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Star Trek Mini-Cards - Hostess/Frito-Lay
These mini-cards (1¼" x 1¾") were inserted in packs of "chips" (crisps) by Canadian company Hostess/Frito-Lay. Each card/poster was sealed in cellophane.
Manufacturer Date of release Production run Packs per box Cards per pack Card size
Skybox & Hostess/Frito-Lay 1993 Not known N/A N/A 1¼" x 1¾"
yellow   yellow yellow   yellow yellow   yellow
Base Set
1   Captain Jean-Luc Picard 2   Cmdr. William T. Riker 3   Lt. Cmdr. Data
4   Lt. Worf Rozhenko 5   Lt. Cmdr. Geordi Laforge 6   Counselor Deanna Troi
7   Dr. Beverly Crusher 8   Guinan 9   Wesley Crusher
10   The Traveller 11   The Q 12   Sela
13   Locutus 14   The Ferengi 15   Klingon Bird-of-Prey
16   Klingon Battlecruiser 17   Klingon Attack Cruiser 18   Romulan Warbird
19   Romulan Scoutship 20   Ferengi Marauder 21   Borg Ship
22   Cardassian Warship 23   UFP Ambassador Class 24   UFP Excelsior Class
25   UFP Miranda Class 26   UFP Constellation Class 27   U.S.S. Enterprise
28   Main Bridge 29   Ten-Forward 30   The Transporter Room
31   Communicator 32   Phaser (Type 1) 33   Phaser (Type 2)
34   Phaser Rifle (Type 3) 35   Standard Tricorder 36   Medical Tricorder
37   Hypospray 38   P.A.D.D. -   Star Trek: The Next Generation Checklist
D01   Star Trek Deep Space Nine Cast D02   Commander Benjamin Sisko D03   Lieutenant Miles O'Brien
D04   Major Kira Nerys D05   Security Officer Odo D06   Lieutenant Jadzia Dax
D07   Doctor Julian Bashir D08   Jake Sisko D09   Quark
D10   The Crew of Star Trek Deep Space Nine -   Star Trek Deep Space Nine Checklist  
-   Where No One Has Gone Before -   The Last Outpost -   1001001
-   Hide and Q -   Encounter at Farpoint -   The Best of Both Worlds
-   Redemption -   I, Borg -   Unification
-   Emissary  
Prize Cards
-   Video -   Fan club membership -   Kentucky Fried Chicken
-   Poster -   Watch -   SkyBox trading card sets
-   Autographed cast plaques -   Mountain Dew      
-   Card Display Folder  
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