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Malibu - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Celebrity Series
Issue 1 - Blood & Honor Issue 1 - The Rules of Diplomacy
Writer: Mark Lenard
Pencillers: Ken Penders, Leonard Kirk
Inkers: Terry Pallot, Scott Reed, Larry Welch, Ken Penders
Cover Artists: Ken Penders, Leonard Kirk, Terry Pallot, Renee Pulve
Cover Price: $2.95
Issue Date: May 1995
Malibu DS9 Celebrity - Mark Lenard

Writers: Aron Eisenberg, Mark Paniccia
Pencillers: Leonard Kirk
Inkers: Bob Almond, John Montgomery, Scott Reed, Leonard Kirk
Cover Artist: Moose Baumann
Cover Price: $2.95
Issue Date: August 1995

Malibu DS9 Celebrity - Aron Eisenberg
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