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Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season Five

Title Prod # Stardate Original US Airdate
Redemption, Part II 201 45020.4 23 September 1991
War erupts between the forces of Gowron and Duras. Picard plans to take starships to the Klingon/Romulan border to act as a blockade against Romulan aid to the Duras followers. Meanwhile, Picard is shocked to discover the identity of Sela.      
Darmok 202 45047.2 s30 September 1991
The Enterprise encounters a Tamarian ship. Soon, the Tamarian Captain vanishes, and Picard is kidnapped via transporter. Both are beamed to the planet, where Picard attempts to communicate, but soon realises there are bigger problems to worry about.      
Ensign Ro 203 45076.3 07 October 1991
Admiral Kennelly assigns the Enterprise to help resolve tensions with the Bajorans who are carrying out terrorist attacks on the Cardassians. Bajoran Ro Laren is assigned to the Enterprise to help, but Ro is abrasive and does not want to be on the ship or the mission.      
Silicon Avatar 204 45122.3 14 October 1991
Riker, Crusher and Data are visiting a colony when the Crystalline Entity appears unexpectedly and attacks, forcing everyone underground. Dr. Marr visits the Enterprise to help track the Entity but soon accuses Data of aiding it.      
Disaster 205 45156.1 21 October 1991
When an undetectable object collides with the ship, emergency systems isolate all the crew where they are. Picard is injured and must rely on scared children; Worf must deliver Keiko's baby and Troi is trapped on the bridge with a minimal crew.      
The Game 206 45208.2 28 October 1991
During a visit from Wesley, a holographic game Riker picked up on a visit to Risa begins to circulate around the ship, making every member of the crew who plays it an addict. When Wes discovers how the game works, he becomes a hunted fugitive on the ship.      
Unification, Part I 208 45236.4 04 November 1991
Ambassador Spock has been seen on Romulus. Picard is assigned to go to Romulus undercover to investigate. The Enterprise goes to Vulcan, where Picard visits Sarek who thinks Spoke has gone to Romulus to start the reunification process.      
Unification, Part II 207 45245.8 11 November 1991
Spock is promoting the idea of reunification of Romulus and Vulcan, but Picard is sceptical with good cause - Romulan Proconsul Neral is plotting with Sela to invade Vulcan with stolen Vulcan ships in the guise of a peace envoy.      
A Matter of Time 209 45349.1 18 November 1991
While rushing to aid a planet threatened by an asteroid, the Enterprise is visited by Rasmussen, who claims to be a 26th century historian. Picard is forced to make a decision that could destroy the planet but is perplexed by Rasmussen's unwillingness to help.      
New Ground 210 45376.3 06 January 1992
The Enterprise is participating in the test of a new method of propulsion, meanwhile Worf's son Alexander visits the ship and is disobedient and even untruthful. However, when disaster strikes Alexander is put in imminent danger.      
Hero Worship 211 45397.3 27 January 1992
Investigating the disappearance of the Starship Vico, the Enterprise crew finds that the vessel is adrift inside a dark matter cluster. A single survivor, young Timothy, is rescued by Data and tries to emulate his lack of emotions.      
Violations 212 45429.3 03 February 1992
A party of telepathic Ullians is visiting the Enterprise. During their visit, Troi reminisces about an earlier encounter with Riker, and then her memory is invaded. Crusher finds Troi in a coma, and she and Riker are soon next to have their memories invaded.      
The Masterpiece Society 213 45470.1 10 February 1992
The Enterprise crew discovers a colony of genetically engineered humans on a planet which is in imminent danger. The colony's leader allows an Enterprise away team to visit their planet who must find a way to save the colony from destruction.      
Conundrum 214 45494.2 17 February 1992
The crew's memories of who they are and everyone else around them are erased. Kieran MacDuff - who mysteriously appeared as soon as the crew's memories were damaged - claims to be First Officer and is intent on waging war.      
Power Play 215 45571.2 24 February 1992
Investigating a 200-year-old distress signal, the Enterprise sends a shuttle with Riker, Troi and Data on board, crash lands. When they return to the ship, Troi, O'Brien and Data take over the ship under the influence of aliens from the planet.      
Ethics 216 45587.3 02 March 1992
Critically injured in an accident, Worf is paralyzed from the waist down. The visiting Dr. Russell sees Worf's injury as a perfect chance to test her new device, which can - in theory - replicate entire organs. Crusher disagrees, claiming Russell's device is experimental.      
The Outcast 217 45614.6 16 March 1992
Assisting the androgynous J'naii in a search for a shuttle, Riker and J'naii pilot Soren take a shuttlecraft into a 'null zone' to investigate, a trip on which Soren reveals to Riker that she is one of a group of outlaws who embrace the genders of male and female.      
Cause and Effect 218 45652.1 23 March 1992
The crew's regular poker game suddenly feels too familiar to Crusher who experiences deja vu. The Enterprise is charting the Typhon Expanise when the ship's systems fail, hurling it onto a collision course with another starship... the Enterprise has been destroyed.      
The First Duty 219 45703.9 30 March 1992
As the Enterprise arrives back at Earth, news reaches Picard and Crusher that an accident has happened involving Wesley which has injured four pilots and killed one. An inquiry is launched, and Wesley is forced to lie under oath.      
Cost of Living 220 45733.6 20 April 1992
A metal-consuming substance transfers to the hull of the Enterprise when Lwaxana Troi beams aboard on her way to get married to Minister Campio. She soon begins to interfere with Worf's relationship with Alexander, showing the boy how to rebel against authority.      
The Perfect Mate 221 45761.3 27 April 1992
The Enterprise continues its mission to take cargo - an unusual cocoon - to meet Alrik of Volt so that two worlds can end centuries of conflict. Two Ferengi damage the cocoon, which melts away to reveal the empath Kamala who mistakes Picard for her mate.      
Imaginary Friend 222 45832.1 04 May 1992
An energy form enters the Enterprise, and materializes just as young Clara Sutter imagines imaginary friend Isabella to be. Meanwhile, other energy-beings begin to weave a web of strands around the ship.      
I, Borg 223 45854.2 11 May 1992
The Enterprise detects a distress call and finds a single survivor amidst the wreckage of a Borg scout ship. As Picard is faced with a reminder of his ordeal, he argues with Guinan about the ethics of sending the Borg back as a weapon to wipe out the Collective.      
The Next Phase 224 45092.4 18 May 1992
When a Romulan ship is stranded, Geordi and Ro are apparently lost in a transporter malfunction, and the rest of the crew assume they are dead. They awaken on the Enterprise, able to pass through solid walls due to their molecules being 'phased'.      
The Inner Light 225 45944.1 01 June 1992
The Enterprise discovers an alien probe knocking Picard unconscious. He wakes as Kamin, an astronomer on the planet Kataan, discovering in the process that Kataan faces imminent destruction from a sun about to go nova.      
Time's Arrow, Part I 226 45959.1 15 June 1992
The Enterprise crew is amazed to find Data's head among artefacts in an excavation site. Data must now begin to deal with the fact that somewhere in the future he will 'die', but is soon snatched through time - to San Francisco in the late 1800s.      
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