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Between 1998 and 2001 Atlas Editions produced this set which runs to 950 "cards", or glossy paper sheets to be precise. Produced in decks of 10 cards, there were 94 decks in total included in 32 monthly shipments to subscribers.The first shipment included the first deck of ten cards, a three-ring binder, one set of dividers, a twelve-page "User's Guide", a twelve-page "Triva" booklet, and a set of sixteen coasters (four for each of TOS, TNG, DS9 and VOY). Three subsequent binders with dividers were sent with shipments during the subscription.

Printed on 250 mm × 185 mm (approx 9¾" x 7¼") glossy paper, these double-sided cards were shipped three decks at a time, once a month for nearly three years. The binders measure 262 mm × 235 mm x 72 mm (approx 10¼" x 9¼", 2¾"). The sixteen coasters measure 102 mm (4") square by 2mm thick.

The collection covers the first four live-action series, the first nine movies, and touches brefly (with one card) on the first animated series. The collection was abruptly cancelled in 2001 when Atlas Editions shut up shop. Complete episode synopses are incuded for the original series only with all 79 episodes covered before the early closure. Unfortunately TNG, DS9 and VOY have a lot of missing synopses. TNG is missing 25 of 176 episodes; DS9 is missing 73 of 173 and VOY is missing 102 of 168 including all of seasons six and seven.

Along with the Episode synopses there are cards for Crew, Character, Ships, Races, Culture, Technology, and Behind the Scenes. One card (1847-47-07 - Character - Wixiban), yes Wixiban!, had its card number printed in black which makes it difficult to read. All others are printed in white. At some point late in the collection a batch of at least 25 corrected cards were sent to subscribers with an accompanying letter from Altas Editions thanking customers for their feedback. The latest card to include a replacement was #6562-62-02 - Episode "Is There In Truth No Beauty" which had the wrong episode number of "60" corrected to "62". I will include a complete list of the errors that I know of in due course.

The cards could be filed by series or topic and categorized using the double-sided dual-purpose dividers.

The long card index numbers carry two key indicators. Taking the Wixiban example above (1847-47-07) the middle 47 indicates that the card is from the 47th deck and 07 at the end indicates that it is the 7th card of that deck. The initial 1847 is probably a production reference number which remains the same for each card in any given deck. The one exception to this is the later release of deck 2 which contained five cards with a leading number of 5199. These replaced five cards from the original deck 2 which had a leading number of 5205.

Booklets and Coasters
12-page User Manual and 12-page Trivia Booklet Star Trek Universe User ManualStar Trek Universe Trivia Booklet
16 Coasters Star Trek Universe Coasters
  Decks 1-20
Deck 1
5205-01-01 Episode Star Trek The Trouble With Tribbles
5205-01-02 Episode Star Trek The City on the Edge of Forever
5205-01-03 Episode The Next Generation Yesterday's Enterprise
5205-01-04 Episode The Next Generation The Inner Light
5205-01-05 Crew Star Trek Dr. Leonard H. McCoy
5205-01-06 Crew The Next Generation Lieutenant Worf
5205-01-07 Crew Star Trek Lieutenant Commander Gary Mitchell
5205-01-08 Character The Next Generation Lore
5205-01-09 Ship The Next Generation U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D
5205-01-10 Race The Next Generation Romulans
Star Trek Universe Deck 1
Deck 2
5205-02-01 Character Star Trek Sarek of Vulcan
5205-02-02 Character Star Trek Nomad
5205-02-03 Character Voyager Tuvix
5205-02-04 Character The Next Generation Minuet
5205-02-05 Culture Star Trek Vulcan Mind Meld
5205-02-06 Race The Next Generation The Ferengi
5205-02-07 Behind the Scenes Star Trek The First Pilot - "The Cage"
5205-02-08 Race Deep Space Nine The Founders
5205-02-09 Technology The Next Generation Saucer Separation
5205-02-10 Technology The Next Generation Medical Tricorder
Star Trek Universe Deck 2
Deck 2 replacements
The following cards were shipped with deck 2 in place of cards 5205-02-02, 5205-02-04, 5205-02-05, 5205-02-06 and 5205-02-10 to subscribers who joined after the first year.
5199-02-02 Crew Star Trek Movie Lieutenant Ilia
5199-02-04 Film Synopsis Star Trek Movie Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan - Part 1
5199-02-05 Film Synopsis Star Trek Movie Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan - Part 2
5199-02-06 Film Synopsis Star Trek Movie Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan - Part 3
5199-02-10 Character The Next Generation Movie The Borg Queen
Star Trek Universe Deck 2b
Deck 3
5205-03-01 Episode The Next Generation The Best of Both Worlds, Part I
5205-03-02 Episode The Next Generation The Best of Both Worlds, Part II
5205-03-03 Episode The Next Generation Relics
5205-03-04 Episode The Next Generation All Good Things…, Part I
5205-03-05 Episode The Next Generation All Good Things…, Part II
5205-03-06 Episode Star Trek Mirror, Mirror
5205-03-07 Episode Star Trek Amok Time
5205-03-08 Episode Star Trek The Doomsday Machine
5205-03-09 Crew Voyager Captain Kathryn Janeway
5205-03-10 Crew Deep Space Nine Commander Benjamin Sisko
Star Trek Universe Deck 3
Deck 4
5214-04-01 Behind the Scenes The Next Generation Makeup Effects - The Borg
5214-04-02 Crew Deep Space Nine Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax
5214-04-03 Crew Star Trek Captain James T. Kirk
5214-04-04 Crew The Next Generation Captain Jean-Luc Picard
5214-04-05 Crew Star Trek Commander Spock
5214-04-06 Episode Voyager Flashback
5214-04-07 Episode Star Trek Space Seed
5214-04-08 Crew Voyager Emergency Medical Hologram
5214-04-09 Episode Deep Space Nine Trials and Tribble-ations
5214-04-10 Ship The Next Generation Klingon Bird-of-Prey - B'rel-class
Star Trek Universe Deck 4
Deck 5
5215-05-01 Crew Voyager Commander Chakotay
5215-05-02 Character The Next Generation Lwaxana Troi
5215-05-03 Character Star Trek Commander Kang
5215-05-04 Episode The Next Generation I, Borg
5215-05-05 Behind the Scenes The Next Generation Dedication Plaques
5215-05-06 Episode Star Trek The Menagerie, Part I
5215-05-07 Episode Star Trek The Menagerie, Part II
5215-05-08 Episode The Next Generation The Offspring
5215-05-09 Race Star Trek Vulcans
5215-05-10 Technology The Next Generation The Holodeck
Star Trek Universe Deck 5
Deck 6
5216-06-01 Character The Next Generation The Traveler
5216-06-02 Crew Star Trek Movie Commander Montgomery Scott
5216-06-03 Episode The Next Generation The Measure of a Man
5216-06-04 Race Deep Space Nine Cardassians
5216-06-05 Episode Star Trek Balance of Terror
5216-06-06 Episode The Next Generation Q Who?
5216-06-07 Episode Star Trek The Devil in the Dark
5216-06-08 Culture The Next Generation Bat'leth
5216-06-09 Ship Deep Space Nine U.S.S. Defiant
5216-06-10 Technology Star Trek Time Travel
Star Trek Universe Deck 6
Deck 7
5217-07-01 Crew The Next Generation Lieutenant Commander Data
5217-07-02 Episode Star Trek The Enterprise Incident
5217-07-03 Episode The Next Generation Encounter at Farpoint, Part I
5217-07-04 Episode The Next Generation Encounter at Farpoint, Part II
5217-07-05 Crew Voyager Lieutenant Tom Paris
5217-07-06 Episode Star Trek A Piece of the Action
5217-07-07 Character Star Trek Miri
5217-07-08 Character The Next Generation Q
5217-07-09 Culture Deep Space Nine The Maquis
5217-07-10 Behind the Scenes The Next Generation Starfleet Uniforms
Star Trek Universe Deck 7
Deck 8
5218-08-01 Behind the Scenes The Next Generation Model Making - A New Enterprise
5218-08-02 Character Voyager First Maje Jal Culluh
5218-08-03 Crew Deep Space Nine Major Kira Nerys
5218-08-04 Crew The Next Generation Commander William T. Riker
5218-08-05 Episode Star Trek Arena
5218-08-06 Episode The Next Generation Cause and Effect
5218-08-07 Episode The Next Generation Darmok
5218-08-08 Episode Star Trek Errand of Mercy
5218-08-09 Ship Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701
5218-08-10 Technology The Next Generation Warp Drive Theory
Star Trek Universe Deck 8
Deck 9
5219-09-01 Behind the Scenes The Next Generation The Next Generation Premiere
5219-09-02 Character The Next Generation Lursa and B'Etor
5219-09-03 Character Star Trek Trelane
5219-09-04 Crew The Next Generation Counselor Deanna Troi
5219-09-05 Crew Star Trek Lieutenant Uhura
5219-09-06 Episode Deep Space Nine Blood Oath
5219-09-07 Episode Voyager Macrocosm
5219-09-08 Episode The Next Generation Parallels
5219-09-09 Episode Star Trek The Tholian Web
5219-09-10 Race Voyager Vidiians
Star Trek Universe Deck 9
Deck 10
5220-10-01 Character Deep Space Nine Quark
5220-10-02 Character The Next Generation Sela
5220-10-03 Crew The Next Generation Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge
5220-10-04 Crew Star Trek Ensign Pavel A. Chekov
5220-10-05 Culture Star Trek The Neutral Zone
5220-10-06 Episode Star Trek Journey To Babel
5220-10-07 Episode The Next Generation Tapestry
5220-10-08 Episode Star Trek The Corbomite Maneuver
5220-10-09 Episode The Next Generation The Pegasus
5220-10-10 Ship Voyager Maquis Raider
Star Trek Universe Deck 10
Deck 11
6411-11-01 Episode Star Trek Shore Leave
6411-11-02 Episode The Next Generation Sins of the Father
6411-11-03 Episode The Next Generation Lower Decks
6411-11-04 Episode Voyager Projections
6411-11-05 Crew Star Trek Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu
6411-11-06 Crew The Next Generation Lieutenant Natasha Yar
6411-11-07 Character Star Trek Apollo
6411-11-08 Culture The Next Generation Starfleet Academy
6411-11-09 Race Star Trek Organians
6411-11-10 Ship Deep Space Nine Space Station Deep Space Nine
Star Trek Universe Deck 11
Deck 12
6412-12-01 Episode Star Trek Where No Man Has Gone Before
6412-12-02 Episode The Next Generation Family
6412-12-03 Episode The Next Generation Face of the Enemy
6412-12-04 Episode Deep Space Nine Crossover
6412-12-05 Crew The Next Generation Dr. Beverly H. Crusher
6412-12-06 Crew Voyager Ensign Harry Kim
6412-12-07 Character The Next Generation Professor Berlinghoff Rasmussen
6412-12-08 Character Star Trek Flint
6412-12-09 Technology Star Trek Communicator
6412-12-10 Behind the Scenes The Next Generation Scenic Design
Star Trek Universe Deck 12
Deck 13
6413-13-01 Episode Star Trek Bread and Circuses
6413-13-02 Episode Star Trek Assignment: Earth
6413-13-03 Episode The Next Generation Déjà Q
6413-13-04 Episode The Next Generation Genesis
6413-13-05 Crew Deep Space Nine Constable Odo
6413-13-06 Crew The Next Generation Guinan
6413-13-07 Character Star Trek Garth of Izar
6413-13-08 Character The Next Generation Professor James Moriarty
6413-13-09 Race The Next Generation Benzites
6413-13-10 Technology Voyager Replicators
Star Trek Universe Deck 13
Deck 14
6415-14-01 Episode Star Trek The Galileo Seven
6415-14-02 Episode Star Trek Tomorrow Is Yesterday
6415-14-03 Episode The Next Generation Redemption, Part I
6415-14-04 Episode The Next Generation Redemption, Part II
6415-14-05 Crew Star Trek Movie Lieutenant Saavik
6415-14-06 Crew The Next Generation Wesley Crusher
6415-14-07 Character Deep Space Nine Elim Garak
6415-14-08 Technology Star Trek Tricorders
6415-14-09 Ship Voyager U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656
6415-14-10 Behind the Scenes Deep Space Nine Michael Westmore - Make-Up Artist
Star Trek Universe Deck 15
Deck 15
6416-15-01 Episode Star Trek The Naked Time
6416-15-02 Episode Star Trek Obsession
6416-15-03 Episode The Next Generation Lessons
6416-15-04 Episode Voyager Death Wish
6416-15-05 Crew Deep Space Nine Dr. Julian S. Bashir
6416-15-06 Crew The Next Generation Lieutenant Ro Laren
6416-15-07 Character Star Trek Movie Amanda Grayson
6416-15-08 Character The Next Generation K'Ehleyr
6416-15-09 Culture Deep Space Nine Dabo
6416-15-10 Race Deep Space Nine Bajorans
Star Trek Universe Deck 15
Deck 16
6417-16-01 Episode Star Trek The Ultimate Computer
6417-16-02 Episode The Next Generation Chain of Command, Part I
6417-16-03 Episode The Next Generation Chain of Command, Part II
6417-16-04 Episode Deep Space Nine Little Green Men
6417-16-05 Crew The Next Generation Dr. Katherine Pulaski
6417-16-06 Crew Deep Space Nine Chief Miles Edward O'Brien
6417-16-07 Character The Next Generation Vash
6417-16-08 Character Voyager The Clown
6417-16-09 Technology Star Trek Transporters
6417-16-10 Ship The Next Generation Movie The Phoenix
Star Trek Universe Deck 16
Deck 17
6588-17-01 Episode Star Trek Court Martial
6588-17-02 Film Synopsis The Next Generation Movie Star Trek: First Contact - Part 1
6588-17-03 Episode Voyager Scorpion, Part I
6588-17-04 Episode Voyager Scorpion, Part II
6588-17-05 Crew Star Trek Yeoman Janice Rand
6588-17-06 Crew Voyager Neelix
6588-17-07 Character Star Trek T'Pring
6588-17-08 Ship The Next Generation Romulan warbird, D'deridex-class
6588-17-09 Race Deep Space Nine Miradorn
6588-17-10 Culture Star Trek The Prime Directive
Star Trek Universe Deck 17
Deck 18
6589-18-01 Episode Star Trek The Squire of Gothos
6589-18-02 Film Synopsis The Next Generation Movie Star Trek: First Contact - Part 2
6589-18-03 Episode The Next Generation The Defector
6589-18-04 Episode Deep Space Nine Invasive Procedures
6589-18-05 Crew Voyager Kes
6589-18-06 Crew The Next Generation Lieutenant Commander Shelby
6589-18-07 Character The Next Generation Lieutenant Thomas Riker
6589-18-08 Character Deep Space Nine Jennifer Sisko
6589-18-09 Behind the Scenes Voyager Voyager Premiere
6589-18-10 Technology Star Trek Phaser Hand Weapons
Star Trek Universe Deck 18
Deck 19
6590-19-01 Episode Star Trek A Taste of Armageddon
6590-19-02 Episode Star Trek Wolf in the Fold
6590-19-03 Episode The Next Generation The Wounded
6590-19-04 Film Synopsis The Next Generation Movie Star Trek: First Contact - Part 3
6590-19-05 Crew Deep Space Nine Jake Sisko
6590-19-06 Crew The Next Generation Lieutenant (j.g.) Reginald Barclay III
6590-19-07 Character Voyager Seska
6590-19-08 Character Star Trek Alexander
6590-19-09 Race Star Trek M-113 Creature
6590-19-10 Technology Deep Space Nine Cloaking Devices
Star Trek Universe Deck 19
Deck 20
7620-20-01 Episode Star Trek Day of the Dove
7620-20-02 Episode The Next Generation A Fistful of Datas
7620-20-03 Episode The Next Generation Preemptive Strike
7620-20-04 Episode Deep Space Nine Improbable Cause
7620-20-05 Crew Voyager Lieutenant Tuvok
7620-20-06 Crew The Next Generation Captain Rachel Garrett
7620-20-07 Character The Next Generation Keiko O'Brien
7620-20-08 Ship The Next Generation Movie Borg Cube
7620-20-09 Behind the Scenes Star Trek Costume Design - William Ware Theis
7620-20-10 Culture Deep Space Nine The Bajoran Religion
Star Trek Universe Deck 20
Deck 21
7621-21-01 Episode Star Trek All Our Yesterdays
7621-21-02 Episode The Next Generation Unification, Part I
7621-21-03 Episode The Next Generation Unification, Part II
7621-21-04 Episode Voyager Deadlock
7621-21-05 Crew Star Trek Movie Captain Willard Decker
7621-21-06 Crew Deep Space Nine Captain Benjamin Sisko
7621-21-07 Crew Star Trek Nurse Christine Chapel
7621-21-08 Character Deep Space Nine Grand Nagus Zek
7621-21-09 Race Voyager Repto-Humanoid
7621-21-10 Technology The Next Generation Photon Torpedoes
Star Trek Universe Deck 21
Deck 22
7622-22-01 Episode Star Trek The Immunity Syndrome
7622-22-02 Episode The Next Generation Conspiracy
7622-22-03 Episode The Next Generation Sarek
7622-22-04 Episode Deep Space Nine The Die Is Cast
7622-22-05 Crew Deep Space Nine Lieutenant Commander Worf
7622-22-06 Crew Star Trek Movie Lieutenant Valeris
7622-22-07 Character The Next Generation Dr. Noonien Soong
7622-22-08 Character Voyager Dr. Danara Pel
7622-22-09 Ship Star Trek Shuttlecraft Galileo
7622-22-10 Technology Voyager Engineering, U.S.S. Voyager
Star Trek Universe Deck 22
Deck 23
7223-23-01 Episode Star Trek The Deadly Years
7223-23-02 Episode The Next Generation The Last Outpost
7223-23-03 Episode The Next Generation Frame of Mind
7223-23-04 Episode Voyager State of Flux
7223-23-05 Crew Voyager Chief Engineer B'Elanna Torres
7223-23-06 Character Star Trek Balok
7223-23-07 Character Deep Space Nine Tosk
7223-23-08 Character Deep Space Nine Tekeny Ghemor
7223-23-09 Ship The Next Generation Dyson Sphere
7223-23-10 Technology Star Trek Tantalus Field
Star Trek Universe Deck 23
Deck 24
7224-24-01 Episode Star Trek The Enemy Within
7224-24-02 Episode The Next Generation A Matter of Honor
7224-24-03 Episode The Next Generation Reunion
7224-24-04 Episode Deep Space Nine Duet
7224-24-05 Character The Next Generation Alexander Rozhenko
7224-24-06 Character Voyager Dr. Ma'Bor Jetrel
7224-24-07 Crew Deep Space Nine Ensign Neela
7224-24-08 Race The Next Generation Bolians
7224-24-09 Culture The Next Generation Mok'bara
7224-24-10 Technology The Next Generation Sickbay
Star Trek Universe Deck 24
Deck 25
7225-25-01 Episode Star Trek This Side of Paradise
7225-25-02 Episode The Next Generation Where No One Has Gone Before
7225-25-03 Crew Star Trek Movie Admiral James T. Kirk
7225-25-04 Episode The Next Generation Who Watches the Watchers?
7225-25-05 Character Star Trek Dr. Roger Korby
7225-25-06 Character The Next Generation Chancellor Gowron
7225-25-07 Race Deep Space Nine Klingons
7225-25-08 Behind the Scenes Deep Space Nine Written Languages
7225-25-09 Culture Deep Space Nine Promenade
7225-25-10 Ship Star Trek Movie U.S.S. Enterprise-A
Star Trek Universe Deck 25
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