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Star Trek: Voyager - Season Six

Title Prod # Stardate Original US Airdate
Equinox, Part II 221 Unknown 22 September 1999
Janeway pursues Ransom with a vengeance - dismissing the interests of her crew, relieving Chakotay of duty, and threatening the life of an Equinox crewmember in her effort to bring the renegade captain to justice.      
Survival Instinct 222 53049.2 29 September 1999
Three former Borg drones from Seven of Nine's unimatrix track her down, hoping she can help them break free from the neural link that ties them together.      
Barge of the Dead 223 Unknown 06 October 1999
Torres has a near-death experience in a shuttle, and after having a series of hallucinations, travels to the Klingon Barge of the Dead, where she must fight to save her mother from spending eternity in Hell.      
Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy 224 Unknown 13 October 1999
The Doctor has fantasies of running the ship and being desirable to all its women, but when aliens tap into his daydreams, he must work to make them real.      
Alice 226 Unknown 20 October 1999
Tom Paris falls in love with a ship that connects to him neurogenically, then appears to him as an attractive woman. Becoming addicted, Tom leaves Voyager with "Alice" and the crew must figure out a method of countering the addiction.      
Riddles 227 53263.2 03 November 1999
After an alien attack strips him of his Vulcan memories, inhibitions and control, Tuvok turns to Neelix for help and insight only to experience a completely uncharacteristic chain of events.      
Dragon's Teeth 225 53167.9 10 November 1999
When Seven of Nine awakes a race of dormant aliens in stasis for centuries, an ancient struggle to control subspace is revived as well, with Voyager caught firmly in the middle.      
One Small Step 228 53292.7 17 November 1999
Voyager encounters an anomaly which swallowed up the command module of the first manned Mars expedition in 2032. Chakotay, Paris and Seven set out to rescue the module but soon end up caught in the same anomaly which crippled the ancient vessel decades before.      
The Voyager Conspiracy 229 Unknown 24 November 1999
When Seven of Nine downloads the entire Voyager database, she believes she has discovered conspiracies involving Starfleet, the Maquis, and the Caretaker. She spreads paranoia among the command staff until they realize that they must communicate in order to untangle the theories and discover that the most efficient way to gain knowledge is often not the most accurate.      
Pathfinder 230 Unknown 01 December 1999
Deanna Troi visits Reginald Barclay, who has an idea about how to contact the Voyager crew, but Admiral Paris, Tom's father, thinks he has relapsed into holo-addiction.      
Fair Haven 231 Unknown 12 January 2000
Janeway falls in love with a holocharacter in a holo-program created by Tom Paris, but comes to her senses and deletes him when she learns how obsessed she has become.      
Blink of an Eye 233 Unknown 19 January 2000
Civilizations rise and fall in minutes, developing weapons that can destroy Voyager before the ship can get away from the rapidly evolving planet. At the same time, the Doctor beams down to investigate the civilization and ends up spending the equivalent of a lifetime there.      
Virtuoso 234 53556.4 26 January 2000
An advanced race discovers music via the Doctor's singing and begins to treat him like a superstar. When the Doctor's ego grows too large, he abruptly announces he's leaving the ship, and cuts all ties with his former crewmates.      
Memorial 236 Unknown 02 February 2000
Voyager crewmembers return from an away mission experiencing repressed memories of having participated in a massacre. They soon realize something is amiss when the rest of the crew start to experience the same vivid thoughts...      
Tsunkatse 232 53447.2 09 February 2000
When Seven of Nine and Tuvok are captured on shore leave, Seven finds herself forced to face down a devastatingly powerful opponent in a match of Tsunkatse, a game which is played to the death.      
Collective 235 Unknown 16 February 2000
When Voyager encounters a derelict Borg Cube, a group of partially assimilated Borg youngsters try to seize the ship's deflector dish and Seven of Nine is left to negotiate with them.      
Spirit Folk 237 Unknown 23 February 2000
The people of Fair Haven develop enough sentience to accuse Voyager crewmembers of witchcraft; when Janeway seems more worried about saving Michael Sullivan than Paris and Kim, Torres reminds the captain that while her lover can be reprogrammed, Tom and Harry can't.      
Ashes to Ashes 238 53679.4 01 March 2000
A dead crewmember with whom Harry Kim was once in love returns in a body reanimated by aliens. However Lindsay Ballard must face a difficult decision when her alien family returns to claim her.      
Child's Play 239 Unknown 08 March 2000
When Voyager tracks down the parents of the young ex-Borg drone Icheb, Seven of Nine has trouble trusting the boy's parents to care for him. Her concerns are soon justified when they attempt to send Icheb back to the collective.      
Good Shepherd 240 53753.2 15 March 2000
Janeway goes on an away mission in the Delta Flyer with three misfit crewmembers from the lower decks who, according to Seven, are constant underperformers. When the mission runs into difficulty, Janeway's leadership skills are needed more than ever.      
Live Fast and Prosper 242 53849.2 19 April 2000
A troupe of alien con artists pose as Janeway, Chakotay and Tuvok in their mock up "Delta Flyer" in order to take advantage of other species riding on Voyager's good name.      
Muse 244 53896 26 April 2000
Torres crashes on an alien world and becomes the inspiration for a playwright trying to inspire peace for his people who are embroiled in a bloody war between factions.      
Fury 241 Unknown 03 May 2000
The return of a vengeful Kes sparks disaster for Voyager. This Kes blames Janeway for her premature evolution and the loss of her youth and will stop at nothing to take revenge on the crew.      
Life Line 243 Unknown 10 May 2000
Learning that his inventor is dying, the Doctor has his program transmitted back to the Alpha Quadrant to try to save him. There he meets Troi and Barclay who, having already tried to convince Zimmerman to seek treatment, are doubtful about the chance of success from the Doctor.      
The Haunting of Deck Twelve 245 Unknown 17 May 2000
As Voyager enters a nebula the ship goes to grey mode and Neelix tells ghost stories to the Borg children whose regeneration cycles have been disrupted. He tells of a creature who once took over the ship and then admits that he made up the whole thing. However after the children are safely tucked into their alcoves again Voyager leaves the nebula after releasing the creature to it's new home.      
Unimatrix Zero, Part I 246 Unknown 24 May 2000
Seven of Nine encounters a past lover in a secret Borg hideaway where drones maintain their individuality; Janeway seeks to foster a resistance movement among them.      
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