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Eaglemoss/Hero Collector Doctor Who Figurines
Doctor Who Figurine Collection  

A series of largely same-scale replica figurines of Doctor Who characters issued each fortnight. This is the largest such collection ever produced by any manufactuer.

The series was originally planned to run for 80 issues, one every two weeks with "premium subscribers" receiving additional and exclusive "Rare Daleks" every 10 issues. Several extensions to the length of the series have since been announced and it has now been extended to 200 issues.

The models are made of metallic resin and are "hand painted". Each issue was accompanied by a 20-page magazine which were later reduced to 16 pages from issue 26.

The regular collection is supplemented by a range of bonus issues, special issues, mega issues, and box sets.

The regular models are made to a scale of 1:21 and packed in box and blister packaging of varying sizes depending on the figurine.

Doctor Who Figurine Collection

Regular Issues 1-50


Rare Daleks


Regular Issues 51-100


Bonus Issues


Regular Issues 101-150


Mega Issues


Regular Issues 151-200


Box Sets


Special Issues


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