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Enterprise - Season Two

Title Prod # Mission Date Original US Airdate
Shockwave, Part II 28 Unknown 18 September 2002
While the "Enterprise" is overrun by Suliban, Captain Archer, trapped in the far future, finds that his own removal from the timeline is the cause of the devestation he witnesses in the 31st century.      
Carbon Creek 27 Apr 1952 25 September 2002
Taking issue with the history books, T'Pol recounts how her great-grandmother took part in the "actual" first contact between Vulcans and humans, in the small Pennsylvania mining town of Carbon Creek.      
Minefield 29 Unknown 02 October 2002
Disabled by an alien orbital mine in territory occupied by hostile Romulans, Reed tires to disarm the device. When he fails, he attempts to sacrifice his own life to save those of his crewmates.      
Dead Stop 31 Unknown 09 October 2002
Having docked with a mystaerious space station, the "Enterprise" crew is amazed by the station's technical abilities. However, the "too-good-to-be-true" feeling turns sour when Ensign Mayweather is found dead.      
A Night in Sickbay 30 Unknown 16 October 2002
Struck down by a pathogen contracted while accompanying Archer on a diplomatic mission, Porthos the beagle is confined to sickbay. While consoling his pet, Archer finds himself increasingly distracted by intimate thoughts involving T'Pol.      
Marauders 32 Unknown 30 October 2002
Seeking fuel, the "Enterprise" encounters a small mining colony whose inhabitants are being terrorised by Klingon bandits who are stealing the colonists' supplies. Archer and his crew join the fight.      
The Seventh 33 Unknown 06 November 2002
Assigned a secret mission by the Vulcan High Command, T'Pol asks Archer to accompany her - a request which surprises the captain, especially when it emerges that T'Pol has a personal interest in retrieving her mission's objective.      
The Communicator 34 Unknown 13 November 2002
Returning to a pre-warp civilisation to retrieve a communicator accidentally left behind on a research mission, Archer and Reed are apprehended and sentenced to execution as agents of their captor's enemy.      
Singularity 35 Unknown 20 November 2002
En route to observe part of a trinary star system, the crew find their daily tasks turning to obsessions. Unaffected by the compulsive behaviour, T'Pol investigates, and finds a dangerous factor at work on her crewmates.      
Vanishing Point 36 Unknown 27 November 2002
Reluctantly taking her first trip in a transporter, Hoshi emerges feeling strange and begins to omagine her fellow crew are acting differently toward her. Despite Phlox's reassurances, Hoshi is unconvinced, and her investigations reveal alien involvement .      
Precious Cargo 37 Sep 12 2152 11 December 2002
Answering a request for assistance, the "Enterprise" finds that the alien ship needing help is transporting a beautiful female prisoner in stasis. Despite freeing her from her captors, Trip finds that the attractive alien irritatingly combative.      
The Catwalk 38 Sep 18 2152 18 December 2002
Threatened by a deadly radioactive storm, the entire "Enterprise" crew is forced to take refuge for eight days in a small maintenance shaft, unaware of an alien presence attempting to take control of the ship.      
Dawn 39 Unknown 08 January 2003
Fired upon while on a solo mission, Trip is forced to land on a moon that experiences deadly heat during daytime hours. To escape with his life, Trip must contact "Enterprise" before dawn. However, an aggressive alien blocks his path.      
Stigma 40 Unknown 05 February 2003
T'Pol's standing and career are threatened when she is diagnosed with Pa'nar syndrome, a Vulcan disease which is contracted via mind-melding: a practice considered distasteful by Vulcan society, including the High Command.      
Cease Fire 41 Unknown 12 February 2003
With Andorians and Vulcans locked in conflict over occupation of a small planet, Archer is called upon to mediate between the factions. Despite an initial success, Archer's progress is frustrated by one side's "rogue officer".      
Future Tense 42 Unknown 19 February 2003
Finding a small craft containing a humanoid corpse, the "Enterprise" comes under attack from the Sulban and the Tholians, both of whom are keen to reclaim the futuristic ship.      
Canamar 43 Unknown 26 February 2003
Mistakenly arrested as smugglers, Archer and Trip are bound and placed aboard a ship headed to the prison colony of Canamar. When fellow prosoners escape and overrun the ship, the Starfleet officers become reluctant renegades.      
The Crossing 44 Unknown 02 April 2003
The "Enterprise" encounters a large, otherworldy vessel which "swallows" the Starfleet ship. While in the belly of the giant, non-corporeal aliens attempt to trade consciousness with the "Enterprise" crew. The intriguing sensations hide a bizarre threat.      
Judgment 45 Unknown 09 April 2003
Charged with conspiring against the Klingon Empire, Archer faces a sentence of life on the harsh penal colony of Rura Penthe if convicted. Unfortunately, Archer's Klingon advocate is too "experienced" to offer a combative defence.      
Horizon 46 Jan 10 2153 16 April 2003
With "Enterprise" otherwise engaged, Mayweather takes the chance to visit the ship on which he grew up. Unfortunately, Travis' return is marred by his father's death, strained relations with his brother, and an alien attack.      
The Breach 47 Unknown 23 April 2003
While Mayweather, Tucker and Reed attempt to rescue three Denobulans from deep underground caverns, Phlox finds himself with a patient who refuses to be treated by a Denobulan because of historical conflicts between their races.      
Cogenitor 48 Unknown 30 April 2003
Making first contact with the Vissians, the "Enterprise" crew learns that the aliens have three genders, and that the third sex are treated aa second-class citizens. Trip invites disaster by teaching one of the "cogenitors" to read.      
Regeneration 49 Mar 1 2153 07 May 2003
Discovering the bodies of cybernetically enhanced aliens who have been buried in a glacier for almost a hundred years, an arctic research team revive the beings, with chilling consequences.      
First Flight 50 Unknown 14 May 2003
When Archer receives news that A.G. Robinson , his old rival from the NX program, has died, the Captain recounts his days competing with Robinson to be the first pilot to break the Warp 2 barrier.      
Bounty 51 Mar 21 2153 14 May 2003
Captured by a Tellarite bounty hunter, Archer finds himself en route to be handed back to the Klingons as payment for a confiscated starship. Meanwhile, a microbe triggers T'Pol's Vulcan mating drive, with overpowering results.      
The Expanse 52 Apr 24 2153 21 May 2003
An alien probe unleashes a violent attack upon Earth, cutting a swathe from Florida to Venezuela and killing millions. Dispatched to find the aggressors, Archer encounters Suliban and Klingons on the way to the deadly area known as "The Expanse".      
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