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Star Trek Customizable Card Game, First Edition - Starter Deck II

Decipher Star Trek CCG 1st Edition Starter Deck II  

Decipher re-released the Premiere starter deck, with a new Premiere rule booklet (version 1.1, including all Premiere rules updates to present), and including 8 new cards specially designed for Starter Deck II. Each of the new Premiere Starter Deck II packs contains 60 randomized white bordered cards from the original 363-card Premiere set (2 rare, 13 uncommon and 45 common), 8 fixed black bordered new limited edition cards, as well as the new rule booklet.

Copyright Line - TM & © 2000 PAR. PIC.  TM & © 2000 DECIPHER INC.



Event Memory Wipe Ferengi Ferengi Trading Post  
Satarran operatives use biolelectric fields to cause selective memory suppression. Victims retain basic skills and aptitudes, but lose their sense of identity and affiliation. Memory Wipe Ferengi commercial centers are frequented by many races for trade, information, repair and resupply. Ferengi Trading Post  
Seeds on table; your opponent's cards may mix regardless of affiliation. OR Plays on a non-Borg ship; ship, crew and ship's Away Teams lose affiliation and become Non-Aligned.
Rarity: P
Seed one (you may also seed one ❖ D'Kora face up here) OR build where you have a Ferengi ENGINEER. Each player's non-Borg cards may report and mix aboard regardless of affiliation
Rarity: P


Planet DilemmaBotanical Research Planet DilemmaGeological Survey Space DilemmaMilitary Exercises
Unexplored planet: Gather plant life for medical research from planet with highly ionized atmosphere.

Atmospheric Ionization may seed here.
❖ Botanical Research Uncharted planet: Assess value of rich mineral deposits on planet near edge of explored space.

SCIENCE + Geology + Computer Skill
* +10 if 3 Geology OR 3 Greed present.
❖ Geological Survey Unclaimed sector of space: Conduct flagship efficiency drills in remote sector of Alpha Quadrant.

SECURITY + Leadership + CUNNING>28 + ship with two or more staffing icons.
❖ Military Exercises
Federation Mission Klingon Mission Dominion Mission  Points: 30  Span: 2
Rarity: P
Federation Mission Noon-Aligned Mission Bajoran Mission Ferengi Mission  Points: 20*  Span: 2
Rarity: P
Romulan Mission Klingon Mission Cardassian Mission Dominion Mission  Points: 30  Span: 4
Rarity: P
Planet DilemmaSearch for Weapons Space Dilemma Study Cometary Cloud Space DilemmaStudy Pulsar
Demilitarized Zone Region • Border planet: Search planet for illegal Maquis arms cache.

OFFICER + Navigation + Treachery
May seed hand weapons under here.
❖ Search for Weapons Cruses System: Research gaseous comet trail in this system's Oort cloud for military or commercial use.

Navigation + SCIENCE + Physics + Computer Skill
Study Cometary Cloud Uncharted space: Characterize radio and optical emissions from rapidly rotating neutron star.

Navigation + Astrophysics + Computer Skill
❖ Study Pulsar
Federation Mission Klingon Mission Cardassian Mission Bajoran Mission Ferengi Mission  Points: 30  Span: 3
Rarity: P
Romulan Mission Noon-Aligned Mission Cardassian Mission Ferengi Mission  Points: 30  Span: 3
Rarity: P
Federation Mission Romulan Mission Klingon Mission  Points: 25  Span: 3
Rarity: P
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