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Star Trek: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4½" Action Figures
Asst. No. 3450
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Captain Leonardo
The Wacky Warp Drivin' Leader!

with Kowabunga Classic Phaser, Classic Turtle-tech Tricorder, Cool Classic Communicator, Hi-Trek Katana, Star Trek Turtle Action Base.
Captain Leonardo 3453

Chief Medical Officer Raphael
Pizza Healin' Doctor Dude!

with Classic Foot Chasin' Phaser, Mutant Medical Classic Tricorder, Classic Medical Officer's Kowabunga Communicator, Subspace Sais, Star Trek Turtle Action Base.
Chief Medical Officer Raphael

Chief Engineer Michaelangelo
The Bodacious "Beam Me Up" Buddy!

with Classic Foot Findin' Phaser, Mutant Engineerin' Taste-testin' Tricorder, Pizzarium-powered Thin Crust Classic Communicator, Warp Engine Defendin' Nebula Nunchackus, Star Trek Shell Action Base.
Chief Engineer Michaelangelo 3454

First Officer Donatello
The Subspace Shelled Science Officer!

with Classic Subsauce Phaser, Classic Sewer Science Tricorder, Pure Logic Classic Communicator, Pon Farr Battle Bo, Star Trek Shell Action Base.
First Officer Donatello
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