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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Season One

Title Prod # Stardate Original US Airdate
Emissary, Parts I & II 401 46379.1 03 January 1993
Cmdr Sisko and a Starfleet crew must work together with the Bajorans onboard station DS9 to protect it from imminent Cardassian attack. However, Sisko's mission is turned on its head when a new Wormhole is discovered linking the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants.      
Past Prologue 404 Unknown 10 January 1993
Tahna Los is beamed aboard and is discovered to be a member of a group of extremists who are still attacking Cardassians. When he requests asylum, Sisko is put in a tenuous situation when the Cardassians demand Tahna be turned over to them for his crimes.      
A Man Alone 403 46421.5 17 January 1993
When a former criminal is found dead in one of the holosuites, and evidence is found pointing the finger at Odo, suspicion spreads among the station's populace. Residents grow restless and demand that Odo be handed over to be punished for a crime they believe he committed.      
Babel 405 46423.7 24 January 1993
O'Brien accidentally activates a concealed Bajoran device designed to release an adaptive virus into the food generated by replicators. Quark unwittingly spreads the virus to all of his patrons through the bar's replicator, and a stationwide epidemic ensues.      
Captive Pursuit 406 Unknown 31 January 1993
An alien known as Tosk visits DS9 from the Gamma Quadrant for repairs. A second ship soon arrives and disrupts the station's shields, beaming onto the Promenade without permission. Armed, they begin searching for Tosk and hold the crew at bay.      
Q-Less 407 46531.2 07 February 1993
Dax brings back Vash from the Gamma Quadrant. She soon begins making plans to sell several artifacts while power failures begin occurring, coinciding with the arrival of Q. The power failures soon lead to a gravitational force sucking DS9 straight toward the wormhole.      
Dax 408 46910.1 14 February 1993
A group of Klaestrons try to kidnap Dax, but Sisko luckily prevents their escape. Their leader claims to be carrying out the extradition of Dax on charges of treason and murder of his father 30 years before, when Dax inhabited the host body Curzon.      
The Passenger 409 Unknown 22 February 1993
A Runabout is sent to aid a crippled Kobliad prison ship, containing a notorious criminal known as Rao Vantika. Although Vantika is dead, Dax discovers that he was capable of transferring his consciousness into the mind of any other being without the recipient's consent.      
Move Along Home 410 Unknown 14 March 1993
When Quark cheats a group of Gamma Quadrant aliens at Dabo, he is challenged to one of their games. At the same time, Sisko, Dax, Kira and Bashir vanish from the station, and find themselves trapped in a surreal maze occupied by images of the alien leader Falow and others.      
The Nagus 411 Unknown 21 March 1993
Quark receives a surprise, when Grand Nagus Zek arrives at DS9. To everyone's surprise, Zek announces his retirement and declares that Quark will succeed him. Soon Quark discovers that some Ferengi are jealous enough to try gaining the position of Nagus by killing him.      
Vortex 412 Unknown 18 April 1993
After murdering a Miradorn in one of Quark's holosuites, Gamma Quadrant criminal Croden claims he may have a clue to Odo's origins. Odo must decide whether or not to trust him when Sisko orders him to transport Croden back to his people.      
Battle Lines 413 Unknown 25 April 1993
A runabout containing Sisko, Kira, Bashir and Kai Opaka crash-lands on a Gamma Quadrant moon. Soon, alien warriors appear and take the crash survivors back to their camp. It is discovered that two groups of combatants are fighting a war in which no one ever dies.      
The Storyteller 414 46729.1 02 May 1993
O'Brien and Dr. Bashir are responding to a distress call from Bajor stating an entire community is in jeopardy. They discover, when an elderly Sirah makes an appearance at a yearly festival, that the threat comes from the legendary Dal'Rok, a deadly mythical creature.      
Progress 415 46844.3 09 May 1993
Evacuating a Bajoran moon, Kira finds a stubborn old farmer called Mullibok, who has been living on the moon since the Cardassians arrived on Bajor. Soon she finds herself torn between her duty and her compassion for Mullibok.      
If Wishes Were Horses 416 46853.2 16 May 1993
The crew discover aliens are studying them from the vantage point of manifestations of their imaginations, ranging from a favorite baseball player of Sisko's to a pair of ravishing beauties for Quark to the woman of Bashir's dreams - Dax.      
The Forsaken 417 46925.1 23 May 1993
A visiting Lwaxana Troi becomes enamoured of Odo after he retrieves a stolen item of hers from a thief. Meanwhile, a small probe emerges from the wormhole, and soon starts threatening key computer systems all over the station placing lives in jeopardy.      
Dramatis Personae 418 46922.3 30 May 1993
Divisions take place between members of DS9's crew. Kira, still unsatisfied after losing an argument with Sisko about security arrangements for a shipload of possible Cardassian allies , begins to plot against the commander, quietly gathering followers.      
Duet 419 Unknown 13 June 1993
Kira realizes that one of Bashir's patients is a Cardassian slave labor overseer who was stationed on Bajor. Kira places him under arrest. Under questioning, the Cardassian suddenly proclaims himself to be the man who authorized the genocidal killings of Bajorans.      
In the Hands of the Prophets 420 Unknown 20 June 1993
Vedek Winn, a contender for Kai declares that Keiko's teachings are in conflict with Bajoran beliefs. The announcement divides the Federation officers and Bajorans. When terrorist acts begin it appears the crew of DS9 may have outstayed their welcome.      
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