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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Season Five

Title Prod # Stardate Original US Airdate
Apocalypse Rising 499 Unknown 30 September 1996
The Federation and the Klingon Empire are now at war, and the only way to stop it is to prove that Gowron, the leader of the Klingon High Council, is a changeling. To expose him, Sisko, Worf, O'Brien, and Odo - must infiltrate a Klingon ceremony in disguise.      
The Ship 500 50049.3 07 October 1996
The crew investigate a crashed Jem'Hadar ship and decide to take it home as a potentially invaluable aid to Starfleet intelligence. However, another Jem'Hadar ship arrives and destroys the away team's orbiting runabout. It soon becomes plain that the Jem'Hadar and their Vorta supervisor desperately want something aboard the crashed ship.      
Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places 501 Unknown 14 October 1996
Quark's Klingon ex-wife returns to DS9 seeking Quark's help with getting her troubled house back on its feet. When Worf sees her, he is instantly smitten but finds himself coaching Quark in Klingon courting rituals, language, and fighting, with the help of Dax... who has a few designs of her own.      
…Nor the Battle to the Strong 502 Unknown 21 October 1996
Jake and Bashir are returning to the station when they receive a distress call from a colony under Klingon attack. While Bashir joins the medics in saving and caring for the wounded, Jake has his first up-close experience with the horrors of war.      
The Assignment 504 Unknown 28 October 1996
O'Brien welcomes his wife back from her visit to the ancient Fire Caves on Bajor, only to learn that she has been taken over by a being who threatens to kill her body unless O'Brien completes certain reconfigurations to the Deep Space Nine's systems.      
Trials and Tribble-ations 503 4523.7 04 November 1996
Human merchant Darvin uses a Bajoran Orb to transport the Defiant back in time to the era of James T Kirk and the original starship Enterprise. The DS9 officers must infiltrate the Enterprise and space station K7 to stop Darvin from assassinating Kirk, and at the same time must prevent the timeline from being altered.      
Let He Who Is Without Sin… 505 Unknown 11 November 1996
Dax, Worf, Leeta, Bashir and Quark are vacationing on Risa. Worf, displeased with Dax's refusal to take their relationship as seriously as he would like, and disapproving of the pleasure-seeking Risian lifestyle, is attracted by the words of Fullerton, leader of a movement seeking to restore traditional Federation morals and culture.      
Things Past 506 Unknown 18 November 1996
Odo, Sisko, Dax, and Garak find themselves living the roles of Bajorans on Terok Nor during the occupation. According to Odo, the Bajorans they are supposed to be are soon to be unjustly executed for attempting to kill Gul Dukat.      
The Ascent 507 Unknown 25 November 1996
Odo and Quark's runabout crash-lands on a mountainous, cold planet. With the subspace booster damaged, they have to get the transmitter up high enough to send a signal off planet meaning a huge hike up a seemingly impossibly high mountain... if they don't kill each other first.      
Rapture 508 Unknown 30 December 1993
Sisko becomes inspired to seek a legendary lost Bajoran city, guided by markings on an obelisk. The captain replicates the obelisk in a holosuite to try and recreate the missing markings, but the computer shorts out and knocks him unconscious. After the experience, Sisko has visions that may reveal the fate of Bajor.      
The Darkness and the Light 509 50416.2 06 January 1997
Someone has a vendetta against the Shakaar, and kills five of Kira's friends, each time sending a haunting message to the Major. It is clear that the murders are all connected to Kira, and that she is the killer's ultimate target. Kira, who is still heavily pregnant, defies advice to go off on a mission to find the person who is killing her friends.      
The Begotten 510 Unknown 27 January 1997
When Quark sells Odo an injured baby Changeling, he becomes determined to find a way to communicate with it. Unwanted help arrives in the form of Dr. Mora, the Bajoran scientist who studied Odo. Mora advocates the electrostatic techniques he used with Odo, while Odo is determined not to subject the Changeling to pain.      
For the Uniform 511 50485.2 03 February 1997
Maquis traitor Eddington triggers a cascade virus that renders the Defiant's computer useless. An angry Sisko is forced to stand by as Eddington begins unleashing biogenic weapons against Cardassian colonists in the DMZ. Sisko must face the possibility that he is becoming dangerously obsessed.      
In Purgatory's Shadow 512 Unknown 10 February 1997
Worf and Garak are sent to investigate a mysterious message from Enabran Tain, but they are captured by Jem'Hadar and put in a prison where they find Tain, the real General Martok… and someone familiar from DS9 who has been replaced by a Changeling. Meanwhile, Sisko is faced with an imminent Dominion invasion.      
By Inferno's Light 513 50564.2 17 February 1997
As a Dominion fleet comes through the wormhole, Dukat joins them, announcing that Cardassia is now a member of the Dominion. Meanwhile, Garak and Doctor Bashir work on an escape plan, while Worf is put to work helping the Jem'Hadar train by fighting them. And the search for the saboteur aboard DS9 goes on.      
Doctor Bashir, I Presume? 514 Unknown 24 February 1997
Dr. Zimmerman arrives on DS9 to work on a Long-term Medical Hologram, the template of which will be based on Dr. Bashir. To Bashir's consternation, Zimmerman invites his parents to the station against his wishes, a development which threatens to bring Julian's darkest secret to light.      
A Simple Investigation 515 Unknown 31 March 1997
Shortly after Odo meets Arissa, a woman visiting the station, she is caught breaking into the computers. Odo soon learns the truth - Arissa is trying to leave the crime syndicate she has been working for, and which has sent hit men to kill her and obtain a data crystal containing vital information.      
Business as Usual 516 Unknown 07 April 1997
Quark's cousin Gaila wants him to eventually take his place in the arms dealing business, and introduces Quark to his dangerous associate Hagath. Quark finds himself ostracized by the station's Federation citizens and in a moral dilemma when Hagath makes a deal that will cause the deaths of 28 million people.      
Ties of Blood and Water 517 50712.5 14 April 1997
Kira is delighted by a visit from former Legate Tekheny Ghemor, who once mistakenly believed her to be his daughter, until she learns he is dying. He wants to pass on his secrets to be used against his enemies, secrets that could prove damaging to the new Cardassian/Dominion alliance.      
Ferengi Love Songs 518 Unknown 21 April 1997
Quark visits his mother - but is shocked to learn that she has become romantically involved with none other than Grand Nagus Zek. Brunt offers Quark a deal he can't refuse: he will reinstate Quark's license in exchange for Quark breaking up the lovers. When he does, he learns that his actions may have just spelled disaster for Ferengi society.      
Soldiers of the Empire 519 Unknown 28 April 1997
Martok is ordered to command the Bird of Prey IKS Rotarran to search for the battlecruiser B'Moth. Martok takes Worf along as his first officer. Trouble begins brewing on board when it seems Martok, who spent two years as a prisoner of the Jem'Hadar, would rather avoid Dominion patrols than fight.      
Children of Time 520 50814.2 05 May 1997
When the Defiant passes through an energy barrier, the crew is greeted by their descendants, the result of an anomaly which caused the Defiant to crash on a planet, 200 years back in time. The crew must choose whether to let themselves be stranded and allow Kira to die, or to wipe out the existence of the colony.      
Blaze of Glory 521 Unknown 12 May 1997
Hoping to prevent a retaliatory war, Captain Sisko appeals to the imprisoned Michael Eddington to help deactivate a series of missiles before they reach their target. Promised freedom, Eddington agrees - but warns Sisko that he intends to kill him once the mission is over.      
Empok Nor 522 Unknown 19 May 1997
O'Brien leads a salvage team to the abandoned Empok Nor to obtain spare parts for DS9. However, the team soon finds themselves stranded on the station and stalked by three Cardassian soldiers - test subjects for an experimental drug to heighten their racial xenophobia - and Garak too has now been exposed to it.      
In the Cards 523 Unknown 09 June 1997
An air of depression hangs over DS9, as rumors of impending war with the Dominion fly. Seeing his father's dejected mood, Jake resolves to do something for him to cheer him up. With Nog's help, he bids on an antique baseball card at an auction, but is outbid. Jake is still determined to get the card. After all, how hard can it be?      
Call to Arms 524 Unknown 16 June 1997
Starfleet authorizes Sisko to place a minefield at the entrance to the wormhole. With war now imminent, a Bajor/Dominion nonaggression pact is signed with Sisko's endorsement, to ensure Bajor's survival. When the Dominion attacks, the station must fight them off until the Defiant finishes setting the minefield - but all may already be lost.      
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