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Star Trek - Season Three

Title Prod # Stardate Original US Airdate
Spock's Brain 61 5431.2 20 September 1968
A woman appears on the Enterprise, incapacitates the crew, and removes Mr. Spock's brain. Captain Kirk leads a landing party to Sigma Draconis VI where the crew finds the males and females of the planet to be totally separated, leaving us all to wonder "what do they want with Spock's brain?"      
The Enterprise Incident 59 5027.3 27 September 1968
An unusually restless Captain Kirk suddenly orders the Enterprise into Romulan territory where the ship is quickly surrounded by enemy forces.      
The Paradise Syndrome 58 4842.6 04 October 1968
When an asteroid threatens to destroy a primitive civilization, Captain Kirk is stricken with amnesia and mistaken for a God by the natives. Calling himself "Kirok", the only thing he can remember of his real life, he takes a wife named Miramanee who soon caries his child.      
And the Children Shall Lead 60 5029.5 11 October 1968
The Enterprise finds the Starnes expedition to Triacus dead with the exception of their children, who grieve no loss for their parents. But are the children really emotionless or are they being controlled by an evil alien?      
Is There In Truth No Beauty? 62 5630.7 18 October 1968
The Enterprise picks up Kollos, an ambassador from the Medusan race -- a species so ugly as to cause insanity to those who look at them, along with specialist Laurence Marvick and telepath Dr. Miranda Jones. When Marvick attempts to kill Kollos, he goes mad and steers the Enterprise into an unexplored region.      
Spectre of the Gun 56 4385.3 25 October 1968
Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy, Scotty and Chekov are put in the roles of the Clanton gang by the Melkotians as punishment for trespassing in their space and face a showdown with the Earps at the O.K. Corral.      
Day of the Dove 66 Unknown 01 November 1968
All out mayhem sweeps through the Enterprise when the Starfleet crew are pitted against a Klingon crew by an alien that thrives on the hate of others.      
For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky 65 5476.3 08 November 1968
When Dr. McCoy is stricken with xenopolycythemia, a terminal disease and learns he has a year to live, he retires from Starfleet, but not before the Enterprise encounters the asteroid-ship Yonada, on a collision course with a Federation planet.      
The Tholian Web 64 5693.2 15 November 1968
The Enterprise encounters the U.S.S. Defiant slipping into the mirror universe and the ship's crew brutally murdered by their own hands. But before the landing party can escape, Captain Kirk is pulled into interspace along with the Defiant. In order to save the captain, Mr. Spock risks the Enterprise in a battle with the Tholians.      
Plato's Stepchildren 67 5784.2 22 November 1968
On the planet Platonius, the Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Lieutenant Uhura and Nurse Chapel become the toys of the telekinetic Platonians, who hold Dr. McCoy in their custody.      
Wink of an Eye 68 5710.5 29 November 1968
The super-accelerated Scalosians, invisible to the naked eye, plan to use the Enterprise crew to sustain their civilization. When Ensign Compton and Captain Kirk drink the Scalosian water, they super-accelerate into the "Scalosian realm."      
The Empath 63 5121.5 06 December 1968
On a planet in the Minaran star system, Kirk, Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy encounter a mute alien, whom McCoy names "Gem" and the Vians, who torture the crew.      
Elaan of Troyius 57 4372.5 20 December 1968
The Enterprise transports the Dohlman of Elas, Elaan, to her wedding with the leader of the planet Troyius, but when Captain Kirk falls under the spell of Elaan's tears, it leaves the Enterprise vulnerable to a Klingon attack.      
Whom Gods Destroy 71 5718.3 03 January 1969
Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock are held hostage by Captain Garth, one of Kirk's heroes, but also an insane man who has captured the Elba II insane asylum.      
Let That Be Your Last Battlefield 70 5730.2 10 January 1969
Commissioner Bele pursues Lokai, both from the planet Cheron, aboard the Enterprise. But when Bele tries to take control of the ship, Captain Kirk has no choice but to arm the vessel's self-destruct sequence.      
The Mark of Gideon 72 5423.4 17 January 1969
On a diplomatic mission to the planet Gideon, a world plagued by overpopulation, Captain Kirk is captured and trapped inside an exact duplicate of the Enterprise with O'Donna, a Gideon woman he finds there.      
That Which Survives 69 Unknown 24 January 1969
Captain Kirk, Dr. McCoy and Sulu are trapped on an unexplored planet with a woman who has looks that could kill and a touch that certainly does, while the Enterprise screams through space on a warp factor to destruction.      
The Lights of Zetar 73 5725.3 31 January 1969
While transporting Lieutenant Mira Romaine to Memory Alpha, the Enterprise is invaded by a mysterious energy storm that attacks the young officer.      
Requiem for Methuselah 76 5843.7 14 February 1969
On a desperate search for ryetalyn to cure the Enterprise of Rigellian Fever, Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy encounter Flint, a man who is more than he appears and his daughter Rayna, whom Kirk takes a liking to.      
The Way to Eden 75 5832.3 21 February 1969
The Enterprise takes aboard insane Dr. Sevrin and his group of "hippie" followers on their quest to find the planet Eden, including one who is a long-lost-love of Ensign Chekov.      
The Cloud Minders 74 5818.4 28 February 1969
On the planet Ardana, the Enterprise finds class inequities between the rulers of the planet who live in the cloud city of Stratos and the working class Troglytes who toil on the surface.      
The Savage Curtain 77 5906.4 07 March 1969
A replica of Abraham Lincoln invites Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock to beam down to the planet Excalbia where they meet Surak of Vulcan and are pitted against Colonel Green, Zora, Genghis Khan and Kahless the Unforgettable in a battle of good versus evil.      
All Our Yesterdays 78 5943.7 14 March 1969
On a mission to investigate the planet Sarpedion, whose sun is about to go nova, Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy are pulled into the planet's past; Kirk into a time of witchcraft and superstition and Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy into the Sarpedion ice age where they meet a beautiful woman named Zarabeth.      
Turnabout Intruder 79 5928.5 03 June 1969
Dr. Janice Lester forcibly trades bodies with Captain Kirk to obtain what she always wanted: command of a starship, but when "Captain Kirk" begins to exhibit strange behaviour, the Enterprise crew turn to mutiny. In this final adventure, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy and Scotty are sentenced to death by what appears to be their captain.      
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