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Star Trek: Enterprise - Season Four

Title Prod # Mission Date Original US Airdate
Storm Front 77 Unknown 08 October 2004
Transported back in time to 1944, the "Enterprise" crew witnesses a disastrous version of World War II in which the Nazis, aided by sinister aliens, have invaded the United States and now control the White House.      
Storm Front, Part II 78 Unknown 15 October 2004
Battling to prevent the Nazi aliens from completing the time machine which will allow them to inflame the Temporal Cold War, Captain Archer enlists a Sulban agent to help him free the incarcerated Trip Tucker.      
Home 79 Unknown 22 October 2004
Following a hero's welcome on "Enterprise's" return to Earth, Archer clashes with Vulcan Ambassador Soval. Meanwhile, T'Pol introduces Trip to her mother, and is disturbed to find the effect her actions have had on her mother's career.      
Borderland 80 May 17 2154 29 October 2004
When a group of superhumans invade and take over a Klingon warship, Archer is called upon to track them down. To aid the investigation, Archer seeks help from the brilliant but imprisoned scientist, Dr. Arik Soong.      
Cold Station 12 81 Unknown 05 November 2004
Bent on re-awakening thousands of genetically-altered embryos, Soong and the Augments take over the medical facility where the embryos are being kept., menacing the station's staff. Archer's efforts to aid the captives only succeed in making matters worse.      
The Augments 82 May 27 2154 12 November 2004
Escaping from Archer's pursuit, Soong is shocked to learn that the lead Augment, Malik, has a diabolical plan to use the stolen deadly pathogens to start a Klingon-Human war which will allow the Augments to seize power.      
The Forge 83 Unknown 19 November 2004
Investigating a omb attack on Vulcan that claimed the life of Admiral Forrest, Archer and his crew are led to suspect a zealous Vulcan sect, the Syrannites. Pursuing the sect, Archer receives a startling "gift".      
Awakening 84 Unknown 26 November 2004
While the Vulcan High Command is pursuaded to bome the Syronnite refuge, Archer and T'Pol attempt to escape the area with the "katra" of Surak. Meanwhile, disgraced Ambassador Soval reveals a terrifying tale of deception on power-play.      
Kir'Shara 85 Unknown 03 December 2004
While Archer and T'Pol strive to bring the powerful Vulcan relic to the High Command, Trip tries to avert a Vulcan-Andorian war by bringing Soval's evidence to Andorian Commander Shran. Unconvinced, Shran abducts and tortures Soval.      
Daedalus 86 Unknown 14 January 2005
Emory Erickson, inventor of the transporter, visits "Enterprise" to conduct cutting-edge experiments. However, when a Starfleet officer is killed by an amorphous being, it becomes apparent that Erickson's experiments have a hiden purpose.      
Observer Effect 87 Unknown 21 January 2005
When the "Enterprise" is simultaneously invaded by a deadly virus and aliens who inhabit human bodies to conduct research on them, Hoshi, Trip and finally Archer face death. Although the aliens can save the crewmen, they refuse to do so.      
Babel One 88 Nov 12 2154 28 January 2005
Archer's attempts to end a long-standing trade dispute between Andorians and Tellarites are frustrated when the two races appear to be attacking each other's ships. A subsequent attack on "Enterprise" reveals a hidden aggressor.      
United 89 Unknown 04 February 2005
The Andorian-Tellarite negotiations are disrupted when Andorian Commander Shran challenges the Tellarite Graal to a duel to the death. In the interests of peace, Archer takes Graal's place in combat, from which there is no retreat.      
The Aenar 90 Unknown 11 February 2005
Learning that the Romulan drone ships are controlled by brainwaves from an Andorian sub-species, Shran and Archer set out to contact the telepathic and secretive Aenar, beginning a fatal chain of events.      
Affliction 91 Nov 27 2154 18 February 2005
Kidnapped and removed from Earty by Klingons, Phlox is compelled to participate in research to find a cure for a disease created while trying to develop Klingon Augments. Attempting to help Phlox, Reed keeps important information from Archer.      
Divergence 92 Unknown 25 February 2005
Newly under the command of Captain Hernandez, Trip Tucker and the starship Columbia pursue Phlox into Klingon territory. Meanwhile, Archer demands that Reed reveal his secret orders and T'Pol attempts to breach a difficult subject with Trip.      
Bound 93 Dec 27 2154 15 April 2005
During dealins with an Orion businessman, Archer is presented with a gift: three exotic Orion slave girls. To the chagrin of "Enterprise's" female crew, the nubile green women quickly seduce all the men aboard, except one.      
In a Mirror, Darkly 94 Jan 13 2155 22 April 2005
In the Mirror Universe, an amoral, imperialistic version of the "Enterprise" crew, led by Captain Forrest, makes an astonishing discovery during a mission into enemy territory. Forrest's treacherous first officer, Archer, is quick to seize the opportunity.      
In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II 95 Unknown 29 April 2005
On board the futuristic starship "Defiant", Archer hatches a plan to seize control of the Terran Empire. A duplicitous lover, a traitorious first officer, a Gorn stowaway, and several Tholian ships all have different plans for the captain.      
Demons 96 Jan 19 2155 06 May 2005
Returning to Earth for a historic Starfleet conference to ratify the coalition of planets, Archer and the crew uncover a dangerous plot by a radical xenophobic group. Meanwhile, Trip and T'Pol receive bizarre news…      
Terra Prime 97 Unknown 13 May 2005
While Paxton's threat to destroy Starfleet Command unless all aliens leave immediately hangs over the Earth, the radical human isolationist introduces hostages Trip and T'Pol to his creation: a baby girl made with their combined DNA.      
These Are the Voyages… 98 Unknown 13 May 2005
In the 24th century, Counselor Deanna Troi and Commander Riker take part in a holodeck recreation of Captain Archer's crew's daring last mission before the signing of the Federation charter: to rescue the kidnapped daughter of Andorian Commander Shran.      
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