41 41 Ensign Robin Lefler
"The Game" & "Darmok"
50 50 Amanda Rogers
"True Q"
33 33 Lwaxana Troi 42 42 Admiral Alynna Nechayev
"Chain of Command, part I", "Descent, part I", "Journey's End" & "Preemptive Strike"
51 51 Countess Regina Bartholomew
"Ship in a Bottle"
34 34 Lt. Natasha Yar 43 43 Lt. Commander Neela Daren
52 52 Commander Sela
"The Mind's Eye", "Redemption, parts I & II", "Unification, part II"
35 35 Nurse Alyssa Ogawa 44 44 Vash
"Qpid" & "Captain's Holiday"
53 53 Ensign Sonya Gomez
"Samaritan Snare" & "Q Who?"
36 36 Captain Phillipa Louvois
"The Measure Of A Man"
45 45 Salia
"The Dauphin"
54 54 Eline
"The Inner Light"

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

55 55 Jadzia Dax 58 58 Keiko O'Brien
19 Episodes
61 61 Leeta
17 Episodes
56 56 Kira Nerys 59 59 Kasidy Yates
15 Episodes
62 62 Jennifer Sisko
"Emissary", "Through the Looking Glass", "Shattered Mirror"
57 57 Ezri Dax
25 Episodes
60 60 Kai Winn
14 Episodes
63 63 Ishka
"Family Business", "Profit and Lace", "Ferengi Love Songs", "The Magnificent Ferengi", "The Dogs of War"

Star Trek: Voyager

64 64 Captain Kathryn Janeway 67 67 Seven of Nine 70 70 Tal Celes
"Good Shepherd", "The Haunting of Deck Twelve"
65 65 Lt. B'Elanna Torres 68 68 Seska
13 Episodes
71 71 Female Q
"The Q and the Gray"
66 66 Kes 69 69 Borg Queen
"Dark Frontier, parts I & II", "Unimatrix Zero, parts I & II", "Endgame"
72 72 Naomi Wildman
17 Episodes

Star Trek: Enterprise

73 73 Hoshi Sato 76 76 Sarin
"Broken Bow"
79 79 Kaitaama
"Precious Cargo"
74 74 T'Pol 77 77 Captain Erika Hernandez
"Home", "Affliction", "Divergence"
80 80 Navaar
75 75 Elizabeth Cutler
"Strange New World", "Dear Doctor", "Two Days and Two Nights"
78 78 Talas
"Proving Ground", "Babel One", "United"
81 81 T'Pau
"Awakening", "Kir'Shara"

Star Trek: Movies (Randomly inserted in error in very, very low quantities!)
Later realeased as an expansion set in the Quotable Star Trek Movies set.

82 82 Lt. Ilia
Star Trek: The Motion Picture
85 85 Dr. Gillian Taylor
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
88 88 Borg Queen
Star Trek: First Contact
83 83 Dr. Carol Marcus
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
86 86 Lt. Valeris
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
89 89 Lily Sloane
Star Trek: First Contact
84 84 Lt. Saavik
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
87 87 Lursa and B'Etor
Star Trek: Generations
90 90 Anij
Star Trek: Insurrection

Chase Cards

Women of Star Trek ArtiFex (1:8 packs)

- Lt. Uhura Lt. Uhura - Kira Nerys Kira Nerys - B'Elanna Torres B'Elanna Torres
- Nurse Chapel Nurse Chapel - Captain Janeway Captain Janeway - T'Pol T'Pol
- Yeoman Rand Yeoman Rand - Seven of Nine Seven of Nine - Lt. Hoshi Sato Lt. Hoshi Sato
- Jadzia Dax Jadzia Dax  

Leading Ladies (1:24 packs)

LL1 LL01 Lt. Uhura LL4 LL04 Jadzia Dax LL7 LL07 Seven of Nine
LL2 LL02 Counselor Troi LL5 LL05 Kira Nerys LL8 LL08 T'Pol
LL3 LL03 Dr. Crusher LL6 LL06 Captain Janeway LL9 LL09 Lt. Hoshi Sato

Romantic Relationships (1:24 packs)

RR1 RR01 Will Riker and Deanna Troi RR4 RR04 Kes and Neelix RR7 RR07 Captain Kirk and Edith Keeler
RR2 RR02 Worf and Jadzia Dax RR5 RR05 Leeta and Rom RR8 RR08 Spock and Nurse Chapel
RR3 RR03 Captain Picard and Beverly Crusher RR6 RR06 Captain Sisko and Cassidy Yates RR9 RR09 B'Elanna Torres and Tom Paris

Autograph Cards (1:8 packs)
GOLD = 200-300 signed, RED = 300-500 signed, BLUE = over 500 signed

Star Trek - The Original Series

- Nichelle Nichols Nichelle Nichols
as Lt. Uhura
- BarBara Luna BarBara Luna
as Marlena Moreau
in "Mirror, Mirror"
- Mariette Hartley Mariette Hartley
as Zarabeth
in "All Our Yesterdays"
- Grace Lee Whitney Grace Lee Whitney
as Janice Rand
- Sherry Jackson Sherry Jackson
as Andrea
in "What Are Little Girls Made Of"
- Lee Meriwether Lee Meriwether
as Losira
in "That Which Survives"
- Joan Collins Joan Collins
as Edith Keeler
in "The City on the Edge of Forever"
- Sally Kellerman Sally Kellerman
as Dr. Elizabeth Dehner
in "Where No Man Has Gone Before"
- France Nuyen France Nuyen
as Elaan
in "Elaan of Troyius"
- Antoinette Bower Antoinette Bower
as Sylvia
in "Catspaw"
- Emily Banks Emily Banks
as Yeoman Tonia Barrows
in "Shore Leave"
- Sabrina Scharf Sabrina Scharf
as Miramanee
Case Topper
- Majel Barrett 6 Case Incentive
Majel Barrett
as Number One

Star Trek: The Next Generation

- Marina Sirtis Marina Sirtis
as Deanna Troi
- Natalija Nogulich Natalija Nogulich
as Admiral Nechayev
in "Chain of Command, part I", "Descent, part I", "Journey's End" & "Preemptive Strike"
- Lycia Naff Lycia Naff
as Ensign Sonia Gomez
in "Samaritan Snare" & "Q Who?"
- Gates McFadden Gates McFadden
as Dr. Beverly Crusher
- Lisa Wilcox Lisa Wilcox
as Yuta
in "The Vengeance Factor"
- Michelle Scarabelli

Michele Scarabelli
as Jenna D'Sora
in "In Theory"

Variant with full signature

- Famke Janssen Famke Janssen
as Kamala
in "The Perfect Mate"
- Amanda McBroom Amanda McBroom
as Capt. Philipa Louvois
in "The Measure of a Man"
- Carolyn Seymour Carolyn Seymour
as Mirasta Yale
in "First Contact"
- Denise Crosby Denise Crosby
as Natasha Yar
in "The Naked Now"
- Susan Gibney Susan Gibney
as Dr. Leah Brahms
in "Galaxy's Child" & "Booby Trap"
- Kathryn Leigh Scott Kathryn Leigh Scott
as Nuria
in "Who Watches the Watchers"
- Michelle Forbes Michelle Forbes
as Ro Laren
in 9 Episodes
- Barcara Williams Barbara Williams
as Anna
in "Liaisons"
- Hallie Todd

Hallie Todd
as Lal
in "The Offspring"

Variant with thinner pen

- Rhonda Aldrich Rhonda Aldrich
as Madeline
in "Clues", "Manhunt" & "The Big Goodbye"
- Elizabeth Dennehy Elizabeth Dennehy
as Lt. Cmdr. Shelby
in "The Best of Both Worlds, parts I & II"

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

- Louise Fletcher Louise Fletcher
as Kai Winn Adami
- Andrea Martin Andrea Martin
as Ishka
in "Family Business"
- Kitty Swink Kitty Swink
as Minister Rozahn
in "Sanctuary"
- Penny Johnson Penny Johnson Jerald
as Kasidy Yates
- Tina Lifford Tina Lifford
as Lee
in "Past Tense, parts I & II"
- Chase Masterson Chase Masterson
as Leeta
- Terry Farrell Terry Farrell
as Jadzia Dax
- Julie Caitlin Brown Julie Caitlin Brown
as Ty Kajada
in "The Passenger"
- Felecia Bell Schafer Felecia Bell Schafer
as Jennifer Sisko in "Emissary"
- Nana Visitor Nana Visitor
as Kira Nerys

Star Trek: Voyager

- Kate Mulgrew Kate Mulgrew
as Captain Janeway
- Kate Vernon Kate Vernon
as Commander Valerie Archer
in "In the Flesh"
- Suzie Plakson Suzie Plakson
as Femal Q
in "The Q and the Gray"
- Jeri Ryan Jeri Ryan
as Seven of Nine
- Musetta Vander Musetta Vander
as Derran Tahl
in "The Disease"

Variant with full signature
- Megan Gallagher Megan Gallagher
as Lt. Jaryn
in "Body and Soul"
- Jennifer Lien Jennifer Lien
as Kes
- Claire Rankin Claire Rankin
as Alice
in "Alice"

Star Trek Movies

- Robin Curtis Robin Curtis
as Saavik
in "Star Trek III: The Search for Spock"
- Barbara March Barbara March
as Lursa
in "Star Trek: Generations"
- Gwynyth Walsh Gwynyth Walsh
as B'Etor
in "Star Trek: Generations"

From the Archives Costume Cards (1:12 packs)
Cards WCC16 (Janice Rand) & WCC27 (Seven of Nine) were dropped from this release

WCC1 WCC1 Kathryn Janeway Kathryn Janeway
Star Trek: Voyager
Red, Black or Grey
WCC7 WCC7 Seven of Nine Seven of Nine
Star Trek: Voyager
WCC18 WCC18 Beverly Crusher Beverly Crusher
Star Trek: TNG
"Chain of Command"
WCC1 Kathryn Janeway WCC8 WCC8 Seven of Nine Seven of Nine
Star Trek: Voyager
WCC18 Beverly Crusher
WCC1 Kathryn Janeway WCC9 WCC9 T'Pol T'Pol
Star Trek: Enterprise
Dark Pink with or without Ribbing
WCC19 WCC19 Beverly Crusher Beverly Crusher
Star Trek: TNG
"Hollow Pursuits"
WCC2 WCC2 Kathryn Janeway [Admiral] Kathryn Janeway
Star Trek: Voyager
Red or Black
WCC9 T'Pol WCC20 WCC20 Kathryn Janeway Kathryn Janeway
Star Trek: Voyager
WCC2 Kathryn Janeway WCC10 WCC10 T'Pol T'Pol
Star Trek: Enterprise
Orange with or without Ribbing
WCC21 WCC21 Kathryn Janeway [Biomimetic] Kathryn Janeway
Star Trek: Voyager
"Course: Oblivion"
Red or Black
WCC3 WCC3 Kathryn Janeway Kathryn Janeway
Star Trek: Voyager
"Persistance of Vision"
Check Pattern or Rust Ruffle
WCC10 T'Pol WCC21 Kathryn Janeway
WCC3 Kathryn Janeway WCC11 WCC11 T'Pol T'Pol
Star Trek: Enterprise
Light Blue
WCC22 WCC22 Seven of Nine Seven of Nine
Star Trek: Voyager
Textured or Flat Gold
WCC4 WCC4 Beverly Crusher Beverly Crusher
Star Trek: TNG
"Lonely Among Us"
Red/Black or Red
WCC12 WCC12 Jadzia Dax Jadzia Dax
Star Trek: DS9
"Blood Oath"
WCC22 Seven of Nine
WCC4 Beverly Crusher WCC13 WCC13 Kira Nerys Kira Nerys
Star Trek: DS9
Light Rust Weave or Dark Rust Velvet
WCC23 WCC23 Seven of Nine Seven of Nine
Star Trek: Voyager
"Unimatrix Zero"
Pink or Tan
WCC5 WCC5 Beverly Crusher Beverly Crusher
Star Trek: TNG
"The Nth Degree"
Pattern, Pink, Light Blue or Lace
WCC13 Kira Nerys WCC23 Seven of Nine
WCC5 Beverly Crusher WCC14 WCC14 Ezri Dax Ezri Dax
Star Trek: DS9
Black or Teal
WCC24 WCC24 Seska Seska
Star Trek: Voyager
WCC5 Beverly Crusher WCC14 Ezri Dax WCC24 Seska
WCC5 Beverly Crusher WCC15 WCC15 Deanna Troi Deanna Troi
Star Trek: TNG
Black or Teal
WCC25 WCC25 E'tyshra E'Tyshra
Star Trek: DS9
"Armageddon Game"
WCC5 Beverly Crusher WCC15 Deanna Troi WCC26 WCC26 Lt. Jaryn Lt. Jaryn
Star Trek: Voyager
"Body and Soul"
WCC6 WCC6 Beverly Crusher Beverly Crusher
Star Trek: TNG
"Frame of Mind"
Grey/Back Check or Grey
WCC17 WCC17 Kes Kes
Star Trek: Voyager
Pink Pleats or Tan Weave
WCC6 Beverly Crusher WCC17 Kes  

Case Topper

- Sabrina Scharf Sabrina Scharf
as Miramanee

Card Album

- Women of Star Trek 2010 Binder   Binder with 1 nine-pocket page and P3 Promo Card        

Multi-Case Incentive Autograph Cards

- Nana Visitor & Terry Farrell 3 Case Incentive
Nana Visitor & Terry Farrell
as Kira Nerys & Jadzia Dax
- Majel Barrett 6 Case Incentive
Majel Barrett
as Number One

Archive Box - 1 for every 15 cases

- Archive Box            

Promotional Items

P1 Promo P1 Seven of Nine
General Distrubution
P2 Promo P2 Uhura
Non Sport Update Magazine
P3 Promo P3 Jadzia Dax
Binder Exclusive
P4 Promo P4 Deanna Troi
San Diego Comic Con - 2009

Costume Card Fronts Proof Sheets A, B, and C - Measuring approximately 13 x 13 inches

A Costume Card Fronts Proof Sheet A B Costume Card Fronts Proof Sheet B C Costume Card Fronts Proof Sheet c
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