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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Memories from the Future
The base set for this series shows 99 of the "Greatest Moments" from all seven seasons of DS9. Folded ballot sheets were inserted for collectors to vote for their nine favourite "Moments" from the set. The top nine were later produced as gold foil cards and limited to 999 sets available by purchase from SkyBox at $39.99. This series also included the third in the series of four "Captain's Cards".
Manufacturer Date of release Production run Packs per box Cards per pack Card size
Skybox 28 April 1999 19,000 36 8 2½" x 3½"
yellow   yellow yellow   yellow yellow   yellow
Base Set
1 1 Sisko, "The Emissary"
The Emissary
35 35 O'Brien's Death
68 68 Worf in the Ring
By Inferno's Light
2 2 Odo a Murderer?
A Man Alone
36 36 Sisko Reunited
Through the Looking Glass
69 69 Death of Tain
In Purgatory's Shadow
3 3 Q Hits the Deck
37 37 Sailing Away
70 70 Bashir's Secret
Dr. Bashir, I Presume
4 4 Meet Grand Nagus Zek
The Nagus
38 38 Zhian'Tara Ritual
71 71 First Intimacy
A Simple Investigation
5 5 Kai Opaka's Fate
39 39 Together Forever?
72 72 Rom and Leeta
Ferengi Love Songs
6 6 Bashir's Fantasy
If Wishes Were Horses
40 40 Captain Sisko
The Adversary
73 73 Worf Reinstated
Soldiers of the Empire
7 7 Odo, Meet Lwaxana
The Foresaken
41 41 Odo the Killer
The Adversary
74 74 Deadly Drink
Ties of Blood and Water
8 8 Kira's Duet
42 42 Worf Joins Deep Space Nine
Way of the Warrior
75 75 Dominion Takeover
A Call to Arms
9 9 Here Comes Trouble
In the Hands of the Prophets
43 43 Father and Son
The Visitor
76 76 Reconciliation
Sons and Daughters
10 10 Bajoran Invasion
The Siege
44 44 Hippocratic Oath
Hippocratic Oath
77 77 Odo and the Founder
Favor the Bold
11 11 Goodbye, Melora
45 45 Teamwork
78 78 Gunned Down
Sacrifice of Angels
12 12 Quark's Surprise
Rules of Acquisition
46 46 A Kiss
79 79 Ziyal's Death
Sacrifice of Angels
13 13 Kira's Secret
Necessary Evil
47 47 Little Green Men
Little Green Men
80 80 Federation Payback
Sacrifice of Angels
14 14 A Friendship Born
Armageddon Game
48 48 The Sword of Kahless
The Sword of Kahless
81 81 Tying the Knot
You Are Cordially Invited
15 15 O'Brien the Imposter
49 49 Head of Security
82 82 Geniuses?
Statistical Probabilities
16 16 Quark's Greatest Love
Profit and Loss
50 50 Thwarted Coup
Paradise Lost
83 83 Saving Ishka
The Magnificent Ferengi
17 17 Klingon Vengeance
Blood Oath
51 51 Sons of Mogh
Sons of Mogh
84 84 Dukat's Escape
18 18 Phaser Blast
The Maquis, Part I
52 52 Strike!
Bar Association
85 85 Sisko the Sci-Fi Writer
Far Beyond the Stars
19 19 Battling the Maquis
The Maquis, Part II
53 53 Prisoner O'Brien
Hard Time
86 86 Personal Conflict
Change of Heart
20 20 Mirror Universe
54 54 Wedding Bells
The Muse
87 87 Dukat's Lover
Wrongs Darker than Death or Night
21 21 Bareil's Secret
The Collaborator
55 55 Bashir's Gambit
The Quickening
88 88 Secret Section 31
22 22 O'Brien's Trial
56 56 Quark for Sale
Body Parts
89 89 Ethical Dilemma
In the Pale Moonlight
23 23 The Jem'Hadar
The Jem'Hadar
57 57 Solid State
Broken Link
90 90 Together at Last
His Way
24 24 Odo's Origins
The Search, Part II
58 58 Deep Space Nine Goes Klingon
Apocalypse Rising
91 91 The Shattered Tablet
The Reckoning
25 25 Killer Quark
House of Quark
59 59 The Happy Couple
Looking for Par'Mach in All the Wrong Places
92 92 Rogue Warriors
26 26 Jadzia's Past
60 60 Romantic Liaison
Looking for Par'Mach in All the Wrong Places
93 93 Quark's Transformation
Profit and Lace
27 27 Kira the Cardassian
Second Skin
61 61 Courage Under Fire
Nor the Battle to the Strong
94 94 Jadzia's Death
Tears of the Prophets
28 28 DS9 To Self-Destruct
Civil Defense
62 62 Pah-Wraith Attack
The Assignment
95 95 The Return of Dax
Image in the Sand
29 29 Tom Riker Returns
63 63 Sisko Saves Kirk
Trials and Tribble-Ations
96 96 The Wormhole
Shadows and Symbols
30 30 Saving the Future
Past Tense II
64 64 Unlikely Allies
The Ascent
97 97 Kira's Face-Off
Shadows and Symbols
31 31 The Death of Bareil
Life Support
65 65 Bajor Stay Out!
98 98 Bashir and Serena
32 32 Odo's Confession
Heart of Stone
66 66 Shifting Back
The Begotten
99 99 Weyoun Defects
Treachery, Faith and the Great River
33 33 Nog Joins Starfleet
Heart of Stone
67 67 Sisko Triumphant
For the Uniform
100 100 Checklist
34 34 New Rules of Acquisition
Prophet Motive
Ballot Sheet (1:4 packs)
- Ballot Folded Official Ballot - STDS9 Memories from the Future
Chase Cards
Greatest Alien Races (1:4 packs)
AR1 AR1 Cardassians AR4 AR4 Trill AR7 AR7 Vorta
AR2 AR2 Bajorans AR5 AR5 Klingons AR8 AR8 Jem'Hadar
AR3 AR3 Ferengi AR6 AR6 Founders AR9 AR9 Wormhole Aliens
Greatest Legends (1:6 packs)
L1 L1 Captain Benjamin Sisko L4 L4 Dr. Julian Bashir L7 L7 Lt. Commander Worf
L2 L2 Colonel Kira Nerys L5 L5 Chief Miles O'Brien L8 L8 Quark
L3 L3 Security Chief Odo L6 L6 Jadzia Dax & Ezri Dax L9 L9 Jake Sisko
Greatest Space Battles (1:12 packs)
SB1 sb1 Wolf 359 SB4 SB4 Tain's Raid SB7 SB7 Dominion Invasion
SB2 SB2 Sisko vs. Hudson SB5 SB5 Defending the Station SB8 SB8 Last Stand
SB3 SB3 Defiant's First Mission SB6 SB6 Friend or Foe? SB9 SB9 Take the Offensive
Autograph and Autograph Redemption Cards (1:box)
Autograph Cards
A1 A1 Alexander Siddig Alexander Siddig
as Dr. Julian Bashir (signed in blue or black ink)
A8 A8 Andrew Robinson Andrew Robinson
as Elim Garak
A15 A15 Majel Barrett Majel Barrett
as Ambassador Lwaxana Troi
A2 A2 Armin Shimerman Armin Shimerman
as Quark
A9 A9 Aron Eisenberg Aron Eisenberg
as Nog
A16 A16 Mrc Alaimo Marc Alaimo
as Gul Dukat
A3 A3 Cirroc Lofton Cirroc Lofton
as Jake Sisko
A10 A10 William Campbell William Campbell
as Koloth
A17 A17 Max Grodenchik Max Grodenchik
as Rom
A4 A4 Nana Visitor Nana Visitor
as Colonel Kira Nerys
A11 A11 Robert O'Reilly Robert O'Reilly
as Chancellor Gowron
A18 A18 Avery Brooks Avery Brooks
as Captain Benjamin Sisko
A5 A5 Rene Auberjonois Rene Auberjonois
as Security Chief Odo
A12 A12 Jennifer Hetrick Jennifer Hetrick
as Vash
A19 A19 Rick Berman Rick Berman
Executive Producer (approx. 200 signed)
A6 A6 Terry Farrell Terry Farrell
as Lt. Cmdr. Jadzia Dax
A13 A13 John Delancie John Delancie
as Q
A20 A20 Chase Masterson Chase Masterson
as Leeta (signed in blue, silver or gold ink)
A7 A7 Nicole DeBoer Nicole DeBoer
as Lt. Ezri Dax (signed with a thick or thin pen)
A14 A14 Louise Fletcher Louise Fletcher
as Kai Winn
Autograph Redemption Cards
- A7 Redmption Nicole DeBoer
as Lt. Ezri Dax
- A18 Redemption Avery Brooks
as Captain Benjamin Sisko
- A20 Redemption Chase Masterson
as Leeta
- A19 Redemption Rick Berman
Executive Producer
Greatest Moments Gold Cards (Mail-in offer, numbered to 999)
G1 G1 Jadzia's Death
Tears of the Prophets
G4 G4 Sisko the Sci-Fi Writer
Far Beyond the Stars
G7 G7 A Kiss
G2 G2 Tying the Knot
You Are Cordially Invited
G5 G5 Mirror Universe
G8 G8 The Sword of Kahless
The Sword of Kahless
G3 G3 Sisko Saves Kirk
Trials and Tribble-ations
G6 G6 Little Green Men
Little Green Men
G9 G9 Worf Joins Deep Space Nine
Way of the Warrior
Captain's Card (1:720 packs) Sequetnially hand numbered to 1200
3 of 4 Captain's Card 3 of 4 Captain Bejamin Sisko 3 of 4 Captain's Card 3 of 4 Back Back
Uncut Sheets
-   Greatest Alien Races & Greatest Legends  
Card Album
-   Binder  
Promotional Items
- Promo All-Time Greatest Moments  
- Sell Sheet Dealer sell sheet  
Unreleased Autograph Redemption Cards (Others probably exist)
- A1 Redemption Alexander Siddig
as Dr. Julian Bashir
- A2 Redemption Armin Shimerman
as Quark
- A5 Redemption Rene Auberjonois
as Security Chief Odo
- A6 Redemption Terry Farrell
as Lt. Cmdr. Jadzia Dax
- A13 Redemption John Delancie
as Q
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