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Star Trek Customizable Card Game, First Edition - Rules of Acquisition

Decipher Star Trek CCG 1st Edition Rules of Acqisition  

This expansion introduces the Ferengi affiliation in a 130-card set that transformed Star Trek CCG tournament scene because it included potent antidotes to decks built around Black Hole, Q-Bypass, bonus points, Computer Crash, Anti-Time Anomaly, Red Alert, Rogue Borg Mercenaries, Visit Cochrane Memorial, and more.

Copyright Line - TM & © 1999 PAR. PIC.  TM & © 1999 DECIPHER INC.


Artifact Orb of Wisdom Artifact Phased Cloaking Device Artifact Starry Night
Acquired by Zek from one of his contacts on Cardassia III. The Grand Nagus used the Orb to contact the Prophets, then sold it to the Bajoran government at a substantial profit. Orb of Wisdom Phasing cloak prototype created in violation of the Treaty of Algeron, which forbids the Federation from developing cloaking technology. Salvaged from the U.S.S. Pegasus. Phased Cloaking Device Famous painting by Dutch impressionist Vincent van Gogh. Painted at Saint-Rémy in 1889. Dubiously owned by Kivas Fajo 477 years later. A highly prized commodity. Starry Night
Use as Equipment card. Your personnel here are each INTEGRITY +3. Each turn, one of your cards played here plays for free if your Orb personnel present. (Not duplicatable.)
Rarity: R
May seed under Pegasus Search. Use as an Equipment card. While aboard your ship, that ship has a Phasing Cloak (RANGE +4 while phased).
Rarity: R
If earned at same location as Quark's Bar, a Trading Post or a homeworld, immediately download here (earn) up to two "use as Equipment card" artifacts. Discard Starry Night.
Rarity: R


Space/Planet Dilemma Center of Attention Space/Planet Dilemma Chula: Crossroads Space/Planet Dilemma Chula: The Door
After Morn faked his own death, Quark "inherited" the Lurian's stolen latinum fortune. Naturally, this made him quite a hit with Morn's former partners in crime. Center of Attention Caught in a game of chula, Deep Space 9 senior officers divided up to explore different paths. Some paths were dead ends, while others lead to the next shap. Chula: Crossroads In the Wadi game of chula, participants are confronted with a virtual labyrinth of doorways. A few seem to permit passage arbitrarily, but most remain closed. Chula: The Door
Unless 4 SECURITY OR hand weapon and CUNNING>36 OR any Quark present, kills one personnel present (opponent's choice) who has Treachery or Greed. Discard dilemma.
Rarity: U
Immediately probe (then draw probe card): Referee, Barash, Gamma Quadrant, Ferengi: "Stops" two personnel (your choice). Otherwise, "Stops" one personnel (opponent's choice).
Rarity: C
To get past, two personnel must each contribute any one of their attributes to equal a total of 5 or 21. Nullify by placing any doorway out-of-play from hand.
Rarity: R
Space/Planet Dilemma Dangerous Liaisons Space/Planet Dilemma Ferengi Bug Space/Planet Dilemma In the Pale Moonlight
Quark agreed to provide mercenaries for Rao Vantika's attempted theft of a deuridium shipment. Failure to complete his contract would have been a fatal mistake. Dangerous Liaisons Countdown 3
Quark attempted to use a Ferengi eavesdropping device to gather information on Shakaar Edon in 2372. He wanted to sell high-level Bajoran political information.

Ferengi Bug
In a desperate attempt to spark Romulan participation on the defense of the Alpha Quadrant, Benjamin Sisko enlisted Elim Garak's effective, but questionable, methods. In the Pale Moonlight
To get past requires 3 Treachery and Acquisition OR 2 SCIENCE and 2 SECURITY OR Ty Kajada. Nullify by discarding Recruit Mercenaries from hand.
Rarity: C
Unless 3 SECURITY (or Odo) and any tricorder OR 2 FCA present, place atop mission. While in play, your hand is exposed, face up on table.
Rarity: U
To get past requires a personnel who has INTEGRITY<4 OR a Federation personnel who has Treachery OR any Garak OR a Founder.
Rarity: U
Space Dilemma Orion Syndicate Bomb Space/Planet Dilemma Scientific Method Space/Planet Dilemma Strange Bedfellows
Typical explosion device. One was hidden in a floor panel of a runabout carrying Quark to testify before a Federation Grand Jury. Odo's attempt to beam it out accelerated its destruction. Orion Syndicate Bomb Beverly Crusher scanned Jo'Bril's body for tetryon traces during her 2369 "murder" investigation. Her scientific approach eventually revealed that Jo'bril had faked his own death. Scientific Method Dukat's disguise as a Bajoran farmer and seer named Anjohl allowed him to forge an alliance with Winn Adami that was both dangerous and disgusting. Strange Bedfellows
Damages ship unless Transporter Skill OR any Orion Syndicate personnel present. Discard dilemma.
Rarity: R
To get past requires MEDICAL and 3 SCIENCE.
Rarity: C
If a male and female present, lowest INTEGRITY male and lowest INTEGRITY female are "stopped" (discarded if their INTEGRITY numbers are the same).
Rarity: U


Equipment Breen CRM114 Equipment Ferengi Disruptor Equipment Ferengi Disruptor Rifle
Powerful disruptor often brokered by Hagath. Guaranteed to cut through reactive armor up to 15 centimeters and shields up to 4.6 gigajoules. Quick recharge. Expensive, but well worth it. Breen CRM114 Standard-issue hand weapon used by military personnel in the Ferengi Alliance. Provides accuracy and energy output comparable to those of the Starfleet hand phaser. Ferengi Disruptor Powerful energy weapon. Essential protection for particularly dangerous or unusual missions – such as when rescuing one's Moogie from the Dominion. Ferengi Disruptor Rifle
Reports to your Breen or arms dealer. At start of battle, kills up to 5 Rogue Borg present. Once each turn, this Away Team may attack a landed ship or facility on same planet (damaged=Tactic Draw).
Rarity: R
Ferengi and Non-Aligned use only. Each of your personnel present is STRENGTH +2. (Cumulative.)
Rarity: C
Ferengi and Non-Aligned use only. Each of your personnel present is STRENGTH +3, but loses 1 Diplomacy unless aboard your ship. (Cumulative.)
Rarity: U
Equipment Ferengi PADD Equipment Gold-Pressed Latinum Equipment Kukalaka
Standard Ferengi Personal Access Display Device for computerized information. Ferengi PADD Valuable liquid latinum encased in relatively worthless gold dust. Standard of exchange throughout the Ferengi Alliance. Typically traded in bars, strips and slips; 1 bar = 20 strips = 2,000 slips. Gold-Pressed Latinum Beloved childhood companion (and first surgical patient) of Julian Bashir. Loaned to, and especially treasured by, Leeta. A timeless symbol of innocence and security. Kukalaka
Ferengi use only. Each of your personnel present is CUNNING +2. (Cumulative.)
Rarity: C
Once each turn, on a Trading Post, homeworld or Quark's Bar, you may discard two Latinum (one if your Acquisition present) to download a non-Latinum Equipment card there.
Rarity: C
Your non-Borg personnel present are each INTEGRITY +2, or +3 if Leeta present. Also, each player is limited to one Brain Drain OR one Going To The Top every turn. (Unique.)
Rarity: R
Equipment Scepter of the Grand Nagus Equipment Small Cloaking Device Equipment The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition
Traditional cane of the Grand Nagus of the Ferengi Alliance. Symbol of his power and authority. The gnarled hardwood shaft is crowned by a nagus head made of gold-pressed latinum. Scepter of the Grand Nagus Countdown 4
Device obtained by Quark. Illegal under Bajoran law. Quark gave it to Natima Lang so she could elude Cardassian authorities, but warned her it would only work for a short time.
Small Cloaking Device Rule
Ornate book of 285 sayings, attributed to Grand Nagus Gint, which guide Ferengi commerce. They're really only guidelines; calling them "rules" was just a clever marketing ploy.
The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition
Your Nagus present may allow one Rule card to play for free each turn, prevent opponent from nullifying Rule cards here and stun one adversary he just engaged in battle. (Unique.)
Rarity: R
Reports for free if your Smuggling or Acquisition present. While aboard your ship with no staffing requirements, ship has a Cloaking Device. Counts down only while engaged.
Rarity: U
Once each turn, you may place a Rule card beneath draw deck from hand to draw a card (if your Ferengi is present) or to download a Rule card to hand (if your Nagus is present).
Rarity: U


Event 1st Rule of Acquisition Event 211th Rule of Acquisition Event 33rd Rule of Acquisition
"Once you have their money, you never give it back."
1st Rule of Acquisition Rule
"Employees are the rungs on the ladder of success – don't hesitate to step on them."
211th Rule of Acquisition Rule
"It never hurts to suck up to the boss."
33rd Rule of Acquisition
Seeds or plays on your freighter, transport or Ferengi facility or ship. Gold-Pressed Latinum you download may come from your discard pile. Once per game, you may download to hand one Gold-Pressed Latinum and/or one Ferengi V.I.P.
Rarity: C
Plays on Quark's Bar or Ferengi Trading Post. Each time opponent wishes to play a card during your turn, opponent must first discard X cards, where X = (your dabo girls and Ferengi waiters present) – (opponent's personnel present).
Rarity: U
Plays on your Greed personnel at a mission or Borg objective opponent completed. Compliment opponent's score. If they say "thank you," score points. If not, draw up to four cards. Discard event. (Limit two per location.)
Points: 5
Rarity: U
Event 34th Rule of Acquisition Event 47th Rule of Acquisition Event 59th Rule of Acquisition
"War is good for business."
34th Rule of Acquisition Rule
"Don't trust a man wearing a better suit than your own."
47th Rule of Acquisition Rule Countdown 3
"Free advice is seldom cheap."
59th Rule of Acquisition
Plays on your arms dealer or Acquisition personnel. Once every turn, if a non-Rogue-Borg battle was just initiated or opponent's ship was just damaged, download two Gold-Pressed Latinum here (three if an arms dealer) OR draw two cards.
Rarity: U
Plays on your Acquisition or Greed personnel. Nullifies all Palor Toff cards. Whenever at same location as any Garak or a personnel who has more Red Dot icons than this one, may place that personnel atop owner's draw deck; discard event.
Rarity: U
Plays on your Nagus. At any time, advise opponent to attempt a specific mission. If opponent does so voluntarily, opponent must first discard two cards from hand and/or top of the draw deck and you may draw up to two; discard event.
Rarity: U
Event 6th Rule Of Acquisition Event 75th Rule of Acquisition  
"Never allow family to stand in the way of opportunity."
6th Rule Of Acquisition Rule
"Home is where the heart is, but the stars are made of latinum."
75th Rule of Acquisition  
Plays on your Ferengi who has Greed or Treachery; place beneath draw deck another Ferengi present who names (or is named by) this one in lore. Download two Equipment cards or one Ferengi ship here OR draw up to three cards. Discard event.
Rarity: C
Plays on your Acquisition personnel in their native quadrant. If that personnel helps solve a mission in another quadrant, score points OR download up to five Gold-Pressed Latinum there; discard event. (Once per mission.)
Points: 10
Rarity: U


Neutral Round ❖ Ferengi Outpost Ferengi Tower of Commerce Romulan Continuing Committee
Ferenginar is the rainy, soggy homeworld of the highly capitalistic Ferengi people. The Ferengi Alliance establishes outposts throughout its territory. ❖ Ferengi Outpost The Grand Nagus enjoys absolute control over Ferengi business affairs from his Chamber of Petitioners. Tower of Commerce Praetor Neral presides over the Continuing Committee of the Romulan People, the final authority on Romulus. Continuing Committee
Seed one if playing Ferengi OR build where you have a Ferengi ENGINEER.
Rarity: C
Seeds or plays on Ferenginar. Once per turn, one Ferengi V.I.P., CIVILIAN or Hupyrian OR one HQ card may play for free here. (Not duplicatable.)
Rarity: R
Seeds or plays on Romulus. May coexist with Office of the Proconsul. Once per turn, one Tal Shiar personnel OR any Neral may report for free here. (Not duplicatable.)
Rarity: R


Incident Bodyguards Incident Bribery Incident Dabo
  Bodyguards   Bribery   Dabo
Hidden Agenda
Seeds or plays on table. At start of any personnel battle, each of your bodyguards and leaders who has SECURITY in that battle may exclude from battle one of your V.I.P. or CIVILIAN personnel. If you have a non-Borg Leadership personnel or a Subcommand Defense drone remaining in the battle, instead of shuffling your combat pile you may pre-arrange the order in which your personnel will fight. Discard incident.

Rarity: U
Hidden Agenda
Seeds or plays on table. Once each turn, your Smuggling or Greed personnel may discard one of your Gold-Pressed Latinum present to add Ferengi Mission to your mission there (except Ferenginar) until end of your next turn OR to prevent one entire point loss of up to 9 points just incurred there (discard incident) OR to release (and relocate to that personnel) one of your personnel held captive there.

Rarity: C
Plays on Quark's Bar. Any player who has a personnel here (except any Quark) may "wager" 1 to 3 cards from discard pile (except Kevin Uxbridge/Amanda Rogers) and probe:
Equipment, EventRed Dot : Place wager in point area (2 points per card).
Otherwise: Place wager out-of-play; if station's controller has any Quark here, for each dabo girl here that player may draw one card OR download one Gold-Pressed Latinum here.

Rarity: C
Incident Emergency Evacuation Incident HQ: Ferengi Credit Exchange Incident It's Only a Game
  Emergency Evacuation   HQ: Ferengi Credit ExchangeHQ: Ferengi Credit Exchange   It's Only a Game
Hidden Agenda
Seeds or plays on table. If your ship or facility is being destroyed or just encountered Abandon Ship, you may place entire crew under that Abandon Ship dilemma OR download Escape Pod (ignoring Computer Crash) to save entire crew of ship or facility OR relocate entire crew to a planet at that location. Discard incident after use.

Rarity: C
Seeds or plays on Ferenginar, Ferengi Trading Post or Quark's Bar. Any player who has Acquisition present may, once each turn, discard up to three Gold-Pressed Latinum cards present. For each one discarded, score 2 points (place that Latinum card in point area), draw one card or place any one card from discard pile beneath draw deck. May be nullified by Subspace Interference.
Rarity: U
Hidden Agenda Referee
Seeds or plays on table. Limits each non-Borg report with crew action to four total personnel/equipment. Limits Red Alert to one Personnel, one Ship and one Equipment card per turn. Limits probing and doubling for Visit Cochrane Memorial to once per game per persona. Also, whenever opponent draws three or more cards in one turn, you may download (even from discard pile) Scorched Hand, ignoring Computer Crash.

Rarity: U
Incident Protection Racket Incident Quark's Isolinear Rods Incident Reactor Overload
  Protection Racket   Quark's Isolinear Rods   Reactor Overload
Hidden Agenda Countdown 4
Seeds or plays on table. Once each turn, your Ferengi who has Treachery (or your non-Ferengi who has Treachery x2) may "threaten" (place incident on) any non-Borg personnel at this location. Make any request of opponent. Incident nullified if opponent complies. Threatened personnel loses first-listed skill and opponent must probe each turn:
DoorwayRed Dot : Assassin strikes. Threatened personnel killed.

Rarity: R
Hidden Agenda Countdown 1
Seeds or plays on table. You may ignore each opponent's Computer Crash. Also, you may nullify any or all cards preventing you from playing Q's Tent (discard incident after card taken from tent). Once per game, you may download to hand Intermix Ratio, The Big Picture or a non-OFFICER who has Computer Skill x2 (discard incident). Does not count down while you have any Quark in play.

Rarity: R
Hidden Agenda Referee
Seeds or plays on table. If any player has "processed ore" to draw two cards per turn at any one Ore Processing Unit, destroys that site. OR Seeds or plays on table. Place on your ship or facility. EM surge disables each android aboard until Cybernetics present; erases all Hologram cards aboard; kills each Borg aboard (unless Subcommand Command drone in hive); and kills all Rogue Borg aboard. Return incident to your hand after either use.

Rarity: U
Incident Writ of Accountability  
  Writ of Accountability  
Hidden Agenda Referee
Seeds or plays on table. Once per game, downloads an FCA personnel; discard incident. OR Seeds or plays on table. Place on your Ferengi FCA personnel. If opponent has used Subspace Schism, Brain Drain or Horga'hn more than twice OR played Static Warp Bubble, Anti-Time Anomaly or Black Hole more than once OR used their own dilemma(s) to score more than 15 points or to discard other dilemmas, they lose the game.

Rarity: R


Interrupt Incoming Message – Ferengi Interrupt Vacuum-Desiccated Remains  
Messages and directives are sent, faster than light, on subspace radio signals amplified by networks of relay stations. Incoming Message – Ferengi When a Ferengi dies, his body is desiccated and apportioned into flat, circular containers to be sold as collectibles. The remains of noteworthy individuals can become quite valuable. Vacuum-Desiccated Remains  
"Your ship must immediately return to the nearest Ferengi outpost, full speed." Place on one Ferengi ship until outpost reached, then discard.
Rarity: C
Once per turn, place out-of-play any Ferengi just killed by your opponent's card. Draw cards and/or download Gold-Pressed Latinum: up to three total if a V.I.P., two otherwise.
Rarity: C


Space Dilemma ❖ Collect Sample Planet Dilemma Deliver Message Space Dilemma Gunrunning
Gaseous cloud: Beam volatile sample aboard ship for possible use as a weapon component.

SCIENCE + Astrophysics + Transporter Skill + (Smuggling OR Treachery x2)
❖ Collect Sample Ferenginar: Convey documents to Grand Nagus Zek on the Ferengi homeworld; beware enemy patrols.

V.I.P. + Diplomacy + Acquisition OR Quark Son of Keldar OR Nog
Deliver Message Military checkpoint: Get lethal cargo past patrol ship to conclude lucrative arms deal with local interests.

Greed x2 + Smuggling x2 + Anthropology + CUNNING>28 + (hand weapon OR Echo Papa 607)
.Romulan Mission Cardassian Mission Dominion Mission Ferengi Mission  Points: 30  Span: 3
Rarity: C
Federation Mission Klingon Mission Dominion Mission  Points: 30  Span: 4
Rarity: U
Ferengi Mission  Points: 40  Span: 3
Rarity: U
Space Dilemma ❖ Market Research Planet Dilemma Purchase Moon Space Dilemma Planet Dilemma Runabout Search
Uncommercialized system: Survey remote region; seek out new life and new civilizations to exploit.

Greed x2 + Acquisition + Anthropology + Stellar Cartography + CUNNING>35
❖ Market Research Habitable satellite: Inspect and make offer on moon that just came on the market in this upscale sector.

Greed + Acquisition + Geology + Astrophysics + discard 1 to 4 Gold-Pressed Latinum (X = number discarded)
Opponent's side: Greed + Acquisition + Geology + Astrophysics + discard 3 Gold-Pressed Latinum - Points: 30
Purchase Moon Class-L planet: Track distress signal; locate survivors of ship sabotaged by Orion Syndicate.

Transporter Skill + MEDICAL + (Honor OR Greed)
If you solve, may download Odo or Quark here.
Runabout Search
Noon-Aligned Mission Ferengi Mission  Points: 30  Span: 5
Rarity: C
Ferengi Mission  Points: 10X  Span: 4
Rarity: U
Federation Mission Bajoran Mission Ferengi Mission  Points: 40  Span: 3
Rarity: U
Planet Dilemma Tulaberry Wine Negotiations  
Dosi planet: Meet with aggressive Dosi negotiators to discuss lucrative wine contract and distribution rights.

Acquisition x3 + (STRENGTH>30 OR Guramba) OR Pel + any Quark
Tulaberry Wine Negotiations  
Any non-Dominion Away Team may attempt mission.
Points: 45  Span: 5  Gamma Quadrant
Rarity: U


Objective Establish Trade Route Objective Ferengi Conference Objective Forced-Labor Camp
  Establish Trade Route   Ferengi Conference   Forced-Labor Camp
Seeds or plays on a space mission with a point box that you seeded. You may attempt it using these requirements:
Greed + (freighter OR transport OR Ferengi ship) + Acquisition x3 + CUNNING > (mission points x2)
When you solve mission, you may download Ferengi Trading Post (plus up to two Equipment cards) here; discard objective.

Rarity: C
Seeds or plays on Quark's Bar. When you have a Nagus here, you may download one copy of the 75th Rule of Acquisition to each of your other Ferengi here who has Acquisition. Discard objective. OR Plays on your Nagus at Quark's Bar or aboard a Ferengi facility. Download to that Nagus one Hupyrian or any number of Ferengi CIVILIANs with up to 11 total Red Dot icons. Discard objective.
Rarity: C
Seeds or plays on Cardassia IV, Ligos VII or your planet that has Geology or Archaeology as a requirement. Your Cardassian and Ferengi personnel may attempt mission. On Cardassia IV or Ligos VII, changes your mission requirements to these: SECURITY + Geology + STRENGTH>(mission points x2)
After you solve, while you escort a captive on this planet, you may draw one additional card at end of each turn.

Rarity: U


BajoranFerengi Leeta BajoranFerengi Mardah  
Bajoran dabo girl. Formed the Guild of Restaurant and Casino Employees with Rom. Amateur sociologist. Was formally separated from Julian Bashir on Risa in 2373.
Bajoran entomology student. Dabo girl. Orphaned by Cardassians. Romantically involved with Jake Sisko. Accepted to the science academy on Regulus III.
Red Dot Anthropology Red Dot Youth Red Dot Computer Skill
Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Music Download Dabo OR Kukalaka


Rarity: R
Red Dot Youth Red Dot Biology Red Dot SCIENCE


Rarity: U


Cardassian Benil Cardassian Lemec  
Cardassian Gul of the Eighth Order. Intercepted the U.S.S. Defiant en route to Cardassia Prime. Covert arms dealer with suspected Kressari connections.
Benil Command OFFICER
Gul in command of the Reklar. Clashed with Captain Edward Jellico over troop and ship movements along the Federation-Cardassian border.
Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Biology Red Dot Greed Red Dot Smuggling


Rarity: U
Red Dot Geology Red Dot MEDICAL Red Dot Music Red Dot Transporter Skill


Rarity: R


Dominion Deyos Dominion ❖ Edan'Atal Dominion Hanok
Command Gamma Quadrant SECURITY
Vorta in charge of Internment Camp 371. Responsible for training and equipping Jem'Hadar troops. Accepts nothing less than perfect obedience.
Deyos Staff Ketracel White SECURITY
Representative of Jem'Hadar assigned to guard Dominion operations on Cardassia Prime. Fourth. Bred in the Alpha Quadrant.
❖ Edan'Atal Command Gamma Quadrant V.I.P.
Member of Karemma Commerce Ministry. Helped to defuse a torpedo lodged in the hull of the U.S.S. Defiant. Learned of Ferengi business philosophy from Quark.
Red Dot May draw a card for each non-Youth Jem'Hadar that enters play here. Red Dot Treachery x2 Red Dot Archaeology


Rarity: R
Red Dot Astrophysics Red Dot ENGINEER Red Dot Honor


Rarity: C
Red Dot Acquisition Red Dot Diplomacy Red Dot Smuggling
Red Dot ENGINEER Download Any Rule card


Rarity: U
Dominion Ikat'ika Dominion ❖ Inglatu Dominion Krajensky Founder
Command Ketracel White Gamma Quadrant OFFICER
Jem'Hadar First under Deyos. Leader of detachment assigned to Internment Camp 371. Fought Worf as part of training exercise. Skilled combatant.
Ikat'ika Staff Gamma Quadrant CiVLIAN
Typical male Dosi. Violent and impatient negotiator. Threatened to kill Quark because of the Ferengi's annoying tenacity.
❖ Inglatu Command Federation Infiltrator Gamma Quadrant V.I.P.
The changeling appearing as Ambassador Krajensky seized the U.S.S. Defiant in an effort to start a war between the Federation and the Tzenkethi.
Krajensky Founder
Red Dot Honor Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Anthropology
Red Dot Your Jem'Hadar present are STRENGTH +1 in battle.


Rarity: R
Red Dot Greed Red Dot Acquisition Red Dot MEDICAL
Red Dot Geology


Rarity: C
Red Dot Diplomacy Red Dot Law Red Dot Leadership
Red Dot ENGINEER Red Dot Treachery Download Issue Secret Orders


Rarity: R


Federation Ambassador Krajensky Federation Elizabeth Lense Federation George Primmin
Command V.I.P.
Starfleet dignitary. Scoffs at rumors of his inability to form lasting relationships. Spends much of his free time on Risa.
Ambassador Krajensky Staff MEDICAL
Female chief medical officer of the U.S.S. Lexington. Julian Bashir's medical-school rival. Able to distinguish a preganglionic fiber from a postganglionic nerve.
Elizabeth Lense Staff SECURITY
Starfleet security officer assigned to Deep Space 9. Annoyed Odo. Discovered a subspace crossover shunt placed on the station by the criminal Rao Vantika in 2369.
George Primmin
Red Dot Diplomacy Red Dot Leadership Red Dot ENGINEER
Red Dot Law Red Dot May report on Risa.


Rarity: U
Red Dot SCIENCE Red Dot Biology Red Dot Physics


Rarity: R
Red Dot SECURITY Red Dot Computer Skill Red Dot Biology
Red Dot Once per game, may nullify Computer Crash.


Rarity: R


FederationFerengi Nog  
Dedicated, hardworking ensign. The first Ferengi in Starfleet. Friend of Jake. Briefly served as chief engineer of U.S.S. Valiant under Captain Watters.
Red Dot Physics Red Dot Honor Red Dot Youth Red Dot Acquisition
Red Dot ENGINEER (if aboard your Defiant-class or Ferengi ship).


Rarity: R


Ferengi Berik Ferengi Birta Ferengi Bractor
Officer serving Lurin. Participated in the failed takeover attempt of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Blamed Morta for failing to seize control of the main computer.
Berik Command V.I.P.
Ferengi bureaucrat stationed on Ferenginar. Point of control for offworlders. Informed Jean-Luc Picard that Bok had bought his way out of Rog Prison.
Birta Command OFFICER
DaiMon in command of the Kreechta. Observed war games between the U.S.S. Enterprise and the U.S.S. Hathaway. Attempted to claim the latter as salvage.
Red Dot Leadership Red Dot SECURITY Red Dot Physics
Red Dot Stellar Cartography


Rarity: U
Red Dot Diplomacy Red Dot Anthropology Red Dot SECURITY
Download Hail (to any ship "flying by" your ship or facility).


Rarity: U
Red Dot SCIENCE Red Dot Stellar Cartography
Download Commandeer Ship


Rarity: R
Ferengi Brunt Ferengi ❖ Dr. Borts Ferengi ❖ Frool
Command V.I.IP
Liquidator with the Ferengi Commerce Authority. Rude. Arrogant. Corrupt. Despised and envied by Ferengi everywhere. Strives to ruin Quark.
Brunt Staff SCIENCE
Representative Ferengi scientist. Helped Lurin invade the U.S.S. Enterprise. Paid more attention to Dr. Crusher's molecular models than to his guard duties.
❖ Dr. Borts CIVILIAN
Typical Ferengi waiter. Serves his employers as well as can be expected for a young, impatient, aspiring opportunist.
❖ Frool
Red Dot FCA x2 Red Dot Treachery x2 Red Dot Navigation Red Dot Law
Red Dot Greed Red Dot Computer Skill Download Writ of Accountability


Rarity: R


Rarity: C
Red Dot Greed Red Dot Youth
Red Dot Reports for free to Ferengi Trading Post.


Rarity: C
Ferengi Gaila Ferengi Goss Ferengi Gral
Arms dealer. Owed his cousin Quark a shuttle. Made good on his debt, but booby-trapped the ship. Involved with Hagath. Helped rescue Ishka from the Dominion.
Gaila Command OFFICER
Uninvited participant in the 2366 Barzan wormhole negotiations. DaiMon. Conspired with Devinoni Ral to deceive. Preoccupied with getting his own chair.
Aggressive Ferengi opportunist. Diplomatically, but insistently, threatened Quark with a protection racket while Quark was briefly serving as the Grand Nagus.
Red Dot Treachery Red Dot Greed x2 Red Dot Smuggling
Red Dot ENGINEER Red Dot SECURITY Download Hidden Fighter


Rarity: R
Red Dot Greed Red Dot Treachery x2 Download Latinum Payoff
Red Dot MEDICAL Red Dot Wormhole Negotiations has Ferengi Mission.


Rarity: U
Red Dot Greed Red Dot Treachery Red Dot Acquisition
Red Dot Diplomacy Red Dot SECURITY Download Protection Racket


Rarity: R
Ferengi Grand Nagus Gint Ferengi Grand Nagus Zek Ferengi Ishka
Command Alternate Universe V.I.P.
The first Grand Nagus. Credited with writing the Rules of Acquisition. Appeared in Quark's dream; looked a lot like Rom. Told Quark the Rules were a marketing ploy.
Grand Nagus Gint Command Orb V.I.P.
Aging financial and political leader of the Ferengi Alliance. Romantically – and secretly – involved with Ishka. Admits he's not as greedy as he used to be.
Grand Nagus Zek CIVILIAN
"Moogie" to Quark and Rom. Financial genius. Wears clothes. Earns profit. Secretly helps Zek run his empire.
Red Dot Greed x2 Red Dot Acquisition Red Dot Law
Red Dot Archaeology Download Bribery Download Any Rule card


Rarity: R
Red Dot Acquisition Red Dot Greed Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Law
Red Dot Diplomacy Download HQ: Ferengi Credit Exchange


Rarity: R
Red Dot Acquisition Red Dot Computer Skill Red Dot Honor Red Dot Music
Red Dot Your Gold-Pressed Latinum may report here, for free.
Red Dot While Grand Nagus Zek is here, doubles his skills.


Rarity: R
Ferengi Kazago Ferengi Krax Ferengi ❖ Krunk
First officer. Shocked by DaiMon Bok's free gift of the derelict U.S.S. Stargazer to the human Picard. Placed Bok under arrest for using an illegal thought maker.
Kazago Staff V.I.P.
Son of Grand Nagus Zek. Missed his chance to show his father he could be a good nagus when he tried to seize power quickly, rather than accumulate it quietly.
Krax Staff ENGiNEER
Transporter technician under the command of Lurin. Guarded a U.S.S. Enterprise transporter room during his DaiMon's unsuccessful takeover attempt.
❖ Krunk
Red Dot Leadership Red Dot ENGINEER Red Dot Honor


Rarity: U
Red Dot Youth Red Dot Greed Red Dot MEDICAL
Red Dot May serve as Nagus (if you have no Nagus in play).


Rarity: U
Red Dot Physics Red Dot Computer Skill
Red Dot Transporter Skill


Rarity: C
Ferengi Leck Ferengi ❖ Letek Ferengi Lurin
Professional assassin called an "eliminator." Doesn't crave latinum, but doesn't like being cheated. Brunt called him a psychopath during the 2374 Ishka rescue.
Leck Command OFFICER
Typical first officer in the Ferengi Alliance. Serves under Taar. Tried to find favor with Portal 63 on an ancient Tkon planet.
❖ Letek Command OFFICER
DaiMon who illegally mined vendarite on Ligos VII. Tried to take over the U.S.S. Enterprise. Would've succeeded, too, if it weren't for those meddling kids.
Red Dot SECURITY Red Dot Exobiology Red Dot Treachery
Red Dot Once per game, may kill any one personnel present.


Rarity: R
Red Dot Treachery Red Dot Geology Red Dot MEDICAL
Red Dot May nullify Ferengi Attack at this location.


Rarity: C
Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Greed Red Dot Geology
Red Dot Transporter Skill Download Forced-Labor Camp


Rarity: R
Ferengi Maihar'du Ferengi Morta Ferengi ❖ Nava
Hupyrian servant. Grand Nagus Zek's bodyguard, pilot and handkerchief valet. Took a vow to speak only to his master. As loyal as he is silent.
Maihar'du Staff SECURITY
Security officer. Led an assault team that boarded the U.S.S. Enterprise on Lurin's order. Befuddled by Commander Riker's bogus computer lesson.
Typical Ferengi entrepreneur. Took over the Arcybite gouge-mining refineries in the Clarius system. Plans to introduce synthehol to the Gamma Quadrant.
❖ Nava
Red Dot Navigation x2 Download Bodyguards OR Security Sacrifice
Red Dot Exobiology Download Scepter of the Grand Nagus


Rarity: R
Red Dot Computer Skill Red Dot ENGINEER Red Dot Geology
Download Prepare Assault Teams


Rarity: U
Red Dot Acquisition Red Dot Geology Red Dot SCIENCE
Red Dot Anthropology


Rarity: C
Ferengi Nibor Ferengi ❖ Nilva Ferengi Omag
Security guard aboard the Krayton. Served with Tog during the Lwaxana Troi incident. Played chess with William Riker. Isn't bragging about the outcome.
Nibor V.I.P.
Typical member of Ferengi Commerce Authority. One of 432 FCA commissioners. Chairman of Slug-o-Cola, "the slimiest cola in the galaxy." Lusts after Lumba.
❖ Nilva Command OFFICER
Ferengi arms dealer. DaiMon. Glutton. Always requests that Amarie play Melor Famagal. Referred to as "the fat Ferengi" by the Qualor II locals.
Red Dot Navigation Red Dot Computer Skill
Red Dot Transporter Skill


Rarity: U
Red Dot Greed Red Dot Leadership Red Dot FCA
Red Dot Biology


Rarity: C
Red Dot Greed Red Dot Smuggling Red Dot Music
Red Dot Archaeology Download Calandra


Rarity: R
Ferengi Par Lenor Ferengi Pel Ferengi ❖ Prak
Command V.I.P.
Emissary of the Ferengi Trade Mission. Sabotaged his own ship to force a rescue by the U.S.S. Enterprise, creating the opportunity to bribe Ambassador Briam.
Par Lenor Staff CIVILIAN
Waiter. Female. Used synthetic lobes to appear male. Wore clothes and sought profit in violation of Ferengi law. Romantically involved with Quark – briefly.
Pel Command OFFICER
Representative DaiMon in the Ferengi Alliance. In exchange for repairs to his ship, provided sensor log readings on missing U.S.S. Flemming to Jean-Luc Picard.
❖ Prak
Red Dot Greed Red Dot Diplomacy Red Dot ENGINEER
Red Dot Astrophysics


Rarity: U
Red Dot Acquisition Red Dot Diplomacy Red Dot Biology
Red Dot May avoid selections that target males or females.


Rarity: U
Red Dot Navigation Red Dot Stellar Cartography


Rarity: C
Ferengi ❖ Qol Ferengi Quark Ferengi ❖ Solok
Assistant to Par Lenor. Sneaked into a cargo bay on the U.S.S. Enterprise to scan an empathic metamorph. Accidentally triggered premature emergence.
❖ Qol Staff Orb CIVILIAN
Bartender and proprietor of Quark's Bar, Grill, Gaming House and Holosuite Arcade. Longtime nuisance to Odo.
Quark Staff Command OFFICER
Typical DaiMon. Like most Ferengi, easily manipulated by any female who tickles his lobes. Smuggled humans to the Cardassian planet Celtris III in 2369.
❖ Solok
Red Dot Exobiology


Rarity: C
Red Dot Greed Red Dot Treachery Red Dot Smuggling Red Dot Acquisition
Red Dot Anthropology Red Dot Diplomacy Red Dot X=2 or 7.
Red Dot Computer Skill x2 Download Small Cloaking Device


Rarity: R
Red Dot Smuggling Red Dot Archaeology Red Dot MEDICAL


Ferengi Sovak Ferengi ❖ Taar Ferengi Tog
DaiMon who sought the Tox Uthat. Followed Vash to Risa, only to be deceived by the treacherous human female and facially assaulted by Jean-Luc Picard.
Sovak Command OFFICER
Representative Ferengi DaiMon. First member of the Ferengi Alliance to make visual contact with humans. Claimed he sought "only what is equitable."
❖ Taar Command OFFICER
DaiMon. Presented flowers to Lwaxana Troi. Abducted her from Betazed, hoping to exploit her empathic skills during negotiations. She called him a "toad-faced troll."
Red Dot Computer Skill Red Dot Archaeology Red Dot Greed


Rarity: U
Red Dot Diplomacy Red Dot Astrophysics
Red Dot May double Ferengi Attack faced in same quadrant.


Rarity: C
Red Dot Greed Red Dot Anthropology Red Dot Exobiology
Red Dot Once per game, may capture one Empath present.


Rarity: U
Ferengi Tol  
Unusually calm and intelligent Ferengi. Science officer aboard Bok's marauder. Questioned his commander's actions in the Jason Vigo incident.
Red Dot Archaeology Red Dot Astrophysics
Red Dot Stellar Cartography


Rarity: U


FerengiBajoran Rom  
Brilliant yet befuddled Ferengi engineer. Works for the Bajorans aboard Deep Space 9. Quark's brother. Nog's father. Gaila's cousin. Has a crush on Leeta.
Red Dot ENGINEER Red Dot Astrophysics Red Dot Honor
Red Dot Navigation Red Dot Physics Red Dot X=4 or 9.


Rarity: R


Klingon Margh  
Veteran Klingon warrior. Achieved many glorious victories. Trained in battlefield medicine. Former member of Gowron's elite High Council honor guards.
Red Dot Honor Red Dot Geology Red Dot MEDICAL
Red Dot Transporter Skill


Rarity: R


Non-Aligned Arandis Non-Aligned ❖ Calandra Non-Aligned Hagath
Chief facilitator of entire Temtibi Lagoon. Welcomes all to Risa. Curzon Dax's last romantic encounter.
Attractive young vocalist and part-time nurse. Known as one of "Omag's girls." Overlooks the fat Ferengi's disgusting behavior because of his generosity to her.
❖ Calandra Staff CIVILIAN
Humanoid arms dealer. Associate of Quark's cousin Gaila. Ruthless. Treats his business associates like family - until they cross him.
Red Dot Youth Red Dot Music Red Dot While on Risa, adds Noon-Aligned Mission, Non-Aligned Mission Small.
Red Dot May use opponent's Horga'hn to take double turns.
Red Dot May seed (face up) or report on Risa. Download Jamaharon


Rarity: R
Red Dot Youth Red Dot Music Red Dot MEDICAL
Red Dot DaiMons present are attributes all +1 (cumulative).


Rarity: C
Red Dot Acquisition Red Dot Treachery x2 Red Dot Anthropology
Red Dot ENGINEER Red Dot Your hand weapons may report here.


Rarity: R
Non-Aligned ❖ Krozh Non-Aligned Morn  
Typical Nausicaan bodyguard. Protects FCA Liquidator Brunt. Doesn't mind working for Ferengi cowards as long as the money is good.
❖ Krozh Command CIVILIAN
Lurian. Freighter captain. Frequent patron of Quark's. Part of the infamous Lissepian Mother's Day Heist. Hides a small fortune in latinum in his second stomach.
Red Dot Navigation Red Dot Treachery Red Dot Guramba
Red Dot May report where you have FCA present.


Rarity: C
Red Dot Navigation Red Dot Greed Red Dot Acquisition Red Dot Smuggling
Red Dot ENGINEER Red Dot Biology Download Gold-Pressed Latinum


Rarity: R


Non-AlignedBajoran Kasidy Yates  
Command Maquis CIVILIAN
Freighter captain for Bajoran Ministry of Commerce. Smuggled weapons for the Maquis in 2372. Loves baseball. Romantically involved with Benjamin Sisko.
Kasidy Yates  
Red Dot Navigation x2 Red Dot Smuggling Red Dot Transporter Skill
Red Dot May add 2 card draws to "cargo runs" she completes.


Rarity: R


Non-AlignedFerengi Aluura  
Humanoid dabo girl. In three months she didn't spill a drink, mix up a food order or short-change a bill. Actually liked by other dabo girls – and even the Ferengi waiters.
Red Dot Your other dabo girls and Ferengi waiters here are attributes all +2. Red Dot Youth Red Dot Honor Red Dot Diplomacy


Rarity: R


Romulan Patahk Romulan Senator Cretak  
Commander of the Pi. Rescued from Galorndon Core by the U.S.S. Enterprise crew. Refused to "pollute his body" with an infusion of Worf's Klingon ribosomes.
Patahk Command V.I.P.
Female Romulan. Kimara Cretak was liaison to Deep Space 9 in 2375. Coordinated a fleet of warbirds attempting to deliver weapons to a Bajoran moon.
Senator Cretak  
Red Dot Navigation Red Dot Stellar Cartography Red Dot Physics
Red Dot If aboard Pi with Bochra, Pi is attributes all +2.


Rarity: R
Red Dot Honor Red Dot Law Red Dot SECURITY Red Dot Physics
Red Dot Your Romulan ships at same location are WEAPONS +2.


Rarity: R


Cardassian Naprem Cardassian ❖ Patrol Ship  
Bird-of-Prey commanded by Dukat. Commandeered near the Cardassian outpost on Korma. Named for Tora Ziyal's mother. Carried Jodmos to Ty'Gokar in 2373.
Common patrol vessel of the Cardassian Union. Uses the same hull as the Cardassian shuttlecraft, but boasts a much higher performance profile.
❖ Patrol Ship  
Staff Cloaking Device, Tractor Beam


Rarity: R
Staff Tractor Beam (cannot carry ships aboard).


Rarity: C


Dominion ❖ Karemman Vessel  
Gamma Quadrant

The Karemma conduct trade operations for the Dominion. Their vessels can be found throughout the Gamma Quadrant. Hanok commanded one.
❖ Karemman Vessel  


Tractor Beam


Rarity: C


Federation U.S.S. Sao Paulo  
Replacement for the U.S.S. Defiant. NCC-75633. Briefly commanded by Admiral Ross during delivery to Deep Space 9. Captained by Benjamin Sisko.
U.S.S. Sao Paulo  
Command Command Tractor Beam (cannot carry ships aboard except shuttlepods).


Rarity: R


Ferengi ❖ B'rel Ferengi ❖ D'Kora Marauder Ferengi ❖ D'Kora Transport
Old surplus Klingon Bird-of-Prey. Much smaller than K'Vort-class ships. Ferengi bought this one to support a covert vendarite mining operation on Ligos VII.
Ferengi military vessel. Standard D'Kora spaceframe optimized for battle readiness. Most DaiMons enjoy the raw power but lament the minimal cargo space.
Ferengi trade vessel. Same spaceframe as the D'Kora-class marauder, but has a smaller crew complement and devotes far more internal volume to cargo capacity.
❖ D'Kora Transport
Staff Cloaking Device, Tractor Beam (cannot carry ships aboard).


Rarity: C
Command Staff Staff Holodeck, Tractor Beam


Rarity: C
Command Staff Tractor Beam


Rarity: C
Ferengi ❖ Ferengi Shuttle Ferengi Krayton Ferengi Kreechta
Common shuttlecraft of Ferengi design. Dr. Arridor commanded one.
Marauder commanded by Tog. Briefly imprisoned Lwaxana Troi, whom Tog had abducted from Betazed following the 2366 Trade Agreements Conference.
Ferengi marauder. Under the command of Bractor in 2365, interrupted a mysterious battle between the Federation starships Enterprise and Hathaway.


Rarity: C
Command Staff Staff Holodeck, Tractor Beam


Rarity: R
Command Staff Staff Holodeck, Tractor Beam


Rarity: R
Ferengi Quark's Treasure  
Briefly captained by Quark. Faster than a Romulan interceptor. A belated delivery from its former captain, Gaila, who had owed Quark a ship for some time.
Quark's Treasure  


Rarity: R


Non-Aligned Jovis  
Zibalian transport and merchant vessel commanded by Kivas Fajo. Houses his collection of rare and one-of-a-kind objects. Used to imprison Data in 2366.
Staff Once per game, you may capture an android on an undocked ship here. Download Kivas Fajo


Rarity: R


Romulan Apnex  
Named for a sea on Romulus. Has a cloaking device prototype based on a phase inverter. Commanded by Mirok after the death of the ship's captain.
  Cloaking Device, Phasing Cloak (RANGE +4 while phased).




Site ❖ Cargo Bay Site Quark's Bar  
  ❖ Cargo Bay   Quark's Bar  
Smuggling, Acquisition and Non-Aligned Navigation personnel may report here (or download here in place of a normal card play; player draws no cards that turn). Once each turn, if a freighter, transport or Ferengi ship's crew member completes a "cargo run" (brings a non-weapon Equipment card here from another facility), for each mission passed (except starting and ending locations) owner may draw a card or download a Gold-Pressed Latinum here. (Once per game per Equipment card title.)
Any Nor  Docking Ring

Rarity: C
Morn and Ferengi may report here. Once each turn, a bartender, a dabo girl, a waiter, any Quark or any Rom may report here for free (or download here in place of a normal card play; player draws no cards that turn). Any player who has Morn unopposed here may draw an additional card at end of each turn. Any player who kills any waiters or dabo girls here in battle must discard two cards for each. Ferengi ships may report, dock, undock and repair at this Nor.
Terok Nor OR Deep Space 9  Promenade

Rarity: R


Tactic Ferengi Energy Weapon Tactic Plasma Energy Burst  
  Ferengi Energy Weapon   Plasma Energy Burst  


ATTACK bonus +2 if you have a Ferengi ship firing. Hit = Tactic DrawTactic Draw. Direct hit = Tactic DrawTactic DrawTactic DrawTactic Draw.


Casualties: randomly kills one personnel (on a Nor, one personnel at site of opponent's choice).
Rarity: C


ATTACK bonus +4 and DEFENSE bonus +2 if you have a D'Kora-class ship firing.
Hit = Tactic CurrentTactic DrawTactic Draw. Direct hit = Tactic CurrentTactic DrawTactic DrawTactic DrawTactic Draw. Otherwise, causes electromagnetic disruptions (Tactic Current).


EM burst: until end of your next full turn, WEAPONS disabled and all ENGINEER-classification personnel are "stopped."
Rarity: U
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