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Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season Four

Title Prod # Stardate Original US Airdate
The Best of Both Worlds, Part II 175 44001.4 24 September 1990
Riker leads a fleet of 40 starships to Wolf 359 to confront the Borg, but the fleet's efforts are in vain - every starship is annihilated. An away team boards the cube and kidnaps Locutus to returns him to the Enterprise.      
Family 178 44012.3 01 October 1990
In drydock the Enterprise is undergoing extensive repairs while the crew, most notably Picard, recover from the Borg attack. Picard returns to France for a less than warm welcome from his brother.      
Brothers 177 44085.7 08 October 1990
The Enterprise is suddenly diverted from her course to an unknown planet. What no one realizes is that Data is responsible for this, having been taken over by a homing signal that leads him to his creator, Dr. Soong.      
Suddenly Human 176 44143.7 15 October 1990
Finding a Talarian vessel, the Enterprise crew discover that one of the ship's crew is actually a human teenager. Dr. Crusher's examinations reveal that he has been injured in the past - and it's likely that these injuries were not accidental.      
Remember Me 179 44161.2 22 October 1990
Dr. Crusher's old friend, Dr. Quaice, is leaving his former home on a Starbase to retire. When the Enterprise becomes ready to leave the starbase, Crusher helplessly watches the entire crew disappear one by one.      
Legacy 180 44215.2 29 October 1990
Rushing into dangerous territory, the Enterprise is looking for an escape pod when they find two cadres - urban gangs so large they have replaced the government and now conduct their street fighting on a warlike scale.      
Reunion 181 44246.3 05 November 1990
The Enterprise is intercepted by a Klingon battlecruiser occupied by K'mpec, leader of the High Council. With him is K'ehleyr, Worf's former lover, who has visited the Enterprise before. Picard is asked to supervise the handover of the title Leader of the Council.      
Future Imperfect 182 44286.5 12 November 1990
While investigating suspicious energy readings, Riker is overcome by toxic gases and awakens in the sickbay of the Enterprise, told by an older Dr. Crusher that sixteen years have passed since that event.      
Final Mission 183 44307.3 19 November 1990
Picard reveals that Wesley has been accepted into Starfleet Academy. Wes's final assignment on the Enterprise is to accompany Picard on a trip with a miner to settle a dispute. En route, the battered miner's shuttle breaks down, forcing them to land on a desert world.      
The Loss 184 44356.9 23 December 1990
Troi begins to experience severe pain, and at the same time, the Enterprise is suddenly unable to go to warp speed. Troi soon realizes that she's lost her empathic sense, and the Enterprise is heading uncontrollably toward a black-hole-like cosmic string.      
Data's Day 185 44390.1 07 January 1991
Data records his observations of an average day. Preparations are underway for the marriage of Chief O'Brien and Keiko, and the Enterprise is transporting a secretive Vulcan ambassador to the Neutral Zone.      
The Wounded 186 44429.6 28 January 1991
Captain Maxwell of the Phoenix has severed contact with Starfleet and has been raiding the vessels and transports of the Cardassians, a race once at war with the Federation but now peaceful under an uneasy treaty.      
Devil's Due 187 44474.5 04 February 1991
The Enterprise is sent to retrieve a Federation anthropological team, only to discover that the population is in a state of chaos, believing their peaceful way of life is to end with the 'second coming' of the devil.      
Clues 188 44502.7 11 February 1991
The Enterprise is on a routine mission when an investigation of an unknown planet sends the Enterprise through a wormhole, rendering everyone but Data unconscious.      
First Contact 189 Unknown 18 February 1991
Riker, undercover on Malcoria, is injured in a riot and taken to a hospital, where his true nature is deduced by Malcorian doctors while Riker remains out of touch with the Enterprise.      
Galaxy's Child 190 44614.6 11 March 1991
Geordi is delighted to welcome Dr. Brahms aboard the Enterprise, but the real Dr. Brahms is nothing like her holodeck alter-ego. Meanwhile, the Enterprise inadvertently destroys a space creature and helps to deliver its newborn child with unexpected results.      
Night Terrors 191 44631.2 18 March 1991
The Enterprise is immobilized by a dangerous natural phenomenon and members of the crew begin hallucinating slowly edging toward the same kind of madness that drove the derelict starship Brittain's crew to kill themselves.      
Identity Crisis 192 44664.5 25 March 1991
Starfleet officers including Geordi La Forge who investigated a mysterious migration of explorers to the planet Tarchannen III are beginning to mutate into alien life forms and migrate to the planet themselves.      
The Nth Degree 193 44704.2 01 April 1991
Shortly after nervously performing a scene from a play, Barclay is assigned to accompany Geordi on an examination of an alien probe. But after being scanned, the probe somehow singles Barclay out to receive a massive mental 'upgrade'.      
QPid 194 44741.9 22 April 1991
Picard is readying a speech and is surprised to find that Vash is present at his presentation. She and Picard seem to be able to agree on nothing, which catches the attention of Q, who sends the crew, Vash, and even himself, into Sherwood Forest.      
The Drumhead 195 44769.2 29 April 1991
After an apparent sabotage of the Enterprise's warp drive, Starfleet sends Admiral Satie to investigate the possibility of a Klingon faction cooperating with Romulans. But Satie goes beyond that, accusing Picard of aiding both the Romulans and the Borg.      
Half a Life 196 44805.3 06 May 1991
Dr. Timicin has beamed aboard the Enterprise to travel to a star much like his planet's own sun to conduct tests. Lwaxana Troi soon falls for the Doctor but is horrified to find out he is expected to commit suicide at the age of sixty.      
The Host 197 44821.3 13 May 1991
Ambassador Odan is being transported to attempt eleventh-hour mediation between two civilizations and on the two week trip he and Dr. Crusher have fallen in love. When Odan is severely injured, he is forced to reveal he is merely host to an alien lifeform.      
The Mind's Eye 198 44885.5 27 May 1991
En route to a conference, Geordi is kidnapped by Romulans and brainwashed to obey instructions. When he returns to the Enterprise, he unwittingly becomes a pawn in a much bigger game.      
In Theory 199 44932.3 03 June 1991
Lt. Jenna D'Sora becomes attached to Data, who at first protests that he has no human feelings, and then attempts to emulate emotions. In the meantime, a dangerous nebula lies in the path of the Enterprise.      
Redemption, Part I 200 44995.3 17 June 1991
The Enterprise is summoned to the Klingon homeworld so Picard may fulfill his duty as arbiter of the succession. Gowron intercepts the Enterprise before it arrives, warning Picard that Klingon civil war is brewing.      
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