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Star Trek: Voyager - Season Five

Title Prod # Stardate Original US Airdate
Night 195 52081.2 14 October 1998
In a completely dark area of space where no stars are visible, Janeway must cope first with depression, then with an unknown alien menace which threatens to destroy Voyager if they intervene in the annihilation of another species.      
Drone 196 Unknown 21 October 1998
Seven of Nine's Borg nanoprobes and the Doctor's portable emitter interface in a transporter accident to create a highly advanced Borg drone who summons the attentions of the Collective.      
Extreme Risk 197 Unknown 28 October 1998
As the crew readies the new Delta Flyer shuttle for launch, Torres begins taking dangerous risks with her life in reaction to the news that most of her Maquis friends back in the Alpha Quadrant have been slaughtered by the Cardassians.      
In the Flesh 198 52136.4 04 November 1998
The crew encounters an exact duplicate of Earth complete with humans at Starfleet Headquarters...who turn out to be altered members of Species 8472.      
Once Upon a Time 199 Unknown 11 November 1998
While Samantha Wildman is missing with an away team on a dangerous shuttle mission, Naomi Wildman is distracted by Neelix with a The Adventures of Flotter holoprogram.      
Timeless 201 52143.6 18 November 1998
Fifteen years in the future, Chakotay and Kim are the only survivors of a failed attempt to use slipstream technology to get back to Earth. Having found Voyager buried beneath the ice of a frozen planet, they set out to change history.      
Infinite Regress 203 52188.7 25 November 1998
The personalities of individuals which Seven of Nine has assimilated begin to resurface, giving her the Borg equivalent of multiple personality disorder.      
Nothing Human 200 Unknown 02 December 1998
When Torres is attacked by a cytoplasmic alien, the Doctor creates a hologram of a Cardassian doctor to help treat her, then learns that the doctor may have tortured Bajorans.      
Thirty Days 202 52179.4 09 December 1998
Voyager discovers an ocean in space, but when Tom Paris tries to protect it from its own inhabitants, he loses his rank and is confined to the brig for a month.      
Counterpoint 204 Unknown 16 December 1998
When Voyager harbors telepathic refugees, a high-ranking alien investigator seeks to defect, and gets close to Janeway as they work to escape his former peers.      
Latent Image 206 Unknown 20 January 1999
The Doctor discovers that his program has been tampered with, then learns that the captain ordered portions of his memory erased to protect him from a devastating ethical dilemma.      
Bride of Chaotica! 207 Unknown 27 January 1999
When aliens from another dimension infiltrate Voyager and trigger a war in the Captain Proton holonovel, Janeway pretends to be Queen Arachnia to rescue her ship.      
Gravity 205 52438.9 03 February 1999
Paris and Tuvok crash on a desolate desert planet where a mysterious woman helps them survive; meanwhile, the ship discovers that the missing crewmembers are caught in a gravometric vortex which distorts their perception of the passage of time.      
Bliss 209 52542.3 10 February 1999
The crew finds a wormhole which appears to lead to the Alpha Quadrant, but Seven of Nine and Naomi Wildman realize that appearances can be deceiving.      
Dark Frontier, Part I 211 52619.2 17 February 1999
Janeway's plan to steal a transwarp coil from the Borg goes awry when the Borg Queen attempts to retrieve Seven of Nine by threatening to assimilate the entire crew.      
Dark Frontier, Part II 212 52619.2 17 February 1999
The crew launch a plan to rescue Seven of Nine from the Borg Queen. Meanwhile, the Queen is attempting to lure Seven back to the ideals of the Collective, starting with the assimilation of humanity...      
The Disease 210 Unknown 24 February 1999
Harry Kim's affair with an alien woman draws Voyager into a volatile situation aboard a generational ship coming apart at the seams. When Janeway orders Harry to break up the relationship, he goes out of his way to disobey her.      
Course: Oblivion 213 52586.3 03 March 1999
The bio-mimetic duplicate crew attempt to go about their merry way as Paris and Torres get married, but a horrible fate befalls them just as they find a quick way back to Earth.      
The Fight 208 Unknown 24 March 1999
While the ship is trapped in Chaotic Space, Chakotay hallucinates that he is a boxer being trained by Boothby for a confrontation with an unknown alien opponent.      
Think Tank 214 Unknown 31 March 1999
An alien collective offers to help Janeway and crew out of a jam with bounty hunters if Seven of Nine will join them in exchange for their assistance.      
Juggernaut 215 Unknown 26 April 1999
A Malon garbage ship about to explode could contaminate a large area of space unless a temperamental Torres can work with the Malon to defuse it. However she's unaware of the legend surrounding the Malon Bogeyman...      
Someone to Watch Over Me 216 52647 28 April 1999
When the Doctor teaches Seven of Nine about dating, dancing, music and romance as part of a bet with Paris, he soon finds himself falling in love with her.      
11:59 217 Unknown 05 May 1999
In December 2000, one of Kathryn Janeway's favorite ancestors must overcome one man's resistance to the building of the Millennium Gate on Earth.      
Relativity 218 52861.274 12 May 1999
Captain Braxton returns from the 29th century, forcing Seven of Nine to track a temporal disrupter which will ultimately destroy Voyager unless she is successful.      
Warhead 219 Unknown 19 May 1999
The Doctor's program is taken over by an artificially intelligent missile determined to use Voyager to complete its deadly mission - the destruction of an entire civilization.      
Equinox, Part I 220 Unknown 26 May 1999
Federation science vessel Equinox is found in the Delta Quadrant, but Voyager's crew quickly realizes that something's more wrong with it than subspace fissures.      
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