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Star Trek - Season One

Title Prod # Stardate Original US Airdate
The Cage 1 N/A Never aired
When Captain Pike and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise are lured to the distant planet Talos IV, they are exposed to a race of powerful beings capable of creating powerfully realistic illusions. Pike must battle within his own mind in order to free himself and defeat his captors.      
The Man Trap 6 1513.1 08 September 1966
Visiting the planet M-113, the crew are shocked by a serious of mysterious deaths onboard the Enterprise. It soon becomes clear that an old flame of Dr. McCoy's is in fact the last surviving member of a shape-shifting species who crave salt. Kirk and Spock must convince the Doctor that his former love is a dangerous murderer...      
Charlie X 8 1533.6 15 September 1966
Unbeknownst to the crew of the Enterprise, Charles Evans is in fact a human with dangerously powerful psionic powers. He soon creates havoc onboard ship and terrorises the crew. Kirk must put Charlie back in his place whilst at the same time, avoid one of his deadly teenage mood swings.      
Where No Man Has Gone Before 2 1312.4 22 September 1966
When the Enterprise crosses an energy barrier at the edge of the galaxy, Captain Kirk's life long friend Gary Mitchell is transformed into a godlike being determined to "rule" over his inferior human crewmates. Kirk is left with no option but to abandon Mitchell on an uninhabited mining colony, however it soon becomes clear Mitchell has other plans...      
The Naked Time 7 1704.2 29 September 1966
Returning from planet Psi 2000, a landing party inadvertently spreads a rampant disease which has a feverish intoxicating effect on the crew. Seemingly harmless at first, Kirk must race to find a cure when Lieutenant Riley seizes control of Engineering and places the Enterprise directly in the path of destruction.      
The Enemy Within 5 1672.1 06 October 1966
A transporter accident splits Kirk into two separate beings - one good, one evil. Whilst the evil half of the Captain runs riot on the ship committing violent acts, the good Kirk is weakening and finds himself unable to make command decisions. Scotty has a solution in mind, but there's no guarantee the Captain will survive.      
Mudd's Women 4 1329.1 13 October 1966
The Enterprise rescues galactic rogue Harcourt Fenton Mudd and a bevy of beauties from a ship in distress. Before Kirk can charge Mudd with numerous crimes, the Enterprise is thrown into turmoil with the burning out of its' lithium crystals. Kirk makes haste to the nearest mining colony where he makes a damning discovery about Mudd's "cargo"...      
What Are Little Girls Made Of? 10 2712.4 20 October 1966
Visiting planet Exo III, Nurse Chapel is reunited with her long lost fiancé, Dr. Roger Korby. However when Kirk is kidnapped and duplicated by one of Korby's home-made androids, the crew is placed in an impossible predicament of picking out the real captain.      
Miri 12 2713.5 27 October 1966
Responding to an ancient distress call, the Enterprise discovers a group of abandoned children on the surface of a planet which exactly duplicates 1960s Earth. Dr. McCoy soon realises that all the adults have been wiped out by a deadly disease - a disease which soon makes it way to the unsuspecting landing party.      
Dagger of the Mind 11 2715.1 03 November 1966
Dr Simon Van Gelder "escapes" from the psychiatric team on the Tantalus Penal Colony and causes Dr. McCoy sufficient concern to demand Kirk looks into the colony's professional methods. McCoy's concerns are soon found to be warranted when Kirk is kidnapped and subjected to a deadly Neural Neutralizer.      
The Corbomite Maneuver 3 1512.2 10 November 1966
The Enterprise becomes trapped by a huge crystalline-type vessel whose menacing commander swiftly informs Kirk that he has trespassed into the territory of the First Federation and must face destruction. Kirk must think fast in order to save his ship, but soon faces another problem when the previously menacing alien commander turns out to be a mere child.      
The Menagerie, Part I 16 3012.4 17 November 1966
The crew meet the Enterprise's former commander, Captain Pike at Starbase 11 only to find he has been severely crippled by radiation burns. Spock inexplicably kidnaps Pike and takes control of the Enterprise, locking it into a course for the quarantined planet Talos IV.      
The Menagerie, Part II 16 3013.1 24 November 1966
Kirk and Commodore Mendez are forced to court martial Spock for his actions but soon discover the enigmatic Talosians, first encountered by Captain Pike years earlier, have once again been making their presence felt.      
The Conscience of the King 13 2817.6 08 December 1966
When a number of crewmembers and planetary personnel are found dead or poisoned, the visiting playwright Anton Karidian is put in the frame for mass genocide on Tarsus IV.      
Balance of Terror 9 1709.2 15 December 1966
The Enterprise is forced into a deadly game of "cat and mouse" when a Romulan bird of prey is spotted close to Federation territory. Kirk must outwit the highly intelligent Romulan Commander if he is to stand any chance of saving his crew.      
Shore Leave 17 3025.3 29 December 1966
Enjoying a much needed shore leave, the crew soon discover their fantasies are turning into reality with the appearance of imaginary characters from Alice in Wonderland. Things soon turn dangerous with the appearance of a deadly knight who swiftly kills Dr. McCoy...      
The Galileo Seven 14 2821.5 05 January 1967
The Galileo shuttlecraft is pulled off course from investigating the quasar phenomenon of Murasaki 312 and crash-lands on an uncharted planet. The seven crewmembers, led by Commander Spock, soon find they are not alone on the planet.      
The Squire of Gothos 18 2124.5 12 January 1967
Discovering a planet which seems to have appeared from nowhere, the Enterprise crew encounter Trelane a, a humanoid with tremendous psionic powers and a passion for Earth's 18th-century military history.      
Arena 19 3045.6 19 January 1967
Pursuing a Gorn ship responsible for the destruction of an entire Earth colony, the Enterprise is forced into an encounter with the Metreons, a powerful race who abhor violence. They place Kirk and the Gorn captain on a desolate world where they are left to fight to the death.      
Tomorrow Is Yesterday 21 3113.2 26 January 1967
When the U.S.S. Enterprise is thrown into a time warp, it ends up orbiting Earth in the 20th century. However when the Enterprise accidentally destroys a fighter plane, Kirk must think up a plan to return it's captain to Earth without being discovered.      
Court Martial 15 2947.3 02 February 1967
Kirk is ordered to face a Court Martial on Starbase 11 when the circumstances surrounding a crewman's death are thrown into doubt. Kirk's lawyer Samuel T. Cogley must call on the assistance of the Enterprise crew in order to clear Kirk's name.      
The Return of the Archons 22 3156.2 09 February 1967
Investigating the disappearance of the U.S.S. Archon 100 years earlier, Kirk discovers the entire culture on planet Beta III is controlled by a group of 'lawgivers' known as "The Body" who are, in turn, controlled by the omniscient Landru.      
Space Seed 24 3141.9 16 February 1967
The Enterprise comes across the ancient sleeper ship S.S. Botany Bay left over from Earth's Eugenics Wars. Discovering a number of humans in stasis pods aboard the ship, Kirk orders for them to revived. However when their leader, Khan, attempts to seize control of the Enterprise, Kirk is left powerless.      
A Taste of Armageddon 23 3192.1 23 February 1967
Picking up a Starfleet Ambassador, the Enterprise steps into the middle of a war between two neighboring planets. Unable to convince the warring parties to call a cease fire, Kirk is placed in an impossible situation when one of the sides claims the Enterprise as a "casualty of war".      
This Side of Paradise 25 3417.3 02 March 1967
Visiting planet Omicron Ceti III, Spock is subjected to mysterious plant spores. The spores serve to break down Spock's inhibitions and soon he has declared his love for his former colleague Leila Kalomi, and expresses a deep desire to remain on the planet.      
The Devil in the Dark 26 3196.1 09 March 1967
Investigating reports of a mysterious creature threatening the mines of Janus VI, Kirk and Spock are brought face to face with the silicon-based Horta. Initiating a mind-meld with the being, Spock soon discovers the startling reason for the Horta's actions...      
Errand of Mercy 27 3198.4 23 March 1967
Visiting the planet Organia, the Enterprise is plunged into a desperate situation with a number of Klingon vessels who quickly converge on it's position. Displeased by the outbreak of violence, the Organians reveal themselves to be powerful creatures of pure energy who have a surprising solution to the hostilities...      
The Alternative Factor 20 3087.6 30 March 1967
After a disconcerting period of "nonexistence", Kirk finds a man called Lazarus who claims to be the cause of the distortion and is chasing an enemy with the aid of a time/space craft. However when he demands the Enterprise's dilithium crystals to continue his search, Kirk is left with a dilemma.      
The City on the Edge of Forever 28 3134.0 06 April 1967
While investigating mysterious time ripples in orbit of an unexplored planet, Dr. McCoy accidentally injects himself with an overdose of cordrazine. Escaping from the Enterprise, he jumps through a time portal called the Guardian of Forever, back to Earth's past, where he changes history erasing the Enterprise and the Federation from history.      
Operation -- Annihilate! 29 3287.2 13 April 1967
Arriving at planet Deneva, the Enterprise crew discover the population has been devastated by large, amoeba-like aliens that attack humans and intertwine themselves with the body's nervous system.      
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