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Star Trek: Voyager - Season One

Title Prod # Stardate Original US Airdate
Caretaker, Part I & II 101 & 102 48315.6 16 January 1995
While pursuing a Maquis ship lost in the Badlands, Voyager encounters a displacement wave which throws the vessel 70,000 light years from Federation space. Janeway asks the Maquis for help in discovering where they are and how they got there. Upon learning that the array responsible for their trip to the Delta Quadrant will be used to eradicate a nearby civilization, Janeway elects to destroy the technology instead of returning home.      
Parallax 103 48439.7 23 January 1995
While Janeway and Chakotay argue about who should replace the dead chief engineer, Voyager encounters a ship caught inside a quantum singularity. The ship is Voyager, displaced over several hours of time due to the temporal nature of the anomaly. The captain and B'Elanna Torres work together to free it and the former Maquis becomes chief engineer.      
Time and Again 104 Unknown 30 January 1995
Investigating an explosion which has leveled an entire planet, Janeway and Paris are caught in a space-time fissure and thrown back in time a day before the cataclysm. While the crew attempts to rescue them, Janeway tries to find a way to escape without interfering with the timeline.      
Phage 105 48532.4 06 February 1995
Neelix is attacked on an away mission by an alien who removes his lungs. Janeway sets out in pursuit and learns that the aliens, the Vidiians, suffer from a deadly phage which is slowly destroying their population, so they harvest organs from other species to survive.      
The Cloud 106 48546.2 13 February 1995
Voyager encounters a particle-rich nebula which the crew hopes can resupply their decreasing stores, but the nebula turns out to be a living creature which Voyager damages by firing one of its 32 limited photon torpedoes. As the Doctor and Torres work to heal the life form, Chakotay introduces Janeway to her animal guide and Harry Kim invites her to shoot pool in Sandrine's.      
Eye of the Needle 107 48579.4 20 February 1995
Voyager encounters a wormhole which leads to the Alpha Quadrant. When they send a message buoy through, it is intercepted by a Romulan officer who comes from twenty years in Voyager's past.      
Ex Post Facto 108 Unknown 27 February 1995
Paris is tried for an alien murder and sentenced to relive the dead man's final moments every hour for the rest of his life; Tuvok launches an investigation.      
Emanations 109 48623.5 13 March 1995
Kim is accidentally transported to a way-station for the dying where the aliens believe he has returned from the dead. In his stead, Voyager beams aboard a dying alien, who teaches them the belief systems of her people so that they can find their ensign.      
Prime Factors 110 48642.5 20 March 1995
Voyager is invited to Sikarius, a luxurious planet with the technology to transport people over thousands of light years. Janeway wants to use their technology to get her crew home; when she learns that that would be against local law, Torres and Tuvok conspire to get the technology behind her back.      
State of Flux 111 48658.2 10 April 1995
Voyager discovers a Kazon ship destroyed by Federation technology, and Seska becomes the prime suspect for having given it to them. An investigation reveals not only that she betrayed Voyager, but that she was born Cardassian.      
Heroes and Demons 112 48693.2 24 April 1995
The Doctor enters a holonovel initiated by Kim which has caused several crewmembers to disappear on the holodeck. By playing out the events of Beowulf and confronting the villain Grendel, he saves the crewmembers.      
Cathexis 113 48734.2 01 May 1995
Tuvok returns from an away mission with a comatose Chakotay. As the Doctor tries to treat the First Officer, members of the crew are possessed to take inexplicable actions aimed at diverting the ship and harming other crewmen.      
Faces 114 48784.2 08 May 1995
The Vidiians abduct Torres and split her into her Klingon and Human halves, hoping that the Klingon DNA may provide a cure for the phage. While the crew mounts a mission to rescue her and Paris, who was taken prisoner with her, Torres' two selves have to work together to break free from the captors.      
Jetrel 115 48832.1 15 May 1995
The man who invented the Metrion Cascade, a deadly weapon which destroyed Neelix's home planet of Rinax, comes aboard Voyager claiming to seek test subjects for an innovative treatment for a disease caused by exposure to the weapon. His real agenda is even more surprising: he thinks he has found a way to recover all the victims of his holocaust.      
Learning Curve 116 48846.5 22 May 1995
Tuvok attempts to train four Maquis crewmembers who are having difficulty following Starfleet protocols. He intends to make them conform to his standards, but ends up discovering that he makes a far more effective teacher by learning to compromise.      
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