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Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season Two

Title Prod # Stardate Original US Airdate
The Child 127 42073.1 21 November 1988
The Enterprise's new Chief Medical Officer Dr. Pulaski is faced with a mystery when Troi is impregnated and gives birth to a rapidly maturing child. Meanwhile, the Enterprise is forced to carry a deadly plasma plague on a mercy mission.      
Where Silence Has Lease 128 42193.6 28 November 1988
The Enterprise encounters a strange intelligence known only as Nagilum who makes it clear he intends to kill a third of the crew. Picard is force to enter into a battle of wits in order to save them.      
Elementary, Dear Data 129 42286.3 05 December 1988
Data, LaForge and Dr Pulaski are put in incredible danger when the holodeck character Moriarty from the Sherlock Holmes program takes control of the Enterprise.      
The Outrageous Okona 130 42402.7 12 December 1988
The Enterprise encounters a freighter whose captain, Thadiun Okona soon charms his way onto the Enterprise. However, Okona's history soon catches up with him when two ships arrive threatening to destroy the Enterprise if Picard doesn't hand him over.      
Loud as a Whisper 132 42477.2 09 January 1989
The Enterprise is ordered to escort Federation Negotiator Riva to a dispute between two races. However, when the deaf Riva's 'chorus' is murdered by one of the factions, he has no way to communicate and must rely on Data if he is to succeed at his mission.      
The Schizoid Man 131 42437.5 23 January 1989
After answering a distress call from Grave's World, Data is taken over by the consciousness of Dr. Ira Graves who refuses to relinquish control.      
Unnatural Selection 133 42494.8 30 January 1989
Investigating the death of all personnel aboard the USS Lantree, Dr. Pulaski exposes herself to a premature aging drug and faces certain death if the crew of the Enterprise can't find an antidote.      
A Matter of Honor 134 42506.5 06 February 1989
Participating in an Officer-Exchange Program, Riker is assigned the position of First Officer aboard a Klingon Cruiser. However his loyalties are soon tested when the Klingon Captain orders the destruction of the Enterprise.      
The Measure of a Man 135 42523.7 13 February 1989
When Data refuses to participate in experiments where he will serve not only as a blueprint but as a spare part supply, he is put on trial. As Data's commanding officer, Picard argues at the suggestion that Data is not a free agent but the property of Starfleet.      
The Dauphin 136 42568.8 20 February 1989
Wesley is attracted to the alien princess Salia who is accompanied on the Enterprise by a severe governess as they journey to a world where they will become the new leaders of her civilization.      
Contagion 137 42609.1 20 March 1989
After witnessing the destruction of the USS Yamato, Picard follows Yamato Captain Varley's haunch that the planet Iconia contains the valuable remnants of a now extinct but technologically advanced civilization.      
The Royale 138 42625.4 27 March 1989
Riker, Worf and Data transport to the surface of what should be a poison-shrouded world after finding debris of a NASA space vessel, and discover a structure containing a reproduction of the literary Hotel and Casino Royale.      
Time Squared 139 42679.2 03 April 1989
Picard is left beside himself when the Enterprise encounters a future incarnation of himself in a battered Enterprise shuttlecraft, containing visual and captain's logs describing the destruction of the ship and its crew.      
The Icarus Factor 140 42686.4 24 April 1989
Riker is offered advice and a long-overdue retraction of old hostilities from his father, Meanwhile Lieutenant Worf begins to cause concern among his colleagues when he starts acting strangely.      
Pen Pals 141 42695.3 01 May 1989
While on an extended research patrol, Data makes contact with a primitive being on an unstable planet which is in immediate danger and has to plead with Picard to help his newfound friend.      
Q Who? 142 42761.3 08 May 1989
Q returns once more to the Enterprise and propels the Enterprise thousands of light years to prove to Picard that some threats are too much for humanity, and the Borg is certainly one of these threats.      
Samaritan Snare 143 42779.1 15 May 1989

Riker and the crew attempt to rescue Geordi from a slow witted crew of Pakleds who claim to need the engineer's technical expertise, while Picard is at a medical research base receiving a heart transplant.

Up The Long Ladder 144 42823.2 22 May 1989
Signals arrive from two colonies, one of which is found to be a motley collection of 'primitives', and the other, a group of desperate clones whose gene pool is fading. When these extremists target an Enterprise away team, Picard is forced to take action.      
Manhunt 145 42859.2 19 June 1989
The Enterprise crew welcomes an Antedian delegation to a peace summit and Troi's mother, now in a phase of increased sexual activity, has come to the Enterprise to visit Picard, which meets with disapproval from Counselor Troi and amusement from Riker.      
The Emissary 146 42901.3 29 June 1989
The Enterprise becomes the temporary home of a special emissary who has been sent to deal with an emergency - a crew of 23rd century Klingons in suspended animation is about to be awakened to wage war against the former enemies of the Klingons - the Federation.      
Peak Performance 147 42923.4 10 July 1989
The Enterprise undertakes Federation war-games, as Zakdorn tactical observer Kolrami observes. Picard is pitted against Riker in a maneuver that is harmless until a Ferengi attack puts the crew of the Enterprise in a no-win situation.      
Shades of Gray 148 42976.1 17 July 1989
While exploring planet Surata IV with Geordi, Riker is stung by an alien thorn whose poison creeps up his spine toward his brain. Pulaski brings him back to the ship and tries to trigger emotional responses to destroy the poison.      
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