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Star Trek: The Card Game - Promotional Cards

Decipher Star Trek CCG 2nd Edition Premiere  

A selection of promotional cards issued for the US and German releases.

GenCon 1996 "Prototype"

Inquest Magazine #19

COMBO Magazine #22

CREW - Ensign Pavel A. Chekov WILD - Shirtless kirk WiLD - Living in the Past


All of Chekov's ratings are +1 if this card is autographed by Walter Koenig

Logic Round
Akuta If Captain Kirk is in the Landing Party, you may turn a Challenge with the TEMPT Action into a Crew card, adding to the Landing Party; the Challenge loses its Actions and Attributes, and is discarded at the endd of the Episode

Logic Round
Wild - Shirtless Kirk Pay 1 XC and use before playing your Mission card; uppon successfully completing this Episode and receiving XC, both sides draw up to their full hands and you may begin a second Episode; remove this card from the game after play

Humanity Round
Wild - Living in the Past

Star Trek Communicator #109

Inquest #17, COMBO #20, ST Communicator #109, Overstreet’s FAN #15

WILD - Arena CHALLENGE - Gorn Captain
Discard all CAPTAIN Challenge cards in play.

Combat Round
WILD - Arena 5-4-4

CAPTAIN of an alien ship, the reptilian Gorn engaged Captain James T. Kirk in single combat.

Logic Round Pay 1 XC from your Power Base
Challenge - Gorn  

Fleer/Skybox Star Trek 30th Anniversary Phase 3 Trading Cards

CHALLENGE - Organians PERMANENT WILD - Cryogenic Chambers WILD - Emergency Distress Call

Powerful energy beings, the Organians mask their abilities behind peaceful facades. When lpayed, other Challenges with ENIGMA are at +2 to all ratings

Combat Round Pay 1 XC from your Power Base
CHALLENGE - Organians One Challenge card may be placed beneath this card for each XC on this card. Challenge may be played normally. If there are more Challenge cards beneath this card than XC, excess Challenges must be discarded.

Logic Round
PERMANENT WILD - Cryogenic Chambers U.S.S. Enterprise is called away by emergency; ENTERPRISE is considered Neutralized and not available for remainder of Episode.

Humanity Round
WILD - Emergency Distress Call


EFFEKT - Medikit (Logic) EREIGNIS - Persönliche Herausforderung MISSION EPISODE - „Pokerspiele”

+3 Humanity Round

Logic Round
EFFEKT - Medikit (Logic) Spiele diese Karte vor Abwicklung eines Kampfentscheides. Diese Kampfentscheid basiert jetzt auf dem Wert Kampf und dem entsprecheinden Symbol.

Logic Round
EREIGNIS - Persönliche Herausforderung Die U.S.S. ENTERPRISE dringt trotz der Warnung einer Außerirdischen Warnboje weiter in unbekanntes Gebeit ein+

+3 EP Alle Crewkarten unter Deiner Kontrolle nehmen an dieser Mission teil.
Humanity Round
Mission - The Corbomite Maneuver


EREIGNIS - Biem Mich hoch, Scotty! EREIGNIS - Schutzschilde auf Maximum!  
Neutralisiere eine Crewkarte unter Deiner Kontrolle, selbst wenn ein eventueller Kampfentscheid eine andere Konseqenz ergab

Combat Round
EREIGNIS - Biem Mich hoch, Scotty! Spiele diese Karte um das Entfernen von 1 EP von der U.S.S. Enterprise oder einer Permanten Ereigniskarte zu verhindern.

Logic Round
EREIGNIS - Schutzschilde auf Maximum!  
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