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Star Trek: Voyager - Season Seven

Title Prod # Stardate Original US Airdate
Unimatrix Zero, Part II 247 54014.4 04 October 2000
After Janeway's crew successfully infiltrates the Collective, the Borg Queen vows to stop their insurrection even if she must destroy her own kind to do so.      
Imperfection 248 54129.4 11 October 2000
Seven is faced with her own mortality when her cortical node fails, and crewmembers are faced with ethical dilemmas about how far they will go to save her.      
Drive 249 54058.6 18 October 2000
An alien challenges Paris to a race in an Olympic-style competition for peace, and Torres decides to accompany him rather than cancel their vacation together, even if it means more tensions for the two of them.      
Repression 251 54090.4 25 October 2000
When Maquis crewmembers begin reacting to post-hypnotic suggestions that they take over the ship, Tuvok must identify the culprit. However when it becomes clear Tuvok is also affected, Janeway faces a mutiny...      
Critical Care 250 Unknown 01 November 2000
The Doctor's program is stolen and placed aboard a hospital ship where unethical treatment of patients is rampant. The Doctor struggles with his ethical subroutines as more valuable patients are given preferential treatment.      
Inside Man 252 54208.3 08 November 2000
Voyager receives a transmission from the Alpha Quadrant in which a hologram of Barclay suggests a way home; meanwhile, the real Barclay discovers that his hologram has gone missing.      
Body and Soul 255 54238.3 15 November 2000
An alien attack forces Seven of Nine to take the Doctor's programming into her cybernetic implants, from which he can control her body. The aliens are prejudiced against holograms leaving the Doc in a very difficult position.      
Nightingale 256 54274.7 22 November 2000
While in command of the Delta Flyer, Harry Kim intervenes in an alien conflict and soon learns the difficulties of being a captain. Kim's Starfleet training is pushed to the limit when he faces a mutiny from the alien crew.      
Flesh and Blood, Part I 253 Unknown 29 November 2000
A Hirogen distress call alerts Voyager to the plight of sentient holograms created from Starfleet technology, and forces the Doctor to re-evaluate his loyalties.      
Flesh and Blood, Part II 254 54337.5 29 November 2000
The sentient holograms abduct Lieutenant Torres and force her to repair their captured ship. Meanwhile, the Doctor is torn between his ethical obligations as a healer and loyalty to his fellow holograms.      
Shattered 257 Unknown 17 January 2001
When an anomaly time-shatters Voyager, Chakotay leads a pre-stranded Janeway around her ship, showing her key moments in the past and future.      
Lineage 258 54452.6 24 January 2001
Against her husband's wishes, Torres seeks to remove all the Klingon genes from their unborn child. Discovering the root of the problem, Tom encourages B'Elanna to discuss her painful childhood memories of her father leaving.      
Repentance 259 Unknown 31 January 2001
Voyager rescues a ship carrying prisoners to their home planet for execution, but inadvertently treats the mental illness of one of the condemned.      
Prophecy 260 54518.2 27 February 2001
The crew encounters a Klingon generational ship that has been roaming the galaxy for decades; its captain hails Torres' unborn child as their messiah.      
The Void 261 54553.4 14 February 2001
With her ship trapped in a starless void and supplies rapidly dwindling, Janeway tries to forge an alliance of distrustful aliens to escape and resume her course for Earth.      
Workforce, Part I 262 54584.3 21 February 2001
Chakotay, Kim and Neelix return from an away mission to find that the crew has been brainwashed on a planet desperate for a large, content work force, and the captain has fallen in love.      
Workforce, Part II 263 54622.4 28 February 2001
While Chakotay tries to recover the crew, Janeway moves in with her new lover and the Doctor devises tactical plans. The plan's success is left to a brainwashed Janeway to trust Chakotay who she perceives as a criminal.      
Human Error 264 Unknown 07 March 2001
Voyager is traveling through a treacherous region of space, but Seven of Nine is distracted by a holo-program that lets her explore her sexuality with Chakotay.      
Q2 265 54704.5 11 April 2001
When Q brings his son to Voyager to ask his godmother to parent him, Janeway tries to clean up Junior's act. Trying to impress his father, Junior causes a chain of events which wreak havoc amongst neighboring alien civilizations.      
Author, Author 266 54732.3 18 April 2001
The Doctor writes his holo-memoirs and sells them to a publisher in the Alpha Quadrant, turning his crewmates into nasty characters in order to make points about the oppression of holograms.      
Friendship One 267 54775.4 25 April 2001
Starfleet asks Voyager to retrieve an old Earth probe believed missing in the Delta Quadrant. But the probe has wreaked havoc on a local species, which takes Lieutenant Carey hostage and kills him.      
Natural Law 268 54827.7 02 May 2001
Chakotay and Seven are stranded in a primitive enclave on a technologically advanced world. Janeway must decide whether to rescue her crewmembers by taking down the barrier that separates the two societies.      
Homestead 269 54868.6 09 May 2001
Neelix tries to rescue a colony of besieged Talaxians and decides to stay in the Delta Quadrant with his own species, serving as a long-distance ambassador for Starfleet.      
Renaissance Man 270 54890.7 16 May 2001
The captain acts very strangely after returning from an away mission with the Doctor, who also acts strangely, as do Chakotay and Torres in turn. It turns out that the Doctor is taking on the personalities of other crewmembers to save the captain from a ransom demand.      
Endgame, Part I & II 271 & 272 Unknown 23 May 2001
A future Admiral Janeway visits present day Captain Janeway telling her of a plan to finally get the stranded crew home. The crew act with mixed feelings when they discover they must traverse a Borg infested nebula.      
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