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Marvel - Star Trek: Telepathy War
Telepathy War: Reality's end
The Dominion plot to exterminate every telepathic race in the Alpha Quadrant reaches a crisis. While Starfleet forces are diverted, a conference of telepaths is vulnerable to a Jem'Hadar attack, but the real threat is a meme virus capable of affecting every telepath. While the Enterprise defends the conference, Bashir, Astrun, and the Talosians counter the virus. Stardate 50796.5
The conclusion to the 6-part crossover story covered in Starfleet Academy #12, DS9 #12, DS9 #13, Unlimited #6, and Voyager #13

Writer: Chris Cooper
Penciller: Patrick Zircher
Inker: Steve Moncuse
Cover Artist: ??
Cover Price: $2.99
Issue Date: November 1997

Marvel Star Trek: Telepathy War    
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