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Star Trek Customizable Card Game, First Edition - Q Continuum

Decipher Star Trek CCG 1st Edition Q Continuum  

The Q-intessential expansion set of 121 cards brings to life the irrepressible personality of the elegant prankster, Q. Prepare yourself for fun as this endearing entity throws you into one improbable situation after another in his quest to keep himself entertained, and you, the players, guessing. Open the door to the Continuum and watch these cards warp reality. Your strategies and game plays will never be the same.

Copyright Line - TM, ©, ® 1996 PARAMOUNT PICTURES.
Copyright Line - TM, ©, ® 1996 PAR. PIC. (Space, Nebula)


Artifact Blade of Tkon Artifact Canar Artifact Mona Lisa
The Tkon Empire was so advanced that it possessed the ability to move planets at will. The empire became extinct some 600,000 years ago during the Age of Makto. Blade of Tkon A glowing device used by the Haliians to focus thoughts in a limited empathic form. Especially used to strengthen an emotional link during love. Canar Priceless original oil painting by ancient Earth scientist Da Vinci. Stolen from the Louvre in 2243. Recovered from the collection of Kivas Fajo in 2366. Mona Lisa
Immediately relocate one planet location, and all cards there, to a different place on the spaceline. Discard artifact.
Rarity: R
Immediately play on one female personnel. Specify one male personnel at a different location. If those two personnel are ever present together, discard both.
Rarity: R
Use as Equipment card. If destroyed, the player directly causing the destruction (if any) loses points. (Not duplicatable.)
Points: -25
Rarity: R


Space/Planet Dilemma Android Nightmares Space/Planet Dilemma Bendii Syndrome Space/Planet Dilemma Chinese Finger Puzzle
Alternatue Universe
An infestation of interphasic creatures caused Lt. Commander Data to experience surreal dreams and hallucinations, resulting in his attack on Deanna Troi.
Android Nightmares Rare disease which affects aging Vulcans. A profound loss of mental control leads to emotional outbursts, elicits violence in others and eventually kills its victim. Bendii Syndrome An ancient novelty which baffled Lt. Commander Data. The solution to the puzzle, which involves relaxation of effort, he called "fascinating." Chinese Finger Puzzle
If android present, one non-android personnel (random selection) killed (three if Interphasic Plasma Creatures affecting you) unless Empathy OR Dr. Soong present.
Rarity: U
One Vulcan without Youth present (opponent's choice) dies the next time you score points. Until then, all your personnel are INTEGRITY -2 where present.
Rarity: R
If android present, Away Team is stopped until end of turn and androids are stopped for X full turns, where X = number of androids present. Discard dilemma.
Rarity: C
Planet Dilemma Q's Vicious Animal Things Planet Dilemma Royale Casino: Craps Planet Dilemma Security Precautions
Wearing Napoleonic uniforms and firing musket-shaped energy weapons, Q's creatures attacked William Riker and his away team. Worf gave them their colorful moniker. Q's Vicious Animal Things Alternatue Universe
An away team from the U.S.S. Enterprise was trapped in the illusionary Hotel Royale until they won enough money in the casino to buy the bank and their way out.
Royale Casino: Craps Dr. Manheim's laboratory deep inside a remote planetoid used a system of forcefields and targeting laser to bar entry and protect a revolutionary experiment. Security Precautions
Unless 22 < STRENGTH < 55, one Away Team member is killed (random selection) and opponent re-seeds dilemma under a different unsolved planet mission.
Rarity: U
Show a personnel from hand. If CUNNING = 7 or 11 OR opponent cannot match your number, win points. Otherwise, opponent wins points.
Points: 7
Rarity: U
To get past, Away Team must have Jenice Manheim OR android OR phaser OR disruptor OR 3 SECURITY.
Rarity: C
Space/Planet Dilemma System-Wide Cascade Failure Planet Dilemma The Sheliak Space/Planet Dilemma Yuta
Lal was affected by a positronic matrix failure. Lt. Commander Data's incomplete knowledge of Dr. Soong's work led to subtle design flaws in the matrix. System-Wide Cascade Failure A reclusive race of strict legalists that considers humanoids inferior. Life-form classification R-3. The 2255 Treaty of Armens ceded several planets to the Sheliak. The Sheliak An Acamarian of the clan Tralesta. Carrier of a microvirus engineered to instantly kill anyone with a particular genetic makeup. Yuta
Mission continues, but one android present (your choice) dies at end of turn unless Dr. Soong OR Ira Graves present. Discard dilemma.
Rarity: R
Place at far end of spaceline. End of every turn, moves toward this mission (RANGE = 6). Upon arrival, destroys any outposts, stations and Away Teams present. Mission then = zero points.
Rarity: R
Opponent chooses a number X. Randomly examine crew or Away Team one by one. If (INTEGRITY + CUNNING - STRENGTH) = X, discard that personnel and dilemma.
Rarity: R


Doorway Manheim's Dimensional Door Doorway Q's Tent Doorway Q-Flash
  Manheim's Dimensional Door   Q's Tent   Q-Flash
Alternatue Universe
Plays on any planet. Affects all players. While in play, whenever any player has a card in hand matching one just played by the opponent, the Manheim Effect (a temporal "hiccup") may occur. Opponent's card is suspended while player shows matching card, returns it to hand and plays any card from hand as if played normally. (Not duplicatable.) Nullify with Anti-Matter Pod.

Rarity: R
Place one atop Q's Tent side deck (up to 13 different cards) during the seed phase. Q's Tent is now open and in play. OR Stock in deck and use as follows: Once per turn, play to take a card from tent into your hand, either your choice (discard doorway) or random selection (place doorway on top of your draw deck). Must show card to opponent. Draw no cards this turn.
Rarity: C
Place one atop Q-Continuum side deck during the seed phase. Q-Continuum is now open and in play. OR Seed under any mission like a dilemma. Any crew or Away Team encountering this Q-Flash must experience X cards from opponent's Q-Continuum, where X = the number of personnel present. OR Stock in deck and play to nullify one Q icon card.
Rarity: C


Equipment Anti-Matter Pod Equipment Plasmadyne Relay  
Magnetic anti-matter containment vessel used by the U.S.S. Enterprise crew to shut down the Manheim Effect and to mine Cardassian ships in the McAllister C-5 nebula. Anti-Matter Pod Device designed by Geordi La Forge to improve warp engine quantum efficiency. Wesley Crusher opined that it was obsolete and needed a subprocessor matrix overhaul. Plasmadyne Relay  
May be left at any space mission. Damages next ship to stop here without 3 Navigation (discard pod). May be nullified by Transporter Skill. (Not cumulative.)
Rarity: C
While on a ship, RANGE and SHIELDS are +2. While at a station or outpost, SHIELDS are +4. (Cumulative.)
Rarity: C


Event Barber Pole Event Brainwash Event Calamarain
The U.S.S. Enterprise features a fully equipped barber shop, including the traditional helical pole. Barber Pole Geordi La Forge was mentally reprogrammed to do the Romulans' bidding by a machine that accessed his mind through his VISOR's direct neural implants. Brainwash An intelligent species that exists as ionized gas and can travel in space. Penetrated the shields of the U.S.S. Enterprise seeking revenge on Q in 2366. Calamarain
Plays on table.
Rarity: U
Plays on one personnel you've captured. Captive reports to your outpost, is under your control and may mix with your personnel regardless of affiliation.
Rarity: R
Plays at location of opponent's choice. Moves like a ship (RANGE=6). May damage (not destroy) one ship OR kill Mortal Q at same location (discard event). (Immune to Kevin Uxbridge.)
Rarity: R
Event Discommendation Event Doppelganger Event Drag Net
naDHa'ghach. Klingon ritual of shame. A disgraced warrior (and his descendants for seven generations) are shunned and declared non-existent to the rest of Klingon society. Discommendation Alternatue Universe
On stardate 42679.2, the U.S.S. Enterprise encountered a duplicate of Jean-Luc Picard from six hours in the future. He was eventually killed by Jean-Luc Picard.
Doppelganger When the U.S.S. Enterprise attempted to evade Q's energy net, the net collapsed into a sphere and chased the vessel at high warp. Drag Net
Plays on any Klingon who survived a losing battle. That Klingon is now Non- Aligned, has no Honor and loses points.
Points: -5
Rarity: U
Plays on table. While in play, if a unique personnel moves to the same location as its duplicate, the duplicate is discarded unless Clone Machine in play.
Rarity: R
Plays on table. At the end of each of your turns you may move any one Q-Net in play one location in either direction.
Rarity: R
Event Drought Tree Event Heisenberg Compensators Event I Am Not a Merry Man!
Alternatue Universe
"This sapling is planted as an affirmation of life, in defiance of the drought, and with expectations of long life. Whatever comes, we will keep it alive as a symbol of our survival."
Drought Tree Transporter subsystem designed to circumvent the "uncertainty principle" of subatomic physics, allowing the derivation of quantum vector data required for beaming. Heisenberg Compensators "I will not play the fool for Q's amusement!" I Am Not a Merry Man!
Plant on a planet mission you completed to score bonus points. Points may be nullified by any unopposed Away Team.
Points: 7
Rarity: C
Plays on table. While in play, nullifies Alien Probe and all draw decks are turned face up. OR Nullifies another Heisenberg Compensators card (discard both).
Rarity: U
Plays on any one Klingon. While in play, once per turn that Klingon may nullify one Q icon interrupt, event or dilemma where present. (Not duplicatable.)
Rarity: R
Event Immortal Again Event Klingon Civil War Event Transfiguration
Following Q's "selfless act" Q2 reluctantly restored his powers. He warned Q to try to stay out of trouble - just in time to save the Calamarain from further torment. Immortal Again Powerful political "houses" in Klingon society can form factions that vie for control. Gowron and his supporters defeated the forces of Duras in the civil war of 2367-68. Klingon Civil War John Doe was persecuted by other Zalkonians who did not understand his evolution into a higher form. He is now a benevolent energy being with metaphysical powers. Transfiguration
Nullifies Mortal Q (plus any Calamarain). Q-Continuum is active again. Discard event. (Immune to Kevin Uxbridge.) OR Exchange for one Amanda Rogers or Q2 card from your discard pile.
Rarity: U
Plays on table. While in play, when a Klingon ship destroys any opponent's Klingon ship, winner scores points = loser's WEAPONS + SHIELDS. (Immune to Kevin Uxbridge.)
Rarity: R
Plays on John Doe after he has prevented a death. Each turn he may nullify one Event card (except Transfiguration) where present. (Immune to Kevin Uxbridge.)
Rarity: U
Event Zalkonian Storage Capsule    
Alien information storage device salvaged from John Doe's escape pod. Uses a chemically based system for molecular energy encoding. Zalkonian Storage Capsule  
Plays on table. Each turn, you may store one hand card here (may be returned to hand at any time). If destroyed, shuffle stored cards and place group on top or bottom of draw deck.
Rarity: R


Neutral RoundColony Neutral Round Terraforming Station  
Communities are commonly founded on uninhabited planets. Many are not charted by the Federation. ❖ Colony Planets such as Velara III can be transformed to support life. The process takes many decades. Terraforming Station  
Build on any planet mission you completed. Any Away Team unopposed here at start of its owner's turn scores 1 point for each personnel (2 for each CIVILIAN).
Neutral Round STATION SHIELDS 18

Rarity: C
Seed on any planet mission. If still in play at end of game, redefine that mission's requirements for next game with same opponent.
Neutral Round STATION SHIELDS 16

Rarity: C


Interrupt Arbiter of Succession Interrupt Data's Medals Interrupt End Transmission
Jean-Luc Picard was chosen to administer the Klingon Rite of Succession to select a new High Council Leader. The ritual concluded when one challenger was killed in battle. Arbiter of Succession Lt. Commander Data's citations include Starfleet Command Declaration for Valor and Gallantry, Medal of Honor with Clusters, Legion of Honor and Star Cross. Data's Medals Subspace communications are sometimes abruptly terminated by the transmitter. End Transmission
Two strongest Klingon leaders at one location battle. Place on winner to score points and nullify Klingon Civil War. If killed, points transfer to opponent. (Not duplicatable.)
Points: 10
Rarity: R
Plays on any leader in a battle you just won to score bonus points. Stays on that leader. Points lost if leader killed. (Not cumulative.)
Points: 5
Rarity: C
Play to immediately end your turn, delaying until the end of your next turn everything which must happen at the end of this turn, including card draws.
Rarity: C
Interrupt Klingon Painstik Interrupt Off Switch Interrupt Parallax Arguers
Device employed to verify death in the Sonchi ritual. Also used in the nentay (Rite of Ascension) to test courage. Can make a two-ton Rectyne monopod jump 5 meters. Klingon Painstik Lt. Commander Data has a deactivation switch hidden in his back. Reluctantly, he informed Dr. Crusher of its existence to aid in the re-assembly of Lore. Off Switch At the Parallax Colony, one couple spent their lives endlessly contradicting each other, despite Alexander's reminding them about the higher… the fewer. Parallax Arguers
Return your Arbiter of Succession to your hand at any time, nullifying its points. OR One unique personnel just killed may not be reported for duty again by any player.
Rarity: U
Place any android in stasis until end of turn. While in stasis, immune to Android Nightmares, Chinese Finger Puzzle and Dead in Bed. OR Nullifies another Off Switch.
Rarity: C
If that was cool, X=5. OR If you just argued, play an Event card now (X=0). OR Nullifies Parallax Arguers (X=opponent's Arguers points +5).
Points: X
Rarity: C
Interrupt Plexing Interrupt Wrong Door  
A Betazed relaxation method taught to Reginald Barclay by Deanna Troi. Stimulating a nerve cluster behind the ear releases natural endorphins and helps to reduce anxiety. Plexing
Jean-Luc Picard had intended to step through an Iconian Gateway to the U.S.S. Enterprise, but lack of time forced him to settle for a nearby Romulan Warbird instead.
Wrong Door  
Nullifies Empathic Echo OR Parallax Arguers OR Frame of Mind OR System-Wide Cascade Failure OR Thought Maker. (May not be nullified.)
Rarity: C
If opponent just used Iconian Gateway, redirect the exit to another planet. OR Nullifies one Q's Tent played from hand. OR Move Revolving Door to a different doorway.
Rarity: U


Planet Dilemma Investigate Legend Space Dilemma Nebula Space Dilemma Paxan "Wormhole"
Aldea: Verify existence of fabled utopian planet hidden by powerful cloaking device.

Youth x3 + (Diplomacy x2 OR Discard 2 Youth)
Cloaks or decloaks each time any points scored.
Investigate Legend The McAllister C-5, near Minos Korva and the Cardassian border, is representative of nebulae in the Alpha Quadrant.

Scan must be played to initiate battle here. Face next dilemma here when opponent scores points.
Nebula Ngame Nebula: Investigate M-class planet and wormhole reported near T-tauri-type star.

Diplomacy + CUNNING>30 + Android
Relocate opponent's ship if no android aboard.
Paxan "Wormhole"
Federation Mission Romulan Mission Klingon Mission  Points: 40  Span: 4
Rarity: R
Span: 4
Rarity: C
Federation Mission Romulan Mission Klingon Mission  Points: 35  Span: 3
Rarity: R
Planet Dilemma Plague Planet Space Dilemma Samaritan Snare Space DilemmaSpace
Tarella: Investigate origin site of famous deadly plague.

MEDICAL + Biology + Archaeology
If you solve, you automatically overcome Plague Ships.
Opponent's side: If you solve, all Plague Ships score no points.
Plague Planet Rhomboid Dronegar Sector: Respond to distress call from Pakled ship.

ENGINEER + Discard one Equipment card
Federation must attempt mission if present.
Samaritan Snare The final frontier…

Counts as ½ card. May insert into spaceline.
X = 3 + number of adjacent ❖ locations.
❖ Space
Federation Mission Romulan Mission Klingon Mission  Points: 30  Span: 4
Rarity: R
Federation Mission Romulan Mission Klingon Mission Noon-Aligned Mission  Points: 15  Span: 3
Rarity: R
Span: X
Rarity: C
Space Dilemma Planet Dilemma Tarchannen Study  
Tarchannen III: Aid investigation of outpost that disappeared on this planet.

ENGINEER x2 + I.P. Scanner + Holodeck
No outposts or stations allowed here.
Tarchannen Study  
Federation Mission  Points: 40  Span: 2
Rarity: R


FederationGibson Federation Juliana Tainer Federation Katherine Pulaski
Ensign Gibson served aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise as helm specialist during the 2364 diplomatic mission to Daled IV.
❖ Gibson Staff SCIENCE
Dr. Juliana O'Donnell Soong Tainer. Data's co-creator and "mother." Unaware that Dr. Soong stored her mind in a Soong-type android to prolong her life.
Juliana Tainer Staff MEDICAL
Chief Medical Officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise in 2365. Dislikes transporters and turbolifts.
Katherine Pulaski
Red Dot Navigation x2


Rarity: C
Red Dot Geology, Computer Skill, Cybernetics, Music
Red Dot After first use as an android, X=4 but "stopped."


Rarity: R
May only beam once per turn.
Red Dot Suspends effects of Doppelganger where present.


Rarity: R
Federation Keiko O'Brien Federation Lal Federation Mirasta Yale
Botanist. Vegetarian. Keiko Ishikawa married Miles O'Brien aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise in 2367. Lt. Commander Data served as father of the bride.
Soong-type android "daughter" of Lt. Commander Data, created by replication of his own positronic pathways. Lal is the Hindi word for "imzadi."
Malcorian scientist befriended by Jean-Luc Picard. Departed Malcor III aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise.
Mirasta Yale
Red Dot Exobiology Red Dot Biology
Red Dot Attributes all +2 if with Miles O'Brien.


Rarity: R
Red Dot Computer Skill Red Dot Youth
Red Dot When reporting, select any two skills present.


Rarity: R
Must seed at Malcor III like a dilemma.
Red Dot Physics Red Dot Astrophysics
Red Dot Worth bonus points to you while in play.

Points: 5

Rarity: U
Federation Mordock Federation Mr. Homn Federation Rager
Developer of the "Mordock Strategy." Became first Benzite in Starfleet, outscoring Wesley Crusher for appointment to the Academy. Looks like Mendon.
Silent, imbibing, lurching, uttaberry-eating, faithful servant of Lwaxana Troi. The only words he was known to speak were, "Thanks for the drinks."
Mr. Homn Staff OFFICER
Ensign Rager is an experienced conn officer. Served on the U.S.S. Enterprise from 2367 to 2369. Piloted the ship inside a Dyson Sphere found near Norpin V.
Red Dot Missions you solve are +5 points. Bonus points lost if you ever battle in this game.
Red Dot Computer Skill Red Dot Physics


Rarity: U
Red Dot Empaths may report for duty where present.
Red Dot May nullify Empathic Echo where present.


Rarity: R
Red Dot Navigation Red Dot Stellar Cartography Red Dot Youth
Red Dot Scores 5 points if helps solve Explore Dyson Sphere.


Rarity: U
Federation Robin Lefler Federation Sakkath Federation Sonya Gomez
Ensign transporter specialist. Romantically involved with Wesley Crusher, Lefler's Laws include "You gotta go with what works" and "Life isn't always fair."
Robin Lefler Staff V.I.P.
Vulcan male assistant of Sarek. Attempted to use his telepathic skills to repress Sarek's Bendii Syndrome during the crucial Legaran Conference of 2366.
Sakkath Staff ENGINEER
Ensign Sonya Gomez is an anti-matter specialist. Snappy conversationalist. Once spilled hot chocolate on Captain Picard. Has total recall.
Sonya Gomez
Red Dot Where present, nullifies Ktarian Game and Wesley Crusher is CUNNING +2. Red Dot Youth Red Dot Transporter Skill


Rarity: U
Red Dot Mindmeld Red Dot Diplomacy Red Dot Youth
Red Dot Suspends Bendii Syndrome where present.


Rarity: U
Red Dot Physics Red Dot Youth
Red Dot Suspends Anti-Matter Pod where present.


Rarity: U
Federation T'Shanik  
Vulcan female from Vulcana Regar. Competed against Wesley Crusher, Mordock, and Oliana Mirren for acceptance to Starfleet Academy.
Red Dot Mindmeld Red Dot Computer Skill Red Dot Youth


Rarity: U


Klingon Kahlest Klingon K'chiQ Klingon Kitrik
Female ghojmok to young Worf in the employ of the House of Mogh prior to the Khitomer Massacre. Spurned K'mpec because "he was too fat."
Kahlest Alternatue Universe CIVILIAN
William Riker, vested with the powers of Q, created an "ideal mate" for Lieutenant Worf.
K'chiQ Staff MEDICAL
A Klingon physician. Has a research laboratory and clinic at the Klingon outpost on Maranga IV. Plays the part of "Molor" in the annual Kot'baval Festival.
Red Dot MEDICAL Red Dot Honor Red Dot Music
Red Dot Klingons with Honor are STRENGTH +2 where present.


Rarity: U
Discard if another K'chiQ or no male Klingon present.
Red Dot When reporting for duty, select any skill. May change that skill at the start of each of your turns.


Rarity: C
Red Dot Exobiology Red Dot SCIENCE Red Dot Cybernetics
Red Dot Music


Rarity: U
Klingon ❖ K'nera  
Pursued the criminals Korris and Konmel in 2364 until their deaths on the U.S.S. Enterprise. Offered Worf a position in the Klingon Defense Force.
Red Dot SECURITY Red Dot Transporter Skill Red Dot Honor
Red Dot Scores 5 points when Korris or Konmel killed in battle.


Rarity: U


Non-Aligned Data's Body Non-Aligned Galen Non-Aligned Ira Graves
Command Alternatue Universe OFFICER
Soong-type android body recovered from Devidia II.
Data's Body Command SCIENCE
Jean-Luc Picard went undercover in 2370 posing as a mercenary and artifact smuggler.
Galen Staff CIVILIAN
A mentor of Dr. Soong and thus Lt. Commander Data's "grandfather." Arguably one of the greatest minds of the age. Has Darnay's Disease.
Ira Graves
Disabled unless Data's Head attached. (When attached, Data's Head does not enhance ship.)
Red Dot ENGINEER, Computer Skill, Music, Astrophysics, Exobiology Red Dot During seed phase, may report for duty at your outpost.


Rarity: R
Does not work with Federation affiliation.
Red Dot Archaeology Red Dot Computer Skill Red Dot Treachery
Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Navigation Red Dot Music


Rarity: R
Red Dot Cybernetics Red Dot Computer Skill Red Dot SCIENCE
Red Dot Treachery and Biology if Kareen Brianon in play.


Rarity: R
Non-Aligned Jenice Manheim Non-Aligned John Doe Non-Aligned Kareen Brianon
Dedicated wife of Paul Manheim. Once romantically involved with Jean-Luc Picard.
Jenice Manheim CIVILIAN
A Zalkonian male with amnesia and the ability to heal by touch alone. Romantically involved with Dr. Crusher. Later evolved into a pure energy being.
John Doe Staff CIVILIAN
Technical assistant to Dr. Ira Graves. Admitted to having been attracted to him, despite decades of age difference.
Kareen Brianon
Red Dot Ressikan Flute is limited to 4 Music personnel.
Red Dot One male present is attributes +2 (+4 if Paul Manheim).


Rarity: U
Red Dot Once per turn, may prevent one other personnel from being killed on a ship where present.


Rarity: U
Red Dot Computer Skill Red Dot ENGINEER Red Dot Youth
Red Dot May nullify Male's Love Interest where present.


Rarity: U
Non-Aligned Kova Tholl Non-Aligned Madam Guinan Non-Aligned Madred
A male from Mizar II. Mizarians value peace above all else and employ passive resistance. They have been conquered six times in 300 years.
Kova Tholl Staff Alternatue Universe CIVILIAN
Adventurous El-Aurian who spent time exploring worlds such as Earth. Met a time-traveling crew from the U.S.S. Enterprise in the 19th century.
Madam Guinan Command OFFICER
Gul Madred, Cardassian officer in the Obsidian Order. Specializes in prisoner interrogation. Tortured Jean-Luc Picard time after time in 2369.
Red Dot Scores bonus points if killed by an attack in which you do not retaliate. Red Dot Diplomacy
Points: 10

Rarity: U
Red Dot Once per turn, may nullify any Alternatue Universe icon interrupt, event or dilemma where present. Red Dot Anthropology


Rarity: R
Red Dot Once per turn, may add 1 to Interrogation or Torture if at your utpost. Red Dot SECURITY x2


Rarity: R
Non-Aligned Marouk Non-Aligned Mortal Q Non-Aligned Nick Locarno
Chancellor of Acamar III. With the help of Captain Picard, she completed an amnesty agreement to return the Gatherers to Acamar in 2366.
Marouk Staff CIVILIAN
Mortalized, Q was evicted from the Continuum due to selfish antics. He retained his other fine qualities.
Natural leader kicked out of Starfleet Academy after the Nova Squadron accident and cover-up of 2368.
Nick Locarno
Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Diplomacy
Red Dot May nullify Yuta where present, scoring 3 points.


Rarity: U
Once in play, your Q-Continuum is inactive.
Red Dot Physics x10 Red Dot Geology x10 Red Dot Leadership -1
Red Dot Discard the Q dilemma if you encounter it.


Rarity: R
Does not work with Federation affiliation.
Red Dot Navigation x2 Red Dot Computer Skill Red Dot Leadership
Red Dot Youth Red Dot Transporter Skill


Rarity: R
Non-Aligned Paul Manheim Non-Aligned Samuel Clemens Non-Aligned ❖ Soong-type Android
Reclusive scientist who experimented with nonlinear time. Traveled to other dimensions, of which he said words paled "because the images are so vibrant."
Paul Manheim Alternatue Universe CIVILIAN
Crotchety 19th Century author popularly known as Mark Twain. Visited the U.S.S. Enterprise in 2369 during the Devidian time travel incident.
Samuel Clemens Staff *
A recently produced Soong-type android ready to select its gender and appearance. Replicated using a method developed by Lt. Commander Data.
Soong-type Android
Red Dot Where present, may nullify Manheim's Dimensional Door OR double its effect.
Red Dot Astrophysics x2


Rarity: R
Red Dot Once per game, may leave play when Devidian Door is "shown" and score points. Red Dot Diplomacy
Points: 10

Rarity: U
Red Dot Computer Skill Red Dot Youth
Red Dot * Select classification and gender when reporting.


Rarity: C
Non-Aligned Tarmin Non-Aligned Timicin Non-Aligned Ves Alkar
An Ullian "telepathic historian" who uses empathic skills to recall detailed historical information from his volunteers' memories.
Tarmin Staff CIVILIAN
Kaelonian. Romantically involved with Lwaxana Troi. Must submit to The Resolution at age 60.
Timicin V.I.P.
Treacherous Lumerian ambassador. Uses receptacle stones to deposit his negative emotions in others in order to enhance his negotiation skills.
Ves Alkar
Red Dot Once per game, may glance at the cards in any one side deck for 10 seconds. Red Dot Empathy


Rarity: R
Red Dot ENGINEER Red Dot Astrophysics Red Dot Physics
Red Dot Scores 10 points if helps solve Test Mission.


Rarity: U
Red Dot Diplomacy x2 if female empath(s) at same location (they are Empathy -1). Red Dot Empathy Red Dot Treachery


Rarity: U
Non-Aligned Zon  
Command Alternatue Universe SECURITY
Nausicaan officer who stabbed young Jean-Luc Picard through the heart in a brawl at Starbase Earhart in 2327. Dom-jot player.
Red Dot OFFICER Red Dot Treachery Red Dot Guramba
Red Dot May nullify Nausicaans where present.


Rarity: R


Romulan Sirol Romulan Taris Romulan Telak
Commander of the Imperial Romulan Warbird Terix during the Pegasus incident of 2370.
Sirol Command OFFICER
Female subcommander. Captain of the warbird Haakona. Investigated the Federation incursion of the Neutral Zone in the vicinity of Iconia.
Taris Staff SECURITY
Male bodyguard of Sela. Stationed on Romulus. Lieutenant operative in the Tal Shiar's new Android Research section.
Red Dot Diplomacy Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Navigation
Red Dot ENGINEER Red Dot Treachery


Rarity: U
Red Dot Archaeology Red Dot MEDICAL Red Dot Music
Red Dot Transporter Skill


Rarity: R
Red Dot Treachery Red Dot Tal Shiar Red Dot Cybernetics


Rarity: U


Q Go Back Whence Thou Camest Q Guilty – Provisionally Q His Honor, The High Sheriff of Nottingham
"Thou art notified that thy kind has infiltrated the galaxy too far already. Thou art directed to return to thy own solar system immediately." Go Back Whence Thou Camest "You will now answer to the charge of being a grievously savage race… Soldiers, you will press those triggers if this criminal answers with any word other than 'guilty."' Guilty - Provisionally "Yes, but what about your merry men? Are you willing to jeopardize their lives as well?" His Honor, The High Sheriff of Nottingham
Unless 10 < INTEGRITY < 50, at the end of your turn opponent may immediately relocate any one of your ships at this location to one of your outposts.
Rarity: C
Q chooses one personnel present (random selection). Personnel killed unless you say "guilty - provisionally," in which case opponent may cancel the next battle you initiate.
Rarity: U
If any of your personnel are held captive, you must either lose points OR return a captive to this location. If, just after return, opponent shows SECURITY from hand, opponent captures two of your personnel present (random selection). (Immune to Q-Flash and Q2.)
Points: -5
Rarity: U
Q Mandarin Bailiff Q Pla-Net  
"Criminal! How plead you?" Mandarin Bailiff "Damn it all to Hell!" Pla-Net  
Opponent takes one personnel present (random selection) into custody (as a captive) unless you "post bail" by transferring X points to opponent, where X = the number of Red Dot icons in that personnel's skill box.
Points: X
Rarity: C
Immediately choose whether or not to nullify the next seed card at this location. If you choose to nullify, lose points. Otherwise, if that seed card turns out to be a dilemma and it "stops," disables or puts in stasis any of your personnel, lose points.
Points: -5


Q Aldebaran Serpent Q Amanda's Parents Q Door-Net
"You will abandon that mission, Captain. My business with you takes precedence." Aldebaran Serpent "They had assumed human form… in vulgar human fashion they proceeded to conceive a child. And like mockish humans they became attached to it." Amanda's Parents "Stay where thou art." Door-Net
Unless the number of personnel in this crew or Away Team > lowest attribute present, place on mission. After experiencing any remaining Q icon cards in this Q-Flash, crew or Away Team is "stopped" and you must attempt a different mission before attempting this one again.
Rarity: C
Plays on table until any Q-Flash. Each time you play an Amanda Rogers card (except to nullify a Q icon card), opponent may take that Amanda Rogers (and any two other cards) from your discard pile and place all three out-of-play.
Rarity: C
Plays on one of your Doorway cards in play (your choice) until any Q-Flash. Doorway is now closed. May be nullified by Alternate Universe Door OR by showing 2 Diplomacy from your hand during your turn.
Rarity: C
Q Frigid Q Into the Breach Q Jealous Amanda
"SILENCE!" Frigid "Ooh!" Into the Breach "Do you love me?" Jealous Amanda
Plays on table. The next time you play an Interrupt card during opponent's turn, opponent may place this event on any one of your SECURITY personnel in play. Personnel is in stasis until any Q-Flash, then discard event. May be nullified by Fire Sculptor.
Rarity: U
Plays on table until any Q-Flash. While in play, nullifies all Warp Core Breach cards and immediately repairs all damaged ships in play, except Borg Ship. (Not duplicatable.)
Rarity: C
Plays on table. The next time any Away Team encounters a Love Interest, Parallel Romance or Alien Groupie, your opponent may override that card's normal result by relocating the affected personnel to any planet location. Discard event. (Not duplicatable.)
Rarity: C
Q Military Privilege Q Penalty Box Q Scottish Setter
"Starfleet Admiral Q, at your service!" Military Privilege "Unfortunately there's only one penalty box. If any of you should be sent there, dear Tasha must give up the box to you… and go into nothingness." Penalty Box "Crusher gets more shrill with each passing year." Scottish Setter
Plays on table until any Q-Flash. All Federation and Non-Aligned personnel in play with OFFICER classification are now CIVILIAN instead, and vice versa.
Rarity: C
If any Penalty Box already in play, put its occupant out-of-play and replace with new victim (random selection). Discard event. Otherwise, place on table and put one personnel present (random selection) here. (If nullified, return occupant to owner's hand.)
Rarity: U
Unless ANIMAL present, play on one personnel present (random selection) until any Q-Flash. That personnel's classification changes to ANIMAL. May be nullified by Amanda Rogers.
Rarity: C
Q Tijuana Crass Q Trust Me Q You Will in Time
"My brothers and sisters of the Continuum have taken me back! … I feel like celebrating!" Tijuana Crass "You can do it, Amanda… close your eyes… remember them." Trust Me "If I return you to your ship, will you agree to give my request a full hearing?" You Will in Time
Plays on table. (May not be nullified.) While in play, any points derived from Ressikan Flute count for all players AND opponent's Data Laughing cards are converted to Event cards to be played on the table when used.
Rarity: C
Plays on table until any Q-Flash. Each time you play an Amanda Rogers card (except to nullfiy a Q icon card), opponent may place two non-Artifact cards from outside the game into opponent's own discard pile.
Rarity: C
If you began this mission attempt with only one personnel, opponent may name one of your unique personnel in play. That personnel is in stasis. On every turn, opponent may make a request of you; if you comply, remove personnel from stasis. (May not be nullified.)
Rarity: C


Q Are These Truly Your Friends, Brother? Q Dr. Q, Medicine Entity Q Gift of the Tormentor
"You have the power to leave each one of them with a gift proving your affection." "Well, well, well. What seems to be the problem?" Dr. Q, Medicine Entity "We have offered you a gift beyond all other gifts." Gift of the Tormentor
If you have more cards in your discard pile than personnel in this crew or Away Team, examine one card in your discard pile (random selection). If it has a point box with a number, give it to your opponent who immediately scores those points. Otherwise, place it out-of-play. (May not be nullified.)
Rarity: C
Diagnosis: One of your Event cards on the spaceline (opponent's choice) is the problem. Treatment: Opponent must move the "problem card" to a different appropriate spaceline location.
Rarity: C
If your current score is zero, score bonus points. Otherwise, place this card in your discard pile. (May be nullified only by Countermanda.)
Points: 100
Rarity: C
Q Incoming Message - The Continuum Q Lemon-Aid Q Subsection Q, Paragraph 10
"Your progress, Q?" "As anticipated, there are some problems. I need time." Incoming Message - The Continuum "Wasn't it your own Hardy that said 'Nothing reveals humanity so well as the games it plays?' … Actually, you reveal yourself best in how you play."" Lemon-Aid "There will be no legal trickery." Subsection Q, Paragraph 10
Opponent may end this Q-Flash now (you experience no more Q icon cards this Q-Flash) and immediately re-seed Q-Flash doorway under any other mission.
Rarity: C
If you are at least 20 points ahead of your opponent, graciously give this card to opponent, who scores bonus points. (May not be nullified.)
Points: 5
Rarity: C
Every player with more than ten cards in hand loses 1 point for each card in excess of ten. (May not be nullified.)
Rarity: C
Q The Higher… The Q-er Q The Issue is Patriotism Q The Naked Truth
"You want to review your rapid progress? To where humans learned to control their military with drugs?" The Higher… The Q-er "You slaughtered millions in silly arguments about how to divide the resources of your little world." The Issue is Patriotism "Red Alert!" The Naked Truth
Unless CIVILIAN present, crew or Away Team must experience Q additional Q icon cards, where Q = number of personnel present with a Command icon.
Rarity: C
You must immediately initiate a battle at one location that has opposing ships or Away Teams (if any). "Stopped" cards are "unstopped" long enough to battle. No leaders are required and no affiliation restrictions apply. (Immune to Q-Flash.)
Rarity: U
Opponent may report for duty Mortal Q (or any other unique personnel card) from opponent's hand to your crew or Away Team. That personnel is used as your own and is "stopped." (Opponent may not report the same personnel more than once per game in this manner.)
Rarity: U
Q Wesley Gets the Point Q Where's Guinan?  
"You have only one chance to save them now. Send them back to the ship." Wesley Gets the Point "This creature is not what she appears to be. She's an imp, and where she goes trouble always follows." Where's Guinan?  
If you have Wesley Crusher present or on any planet, he scores bonus point and dies.
Points: 1
Rarity: U
If Guinan or Madam Guinan is in your crew or Away Team, relocate each El-Aurian present to any planet of your opponent's choice. (May be nullified only by Guinan if she has not already nullified a card this turn.)
Rarity: U


Q Planet Dilemma Q's Planet  
Q's Planet: "This is the dressing for a game that we will play."

Owner inserts anywhere on spaceline. Each player may place up to 3 seed cards here from hand, discard pile, or Q's Tent. Until solved, an additional 40 points are needed for any player to win. May also be stocked in Q's Tent. (May not be nullified. Not duplicatable.)
Q's Planet  
Any unique personnel
Any Away Team may attempt mission.

Rarity: U


Federation U.S.S. Stargazer  
Captained by Jean-Luc Picard on a historic 22-year mission of exploration. Thought destroyed in 2355 at Maxia Zeta until returned by DaiMon Bok.
U.S.S. Stargazer  
Command Staff Tractor Beam. Once each game, may be taken from discard pile to hand.


Rarity: R


Klingon I.K.C. Maht-H'a Klingon I.K.C. T'Ong  
Alternatue Universe VOR'CHA CLASS
Commanded by Nu'Daq during the chase for clues to a four-billion-year-old genetic message in 2369.
A Klingon sleeper ship from the 23rd century, an era when Klingons despised humans and attacked them on sight. Commanded by K'Temok.
I.K.C. T'Ong  
Command Staff Staff Cloaking Device, Tractor Beam


Rarity: R
Command Cloaking Device. Reports at end of spaceline with up to 3 personnel.


Rarity: U


Non-Aligned ❖ Zalkonian Vessel  
Typical Zalkonian defense vessel. One commanded by Sunad traveled at warp 9.72, hunting the fugitive known as John Doe in the Zeta Gelis Cluster.
Zalkonian Vessel  
Command Non-Aligned Non-Aligned Kills untransfigured John Doe if at same location at end of your turn.


Rarity: C


Romulan Terix Romulan T'Pau  
Warbird commanded by Sirol. "Accidentally" sealed the U.S.S. Enterprise inside an asteroid in 2370.
Vulcan merchant vessel named for the only person to ever turn down a seat on the Federation Council. Stolen from Surplus Depot Zed-15 at Qualor II.
Command Staff Staff Cloaking Device, Tractor Beam


Rarity: R
Staff May report for duty at Qualor II. Tractor Beam


Rarity: U
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