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Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season One

Title Prod # Stardate Original US Airdate
Encounter at Farpoint, Part I 101 41153.7 28 September 1987
Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the newly commissioned U.S.S. Enterprise must face an almost impossible challenge on their maiden voyage when an omnipotent being known only as Q puts the whole of humanity on trial.      
The Naked Now 103 41209.2 05 October 1987
When the Enterprise becomes infected with a strange intoxicating virus, Dr Crusher must race to find a cure before disaster strikes from an oncoming stellar fragment      
Code of Honor 104 41235.25 12 October 1987
Picard must bargain with the primitive Ligonians for the antidote to a terrible fever, but is unprepared when the leader of the aliens kidnaps the Enterprise's Chief of Security Tasha Yar.      
The Last Outpost 107 41386.4 19 October 1987
The Enterprise makes first contact with the Ferengi when both ships are stranded in orbit of a mysterious planet which is seemingly draining all their power.      
Where No One Has Gone Before 106 41263.1 26 October 1987
The Enterprise is ordered to participate in engine tests conducted by the arrogant Kosinski and his mysterious companion, but is soon stranded in a distant dimension where thoughts become reality.      
Lonely Among Us 108 41249.3 02 November 1987
The Enterprise is transporting two parties of rival alien races to a peace summit when it encounters a consciousness which is trying to escape the ship to return to its home.      
Justice 109 41255.6 09 November 1987
While visiting the paradise world of the Edo, the crew must tamper with the Edo's legal system to rescue Wesley Crusher, who, after breaking a law the Away Team was not made aware of, is sentenced to be executed.      
The Battle 110 41723.9 16 November 1987
Picard confronts his past when the Ferengi DaiMon Bok presents him with the U.S.S. Stargazer - but little does he realize that his old ship is only one piece of a puzzle that Bok is using as a tool of revenge.      
Hide and Q 111 41590.5 23 November 1987
When Q returns, he offers Riker the same godlike powers that he uses. When the crew are put in a deadly situation, Riker must use his new found powers although Picard has other ideas...      
Haven 105 41294.5 30 November 1987
Troi's mother visits the Enterprise with news that Deanna's future husband will soon be arriving. The crew go about preparing for a wedding that is soon interrupted by a shipload of interstellar lepers.      
The Big Goodbye 113 41997.7 11 January 1988
Captain Picard decides to try out the new holodeck enhancements in the form of a Dixon Hill detective story. However, when an alien probe causes malfunctions, Picard and his team find themselves in a real life and death struggle.      
Datalore 114 41242.4 18 January 1988
When the Enterprise visit's Data's home planet they discover another android of the same construction. However, when 'Lore' is activated it quickly becomes clear he is nothing like Data and the Enterprise is soon in extreme danger.      
Angel One 115 41636.9 25 January 1988
When an Enterprise away-team visits matriarchal planet Angel One to search for survivors they soon find themselves embroiled in a political nightmare. Meanwhile, the Enterprise is struck down by a deadly virus and forced into a confrontation with the Romulans.      
11001001 116 41365.9 02 January 1988
During a routine overhaul, the Enterprise is hijacked by the Bynars. Picard and Riker, the only crew left aboard, soon realise what has happened and have no choice but to initiate auto-destruct.      
Too Short a Season 112 41309.5 08 February 1988
When the Enterprise is ordered to transport a Starfleet Admiral to a hostage negotiation, Picard realises the Admiral has overdosed on an illegal de-aging drug which could jeopardize the whole mission.      
When the Bough Breaks 118 41509.1 15 February 1988
Wesley and other Enterprise children are kidnapped by the powerful Aldeans whose race is sterile. Picard's attempts at negotiation only result in conflict, leaving Wesley to formulate an escape plan.      
Home Soil 117 41463.9 22 February 1988
The Enterprise arrives at the Velara terraforming base to check on progress but soon discovers that an alien intelligence is responsible for murdering one of the terraformers and soon commandeers the Enterprise.      
Coming of Age 119 41461.2 14 March 1988
Wesley is at Relva 7 to take his Academy entrance exams, while an inspection team board the Enterprise and it soon becomes clear they are investigating the capability of Captain Picard.      
Heart of Glory 120 41503.7 21 March 1988
A team of renegade Klingons are rescued from a doomed freighter, but it soon transpires that they are not interested in peace with the Federation, and set about trying to commandeer the Enterprise.      
The Arsenal of Freedom 121 41798.2 11 April 1988
Riker, Data and Yar beam down to the planet Minos only to discover a deadly robot weapon is hunting them down. Beaming down to assist, Picard and Crusher may be the only hope for the doomed away team.      
Symbiosis 123 Unknown 18 April 1988
When the Enterprise rescues four stranded freighter passengers, Captain Picard soon becomes embroiled in a dispute between neighbouring worlds and faces the possibility of breaking the Prime Directive.      
Skin of Evil 122 41601.3 25 April 1988
Attempting rescue of a crashed shuttlecraft, an Enterprise away team encounter a malevolent lifeform known as Armus. Soon tragedy strikes when the alien kills Lieutenant Yar in cold blood.      
We'll Always Have Paris 124 41697.9 02 May 1988
The Enterprise sets out to investigate strange time distortions rippling through their sector of space. Meanwhile, Picard faces an uncomfortable personal situation when he is reunited with an old flame.      
Conspiracy 125 41775.5 09 May 1988
Picard is summoned to a secret meeting with other captains who inform him a conspiracy has begun to replace the top heads of Starfleet. Picard takes the Enterprise back to Earth to investigate the newly found threat.      
The Neutral Zone 126 41986 16 May 1988
Data uncovers three frozen humans from the 20th century, and brings them back to the Enterprise for Dr. Crusher to revive. Meanwhile, the Enterprise is ordered to investigate a new Romulan threat.      
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