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Titan - Star Trek: The Next Generation Collections
The Star Lost The Best of Star Trek: The Next Generation

Reprints: Issues 20-24
Writer: Michael Jan Friedman
Penciller: Peter Krause
Inker: Pablo Marcos
Cover Artist: Jerome Moore
Cover Price: £7.99
Issue Date: April 1993
ISBN: 1-85286-482-6

DC TNG The Star Lost Star Trek: TNG Monthly Issues #5, 6 & 19 (1990)
Star Trek: TNG Annual #1 (1990)
Star Trek: TNG Annual #2 (1991)

Writers: Michael Jan Friedman, John deLancie, Mike W. Barr
Pencillers: Pablo Marcos, Peter Krause, Gordon Purcell, Jim Kay
Inkers: Pablo Marcos, Aaron McClellan, Bob Smith
Cover Artist: Russell Walks
Cover Price: $?
Issue Date: April 1993
DC The Best of TNG
Collects the six issue DC TNG mini-series from 1988

Michael Carlin
Penciller: Pablo Marcos
Inkers: Carlos Garzon, Arne Starr
Cover Artist: Bill Sienkiewicz
Cover Price: £9.99
Issue Date: July 1995
ISBN: 1-85286-643-8
DC TNG Beginnings    
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