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Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season Six

Title Prod # Stardate Original US Airdate
Time's Arrow, Part II 227 46001.3 21 September 1992
Data has enlisted the help of Guinan, but has run into some unwelcome curiosity from Samuel Clemens, who trails both Data and Guinan assuming that they've arrived from the future with evil intentions.      
Realm of Fear 228 46041.1 28 September 1992
The Enterprise locates the starship Yosemite, but Lt. Barclay, assigned to an away team, reveals his fear of transporting. Beaming back to the Enterprise later, Barclay is sure he sees some kind of creature in the transport beam approach and touch him.      
Man of the People 229 46071.6 05 October 1992
A transport vessel carrying Ambassador Alkar is attacked en route to mediation sessions. When rescued by the Enterprise, Alkar befriends Troi, who soon begins to feel unusually angry, jealous and amorous toward Alkar and others on board.      
Relics 230 46125.3 12 October 1992
While responding to a distress signal, the Enterprise encounters a Dyson sphere. The source of the distress signal, a transport ship, is found crashed into the outside surface of the sphere. An away team recovers a single survivor, who turns out to be Montgomery Scott.      
Schisms 231 46154.2 19 October 1992
After crew members complain of strange 'ailments', it becomes apparent that an external influence is responsible. Troi investigates and finds that several crew members have complained of symptoms stemming from unsettling dreams.      
True-Q 232 46192.3 26 October 1992
Intern Amanda Rogers is transferred to the Enterprise, when an accident occurs in engineering which almost forces Geordi to blow the warp core but Amanda reverses the catastrophe. Shortly afterward, Q arrives and informs the crew that Amanda is a Q in training.      
Rascals 233 46235.7 02 November 1992
A shuttlecraft carrying Picard, Guinan, Ro and Keiko collides with an energy disturbance and they arrive as children, though their minds are unaffected. Things get worse when the Enterprise is attacked by two Klingon ships which have been taken over by Ferengi.      
A Fistful of Datas 234 46271.5 09 November 1992
Worf joins Alexander him for a wild west adventure on the holodeck with Troi. Meanwhile, Data and Geordi experience a malfunction during a test of Data's ability to interface with the ship's main computer.      
The Quality of Life 235 46307.2 16 November 1992
The Enterprise arrives at Tyrus 7A to observe a new method of mining, the particle fountain. Dr. Farallon, head of the project, introduces her other innovation, a small repair robot called an exocomp. Data soon hypothesizes that the exocomps are living beings with intelligence.      
Chain of Command, Part I 236 46357.4 14 December 1992
Picard, Crusher and Worf get ready for an undercover mission into Cardassian space. Picard tells Worf and Crusher that the Cardassians may be perfecting a nearly invincible new form of biological warfare.      
Chain of Command, Part II 237 46360.8 21 December 1992
Under interrogation by Gul Madred, Picard is tortured in the Cardassians' attempt to find out more about the defenses of Minos Korva, a planet once sought by the Cardassians in their war with the Federation.      
Ship in a Bottle 238 46424.1 25 January 1993
Data and Geordi visit the Sherlock Holmes program, noticing small anomalies. Barclay checks the programming and reactivates a program of Moriarty. Unknown to the crew, he has been alive and aware in the computer's memory the whole time.      
Aquiel 239 46461.3 01 February 1993
The Enterprise crew begins an investigation when the crew of a relay station is discovered missing. In the course of the investigation, Geordi goes through the logs of Lt. Uhnari, and finds signs that she had experienced conflicts with the station's senior officer.      
Face of the Enemy 240 46519.1 08 February 1993
Troi, waking up after being kidnapped, finds herself aboard a Romulan Warbird, posing as a member of Romulan intelligence to participate in a carefully plotted defection attempt by a Vice-Proconsul of the Romulan High Council.      
Tapestry 241 Unknown 15 February 1993
After a meeting with aliens goes wrong, an away team is beamed into sickbay with a dying Picard. He has a near-death vision in the form of a message from Q who informs Picard that his artificial heart is the cause of his death, but he will allow him to change his past.      
Birthright, Part I 242 46578.4 22 February 1993
The Enterprise visits DS9 where Worf encounters a Yridian who claims to know the whereabouts of his father. Data and Geordi assist Dr. Bashir in conducting an analysis of a piece of equipment, and an accidental power overload shuts Data down.      
Birthright, Part II 243 46579.2 01 March 1993
Worf is trapped in a Romulan prison camp and discovers that the occupants of the planet have sacrificed any futures they might have had to settle down into peaceful co-existence.      
Starship Mine 244 46682.4 29 March 1993
The Enterprise stops for a routine decontamination sweep, requiring the evacuation of the ship. Picard decides to return to to collect a riding saddle, but while there, he notices that unauthorized modifications have been made by a team posing as starbase technicians.      
Lessons 245 46693.1 05 April 1993
When Picard goes to the Enterprise's stellar cartography department, he meets Lt. Cmdr. Daren who intrigues him with her unpredictability. They begin to form a relationship, but Picard worries that the rest of the crew might misinterpret it as interfering with his command.      
The Chase 246 46731.5 26 April 1993
Professor Galen comes aboard the Enterprise in an attempt to recruit Picard for a private expedition. Picard turns down Galen's offer, but later finds himself taking up the project when Galen's ship is attacked and destroyed.      
Frame of Mind 247 46778.1 03 May 1993
Riker's rehearsals for an upcoming play about a man in an asylum are punctuated by feelings of paranoia he can't explain. But after the performance of the play, Riker suddenly finds that he is indeed in an asylum and quickly losing his grip on sanity.      
Suspicions 248 46830.1 10 May 1993
Dr. Crusher goes out on a limb by gathering some of the brightest minds in the galaxy to listen to a proposal from Ferengi scientist Reyga for a powerful subspace shield, but when Reyga is found dead, Crusher's neck is very much on the line.      
Rightful Heir 249 46852.2 17 May 1993
Worf journeys to Boreth to meditate in hope of glimpsing a vision of Kahless. Worf and many of the others are surprised when Kahless actually appears and announces his intention to return to the throne and put the Empire back on a path toward honor.      
Second Chances 250 46915.2 24 May 1993
The Enterprise returns to Nervala IV, where eight years ago Riker lead the evacuation of the colony. When Riker returns to the planet, he is amazed to find an exact duplicate of himself, created by the original transportation eight years ago.      
Timescape 251 46944.2 14 June 1993
Returning via runabout from a conference, Picard, Troi, Geordi and Data encounter strange disturbances in time. Finally locating the Enterprise, they find her in an exchange of fire with a Romulan warbird, in a zone of time that moves so slowly it appears to be still.      
Descent, Part I 252 46982.1 21 June 1993
The Enterprise arrives at the site of a Borg attack, only to find the Borg in orbit. The Borg seem to have changed, now possessing some form of individuality and a desire to kill organic life forms.      
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