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Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season Seven

Title Prod # Stardate Original US Airdate
Descent, Part II 253 47025.4 20 September 1993
Taken prisoner by Lore and the Borg, an away team consisting of Picard, Troi and Geordi is trapped while the Enterprise is attacked in orbit. Beverly beams aboard as many of the Enterprise search parties from the planet below as she can and is forced to retreat.      
Liaisons 254 Unknown 27 September 1993
An Iyaaran delegation visits the Enterprise for a diplomatic function. A shuttle transporting Picard crash-lands on a planet covered with violent storms. A woman, who has been stranded on the planet for seven years, gets Picard to shelter inside a crashed freighter.      
Interface 255 47215.5 04 October 1993
A new interface is being tested by Geordi to control unmanned probe, and comes in useful when the Enterprise investigates the loss of the starship Raman. During the mission, Picard receives word that the starship Hera, commanded by Geordi's mother has disappeared.      
Gambit, Part I 256 47135.2 11 October 1993
Riker, Troi, Worf and Crusher are searching for the missing Captain Picard. A Yridian claims he witnessed Picard's death in a seedy bar after an argument with a group of aliens. Chasing a lead, a well-armed group of aliens ambushes an away team, and Riker is captured.      
Gambit, Part II 257 47160.1 18 October 1993
Picard discovers that Baran's gang is not looking for Romulan artefacts, but for ancient Vulcan artefacts. When Picard realises what the artefact is capable of, he must act quickly, and leads a mutiny among the mercenaries.      
Phantasms 258 47225.7 25 October 1993
Data experiences his first nightmare full of disturbing imagery he feels he should not ignore. His friends don't think it's anything to worry about, until Data's nightmare visions drive him to commit acts of violence.      
Dark Page 259 47254.1 01 November 1993
Lwaxana visits the Enterprise again along with a delegation of Cairn. To prepare them for their meeting with the Federation council, Mrs. Troi is trying to help the Cairn learn to speak. Not long after Deanna notices her mother experiencing brief episodes of intense anguish.      
Attached 260 47304.2 08 November 1993
Beaming down to meet with representatives of the Kes, Picard and Beverly are kidnapped by the neighbouring Prytt, who believe the potential affiliation with the Federation to be a military pact. Fitted with implants, the two officers soon find themselves mentally linked.      
Force of Nature 261 47310.2 15 November 1993
While investigating the disappearance of several starships, Picard is advised that warp-drive is threatening the stability of the surrounding space for a civilization, and must consider the fact that future warp-travel may not be possible.      
Inheritance 262 47410.2 22 November 1993
On a mission to save an endangered planet, the Enterprise is visited by Dr. Juliana Tainer. The first chance that she has to speak to Data privately, Tainer reveals herself to be the ex-wife of Dr. Soong and co-designer of Data and Lore.      
Parallels 263 47391.2 29 November 1993
Worf walks right into a surprise party, but notices that something is amiss when events begin contradicting themselves. When his environment changes - Troi suddenly believes she is Worf's wife and Geordi is killed in engineering during a Cardassian assault.      
The Pegasus 264 47457.1 10 January 1994
The Enterprise is ordered to head for an asteroid belt in an area between Romulan and Federation space, with Admiral Pressman aboard. Picard soon realises that Pressman is up to something, and is horrified to learn that Commander Riker is involved.      
Homeward 265 47423.9 17 January 1994
Nikolai Rozhenko, Worf's foster brother, has sent a distress call from his hidden post on Boraal II. Nikolai soon commits a gross breach of the Prime Directive by transporting some Boraalans into a holodeck simulation of the shelter on their world.      
Sub Rosa 266 47423.9 31 January 1994
The Enterprise is visiting Caldos, so Dr. Crusher may attend her grandmother's funeral. Also attending the funeral is an unknown man whose appearance mystifies Crusher. Beverly soon learns that the same man was her grandmother's lover.      
Lower Decks 267 47566.7 07 February 1994
A promotion is nearing for one of a group of four junior officers aboard the Enterprise. Meanwhile, the Enterprise is undertaking a secret mission, the true purpose of which is unknown to the four friends - though each of them has a part to play in this critical event.      
Thine Own Self 268 47611.2 14 February 1994
Data's shuttle crashes on a world inhabited by a primitive race, and his radioactive cargo disrupts his ability to access his memory. Data wanders into the nearest village carrying the case of hazardous materials, with which he unwittingly contaminates everyone.      
Masks 269 47615.2 21 February 1994
Studying an ancient comet, the crew become aware of strange objects appearing. The comet is revealed to be an archaic artifact of an alien civilization. Soon, Data is transformed, exhibiting a number of personalities from the alien archive.      
Eye of the Beholder 270 47622.1 28 February 1994
A young officer commits suicide by leaping into an energy stream in one of the warp nacelles. Trying to find out why, Troi begins investigating the last days of the deceased but soon experiences an inexplicable emotional upheaval.      
Genesis 271 47653.2 21 March 1994
When Picard and Data return from a mission, they find that every inhabitant of the ship has somehow mutated into more primitive forms of life, some dangerous, others not. The cause of this condition is a virus which has now infected Picard.      
Journey's End 272 47751.2 28 March 1994
Starfleet orders the Enterprise to evacuate or otherwise remove a colony of Native American Indians who have settled on an isolated planet which is due to be handed over to the Cardassians according to a treaty which realigns the borders of both races.      
Firstborn 273 47779.4 25 April 1994
As Alexander nears the age of decision, Worf grows worried that the boy will choose to shed his Klingon heritage. Visiting a Klingon outpost during a festival where they encounter a Klingon who calls himself K'Mtar, a bodyguard appointed by Worf's brother.      
Bloodlines 274 47829.1 02 May 1994
Picard receives a threat from his Ferengi adversary Bok who announces his intent to kill Picard's 'son' Jason Vigo. Dr Crusher confirms Jason is Picard's son, and he sets off to track down the young man before Bok carries out his threat.      
Emergence 275 47869.2 09 May 1994
The crew discover a strange modification of the ship's circuitry, one which seems to be tying many disparate systems together. When the ship's systems take measures to protect the anomaly, the truth becomes clear: an intelligence is taking over the Enterprise.      
Preemptive Strike 276 47941.7 16 May 1994
The Enterprise receives a visit from Admiral Nechayev, who delivers Picard the message that Starfleet intends to use Ensign Ro to infiltrate the Maquis. She accepts the mission, posing as an ex-Starfleet defector and gaining the acceptance of the Maquis.      
All Good Things… Part I 277 47988.1 23 May 1994
A disoriented Picard reports that he has been shifting from the present to two specific points in the past and future - seven years ago when he first arrived aboard the Enterprise, and 25 years into the future. In this final adventure, the Next Generation crew must battle to save history.      
All Good Things… Part II 278 47988.1 23 May 1994
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